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Beach House in Praia do Felix 

From the architects Vidal & Sant'Anna:

Since this project initial conception it was treated as a “case” to be deployed in areas of high conservation restriction on the slope of the Serra do Mar, Praia do Felix. In order to preserve maximum environmental conditions the project establishes the principle of total mimicry with nature not to be perceived externally.

The project opts for circulations made by external stairs and separates the social and service, located across the slope from intimate area located along the slope below the ground. Very light, the residence, made of certified wood and glass, explores small and minimal rooms to meet the programmatic needs without losing the sense of sustainability. With 3 bedrooms, family room, 2 bathrooms, living room, toilet, kitchen, service area and spacious terrace, the house with 155.00 m2 of built area, deployed against the contour preserving characteristics of soil and original ground vegetation. With cross ventilation and air chambers on the roofs / decks environmental comfort is guaranteed without the need for equipment for temperature equilibrium.

Follow the Source Link for image sources and more information.

Ideal witcher nest:

Witchers totally pick places to nest, don’t lie to yourself. They pick a room and just… put their things everywhere. 

  • About 50 blankets
  • one small exit and entrance
  • so much food and snacks hidden away everywhere
  • books
  • weapons hidden everywhere you expect
  • a nice fire or stove where the best blanket and mattress is to enjoy the heat
  • clean clothes
  • so many socks
  • armor and weapon repair and cleaning kits
  • their favorite things (gifts from people they care about, impressive trophies, trinkets or small pieces of things they picked up on the Path that interested them)
  • 50 pillows
  • weapons hidden where you don’t expect them (but still, you are not surprised)
  • a very organized box of herbal teas
  • armor and weapon diagrams stuffed away in a secret container
  • gold also somewhere out of sight
  • blankets you realize that are made from monster hides (griffin fur is actually really soft)
  • Bonus points: your witcher was in the room the entire time and you didn’t even see him
Kim Jongdae//Collision Course - Part 1

Originally posted by sooranghaes

Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you somehow manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 7,641

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Reading Requests!*

*Please read all details before sending me something. I do not want to have to delete readings! 

How to Request a Reading From Me: 

  • All of my readings are currently free of charge, you can reblog this post and/or follow me as payment ;).
  • Send me an ask OFF anon! 
  • Specify which deck or pendulum you want your reading done with.
  • Specify if you want a general reading or send me your other question/spread/whatever request. 


  • I do NOT do ANY type of love/relationship/crush readings. None.
  • I no longer do past life readings due to the energy it takes. 
  • I do not answer anonymous reading requests (as not to clog up my feed, but you can send me other questions on anon all you want.). 
  • I will NOT answer anything with sexual/NSFW content in it due to the minors who follow me. 
  • I will not read on anything pertaining to prediction of death, illness, or outcome of a deadly situation.
  • I will under no circumstance read for anyone besides the person asking, I am not going to channel non consenting people. Keep it to readings for yourself.
  • I would really prefer if you were following me.
  • Just be nice, honestly. 
  • Feedback is appreciated but not necessary!

Readings I Offer:

  • Tarot (general, spirits, questions, yes/no, past/pres/future, other spreads)
  • Oracle (general, spirits, questions, yes/no, past/pres/future, other spreads)
  • Pendlum (yes/no questions, general questions, spirits)
  • Shufflemancy (general, questions)

My Tarot Decks:

  • Cat’s Eye Tarot (Curious, works best with general readings.)
  • Victorian Steampunk (Harsh, tells you how it is no matter what.)
  • Gilded Tarot (Regal, ominous, and loves riddles.)
  • Tarot of a Moon Garden (Serene, calm, comforting.)
  • Un-named Deck #1 (Good for questions, very informative.)
  • Un-named Deck #2 (Very comforting, lets you down gently.)
  • Celestial Tarot (Classy, elegant, but straight to the point.) 
  • Hanson-Roberts Mini (Joking, loves general and question readings, childlike.)
  • The Wooden Tarot (Mysterious, tricky)

My Oracle Decks: 

  • Halloween (Best for spirit readings. Very harsh.)
  • Butterfly (Calm, sweet, good for informative/general readings about yourself and your future. The deck is based upon life changes.) 
  • Earth Magic (Motherly, full of advice.)

My Pendulums:*

  • Rainbow Moonstone (Intelligent and wise, cool and collected.)
  • Snowflake Obsidian (Can be sarcastic, but really hits the nail once it stops playing jokes.)
  • Rose Quartz (Very positive and loving.)
  • Amethyst (Happy, charming energy.)
  • Rainbow #1 (Smug but honest.)
  • Rainbow #2 (Eager to please, positive.) 

*Pendulum readings explained: 

I have a pendulum board that operates similarly to a Ouija board! A general reading is basically me asking if there is anything (the requester) needs to know.

Shuffling Your Tarot Deck

It took me forever to learn to shuffle like this, but now that I have it’s my favorite way to bond with my deck before (and after!) a reading. It’s also easier on the cards than spreading them out on the table, or poker shuffling the smaller decks. All the videos I’ve found for this technique go way too fast, so I’ve gif’d it one bit at a time. 

Hold your deck in your non-dominant hand lengthwise, fingers on the bottom card’s face and thumb on the top card back. 

With your dominant hand, put your thumb and middle finger on the short edges on the deck, with the bottom card’s edge lining up approximately with your first knuckle. 

Grab that knuckle’s worth of cards and separate it from the rest of the deck (now called the main deck). 

Let the main deck lean against your fingers as you bring the other cards over to the thumb side. Let the top card in your dominant hand slide off to land in your nondominant hand, on top of the main deck. 

It’s okay if the cards come off in pairs and groups of five or ten instead of one at a time. Practice will help with that, but it also depends on how new your deck is and whether the cards are matte or glossy. 

Now let the main deck lean against your thumb, and bring the other cards over to the fingers side. Let top card(s) slide off to land on the bottom of the main deck. 

Bring the other cards to the thumb side of the main deck, and repeat. 

When you run out of the smaller stack, grab another bunch of cards like you did in the second gif and do it again!

It looks incredibly flashy and professional when you really get going. You will drop cards and that will lead to reversals, and maybe even some cards landing face up that you might want to keep out as significators in your reading. 

Now, the other side of shuffling is something I’ve seen people ask about pretty frequently: how long do I shuffle? Conventional advice is “until you feel like you’ve shuffled enough” or “when your deck says so,” but what if you don’t feel anything and you’ve been shuffling for ages? What if your deck doesn’t really communicate that way? Good news, friend…

You Can Ritualize That!

When one of my decks wasn’t telling me when to stop shuffling, I made shuffling a part of the spread. If I was doing a three card spread, I shuffled three times. For a Celtic cross spread, I’d shuffle ten times. And so on. I told myself that my deck would push its message to the top in that amount of time, and it did. Every time. It took a lot of the second guessing out of the process and allowed me to concentrate fully on the reading. 

As I’ve gotten more comfortable with my decks I’ve moved away from that somewhat, but I still go back to it if I’m not feeling a pull to stop shuffling in a particular reading. 

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or add commentary to this post! I hope it was helpful!

anythas-thoughts  asked:

Congratulations for you milestone! I wouldn't mind if you wrote something fluffy post season 4. :)

thank you! hope this satisfies that itch. :-) emotionally follows this & this ficlets.
Anniversary Ficlet 7/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. Future fic, space!fic, super fluff.

Everyone on the space station was abuzz with the possibility for an Earth-bound mission departing sometime soon, so Jemma wasn’t sure if she was feeding off of that or was imagining things (or not). But for the past two days, Fitz had been behaving atypically squirrelly and seemingly avoiding her, and it hurt her more than she cared to admit. Even if they were sort-of-mostly dating (Still? Again? They hadn’t quite defined it yet), they were not, after all, glued to each others’ sides, and nor should they be. With their steady but tentative patching up of their relationship around Fitz’s healing, though, his strange and unprompted behavior had caught her off-guard.

Because their bunks were minuscule and the space station’s rules on fraternization were opaque, to say the least, they were still spending their nights alone. Whenever they could sneak away or had free time that they could spend together, however, they had been happily easing their way back towards a romantic and physical relationship much more alike the one they’d both been enjoying before the Framework had forcibly turned everything upside down. At the beginning of the week, Fitz had even tugged Jemma into a storage closet for a clandestine snog, which had made her positively giddy.

Then, barely two days later, he had begun acting vague and unduly distracted around her, from when she spoke to him at work and to when he’d scoot off to be on his own. Even though she tried to tell herself he was probably just working on getting the Peak’s camouflage up and running, and that she really should try to avoid being clingy, his behavior was making her antsy. It was a clear sign that she was still recovering from their forced separation, too, Jemma pointed out to herself, and attempted to keep her mind on her work.

One afternoon following a long day in the lab, Fitz sidled up alongside Jemma as she was finishing tidying up her workstation. “Hey,” he said, giving her a small smile that she returned, “what’re you doing tonight?”

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How to Read Tarot Cards

The image above is of the Universal Golden Tarot deck, it’s one of my favorite decks and has worked wonderfully for me. Perfect size for shuffling and everything.

Anyway, it’s 1am and time for ANOTHER FUCKING TUTORIAL.

This one is on how to read tarot cards, so I guess it’s not a tutorial per se, but rather a list of tips and tricks of how to read them. This can also expand to other divination methods, such as rune work.

A quick word on divination

Divination is using any technique to look into the future. This can include everything from tarot cards, to scrying, to reading the patterns on bark or in fires. Humans have come up with many divination methods over the years, varying in complexity. I personally like tarot cards the best because it’s straightforward enough that you get a fairly precise and clear answer, but flexible enough that there’s room for lots of interpretation. Divination is very tricky to do accurately, one of the most illusive things to predict is time. Any kind of divination you do is likely to be fuzzy on time, and it can be hard to determine when something is going to happen, or indeed, if it is already happening. Furthermore, when determining outcomes, your cards, and any other divination method you choose, will only give you the “at this time” outcome, or “if nothing changes”. You aren’t doomed to the outcome given, and you can always change your fate by changing your behaviors.

Choosing and working with cards

When choosing your tarot deck, size does matter. Pick a deck that feels comfortable in your hands, and is easy to shuffle. Some cards I have look lovely, but are too big/small for me to shuffle comfortably. Stay away from those minidecks that fit in a keychain, you aren’t going to be able to use those practically.

It’s also important to consider material. Cheaply made decks will have images that will start to peel at the corners with use or improper shuffling, and you want something sturdy enough to withstand frequent use.

It’s also important that the deck feels good magickally. If you’re buying from a thrift shop, make sure no ugly feelings linger on the deck, and that all cards are present. I remember getting a deck from a thrift shop that felt odd after I bought it and started looking through it, turns out it was missing the World card, not a good sign. When I went to return it the shopkeeper said it’s previous owner was very strict and fussy, not the kind of energies I wanted in my deck!

Of course you can always clean your cards, but it’s best to start with good vibes, or else you might not ever feel comfortable with your deck.

Most people also recommend you get a deck for each specific purpose you plan on using them for, for example, get one deck to read for yourself, one deck to read for your friends, and one deck to read in a professional setting. This prevents cross contamination.

Cleaning your cards

You can clean your cards in several ways. One method involves tapping your deck three times with a quartz crystal, and visualizing any residual energies dissipating. Another method involves leaving your cards in the moonlight under a full moon. Or you can simply hold your cards in your hands and visualize a white ball of light growing from the center of your deck and pushing away lingering energies. I would not recommend anointing your deck with oil or passing it over a flame or burning incense, just because it could cause damage to your deck.

Once cleaned, program them by commanding them what to do. For example, you could say “You will be my deck to read for my friends. I will not ask for money in exchange for your services, nor will I use you for myself.” or “You will be my personal deck, so that I may read for myself.” This draws up a contract with your deck, and ensures they work for you properly. Once programmed, don’t violate the terms of the initial contract under any circumstances. If you only have one deck and you want to use it for a variety of people, say something like, “You will be my variety deck, I will call upon you to read for myself and others.” If you have a variety deck, I would recommend not asking for money for your services and cleaning your deck often.

Keeping cards

Your cards should be kept either in their original box, a silk scarf, or a silk drawstring bag. It’s really up to you, but keeping them covered when not in use will help maintain their power.


Spreads are a kind of “template”, they tell your cards what you want to know, and which card should represent what. Spreads are essential in interpreting your cards. You can make your own or find some online, the important thing is that you know what you’re planning on doing before you start shuffling your cards. The most basic spread is a three card draw, typically interpreted as past/present/future or problem/solution/outcome. This versatile spread is great to get started, when you need more in depth readings, you can get into the 15+ card spreads online. But remember, bigger is not always better, and sometimes your question just needs a straightforward answer.


Shuffling the deck three times is customary. Ask your question, keeping your desired spread in mind, shuffle, and then draw. When reading for other people, some witches let the querent cut the deck or choose the cards to get their energies into the reading, while others think this unnecessarily contaminates your cards. I usually draw from random spots in the deck, just whatever feels right, while some people prefer to draw off the top. Make sure that whatever system you use, you stick with it in all your readings. Switching up rituals will only leave you confused and frustrated.


The main part of this tutorial. Most tarot decks come with small booklets of key phrases for each card, but these are often not extensive enough to give you all the options. I prefer looking online, especially at Biddy-tarot, but you could also buy a book. The important thing to realize when reading cards is that each card is more than just a list of words, they represent core ideals that can be expanded into almost unlimited interpretations depending on context. Be sure to interpret each card in relationship to other cards in the spread, you’ll be surprised at how much it changes the meaning. Tarot cards are like the golden compass in “The Golden Compass” by Phillip Pullman. Also a divination tool, it consisted of a compass with different symbols around it’s edge. Each symbol had different meanings, the main character describes it like a ladder going into the abyss. On one rung there’s one meaning, you put your foot down, and there’s another meaning. For example, the Lovers most literally indicates two people with a close emotional bond. However, some deeper meanings include a decision that makes the heart glad, or being true to your own happiness. Reversed interpretations also need to be taken into account. A reversed card can indicate one of three things; the literal opposite of the meaning of the upright card, an excess of the upright card, or a lessening of the upright card’s effects. For example, a Knight of Swords is one who acts based on intellect and decision, reversed, it could either mean failure to act or acting too much, or even that the action taken is more subtle and controlled than the upright knight suggests. Speaking of the Knights, suit cards are often interpreted as being other people in your life. However, I’ve mainly found them to be representations of the querent. Sometimes these cards do mean other people, but they shouldn’t always be interpreted that way.

A quick guide to suits and courts

A Page is someone that supports or learns, can also be a message or messenger.
A Knight is someone who acts.
A Queen is someone who nurtures or grows.
A King is someone who controls, directs, or rules.

Pentacles deal with the physical world. They can mean money, time, finances, or resources in general. They can also deal with how much attention you put into any one particular thing.
Cups deal with the emotional world. They mean relationships, communication, and “togetherness”. They can also deal with perceptions of self.
Swords deal with the intellectual world. They can also be communication, usually from an outside source rather than between people you know, such as in the cups. They also mean decisions, rational, accomplishments, recognition, and actions.
Wands deal with the spiritual world. They mean passion, creativity, inspiration, drive, and discovery. They can also deal with obsessions.

This is by no means an extensive interpretation, but it is a starting point for reading into the meaning of the court cards.

It’s also important to look at all these different interpretations within the card itself. For example, there are a few cards that deal with change, such as Death and the Tower, but while Death indicates a natural, organic change the Tower indicates a rude awakening type of change.

When reading a spread, keep an open mind and the correct interpretations will present themselves to you. Usually you can “feel” which cards mean what in the spread, and you can come upon the correct interpretation for them at that moment. If you’re having a hard time getting meaning from your cards, or you feel like you are forcing them into meanings, your cards are either fighting against you or you are fighting against your cards. Try meditating to open your third eye, cleaning your cards, taking a break, and trying again.

Sometimes you’ll get a reading that feels empty. All interpretations of your cards feel gone, and the spread wont make any sense no matter what you do. This is what I call a blank reading. Either there is nothing to be learned, or something is actively hiding the answer from you. Try rephrasing the question or trying again later.

About asking the same question twice; you can ask the same question multiple times, but I would only do it after a period of time in which you’ve either changed your actions or your environment, which affects outcome. Don’t ask the same question immediately after asking it the first time, unless you get a powerful “this reading isn’t right” feel, and even then I would wait a bit. Reshuffling a deck and drawing again in hopes of a better outcome won’t help you, you’re only hiding from what you don’t want to hear, but you ultimately need to know. Also I’ve found that reasking questions just makes my deck incredibly sassy and pissed off.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when reading for yourself, your interpretations of your deck are highly subject to swaying from your own personal conceptions and beliefs. Try to keep an objective mind, so you aren’t just making the cards tell you what you want to hear. I’ve also found that readings for myself change depending on my emotions, so don’t do a reading for yourself when you’re extremely angry or sad, it’ll only influence the outcome of your deck.

And that’s all I have to say for now, I hope this helps!

The Gang Buys A Boat
  • Kurt: We got to pop by the department store, pick up the mattress. I want to get a nice one too. You know?
  • Ram: The what? The mattress? What do we need a mattress for? Kurt: What do you mean what do we need a mattress for? Why do you think we just spent all that money on a boat? The whole purpose of buying the boat was to get the ladies nice and tipsy topside so we can take them to a nice comfortable place below deck and, you know, they can't refuse - because of the implication.
  • Ram:
  • Ram: Oh. Uh, okay. You had me going there for the first part. The second half kind of threw me...
  • Kurt: Well, dude, think about it. She's out in the middle of nowhere with some dude she barely knows. She looks around, and what does she see? Nothing but open ocean. "Ah, there's nowhere for me to run. What am I going to do, say no?"
  • Ram: Okay. That, that seems really dark.
  • Kurt: No, it's not dark. You're misunderstanding me, bro.
  • Ram: I think I am.
  • Kurt: Yeah, you are. Because if the girl said no, then the answer obviously is no. The thing is, she's not gonna say no.
  • She would never say no, because of the implication...
  • Ram: Now, you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. Wh-what implication?
  • Kurt: The implication that things might go wrong for her if she refuses to sleep with me. Now, not that things are gonna go wrong for her but she's thinking that they will.
  • Ram: But it sounds like she doesn't want to have sex with you.
  • Kurt: Why aren't you understanding this? She doesn't know whether she wants to have sex with me. That's not the issue.
  • Ram: Are you gonna hurt women?
  • Kurt: I'M NOT GOING TO HURT THESE WOMEN! Why would I ever hurt these women?
  • Ram: I don't know!
  • Kurt: I feel like you're not getting this.
  • Ram: I'm not getting it.
  • Kurt: Goddamn. Don't you look at me like that. You certainly wouldn't be in any danger.
  • Ram: So they are in danger?!
  • Kurt: No one's in any danger! How can I make that any more clear to you? Okay, it's an implication of danger. You know what? Just drop it. Let's drop it.
  • Ram:

anonymous asked:

For the Creature Feature, how about mermaids? Not like the little mermaid, more like Abe Sapien-- like actually 'Human evolved to live underwater' and isn't just a human with a fish tail? human woman with merman?

I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I had a great time writing it. 

Content warnings: Suicidal ideation, the ocean, alcoholism. ~3300 words.


The ocean pulls at him.

Obron walks down to the water, at night. There is nothing there but ocean and black sky. A constant roar of waves and wind. All the grand hotels behind him have shut off the lights and he feels the pull and tug, the massive presence of nature begging him to drown. The fear takes him and he returns home.

Novi Sad was a city of colors and vibrancy. Here on the Oregon coast, where he’s been since he was ten, everything was grey, green and brown. There is a certain beauty in the moss covered trees, but he misses the color of his youth. Father wasn’t so unhappy back home. Here he drinks, every night. Obron walks in the house, sees father lying on the couch, his face slack from the cheap beer he puts away every night. Mother is in bed, as usual. He stares at the snoring beast on the couch and goes to bed, dreaming of the depths.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Your tarot deck is so beautiful! Do you have any advice for learning to read tarot?

Thank you!! Be patient while learning. Try to do a one card reading on yourself everyday. It’ll help you familiarize yourself with the cards and get comfortable with your deck. I like to do mine in the morning for some clarity before I start my day. Focus on what you need insight on. I did an anxiety reading tonight and pulled three cards that basically read as “calm down please”.

anonymous asked:

can I please have a fluffy scenario of law, kid, ace, zoro, and marco teasing their SO to the point where they feel a little guilty for going too far? And great writing for a new imagine blog ^^

(Thanks for the praise!

This was actually pretty fun to write, much to my surprise

Usually, I hate fighting, and I tend to avoid it if I can

But here you go, my dear anon)

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Korrasami “Deleted Scene” from Book 3

Notes: So, I have no idea if any of this is actually in-character and I definitely don’t consider it finished. I just wrote it up on a whim last night. Part of me wants to sit on it more because I was hoping to do things in order but… I think I’ve just accepted that I will post them as they come and someday put them in order/clean them up into a full fic of their own.

Summary: Korra asks Asami a question and it turns into a flirtatious dance. This is a little blurb as part of my idea of having “Deleted Scenes” from Book 3 showing the further development of Korrasami friendship and romantic feelings with a particular emphasis on Korra’s view as she slowly realizes her feelings for Asami are not at all platonic. You could consider it a prequel of this one I posted months ago. Takes place sometime after Korra’s first training session with Opal but before the whole Lin/Korra blow up. The dance is very loosely inspired from this fanart. Hope you enjoy.

[Korra sits against Naga while Asami is laying underneath a turbine tinkering and adjusting things.]

There was a long but comfortable lull in the conversation. Korra listened to the sounds of Asami’s quiet tinkering, metal clinking on metal, her short breaths as she reached around and fiddled with different mechanisms.

“Did you ever wish you’d become an airbender?” Korra broke the silence suddenly and once the words were out, she felt somewhat self-conscious of them. She didn’t want to put Asami on the spot and the question felt deeply personal.

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In Confidence

Rose swept back the tarp curtains. They folded into heavy pleats and revealed a small, dimly-lit enclosing with packed dirt floors. The air inside was dense with stagnant heat. A breath of fresh air whisked past her to fumigate the tent.

Her arrival, with a gust of wind and sunshine, startled the single Gem busying herself inside. This Gem strangled the next note of the song she’d been humming and instead snapped to attention. The lace ruffling about her waist shivered in the breeze. Her wide pale eyes shined like starlight in the wash of sun. Pretty, like a painting.

“Oh, I hadn’t expected you back so early, Rose! Luckily I’ve gotten ahead of schedule on the cleaning, oh and the unpacking is finally complete. If the arrangement displeases you I could always change it up.” The Pearl clapped her hands together. The reflection in her eyes vanished as Rose let the tarp door fall shut. “I’ve been working on a new song! I’d love to perform it for you.”

Rose let her eyes drift from the Pearl to the rest of the small shelter. Crinkled patches of the roof simmered, bright with the blocked sunlight above them. The walls tapered into three corners, and small pieces of comfort decked the floor. Brush and stalks of plant life had been threaded into a cushion of sorts. Tapestries sprawled down from fastenings in the roof, threaded up with images of Rose and the other Diamond Authorities. The cold packed dirt, which had been tediously plucked of weeds, was smooth save for the petite oval indents of her Pearl’s feet. Voices carried as warbles through the thick tarp. Stagnant, hot moisture returned as the breeze died away.

“Rose?” the Pearl prompted once more. She’d worked herself to tiptoe, right foot dragging nervous, perfect circles in the ground. “I haven’t quite perfected the choreography, but if you’d like to see—“

“No, Pearl. Thank you, though.”

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New tarot bags are available if folks are interested.

$10 - Large bags can hold 4x6 inch decks comfortably. I can fit my full size Voyager deck or my mega oracle deck in one. (88 cards - Les Vampire Oracle and Oracle of Shadow and Light).

$15 - Spread cloth is double sided and approximately 20x20 inches.

Shoot me an ask if you’re interested. Shipping to the US is running about $2.54 for up to 2 bags.

If you are outside the US, please consider exchange rate and shipping costs. Shipping to Canada is running around $9.50 USD for up to 2 bags.

When I confirm that the bag you want is available I send you a request for funds through PayPal and ship it off to you - easy-peasy!

(the tarot decks from the pictures are not included - I’m pretty sure you can figure that out, but just to be safe…)


etsyfindoftheday | MERRY CHRISTMAS!! | 12.25.15

funny holiday cards by emilymcdowellstudio

  • tidings of comfort and joy card
  • deck yourself bear card

merry christmas, happy holidays, and ho ho ho to all of my followers this december 25! i hope you’re having a love-filled day brimming with cheer and cookies <3 enjoy these christmas-y finds all day today, starting with two funny holiday cards by emilymcdowellstudio (formerly known as etsy shop emilymcdowelldraws).

Without The Moon - April Fools fic ;)

Hello! Hartbig, nsfw, 5764 words. I’ve been working on this one for quite a while now and not said much about it, but I’ve worked really hard on it and I think if you liked Counting Stars then you’ll probably like this one… ;)

There will possibly be a part two, I may have an idea floating around for it, but for now lets just leave it at this :) So here you go, my new fave project.


Without The Moon

It’s dark.

It usually is at 4am, but still, it’s dark.

There’s not the usual haze of silvery cloud slowly traipsing across the sky, temporarily masking the moon and stars; it’s just… dark.

There must be thicker and more ominous clouds covering the natural light, Grace thinks, as she stares up from her comfortable deck chair. She has a thick blanket wrapped tightly around her legs and a warm cup of coffee in her hands, but she can still feel a slight chill permeate her skin.

Not her thoughts, though. Not her heart.

They’re still warm.

grace was thinkign about when her and hannah hart did the nasty that tim last week. remember? that was good. it was fun and then after grace had had a bit of a cry bc they werent ment to b. then she went home but she was all sexed so she felt ok.

grace finishd her coffee n went inside and OH MY GOD sHE had a text from hannah harto hart. she read it and it said that hannah had ome news so grace rang her and they had a convo:

grace: hello hannah hart

hanna: hello grace i have some news

grace; lol okay go on hannah hart tell me, what is your news?

hannah: well grace YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THIS but my news is that i have a boyf

grace: ……………………………………………..

hannah: ……………………………….

gracE: what

hannah: i no

grace: but we

hannah: i no

grace: but i

hanna: i know

grace: i hav 2 go now hannah hart

hannah: ok ill come over for breakkie and we will chat more


grace put her face on her dog

“goose why”

goose didnt know.

grace stopped crying and then called mamrie and invitited mamrie over

“mamrie i am so sad i though maybs hannah and i would be special”

mamrie patted her hand and pulled a funny face and then gave her alcohol and said “I know gracie i no, but dont worry you hav me”

“but u dont like me in that way” grace wailed loudly and her throat was raw.

“dont i?”

then mamrie kissed grace and suddenly grace realised what she had been missing her whole life

mamrie, she had been missing manrie

Mace shared a hot dog and cheese platter and then guess what? they were together forever.

and maybe even longer.



mace 4ever.

An Old Friend

How long had it been? Time seemed to come and then pass as it would, leaving the dragon to tend to his own affairs for what ages were devoid of a friend and common ally nearby. There were others, of course, to fill the gap. The Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise were still as ever present as they had been, at least offering ample distraction for conversation where a favored one had departed. Truthfully, he would have counted the days if he hadn’t feared the disappointment that time would cast if indeed she had chosen to leave and not come back.

In time, it was as though he forgot…

Times changed. As the Edo era came into its peak and seemed headed toward its end, the Azure Dragon had remained, as bound to his duties as he had been at creation. As spring waned, he found himself settled in at one of the plazas, looking over the waterfall. The sakura already were beginning to bid their goodbyes for another year, scattering with the occassional breeze that drifted through. From the comfort of his deck, a small tea set had been arranged before the cushion on which he sat, treats set up on a small table that had been brought out for him to keep them from being dirtied. The figure himself was clad in a royal blue kamishimo, dark hair tied back at the nape of his neck and falling to nigh mid-back save for a few stray strands that had escaped the ponytail.

While he sat still for the most part, only ruffled by the breeze, occassionally a hand would snake off to the side to grasp another sweet to savor. Afterall, one could not be rushed with those things when left to their own devices as he had been. To meditate, to idle the day away – Was there any better course when all duty was done? However, one presence finally stirred his attention when it came near enough, leading him to tear his gaze from the waters in all haste to look for the source of it. It was unmistakable, unique. There was naught to do but search. As such, he ultimately moved to his feet to seek out who carried the same aura as one he had known before, capturing only glimpses from behind buildings until he finally had the lock to cross onto her path a few feet ahead. Where were words? Did they exist for a moment such as this? “Good afternoon. There is… fresh tea and mochi this way, if you’ll follow me,” he finally mustered, dipping in a bow with the greeting and gesturing off in the direction he had come. “There is a view of the waterfall as well.” What a start. Had she noted him as well as he had noted her?

Iwaoi headcanon; Oikawa got his glasses back during middle school but hated them thus got contacts instead and buried the glasses in his dresser. Iwaizumi didn’t see them until their second year of high school and its entirely by accident. Oikawa doesn’t show up for school or practice and seemingly ignores all of Iwaizumi’s texts and calls so he decides to just head to the brunettes house. Oikawa’s mom let’s him in and he heads up the stairs and towards Oikawa’s room. The last thing he expects to find is Oikawa, hair a mess, wrapped in his comforter decked out in his ratty old alien shirt and a pair of sweats watching volleyball video’s, wearing a pair of glasses. At first everything is absolutely silent, Iwaizumi in shock and Oikawa in horror of being caught. Oikawa hides under his comforter refusing to come out, wailing about how ugly he is like this and Iwaizumi playfully saying he’s always that ugly but he eventually coaxes the setter out from under his sheets. Iwaizumi pushes Oikawa’s bedhead back with a gentle hand as he smiles crookedly at Oikawa’s pouting face. He leans forward until their foreheads are flush and the bridge of Oikawa’s glasses bump against his face and mummers; “I thought you said you could pull of anything?” 

It takes some time but eventually Iwaizumi convinces Oikawa to wear his glasses more often around him and they even get to a point where he’s comfortable wearing them out. And Iwaizumi won’t say it out loud but when Oikawa has fallen asleep in the middle of another one of his alien documentaries, cheek squishes against Iwaizumi’s chest a little dribble of drool dripping down his chin and glasses askew; Oikawa with glasses is kind of adorable.