I give myself little pep talks through out day..daily..about my body. Some days I am ok and love my figure the next I feel like I have stomach rolls that go for days…they dig into my pants and leave ridiculously painful red marks..on those days it seems like everyone is looking at them and not me.

That feeling will destroy everything about me. Pants don’t fit right..shirts don’t fit right..even if I hide under bigger clothes I then feel huge. Even at my smallest and most fit weight, I still felt uncomfortable.

It’s unfortunate…I would take mental comfort over physical comfort any day..

Today in Themed Thursday: 90s Jeans

Cindy Crawford has always said that the jeans were the most comfortable part of an outfit. We all wear them on a daily basis but how have they changed since the 90s? The following posts will show you the trends in jeans for last decade of the previous century!