BTS reaction to you sleeping on their chest

A/N: this is my first reaction, I hope everyone will enjoy it^^

Rapmonster (namjoon): He would be sitting comfortabely on the couch in the living room with an open book in his hand. You were sitting next to him as his shoulder was resting around you so you could lay your head on his chest. After a while it would be really silent as he was reading his book so he looked down just to see your sleeping face. He would be smiling sheepishly because of your fair skin which made you look like a little baby.

“why do you have to look cute in everything that you do?”

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Jin (seokjin): It would be a lazy sunday when you two would be lying on your shared bed. You’re head was resting on his chest as his arms were wrapped around your smaller form. “jagi? jagi…Y/N?” he would ask confusedly as you didn’t laugh at his dad joke. He would turn his head towards you and instantly would widen his eyes as he saw you sleeping soundly on his chest. The little snores that escaped your throat was everything to make him know that you were deeply asleep. Slowly getting up without waking you up, he took the blanket from the far end of the bed to tuck you into it. He tiptooed out of the room to make his way to the kitchen. He was planning on making a little soup for you because of the hunger that always grow into you when you wake up.

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Jhope (hoseok): You two would be sprawled out on the floor of the practice room after a few hours of dancing. Because of the sleeveless top you were wearing you could feel the coldness of the floor hit your skin so you rolled over to your boyfriend’s side. “Im cold.” you murmured as you snuzzled your face in his chest. “Come here~” he would embrace you into a tight hug as you instantly felt warm because of his body heat. His stomache then made a weird nose, making his lips form an ‘O’ shape. “jagiya~ is it fried chicken or pizza for tonight?” he asked and felt slightly embarrassed for the loud noise of his stomache. “Y/N?” he would ask softly as he didn’t receive a respond. “aww~” he looked down to see your chubby cheek pressed against his chest as you selpt. “my jagiya is the cutest!” he would be internally fanboying over your cuteness.

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Suga (Yoongi): It was late at night when you entered Yoongi’s studio with some snacks and coke in your hands. You decided to bring him some food and not to sleep despite him being busy lately. He didn’t have the time to eat properly because of his hard work for their upcoming album so you always made sure that he was fed. “Y/N, I told you to just go to sleep.” he whined and watched you sitting comfortabely on his lap. “it’s past midnight and you haven’t eat anything, you worry me” you pouted and laid your head on his shoulder. He softened because of your words but still went further with his work. After two hours he finally finished and leaned back in his chair as he embraced your form tightly. “I finished” he said but got silence in return. Looking to you, he would realise that you fell asleep. He would snuzzle his nose against your temple and carry you to your shared bed. 

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Jimin: you two would be lying in each other’s embrace as you cuddled in bed. His mascular arms encircled itself around your waist to pull you onto his chest as you giggled cutely, making him also giggle. “I’m tired” you whined and laid your head against his chest as you totally relaxed. “sleep then” he said and brought the blanket up to cover your body which was in a pyjama. His soft stare would be fixated on your sleepy face as he sang a lullaby. Your eyes closed itself slowly until you deeply were asleep. “sweet  dreams, cutiepie” he whispered and kissed your head lovingly. 

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V (Taehyung): After a long session of playing with your puppy, he would fall asleep under the table as you made your way to your boyfriend who was lying on your couch, watching a movie on the TV. “taetae~” you would beam and lay down on his chest. “hm?” he asked and kissed your cheek as you looked up. “let’s cuddle” you suggested and received nothing else but his famous cute smile in return. “only if you won’t fall asleep” he challenged. “deal” you accepted his offer and immediately laid back down as you clutched onto him. Taehyung counted to thirty and looked down to see you already asleep on his chest.”this girl” he shook his head and putted his oversized sweater over you to keep you warm.  

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Jungkook: you would be lying on his broad chest as both of you laid on the sofa, him being busy playing games. “jungkook~” you whined for the millionth time that day. You were eager to go outside because of the good weather but he told you that he first had to win the game. You just shrugged it off but it has been two hours since he started to play that game and it worked on your nerves. “wait jagiya…I almost finished” he said but you already gave up as you turned your head away from the TV. Silently falling asleep you embraced him tightly, making it difficult for him to move his arms. He sighed and also give up. “you won” he said in between a sigh, thinking that you were playing with him until he looked own to see you fully asleep on his chest. He would widen his eyes and let go of his controller as he embraced you too, giving you his warmth so you peacefully could sleep. 

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BTS Reaction to their S/O sleeping next to them for the first time

A/N: This is just a reaction where BTS and their S/O (you) moved in together. And this is their “first night” or first time they sleep in their shared room.


Would most likely try to be as close to you as possible and cuddle you throughout the night being so excited that you two finally got an appartement together. He would stay up all night cuddling while you sleep just thinking about the times to come.

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He would just sleep like a baby sheep because we all know his beauty sleep is valuable, but if you wanted to cuddle, he would cuddle because you are his love and you just moved in together.

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Our sunshine would squeeze you in your sleep, and just casually show affection because Hobi is a little ball of fluff and cuddliness! But if you didn’t really feel like cuddling, he would just sleep next to you and make sure YOU are comfortabe.

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Two options

Option A:Sophisticated talking all night about how the future will be

Option B: Just sleeping while holding each other, his arm around your tummy because you are the little spoon because Joonie will be the big spoon to protect you.

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This boy would just be kind of like Namjoon by you two spooning while falling asleep, but during the night wake up because he usually doesn’t sleep so much, but would pick watching you sleep over sleeping himself any given day.

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Tae has energy, he is sweet and loving and cuddly. He would cuddle with you in any way; spooning, your head on his chest, him in the crook of your neck… anything!

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Kookie being the shy boy he is, would ask you first if it was okay to cuddle in your sleep or he would just lay there thinking “why did I not just cuddle her or ask her! STOP BEING SO SHY KOOKIE” having his tiny peptalk in his head.

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Cole Sprouse | Jealous


WARNINGS: Spoilers for the season finale, short and maybe pretty cheesy and horrible.

A/N: Sorry if it is not good. I really have writers block lately and the finals don’t help at all.. Byeeee ♥





Cole sprouse and the reader were you get jealous when you see the bughead scene from 1x13

You and Cole had been dating for a while now and you were fully aware of his job and the whole ‘Bughead’ situation on Riverdale. But everytime it was just a simple kiss, a hug or holding hands, something you had grown to be ok with but this time things got worse. 

It was this scene where Jughead places Betty on the counter and they kiss and there is so much sexual tension and then they took of their shirts (at least Betty did). But that was a scene you were not aware Cole had even filmed so you were extremely shocked when you saw that.

On the day of the finale you and Cole were sitting on the couch, cuddling, while the rest of the cast was comfortabe and watching the show as well. You had been enjoying it so far until Cole told you to go bring some more snacks. The thing is Kj had just refilled the bowls so there was no need to but Cole insisted. After a while of that Cole gave in and just pulled you closer. You could’t understand what this was all about but you shrugged it off, until realisation hit you a couple of seconds later. It was the scene I told you about a while ago, with the sexual tension between Betty and Jughead being too much. You looked up at Cole shocked but you said nothing. Your blood was boiling and thins feeling of jelousy took over you for the first time in a long time. Actually, you were looking at the sreen as if you were going to explode and completely break Betty’s neck but you just kept it inside until everyone left. 

When the appartment was finally silent and the only people left behind were you and Cole that were living in it you finally broke. “What the hell was that?” You asked, anger bubbling up inside. “It was just for the scene Y/N.” He said trying to calm your temper. “Then why’d you hide it from me?? You think I wouldn’t find out about this scene?” You asked frustrated. Cole did nothing but looked at the floor not facing you. “Tell me!” “I just didn’t want you to get upset baby.” “Don’t call me that. And why did you think I would get upset?!?!” You said a little bit calmer right now. “I know you baby. I did this for you.” he said coming closer to you and grabbing your face. “If you had told me it wouldn’t be like this.” You said holding onto his hands. “God, I love you.” He said. “I love you.”

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DA:I companions (plus advisors) meeting the Hero of Ferelden (kudos if Leliana is in a romance with the Warden)

Cassandra: It’s an honor, of course. She might not have been anywhere near Denerim during the Blight but she knows what they managed to prevent– anyone who doesn’t just needs to look at the Hissing Wastes. They are a hero- as the name suggests- and she’ll treat them as such. But on a whole different level she is also Lelianna’s lover, and after years of serving the Divine together the Seeker knows more about the famous Warden than she is perhaps comfortable with. But its good to see their spymaster so happy, and theres a part of her that wants to see if this distant and almost legendary figure lives up to the sweet stories that Lelianna can be convinced to tell about her beloved.

Solas: Having seen spirits play out several aspects of the blight, from Ostagar to Denerim, the rift mage is curious to see the hero behind so many of those moments. If they’re a city elf and he hears about their experience before Duncan recruited them it confirms some suspicions in his head of how their race has fared among humans, but for the most part Solas enjoys listening to stories of their travels and observing the jovial mood amongst the Inner Circe and most of Skyhold.

Varric: Its a check off of his list of famous heros to have drinks with, and the dwarf is happy to set aside the role of racanteur to listen to the warden’s stories. When they mention Lothering he can’t help but be reminded of Hawke, and between bouts of note taking reminds himself to pen a letter to his friend in Kirkwall. Its been enough time since the blight that a warden character might go over well, and he needs something new after the Hard in Hightown 2 fiasco. Best to take notes from the source.

Blackwall: If it’s before Revelations he avoids them like the Blight itself. He has no way of knowing if they knew the true Blackwall and if they are going to reveal his secret to those people who trust him. Despite numerous invitations to join in on evenings in the tavern he stays apart in the barn and waits until they are gone. After Revelations sees him cautious around the Warden, ready with an apology if the Warden calls him out for his actions. But a good warden died in the beginning of their adventure too, and before long the two are at least comfortabe around each other.

Sera: The Red Jenny was young when the full terror of the Blight struck Denerim, but she remembers peeking out of the cracks in the cellar door where they sheltered and watching the Wardens take on darkspawn. If they are Cousland or Aeducan she’s wary of them, but otherwise she’s willing to sit down to a drink with them and- if the conversation goes well- to embark on a few pranks together.

Vivienne: If the Warden is from the Circle the Grand Enchanter will be quick to inquire after their politics, but otherwise shes polite and somewhat aloof. By the time news of the defeat at Ostagar had finally reached them the Hero and their party were well on the way to havig things handled, and the Battle of Denerim and fall of the Arch Demon happened too quickly for most circles to pass a vote on whether or not they should send people. Their stories are entertaining though, and its worth it enough to watch Sister Nightengales masks fall a bit as the bard relishes being around her inamorata.

Dorian: The Blight wasn’t given too much attention in Tevinter, mostly due to its relatively short time span. And if it hadn’t been for Felix Dorian might not have known anything at all about the Wardens or the Hero of Ferelden. But while he was still an apprentice he and Alexius had poured over every scrap of literature the could find regarding the taint, and he’d spent a very informative morning talking to a Ferelden merchant who’d been stuck in Denerim. Felix is gone by then of course, but Dorian still pokes at his old research from time to time and the offer to donate it to the wardens search- if they are not yet successful- spawns a few evenings of camaraderie and the beginnings of a friendship.

Iron Bull: Its a thrill to hear stories of the Arishok when he was till a Sten, and having read extensve Ben-Hassrath reports from both the former soldier and others who observed the chaos of the blight he’s eager to share drinks with the person behind the legends. If they recovered Sten’s sword for him his respect for them grows even higher but he is most keen on hearing descriptions of the arch demon. By the time they are done he is slightly envious of them– what a hell of a fight!

Cole: “Whispers not your own, nightmares and old gods and black in the blood. You are’t you anymore, but you make people happy. Happier than honey in wine or shoes.”

Cullen: The commander will be extremely tempted to hide out in his office until they are gone. Their last meeting was spectacularly awful and he has no wish to face their anger or disapproval, and if they are a mage those feelings are a thousand times worse. But eventually the warden drags them out -with a smile and the assurance that they understand why he said what he said so many years ago- and he is convinced to join the group for drinks and stories even if he has nothing to share himself.

Josephine: By the time she gets the proper quarters set up, deals with the nobles who want to meet the Hero and pries Lelianna away from her love long enough to help her get everything squared away the ambassador is exhuasted. But diplomacy rarely sleeps and besides she is too happy to see her friend happy to miss spending at least a few moments in the tavern. ONce shes there and has a drink or two she relaxes further and settles in to enjoy the wardens stories.

Lelianna: Her happiness is complete. For too long she and her love have been completely seperated, with only a rare letter to ensure the other that all was well. For the first hour or so that the hero is there she refuses to let go, and they hold each other in the alcoves of the aviary and just soak in each others presence. After that there are people to meet and the spmaster insists that her warden gets some rest, but that night they take their seats in the tavern and the story telling begins. In time she is convinced to grace them with a song or two, and for a moment it feels so much like the camps of old that she has to wipe a surreptious tear from her eye. Its been a long time since she was so happy, and nothing can take it away.

EXO When You’re Manager Becomes Abusive


You walk into the room, a mask on your face. 

“Jagi!” Minseok smiles as he sees you walking through the door. You nod at him, and he wraps his arms around you.

“Are you sick?” He asks as he points to the mask. You nod at him. 

“Here,” he reaches to pull of your mask. “Don’t worry about me, just be here comfortab–”

“Jagi, is that…?” 


“And is it from him?”


This would stress out Minseok a lot. He cares so much about you and your well being, he can’t physically understand why your manager would start to become abusive. Your manager was prone to yell at you and your group mates before, he’d usually abuse you with his words. But one day, you decided to speak out for it and it resulted in this. Minseok would want to get you out of there as soon as possible, because he’d never want this to get even worse. 

“Why would he do that to you? Look we need to get you out of there as soon as possible.”

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Luhan already knows about your manager. He’d been pretty iffy around him, and he’d always make sure it never went to far. He knows that your manager has made you and your band mates stressed out, your manager has even made you cry from time to time. Luhan would be doing everything in his power to not get too angry, but when you came home with the marks on your face, he lost it. 

Luhan would waste no time to go to your company and tell his side of the story. Of course, your company would side with your manager at first, but Luhan would be there for you as your defense. 

“Uh…sorry we need more evidence or something like that….”

“More evidence? Look what he did to my girlfriends face? Is that not enough evidence? I swear if I’m lying, you can do whatever you want with me.”

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“Babe, what’s that?”

“It’s nothing…I just fell,”

“Nothing? Did you fall on a hand shaped ground?”

Kris would be like Minseok in terms of stress. He’d be more mad at himself that he didn’t get you out of there sooner than he should’ve, so you’d never have to get hurt. It’d really make him think everything over, so that he wouldn’t only think about physical revenge, because the company would take care of it the best. 

He’d really do anything so that you can get away from your manager. He’d take you and your group away to another company, or just have your manager fired and taken away so you’d never have to deal with him again, he’d need to think seriously about these things before he’d do the actions.

“I need to get you out of there. No matter what it takes I’ll make sure you’ll never have to deal with him again.”

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“Aish Jagi, come back here.” Joonmyun caught you. You were trying to sneak away from inside so that you could put on some makeup to hide the marks on your face. 

“Don’t think you can hide those from me. Explanation, now.”

“I-It was the manager…he was really yelling at all of us today as we were all tired from everything. I told him off then he hit me.”

Joonmyun’s smart. He wouldn’t be thinking brashly about this at all. He’d think about all of the possible ways to get you away the second he saw the hand marks on your face. He’d know just how to take care of the situation so that you would never have to deal with your manager again. (If you guys know the drama “Cheese in The Trap” I feel like Joonmyun would be like Jung in a situation like this…where he like outsmarts the person he’s trying to hurt by hurting them through other people…I kinda feel like Joonmyun would be like that.)

“I’ll protect you, Jagi. Don’t stress about it, okay?”

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You’d come home, tears streaming down your face. First, out of anger and frustration towards your manager. Second, out of the pain that your manager caused you, emotionally and physically. 

“Oh? Y/N what’s wrong?”

“H-He…he went to far this time…”


Lay would be really confused and worried. He’d be confused because he’d thought that your manager knew better than that. Sure, Yixing understood the yelling, but he’d always assumed that the yelling was just a motivation thing for you and your. He’d never think it’d go as far to become abusive. He’d know that he’d have to deal with your manager, but he wouldn’t be able to process ideas like that right away, because he’d have a hard time thinking that he gave your manager the benefit of the doubt all of the time, so he’d feel so contradicted. 

“I’ve given you too many second chances. You’ve hurt Y/N now, no more second chances.

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“Is that from him?”


“That mark on your face, did your manager leave that?”


“–He did, didn’t he? He hit you, didn’t he? Y/N, this is going too far!”

Baekhyun would have reached his limit, like Yixing, Baekhyun had already given your manager so many chances, that Baekhyun’s limit was reached. The only thoughts in his mind would be how soon he could get your manager away from you and your group. He’d really not want to deal with it, but when you were involved, he had to become involved too.

He’d probably do the same approach as Luhan and go to your company with you with the “evidence” to get your manager fired.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s because of me you got this. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, I promise.”

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“I heard what he did.”

I feel like Jongdae would be a lot like Kris. He’d need a time to think everything over, because the original thoughts in his head were to physically hurt your manager, just like he did to you. Jongdae would need to consider all of his options on what to do, but one main objective was clear: never let Y/N’s manager get close of Y/N or any of her group mates. 

I feel like Jongdae would be the most persistent one though. He wouldn’t leave or he wouldn’t rest until your manager was fired and/or gone forever from you and your group. He’d pull any strings that he would need to, he’d do anything to protect you. 

“He’ll never hurt you again, Y/N. I’ll make sure of it.”

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“I’ve told you guys this before! One small mistake messes up the whole routine! Work harder, please.”

“Manger, we’ve all been working since early this morning. Each of us are exhausted.”

“Do you think I care?”

“–And one mistake isn’t going to cost us. No one will even notice.”


“Y/N!” Chanyeol came rushing in. He was here to pick you up as a surprise so that you can eat lunch together. Chanyeol would be furious. He’d charge straight at your manager, tackle him to the ground.

“How could you do that to her? She was just saying the truth!”

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“What’s that on your face…”


Kyungsoo would be like Minseok and be stressed out with you. He’d want a full explanation of everything, because he’d be like Joonmyun and he’d plot what he would do to get rid of your manager. I also feel like Kyungsoo would be the calmest in this situation. He wouldn’t become too quick to anger, and he’d make sure you were okay more than anything.

“Why’d he hit you?”

“I-I spoke up finally, like you said I should…and then he hit me.”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll make sure he’ll never be back.”

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“Did your manager do that?”


“Well, someone’s going to die today.”

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sorry i had to i’ll be serious.

I feel like Tao would be just furious about this. He would not think about this too deeply, and he’d just think that your manager either needed to leave and be fired from the company, or he would have to do something about it himself.

Because if Tao would have to get involved for someone hurting his girl, it really would not be pretty. 

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“Did your manager hit you?”


“How much does it hurt?”

“A lot…”

I feel like Kai would think about you first in a situation like this. The thought of your manager would fly directly out of his mind, the only thing he’d be concerned about in the very moment would be your well-being, so that you wouldn’t be hurt in anyway. He’d take care of you first, patching you up as needed, getting everything you need first, then he’ll worry about the messed up man of your manager. 

“You need to get better first, you’re all I care about right now.”

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I feel like Sehun would honestly not know what to do. He’s known that your manager could be kinda harsh sometimes with your tight rehearsal scheduling, but he’d never think your manager would go as far as to hurt you. He’d know that your manager had to get away from you and your group as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t know how to do it. 

“Sehun, don’t stress about it too much–”

“–Y/N, what do we do? I know we need to get rid of him, but how?”

“We’ll figure something out…”

I also feel like Sehun would feel guilty about this, because he’d feel like he should’ve addressed the situation better.

“Sorry, Y/N, but I promise I’ll take care of it.”

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Comfortable, Shawn Mendes Smut

A/N:  Hello, this is my first imagine on this blog, but I have written others before so hopefully this isn’t too horrible. I need some ideas for imagines, smuts, au memes, etc. If you could send some to my ask that’d be hella great!

Warnings: Language, Smut

Words: 900

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Sirius Black Imagine: “Opposites attract”

Can I request a Surius X Hufflepuff!Reader(boy or girl whichever:3) just where the reader is super cute and sweet and a total opposite of Sirius but it works, and they’re super cute and fluffy together, piggyback rides thru the castle, pranks together, pranks on each other, cuddle sessions, etc.??? thank you! I love you so much

Requested by anon

Notes: adorable hufflepuff reader


You and your boyfriend were having a little misunderstanding in an empty corridor. The only company was the paintings, which were gossiping, as usual.

“Sirius, I won’t do it!” you complained.

“Yeah, yeah. You are miss/mister goody two shoes!” he told you. Sighing, he added in a sad and dramatic tone: “I guess it was a bad idea anyway…”

You felt a little guilty and replied: “I’m sorry, Sirius. I’m not comfortab-“

Before you could finish the sentence, he managed to put you on his back, holding your legs.

“Bloody hell!” you cried out, surprised, while you put your hands on his shoulders so that you didn’t fall back.

“Ah-ah, y/n. You can’t curse! I’m the one who curses constantly out of us, not you!” he mocked.

“Sirius Black! Get me down this instant!” you ordered, even though you were trying hard not to giggle.

“No way!” he yelled. Unexpectedly, he started to run across the empty corridor and laugh like crazy. You couldn’t help but laugh alongside him. You had to admit that piggyback rides weren’t as bad as you thought.

The last hufflepuff left the Common Room. Today there was an important Quidditch match. You never liked the sport, so when you finally were alone in the room, you sighed contently.

“At last… Now you and I will be together for an hour” you whispered to your favorite book. It wasn’t something you usually did, to talk out loud or to talk to… well, objects. But since you were on your own, you didn’t reprimand yourself.

As you opened the book, you felt two hands grabbing your shoulders. You jumped, let out a scared yelp and threw the book away. Next, you heard a familiar laugh.

“Merlin, Sirius! Don’t scare me like that!” you shouted.

He kept laughing and kissed your forehead. But you were angry at him, so you pushed him away. You took your book and ignored him. The silent treatment would teach him a lesson.

Sirius frowned.



“Y/n? Come on! Are you really going to ignore me? I’m missing the Quidditch match because of you!”

The only sound on the room was that of turning pages.

He pouted, trying to think of a way to get your attention. Smirking, he started to kiss your neck.

“S-stop!” you managed to let out.

“Oh! Hello y/n! I see you’re talking to me once again! Nice” he teased.

“You’re impossible! How did you even manage to get into the Hufflepuff Common Room?! Wait! I don’t really want to know! Don’t tell me!”

He grinned and told you, anyway: “Potter’s invisibility cloak”

You raised an eyebrow: “He lent you the cloak?”

He made a face which told you that the term lent wasn’t the correct one.

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you’ve stolen it!” you whispered with wide eyes.

He showed you his palms as if on self-defense and admitted: “You say steal I say borrow without letting him know…”

“Sirius! That’s bad! How could you do that?” you exclaimed.

“Is wanting to spend some quality time with my girlfriend/boyfriend such a bad thing? I knew you wouldn’t go to the game, so I thought I’d surprise you…”

Your expression softened.

“You stole your friend’s cloak to spend time with me?”

He nodded.

“T-that’s sweet… I mean! That’s bad, even though your intentions are good!” you babbled. “Promise me you’ll confess it!”

“What? I can’t do that! Prongs will kill me!”

“Exactly! But it’s the right thing to do…”

He shook his head and told you: “Ok, ok. You win. But I want something in exchange… a cuddle session”

You smiled brightly and nodded. Right now, you didn’t care about the book, only how good it felt to be in your boyfriend’s arms.

“What is this exactly, y/n?” Sirius asked you with a doubtful voice.

“It’s a caramel apple. Muggles love it. I always asked for it as a child. Go on. Taste it! It’s amazing! Trust me” you grinned innocently.

He hesitated, but bit the apple. His eyes widened and he spat out the food. You couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sweet mother of Merlin! Y/n! I didn’t know you were that nasty!”

“Your face!” you cried out, still laughing out loud.

“Y/n! This wasn’t an apple! It is obviously an onion!”

“Your powers of deduction are amazing, Sirius. I’m impressed” you teased.

“It’s not funny!”

“It actually is! Happy April’s fool day!” you sing-sang. “I love you babe!” you added. “But I’m not giving you a kiss. I hate onions…”

“I’m not doing it, Sirius!” you warned him.

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun” he insisted.

“No” you repeated.

“You are no fun…”

“Maybe you are too much fun…” you retorted.

“You owe me for the onion thing!”

“Ugh! Ok, ok, I’ll do it!

“Yes!” he cried out in victory.

So Sirius had convinced you to pull out a prank on Professor McGonagall. You passed a note in the middle of the class, not so subtly to Sirius. When the Professor saw it, she moved her wand and accioed the paper.

“Mr. Black and Miss/Mr. y/l/n think it is funny to write notes during class. Let’s see if you still find it interesting when the rest of your classmates know what they are about…”

All the class gasped and held their breaths. They were expecting fluffy love notes, but instead, Minerva’s voice whispered: “Professor McGonagall is the best”

She was too shocked to say anything… When the class finished Sirius gave you a peck and said: “I told you her expression would be priceless”

“I would have never done it if I hadn’t owed you!” you reminded him.

“I know. Sometimes I wonder how two completely different people like us got together…” he murmured.

You smiled and told him: “Opposites attract, Sirius”

“And that’s what your parents used to do at school!”

“Sirius Black! Don’t tell our son the shameful way we used to misbehave! He’s only two years old, for Merlin’s sake!”

“He’s going to be the best prankster of Hogwart’s history… Just you wait”


“I love you, babe”

You sighed and smiled at him: “I love you too”

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i have little scenerio ideas for  K.A.R.D (yes, all hahah), Wonho (Monsta X) [ although i don’t know enough about him to feel comfortabe yet ], Yoongi (BTS), Namjoon (BTS) [ second part to the thing on my kmusicficrecs blog ] and maybe Lisa (BlackPink)…

It sucks cause I have all these awesome ideas in my head but I don’t have the mental energy to actually type it up.


A/N: This is written off this prompt proposed by @kagabutt. I was going through my prompt tags and had to write this for Kagami’s birthday. I changed the prompt just slightly but it’s got the same base. Hope you enjoy (:

Pairing: AoKaga
AU: About ten years after high school. 
Characters: Aomine Daiki, Kagami Taiga, Mibuchi Reo, Hiumuro Tatsuya, Hayama Koutarou
Words: 3041
Rating: M

Honestly what was he doing? It wasn’t like him to take it upon himself to “treat himself”. A large exasperated sigh escaped from between his lips as he shuffled his way down the soon-to-be busy city streets. With his hands in his dress pant pockets, his blazer left unbutton, and his red hair slicked back; he continued his walk, looking around nonchalantly. Kagami stopped in front of a closed shop with a large black tarp draped behind the glass window. He took a look at himself, criticizing his outfit and questioning whether or not it was appropriate. Maybe he was a little too over dressed? Ah, whatever.

With a few minutes walk added to his journey, he had finally brought himself to new trending bar on the upside of Tokyo. Upon entering the bar, Kagami was suddenly greeted by an overwhelming amount of high-end lights and furniture; accompanied by a large mahogany bar in the back, which stretched from one end of the room to the other. Just parallel to the counter was an assortment of various champagne and wine glasses, polished and glimmering in the low light setting. Seriously, was he wearing enough to be in such a place?

“Taiga-chan,” a familiar voice greeted him from the side. There was only one person who’d call him that.

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Dear Zayn,

I feel like I really need to tell you something.I know those past years has been a life changing experience to you, you always said you wouldn’t be there without us, but you’re not the only one.You changed all our lifes. You gave up all your privacy, all your hard work just for us. It’s time to thank you now, for all the slepless nights, lonley days, when you missed your family, thank you for your wonderful smile which could light up my entire day. Thank you for your beutiful voice which was the best lullaby every night, thank you for your goofy jokes which made me laugh when I was sad,thank you for making my dreams come true. You made my dreams come true you were the aim I had, the motivation to come to the city I am now at, London. And I’m here happy with job, friends, independent. Thank you for changing my life Zayn. I wish I could see you in concert but I see the chance havent been given to me, but you now what? As long as I know that you’re not sad, stressed, angry.. I’m okay. Cause I know you’re fine somewhere in the same city as me. You have a loving family, wonderful friends and us, your fans. Doesn’t matter if you’re still in the band or not, we will always love you. We will miss you on stage, in the interviews. But speaking for myself, I know that it’s better for you, for your health. Even tho we are all sad now, I’m happy cause you finally made the right move, the one you will be comfortabe with. The pressure of press no privacy is depressing. I’ll be praying for you darling, I’ll be praying really hard hoping you’ll find the real happiness you really need, all the inner peace you need, and I’ll be praying to jump into you on the street one day, invite you for a coffee and tell you all of that face to face. 

Thank you for making my life better Zayn,thank you for bringing the real me to life, no matter what… I will always love you.

My legs hurt (Supernatural One Shot)

Based on:

Author: dreamworldbridge

Word count: 730

Warnings: none


“Ugh. How much longer do we have to walk? My legs hurt.” You complained, pushing away a treebranch that was in your way. You and the Winchesters were currently walking through woods back to the Impala after ganking a wendigo. The son of a bitch’s nest was pretty deep in the forest, and it actually took you more than 3 hours to get there. So, here you were, walking through the forest with stupid bugs and annoying branches all around you.

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Can we talk about the size of Chuck’s bladder?

Because I’m pretty sure more than just a couple of hours passed between this:

and this:

(Judging by how long it takes to get from Alaska to Hong Kong.)

OK, but seriously. I picture Herc and Chuck getting ready to fly to Hong Kong, and Herc is like, “Son, you sure you don’t want to take off your drive suit? Maybe you should take it off,” and Chuck is like

 "You’ll be more comfortab-“


lovable-yuuri  asked:

hey~ i really like your OPM ask blog, any tips on starting one?

Hey there sweetie! I’m glad you’re enjoying the ask blog! It means a lot to me.

Okay so, starting an ask blog. For starters:

*Pick a fandom and a character
-You need to find a character you’re most comfortabe with. I usually go for characters that I can relate to, which makes answering asks easier and still make it in character.

*Pick a setting/AU/timeline
-As an avid fan of ask blogs, there are fandoms that have ask blogs following a certain timeline or AU. For example, my OPM ask blog follows the manga or the web comic. My other ask blog follows an Alien AU I made up.

-I also suggest finding something you’re comfortable with so you can have fun with your ask blog.

*When all that is done, you now need to announce you’re up and running.
-Make an art about it, a promo, reblog it to your personal, or even share it to your friends. Tag correctly so people can see.

*Announcements are important.
-For me this is relevant. It gives your followers a heads up on what you’re planning to do with the blog — especially when you go on a hiatus.

-It also helps with asking your audience their opinions about the blog, just in case there might be improvements. (I tend to do this cuz I want people to enjoy the blog.)

*Lastly, have fun!
-Just enjoy the ride. Asks might be a little slow on your first day, but that’s cuz people haven’t seen your stuff yet. It’ll get better once people come clamouring in and becoming interested.

That’s about it I guess? I’m on mobile right now so I might’ve forgotten a few important tips so I’ll come back to edit this again for you.

If you’re starting up an ask blog, all the luck to you hun, and I hope you have fun! xx

Anyone who makes you perform a sexual act on them that you are NOT comfortabe with, is not someone you should be trying to please.

never do anything you are not comfortable with,
its not your job to make them happy at the cost of your comfort.

@ other people on this site soon turning 18 or 18+

please make sure that minors (under 18′s) are okay with you following them: just make a text post or maybe reach out to your mutuals or the people you follow and ask. make sure to remind them that you won’t take offence if they want u to unfollow (some of them are intimidated). as the older people on this site we have a responsibility to make sure minors are comfortable and if that means not following them then that’s what we’re gonna do

respect & protect minors; make sure they’re comfortabe


soundlyawake discusses the things that suck about reading. As someone who primarily reads everything in bed, I definitely relate to the notion of getting too comfortab-zzzzzzzzzzzzz