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001. Go Fish
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It wouldn’t have been a proper return to Vegas without the casino motif Satan thought with a grimace when the time had come to take off their blindfolds (which had been completely superfluous and unnecessarily dramatic, as was typical of Lucifer). Still, there could’ve been far worse introductions to the party than being immediately handed a glass of whiskey and given something to occupy his mind that was far more diverting than stalking through the mansion while their gracious host’s ‘charming’ laughter grated on his ears. Neither was the demon prince keen on bartering nicely with human dealers playing their assigned roles, Satan eventually making himself comfortable with a deck of cards at his own empty table, moving idly through the motions of shuffling and reshuffling, recalling the slight of hand tricks Belial had been so fond of as he’d worked his influence over the aptly named Sin City. This room would be much more the trickster demon’s style, but for just a little while longer, they’d have to make do with their lots. 

He wasn’t the only one unimpressed with Lucifer’s manor; blue eyes finally settling on a man in silver mask who looked as if there was an indefinite list of places he would rather be. There was something faintly familiar about him, a mildly annoying itch Satan didn’t bother to scratch, taking his feet down from the chair opposite him in a backwards sort of invitation. “I’ll go out on a limb here and say you aren’t going to know how to play anything too complicated,” Was Satan’s unconcerned greeting as he laid out a line of ten cards in front of himself, face down. “Whist? Gin rummy? Or maybe in light of the times, we’d better try for War.” 

Iwaoi headcanon; Oikawa got his glasses back during middle school but hated them thus got contacts instead and buried the glasses in his dresser. Iwaizumi didn’t see them until their second year of high school and its entirely by accident. Oikawa doesn’t show up for school or practice and seemingly ignores all of Iwaizumi’s texts and calls so he decides to just head to the brunettes house. Oikawa’s mom let’s him in and he heads up the stairs and towards Oikawa’s room. The last thing he expects to find is Oikawa, hair a mess, wrapped in his comforter decked out in his ratty old alien shirt and a pair of sweats watching volleyball video’s, wearing a pair of glasses. At first everything is absolutely silent, Iwaizumi in shock and Oikawa in horror of being caught. Oikawa hides under his comforter refusing to come out, wailing about how ugly he is like this and Iwaizumi playfully saying he’s always that ugly but he eventually coaxes the setter out from under his sheets. Iwaizumi pushes Oikawa’s bedhead back with a gentle hand as he smiles crookedly at Oikawa’s pouting face. He leans forward until their foreheads are flush and the bridge of Oikawa’s glasses bump against his face and mummers; “I thought you said you could pull of anything?” 

It takes some time but eventually Iwaizumi convinces Oikawa to wear his glasses more often around him and they even get to a point where he’s comfortable wearing them out. And Iwaizumi won’t say it out loud but when Oikawa has fallen asleep in the middle of another one of his alien documentaries, cheek squishes against Iwaizumi’s chest a little dribble of drool dripping down his chin and glasses askew; Oikawa with glasses is kind of adorable.