scorpio cuddling with the signs

aries: most likely leads to sex
taurus: warm and cozy, probably have some soft music in the background
gemini: gemini constantly moving and doesnt seem comfortable
cancer: teasing and falling asleep
leo: short cuddle session as you will probably end up making a joke
virgo: virgo will keep you entertained
libra: cuddly and long
scorpio: bondage
sagittarius: hugging but hard to feel connection
capricorn: watching a movie
aquarius: will play with your hair
pisces: content

Author: orphan_account

Rating: Teen

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 4k

Summary: Merlin finds himself in a wreckage late at night. With only Arthur’s voice on the phone to keep him awake, will he be found before he passes out?

Comment: This story is half angst and half fluff, and it is lovely. I won’t say much as it is a short story, but I enjoyed every bit of it; it took my emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other, and Merlin and Arthur’s characterizations are wonderful.

our take on the signs

♈ aries: you are so determined in what you do and generally very happy, always enthusiastic and optimistic. you are a super cutie who loves full heartedly and dreams so wildly. wanderlust finds you as well as dreaming about things you can’t have but boy are you cute oh my.

♉ taurus: what a generous heart you are! a dependable friend who is the follower, though that isn’t a bad thing. you like to be comfortable in relationships and so you make sure that you are. everyone feels comfortable with you around and you normally are in the happiest of positions and being absolutely perfect is your specialty.

♊ gemini: you are the most interesting person to talk to in the history of ever, you just come up with the funniest and most interesting things. you’re witty and so very good with your words and probably could woo anyone with your lip work. chat on my lovely!

♋ cancer: you are always so considerate and generous towards other people, and it’s wonderful how passionate and talkative you are about the things you love. you feel all emotions with such an intensity and you always seem to understand how others feel. you are loving and faithful and your friends are so lucky to have you around! p.s. you are such great huggers gosh dang.

♌ leo: you are so very ambitious and have a child like energy surrounding you. you like to crack jokes a lot and mostly they’re childish but you love to laugh and support others. your intensity of friendship and the supporting of others also seems to get you further in relationships with other people as well does your warm and welcoming aura. you are such a great person in a whole and you always think about others as well as they think about you.

♍ virgo: you are the sweetest person ever and need to know that asap since you let everyone of your friends know they’re loved on a daily basis. you are super strong and always seem to know what your doing no matter what situation you are in. you are such a caring person, you deserve the same love you give. a++ hugs too, hug me everyday.

♎ libra: you could charm the pants off of just about anyone, honestly, and you always take everyone’s opinions into account. you are quick witted, a bit of a romantic, and oh my you are just so smart! you always seem to make the right decision and have a good heart.

♏ scorpio:  you’re clever and so fun to talk to once people can get past you outer layers. you value trust and are often misunderstood but are actually such sweethearts. you’re trustworthy, loyal, and all around amazing friends to have along with being dreamers of far flung dreams that have such beautifully creative minds.

♐ sagittarius: you are so positive and wonderful to be around! you’re imaginative and entertaining, i could listen to you talk all day honestly. you are great listeners as well, and always so helpful and nice. you definitely have one of the biggest hearts out of all the zodiacs.

♑ capricorn: you are very cautious in the decisions you make, taking a mature and sensible approach to your big goals in life. you are witty and give some of the best advice. you’re determined, but patient, understanding that things take time to develop. you’re amazing friends and amazing people, you just have to realize that for yourselves as well.

♒ aquarius: you’re a free spirit who loves to tell people about things and is very intuitive and rebellious. you love interacting in ways that will benefit you while others appreciate you greatly. you may not realize it, but a lot of people adore you, a lot. though you never take advantage of that do you. you’re kind of oblivious to it aren’t you? cute.

♓ pisces: you are the most praised of the zodiac and you know it. you are adorable but childish and love the world and never seem to get tired of it. you love interacting with people that are close to you and they enjoy interacting with you too. you’re creative and are usually into the arts but not necessarily always drawing or writing. dancers become of pisces and so do the prettiest most innocent looking faces. you’re wonderful


Korra: You really think I can do this?

Tenzin:I have no doubt.

Korra: Thank you for not giving up on me.

Tenzin: I'm proud of you.

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  • Young the Giant (2010)

I hit the sidewalk and this is how it starts

Hide in a raincoat when things are falling apart

Cause sooner or later this is bound to stop

Come on let’s savor what we’re falling over

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