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I recently started identifying as asexual. I'm not ashamed of it, it's part of who I am and makes me comfortable. But I'm worried no one will ever want to be in a relationship with me because I don't want sex. I'm actually pretty scared of being left alone while everyone else I know goes and gets married and is happy. And no one wants the sexless marriage. I just want to be with someone. :/

I’m really happy to hear that you figured this out and that you’re okay with yourself and comfortable.

As for the relationship part - I know asexual people in relationships that are doing just fine. It’s all about finding the right partner and I’m sure you will :) Keep meeting people and don’t hide yourself. You never know what life has in store :)

Sending loads of hugs and love <3

MAJOR shout-out to Borderlines who have left their abusive or toxic FPs like yall are so freaking strong !!!! You don’t get enough recognition; it’s so hard to leave FPs but you freaking DID IT because you know you’re worth more than that or you want to better your lives or for WHATEVER REASON I’m infinitely proud of you! 💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕

With you, I’m comfortable. I know I can talk about anything, or sit by your side in complete silence. You see me at my worst, but only talk about my best. I can be happy about the biggest achievements, while you know my deepest insecurities. I’m comfortable with you, and you should know that means everything to me.

Concept: we’ve made a blanket fort. We’re laying on piles of pillows and playing video games. I keep winning but I think you’re letting me. This is the most at-home I’ve felt in weeks, and I feel more comfortable with you every day


baeksoo forehead kiss (>/////<)

I think this is important

Get to know someone before starting a relationship with them. Make them your best friend and let them become comfortable around you. I see so many relationships that are rushed and end early because each person failed to really know the person. When we meet someone, most of us aren’t ourselves at the start. We are nervous, taking small bites of food and making sure not to laugh too loud or obnoxiously. We don’t truly know how someone is like or what their actual personality is until some time has passed. Take your time with your relationships. Let yourself and the person become relaxed enough to show your true colors.

i guarantee you that one day you’re going to need me. you’re going to need me to comfort you like i did, to care for you like i did, to give you unconditional love like i did… but you took advantage of it back then. so when that day comes, just know that i won’t let you use me again
—  i won’t make the same mistake

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HC that Keith has rlly bad nightmares, and even though they're rivals, he always goes to Lance's room. He'll wake Lance up and Lance doesn't say anything, he just holds up the covers, letting Keith climb in. Lance will pull Keith close and rest his chin on Keith's head, one hand in his hair and the other rubbing circles in his back,, kissing Keith's forehead and telling him that everything is OK,until he falls asleep. And in Lance's arms it usually takes about 5 minutes for him to fall asleep

oh my goooooddd this is so 👌 good omg

  • okay so the first time this happened lance was pretty grumpy because he doesn’t like to be woken up from his beauty sleep
  • and he didn’t notice keith had been crying because it’s so dark and he was about to kick him out until he heard the crack in keith’s voice when he said his name, and lance had never heard keith sound so…vulnerable?
  • he immediately sat up and in the softest voice “hey, hey, whats wrong keith?”
  • “I-I just..can’t sleep alone tonight. I keep having the same nightmare over and over again” and he starts rambling and he really doesn’t want to cry again, not in front of lance and why did he even come in here but the more he talks about it the more panicked he gets and the tears just burst out of him
  • lance is completely baffled because he had no idea this side of keith existed or why keith would come to him of all people and the implications of keith not wanting to sleep alone?? all he knew was he was pulling keith towards him and “you can sleep with me tonight, okay?”
  • keith just nods into the crook of lance’s neck and as soon as they lay down keith shrinks into lance’s embrace so how could lance not pull him in closer and whisper to him it’s gonna be okay
  • keith doesn’t have nightmares like this, this is good
  • being with lance is good
  • lance comes to expect keith in his room every night so he just keeps keith’s pillow there now
  • one time lance accidentally fell asleep without waiting up for keith, so keith just cozied up next to him and pulled lance’s arm around him. lance woke up shocked and briefly flustered, but something about waking up next to keith made him happy
  • keith now has the pleasure of knowing that lance mumbles in his sleep
  • after a while lance is so used to the routine and is entirely comfortable with keith laying next to him that one night, after letting keith crawl into his arms, he instinctively kisses keith’s forehead and then immediately freezes because oh nonononono i just made this awkward
  • he feels keith stiffen in his arms and is about to let go but then keith bless this boy he can’t look lance in the eyes but he mumbles a thank you into lance’s chest. lance is afraid to move at first but then he slowly runs his fingers through keith’s hair, and when keith doesn’t complain, lance adds “touching keith’s hair” to the list of hobbies he’d like to take up
  • so they just fall into this routine where they cuddle together and are at peace together and keith doesn’t have nightmares anymore and he doesn’t want to find out if they’ll come back once he’s on his own. but he honestly looks forward to this every day because…lance hugging him, and kissing his forehead, and the way they fit together when lance has his chin on his head and his arms around him, and oh man this wasn’t his intention when he wandered into lance’s room that first night
  • keith might be able to kick lance’s ass in combat but the thought of lance doing anything remotely affectionate towards him makes him weak
A Quiet Date Night AU

Characters A, B, C, and D are all in a relationship with each other, and while Character A loves all of their partners equally, they have to admit that date nights can be stressful. Characters B, C, and D are all very extroverted and animated, while Character A is more reserved and introverted. It all works out, but going out on a date with any of them is sure to be loud.

One night, after a long and emotionally taxing work week, Character A comes home to find that Characters B, C, and D have made Character A’s ideal date dreams come true – Character A’s favorite food in the fridge, cozy blankets draped everywhere, lights dimmed, etc. – and Characters B, C, and D have all promised to have a calm movie night for Character A.