comfortable chairs!

just imagine kaisoo during a family reunion where jongin volunteered himself to grill meat, tho he really can’t grill meat properly, but he did to show off to his in-laws and parents. however, he ends up setting a fire, almost burning his eyebrows, while kyungsoo, well…kyungsoo is just lying comfortably on his reclining chair with a mini fan dangling around his neck, sipping on his lemonade and laughing at his husband’s misery.

kyungsoo crosses his legs, “jagi, you still alive there?”

jongin pouts, “do you think this is funny?”

kyungsoo sticks out his tongue at him, mixing his juice with his twisty straw and laughs.

but his mom approaches him as he stands and hits his ass, “Kim Kyungsoo, help your husband before he burns himself!”


this time, jongin gives up, damn showing off. “Kyungsoo fucking help me grill the meat or you won’t get a meat from me!”

Oh well, Kyungsoo can’t live without his husband’s ehem…meat.

college advice from someone who’s been on both sides of it

So I’m finishing up my Ph.D. and preparing to depart for the real world (no, just kidding, I’m going to be in school forever, only in a different capacity) and I thought I’d put together a list of some college tips to share with you all. I graduated with my B.A. in 2012, magna cum laude, with 2 majors, 1 honours thesis, 2 on-campus jobs, and 3 music things. Since then, I’ve gone to grad school and also taught six semesters of first-year seminars. Now I’m going on the job market for teaching positions. All of this means that I’ve seen both sides of the college experience, as a student and as an instructor. There are a lot of great & useful college advice posts going around studyblr this time of here, and I wanted to add my own. I hope it’s useful. So here we go, with a “read more” because it’s long (sorry if you’re on mobile):


  • find your classrooms ahead of time (profs’ offices too)
  • figure out how long it will take you to walk between places
  • figure out where your best seat will be & claim it
  • say hi to the people next to you, learn their names
  • take notes in class
  • take advantage of extra credit
  • try your best not to fall asleep in class (and if you do fall asleep, apologise to the prof afterwards)
  • bring your glasses if you need them, don’t be stubborn about it
  • check out the library, wander in the stacks, talk to the librarians
  • figure out how & where to print
  • buy used books/textbooks, or rent them, but be careful with ebooks (some profs don’t allow them)
  • plan breaks into your class schedule, or block everything together, whichever works best for you
  • work out the pros & cons of 8am classes and/or night classes
  • plan ahead – have a planner, put things in it, do them
    • fake deadlines are a thing (write down earlier deadlines, trick yourself into meeting them, bask in satisfaction)
  • grades won’t be what they were in high school
    • keep in mind GPA values: a 3.5 will see you graduating with honours
  • be nice to the departmental administrative staff, thank them for helping you (even with small things)
  • office hours versus emailing profs: both will get your questions answered (probably) but if you can go and talk in person, do it
  • profs & TAs are people too, they have lives, they have bad days
  • if something comes up, talk to your prof, be honest but don’t overshare, just show them you’re trying
  • on that note, try

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School can be exhausting so these are my ways of dealing with stress and I’m, obviously, not an expert, but it helped me.

Take a bath

Get a bath bomb, shave your legs, and just relax in the warm water

Get an adult coloring book

I can’t tell you how much getting a coloring book helped me with stress. When I have free time, or a free class, or I just feel like coloring, I get my coloring book and just start.

Draw / doodle

Have a sketchbook where you can draw little things, or even big things. Draw random stuff that comes to your mind to free your thoughts. If you are bad at drawing, don’t worry cause it’s your private thing and you don’t have to show this to anyone.


Same as drawing but this time instead of just a pencil, use watercolors or ink or markers, whatever you want and have. Create a masterpiece and if you like it pin it on your wall to remind you that you can do great things!

Do some origami

You have a ton of YouTube videos of how to do some basic origami. Fold your paper and enjoy your finished work.


After a study session, stretch from head to toe. You will feel better because blood will easily come to your brain and you won’t have any back pain for sitting too long.


Every day, at morning or at night (or both if you are available) do some exercises for 20-30 minutes. If you are not that into exercising, you could dance with some up-beat music like nobody is watching.

Go for a quick run or ride a bike for 5 minutes

It will boost your energy and you will go outside and see the actual sun, or even clouds. Fresh air is really important for your health, so are little things that boost your energy. 

Listen to music

Maybe you are listening to music while studying, but listening to music while doing nothing else is also great. On the ride on the bus/train or whatever you’re taking, get some headphones and jam to your favourite music.

Take a nap

You come from school exhausted and you know you need to study, but it’s really hard for you to focus, just take a nap. Or if you are studying for 3-4 hours straight for that test tomorrow or writing a extra long essay - take a nap. 15-20 minutes is enough.

Get a diary or journal and write it down

Recently I started again writing into a diary (I haven’t done that since I was 12-13) and I can’t tell you how much better I feel after writing my thoughts down on paper. For me, writing with a pen/pencil instead of typing had me more focused on actually freeing my thoughts, but if you want to type you can. Also, it is funny to read some of your daily entries after a couple of years.


Lay on your back, or sit on a comfortable chair, close your eyes and just breathe. Try not to think of your work, or problems and just breathe. If you are religious, you can also pray.

Clean your room

Clear room = clear mind. Having a nice and tidy room helps me more to focus and not to think of the mess surrounding me. Also, cleaning can be calming and stress relieving, if you focus on cleaning instead of your thoughts.

Drink a glass of water

You will be more hydrated and feel much better. So just drink your water.

Eat a fruit

It’s healthy and sweet, what else is there to say about?

I hope some of those help you. Keep in mind that you, obviously, don’t have to everything everyday. Doing a few of these will really be beneficial for your mental health and your body.

Sending much love to you all, V. ❤

Office-mate who loves CNN but doesn't understand how televisions work is destroyed by that which she loves most.

I work in a small office with only 6 people. The way the office is broken up I share my office with another person, so we’re essentially facing each other. It’s away from the other offices, so we’re kind of left to our own devices. I’ve been working here for about three years now, and have always gotten along with my office-mate. My old office-mate left to start a family, so I’ve been alone for a bit before they hired Marge.

Marge is what you’d find if you googled “worst office-mate.” She brings in smelly food she eats at her desk, she plays loud music in our shared space (even after being asked not to), she fights with the boss on every little thing, she’s nosy (always asking me where I’ve been when I walk back into the office, and I’ve literally caught her listening in at the bosses door). She asks me invasive questions, and when I finally snapped at her to mind her own business she acted like I’d personally assaulted her.

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like real people do | jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same. 

piece 1, piece 2, piece 3

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

based off hozier’s song ‘like real people do’

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Misguided (M)

Originally posted by y-ta

SUMMARY: After a run in with one of Johnny’s fellow frat brothers, you had thought he had just been after one thing. But when, not only Johnny himself, but with the help of your friends, they helped you realize that you had made some very misguided judgments. // “What tastes better than it smells?”

GENRE/WARNINGS: Fraternity/College!AU // It’s honestly mostly fluff with smut thrown in at the end. This is part of a collab with @versigny and a bunch of other writers. You can read the prologue here.

WORDS: 14.5k.

A/N: I died 3x over writing this. That is all.

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This is my dog. She usually sits behind me all day as I doodle, curled around my bum, occasionally putting her long chin on the arm rest or wedging her snout between my thigh and the chair. She is an old pup, so she snores heavily, sighs a lot, and sometimes hiccups. I love her a lot and she makes me happy, so here is my sharing happy thing of the day.


Imagine: Being in a Love/Hate Relationship with Roman

Roman x Reader

Warning!: period sex, smut, fingering

“So yeah, I plan on having a friend spend the weekend. Is that okay with you?” You quietly asked to your roommate through the phone, glancing around the quiet library you were in. Even though you’d never want to admit it, a large smile took over your features when your roommate said it was cool.

After thanking your roommate, you hung up with her, putting your phone into your pocket as you wondered why Roman was so desperate to come all the way to your university to see you. Before you could think of it further, a shooting pain in your stomach made you slightly hunch over, groaning. After taking a brief minute to compose yourself, you reached into your bag and pulled out some pain medicine, and a bottle of water.

“Stupid uterus, I don’t want a fucking baby, so stop trying!” You cursed to your stomach as the cramps subsided. Standing up from the comfortable chair in your campus’ library, you gathered your notebooks and shoved them into your bag. After checking to make sure you didn’t leave anything behind, you began making your journey across campus, heading towards your dorm.


“(Y/n)!” Roman called out in your dorm hallway, making you fool your eyes as you got up from bed. Opening your door, you stuck your head out, silently watching as Roman turned in circles frustrated, glaring at every door, trying to remember which one you said was yours. Letting out a loud laugh, you alerted Roman if your presence. He turned to face you with a smirk, casually strolling to where you held the door open. Upon entering, Roman glanced around your room, nodding his head in approval. Your dorm wasn’t super small, but not super big either. Although you did have to admit it was way bigger than some dorms you’d seen your friends have in other colleges.

“Not bad (Y/n),” Roman muttered, flinging himself onto your extra long twin size bed. You stood next to him, giving him a blank stare.

“What?” He asked with a raised eyebrow, spreading out further on your bed as if it wasn’t clear you were just laying down.

“You’re an ass Godfrey,” you growled, trying to push him over, but failing miserably. He scooted towards the wall slightly, gesturing to the inch of space he made, a smirk present on his face.

“There. That’s enough space for you to do something with,”

“I fucking hate you,” you grumbled, as you rolled your eyes, climbing over him, squeezing between him and the wall. Forcing Roman to change positions, you lean your head against his shoulder, closing your eyes. Roman shifted, turning on his side to make more space, letting you rest your head on his arm as he wrapped his other one around your waist.


You groaned slightly, moving your hips from their place flat against the bed. Your eyebrows scrunched in confusion as you felt cool air on your thighs, your back to the bed. You could have sworn that you worn pants when you took a nap… and why was there suddenly enough space to lay on your back? Wasn’t Roman supposed to be laying next to you? A hand grabbing your hips made you snap open your eyes, your eyes landing on Roman, who was in between your legs, looking up to you.

“Roman, what the fuck are you doing?” You grumbled, trying to glare at him, but feeling his breath on your inner thighs almost made your eyes roll back.

“Stop being bitchy,” Roman muttered, before kissing on your inner thigh. Your eyes rolled back, as your breathing hitched, reaching down to grab Roman’s hair as he inched closer to your core.

“Is this the reason you were so desperate to come here? To catch me on my period?” Roman sent you a quick smirk, before diving his face into your wet core, his tongue grazing your clit gently, causing your hips to jerk. A breathy sigh escaped your lips, your voice feeling lost. You gripped his hair, tugging harshly as he entered a finger, curling it upwards. A groan escaped his lips as he moved back, letting his fingers work for a few seconds, while he let our deep pants, shifting into a more comfortable position. He smirked when you gasped, another finger sliding into you with ease. He mouth was back on you before you knew it, his tongue swirling in elaborate circles.

“Are you about to cum?” Roman asked seductively , feeling you tighten around his fingers. You breathlessly nodded, squeezing your eyes shut as the tingling sensation started to build. A series of loud pants left your mouth as you felt your orgasm wash over your body, causing you to mouth a few select curse words. Roman continued with his finger and mouth work for a few more moments before pulling away. Wiping the blood off his lips with a smirk, you rolled your eyes in disgust. Sitting up, you noticed that Roman had somehow maneuvered your pants under your hips, preventing any blood from getting on your sheets. Sliding carefully off the bed, you went over to your dresser, pulling out a clean pair of undies, and pajamas bottoms, deciding to keep on the shirt you had, since you only just put it on before Roman came. Heading over to your personal bathroom, Roman called out to you.

“Where you going?”

“To take a shower,” you called over your shoulder, walking in the bathroom and closing the door most of the way. Turning your back to the door, you reached out, turning on the shower, before shedding your shirt. Looking over your shoulder to ensure that your towel was still on the rack, you let out a surprised squeak at the sight of a naked Roman standing directly behind you. The look of lust in his eyes made your knees weak, and your mind go blank. Without hesitating, Roman shoved you against the wall next to the shower, grabbing your thighs and lifting you up. His lips attacked yours as he rammed his long cock into you. Sliding you up and down his length, he let out a hearty groan, your name leaving his mouth in forms of gasps, and moans. You bit your lip, your voice not becoming present at the moment.

“Fuck (Y/n)….” Roman groaned, as his thrust became erratic. He pushed you further against the wall, allowing for one of his hands to come to his mouth. He stared you deep in the eyes as his bit into his thumb deep enough to draw a good amount of blood.

For reasons unknown to you, as he went to wipe the blood on your arm, in some form of marking you, you grabbed it. Staring into his eyes, you brought his thumb up to your lips, sticking your tongue out to catch the long drop of blood. As soon as your lips enclosed around his thumb, you felt a rush of heat as he released inside you. The feeling of his hot cum, mixed with his throbbing member, drew you to your second orgasm within the last 20 minutes. After a few minutes of catching your breath, he gently let your feet hit the floor, his head resting against your shoulder.

“That was the hottest thing you could have done…” Roman muttered against the nape of your neck. But you could barely focus on his words, because one thought had your mind completely held captive.

“Why did I do that?” You asked yourself, but no clear answer came to mind. The only thing that was clear, was the taste of Roman’s blood still present on your tongue.

Gold Digger

Reader x Elijah Mikaelson



Imagine: You are in a long-term relationship with Elijah Mikaelson and is very happy with it. One day, when he requests you to go over to his house to meet oficially his siblings, Hayley accuses you to being with him only for his money and power, which leaves you heartbroken.

tagging: @chocolatemonkeyrainbows :)

Word Count: 3172

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Do you want to play with us?

Originally posted by litourgiya

Pairing: IvarxReaderxHvitserk
Rating: Explicit
Words: 8587
Tagging: @inthenameofodin @tiyetiye @rockyrascal

Warning: Smut, dom/sub dynamic, cursing, hair pulling, rough sex, spitting, spanking, orgasm denial/delayed. (I suck at warning tags so if you think one needs to be added, please tell me.)

Notes: My first threesome and let me tell you it was hard to write! First time writing Hvitserk too, I hope it went well. Sorry for the length, I don’t know how this monstrosity ended with so many words but I hope it’s worth it. Thank you for your advice concerning it. Ivar and Hvitserk love each other in this (take notes Hirst). Again, sorry for any mistakes! Enjoy, sisters! 

King Ivar and his great army advanced through England quite easily, pillaging and killing every single person that stood on their way. Today was a great day for the King; he had won the ultimate battle that raged for almost four months. He had slaughtered the entire royal family without a second thought and had taken the praised crown of York. Soon, the news would spread, giving Ivar the fame he craved, the fame he deserved. For he was the most brutal yet the most worthy man you ever met. The kind of man you dreamt of but never could admit it out loud. It didn’t help that he was unfairly attractive. So attractive that even Balder, the most beautiful god in Asgard, would be jealous. 

You tried to fight the attraction you had for him but you couldn’t fight the feelings you felt in his presence. You couldn’t deny the wetness between your legs every time he roared one of his clever speeches, perched proudly upon his throne or his chariot. You couldn’t deny the dreams you had. Him above you, taking whatever he wanted from your willing and helpless body.

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The Losers Club: At The Mall (Modern AU)

-They all get their food from the food court and run around to find the best table (fighting over the best spot) while Bill trails behind them walking slowly and carefully with the large tray of food.

- Richie rides around on one of those animal scooters and Eddie tries to stop him but ends up having to chase after him.

-Stan sooo wants to go in Bath & Body Works but is too embarrassed. Bev see this and ushers him inside because ‘She wants to go in’.

-Bill loves to go to the Tea place and has all the Losers try the tea. Richie spits it out, Eddie wants to like it because he knows it’s good for you but he hates the taste. Stan loves it too.

- Richie gets in trouble for walking up the down escalator and proceeds to make fun of the security guard behind his back. The Losers try not to laugh.

-Stan always pretends like he’s gonna jump off the ledge.

-they all get real food from the food court but Richie gets soft pretzels.

-Stan loves White Barn and goes in to smell the candles but it bothers him if he doesn’t smell like the whole shelf. So he’s in there for like thirty minutes.

-They get frozen yogurt for dessert and Eddie gets plain vanilla but Richie gets every possible topping.

-Mike falls asleep in a really comfortable chair in one of the furniture stores so Richie takes the whip cream off his frozen yogurt and puts it all over his palm and tickles Mike’s nose.

-Mike slaps Richie instead.

-Bill shops at like Jcpenny and the Gap and they tease him for being boring.

-Bev loves Spencer’s, and Hot Rags and searches time and time again for good band t-shirts.

-Ben buys a giant stuffed bear from a toy store. (For himself)

-Bill comforts a sad lost little boy and helps him find his mother, holding his hand the whole time.

Routine Part Three (Lin x Reader)

“I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this. Heck, I don’t know if I’m ready for it and I wrote it. 

Prompt List//Request Something//Mobile Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Four)


Summary: Reader and Lin are stuck, so they opt for a new place to write. Once in the new place, they tell each other stories in hopes of inspiration striking. 

Prompts used:

77) You talk way too much.

78) You don’t talk enough.

120) Tell me a story.

Warnings: military family, mentions of bullying, mentions of death, mentions of miscarriages, swearing

Words: 2229

People Who Wanted To Be Tagged (for some reason I don’t fully understand): @yayhamletnonstop @old-manmiranda @nesthemonster @itsjaynebird @just-a-random-fandom-24 @unknown1200

Originally posted by lin4lin-ham4ham

“Nothing is making ANY SENSE!!” Lin screams as he slides further into your bean bag chair allowing it to swallow him whole.  “Also, just so you know, this chair is damn comfortable. I’m definitely stealing it when this thing is over.”

“Don’t you dare!” You chuckle and throw a pillow at his head, hitting him straight in the temple. “That is my favorite chair.”

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Quiver: Part One

Originally posted by spdrparker

yay! so i finished it. 

You were hired on a new team Tony Stark put together as the Tech support. However, you weren’t expecting to crush on none other than Bucky Barnes.
(this is Bucky’s look. sorry not sorry hehe)

Notes: FLIRTATIOUS!!! BUCKY!!!! fluff, smut is coming folks. some good smut too. 
if this gets to 200. I will do a part two.

word count: 2,992

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now we dream apart

soulmate au

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst 
word count: 3.291
warnings: none
author’s note: I know I know, another soulmate au, I’m trash. :’) this is just a small story I started working on this afternoon, to get me back on track so I can start working on my bigger projects again. nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

You don’t know when the dreams begin — but once they do, it feels like they’ve been there since you were born.

The first dream of him revolves around coffee beans. The heavy scent of the morning beverage tangles with the rich shade of chestnut hair and chocolate eyes, turning almost hazel under the glowing sunlight. You can remember a gaze, a nose and full lips turned upwards, but your mind is unable to piece it all together. The face as a whole is blurry in your mind, indistinct, frustratingly vague.

But the memory of those lips moving and pronouncing your name is remarkably sharp, and it almost fools you into believing it is not a dream, but a real memory — that the warmth accompanying his stare existed at some point in your life, that your body did feel the bedsheets tangling around your bare legs as you struggled to move closer to him. That the sound of his voice, rough and mellow, belongs to a living, breathing person and not a figment of your vivid imagination.

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Pusher Love Girl

Taehyung has you wrapped around his finger- in more ways than one.

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: smut, a little fluff
wordcount: 6.8k
warnings: public sexual acts, fingering, masturbation, deepthroating, degrading names during sex, dom!Tae, rough sex, slight breathplay, voyeurism, hair pulling, possessive!Tae, lovebites  

You met Kim Taehyung out of all places, out of all times- during a bad date. 

You were in a chain coffee shop, sitting opposite a man who was as beautiful as he was boring, wondering how dating had become like this for you. Boring dates, zero chemistry- and the looming fear of ending up alone pushing you into halfhearted commitments. 

When your date had excused himself and gone to the bathroom, you had breathed a sigh of relief. Frankly, pretending to listen and inserting time-appropriate “Mm” noises was more difficult than it appeared. It was at that moment that Taehyung had sat down in your date’s seat. 

‘Sat’ was a mild way of putting it- he plopped down, draping over the chair comfortably, before flashing you a big grin. He looks a bit ridiculous, was your first thought- he was dressed in an oversized stripy linen shirt, slides, and a huge beanie. His strong eyebrows were quirked upwards from underneath his beanie and you shot him a slightly confused, mostly bitchy stare.

“Bad date?” He had sighed sympathetically. “Do you want to talk about it?” He folded his hands and raised an eyebrow at you knowingly like he was your mid-life crisis dating coach. You narrowed your eyes at him. 

“He’s alright,” You replied defensively. 

“Wow. Alright.” Taehyung responded, nodding seriously. “And they say romance is dead.”

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