EXO When You’re Manager Becomes Abusive


You walk into the room, a mask on your face. 

“Jagi!” Minseok smiles as he sees you walking through the door. You nod at him, and he wraps his arms around you.

“Are you sick?” He asks as he points to the mask. You nod at him. 

“Here,” he reaches to pull of your mask. “Don’t worry about me, just be here comfortab–”

“Jagi, is that…?” 


“And is it from him?”


This would stress out Minseok a lot. He cares so much about you and your well being, he can’t physically understand why your manager would start to become abusive. Your manager was prone to yell at you and your group mates before, he’d usually abuse you with his words. But one day, you decided to speak out for it and it resulted in this. Minseok would want to get you out of there as soon as possible, because he’d never want this to get even worse. 

“Why would he do that to you? Look we need to get you out of there as soon as possible.”

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Luhan already knows about your manager. He’d been pretty iffy around him, and he’d always make sure it never went to far. He knows that your manager has made you and your band mates stressed out, your manager has even made you cry from time to time. Luhan would be doing everything in his power to not get too angry, but when you came home with the marks on your face, he lost it. 

Luhan would waste no time to go to your company and tell his side of the story. Of course, your company would side with your manager at first, but Luhan would be there for you as your defense. 

“Uh…sorry we need more evidence or something like that….”

“More evidence? Look what he did to my girlfriends face? Is that not enough evidence? I swear if I’m lying, you can do whatever you want with me.”

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“Babe, what’s that?”

“It’s nothing…I just fell,”

“Nothing? Did you fall on a hand shaped ground?”

Kris would be like Minseok in terms of stress. He’d be more mad at himself that he didn’t get you out of there sooner than he should’ve, so you’d never have to get hurt. It’d really make him think everything over, so that he wouldn’t only think about physical revenge, because the company would take care of it the best. 

He’d really do anything so that you can get away from your manager. He’d take you and your group away to another company, or just have your manager fired and taken away so you’d never have to deal with him again, he’d need to think seriously about these things before he’d do the actions.

“I need to get you out of there. No matter what it takes I’ll make sure you’ll never have to deal with him again.”

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“Aish Jagi, come back here.” Joonmyun caught you. You were trying to sneak away from inside so that you could put on some makeup to hide the marks on your face. 

“Don’t think you can hide those from me. Explanation, now.”

“I-It was the manager…he was really yelling at all of us today as we were all tired from everything. I told him off then he hit me.”

Joonmyun’s smart. He wouldn’t be thinking brashly about this at all. He’d think about all of the possible ways to get you away the second he saw the hand marks on your face. He’d know just how to take care of the situation so that you would never have to deal with your manager again. (If you guys know the drama “Cheese in The Trap” I feel like Joonmyun would be like Jung in a situation like this…where he like outsmarts the person he’s trying to hurt by hurting them through other people…I kinda feel like Joonmyun would be like that.)

“I’ll protect you, Jagi. Don’t stress about it, okay?”

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You’d come home, tears streaming down your face. First, out of anger and frustration towards your manager. Second, out of the pain that your manager caused you, emotionally and physically. 

“Oh? Y/N what’s wrong?”

“H-He…he went to far this time…”


Lay would be really confused and worried. He’d be confused because he’d thought that your manager knew better than that. Sure, Yixing understood the yelling, but he’d always assumed that the yelling was just a motivation thing for you and your. He’d never think it’d go as far to become abusive. He’d know that he’d have to deal with your manager, but he wouldn’t be able to process ideas like that right away, because he’d have a hard time thinking that he gave your manager the benefit of the doubt all of the time, so he’d feel so contradicted. 

“I’ve given you too many second chances. You’ve hurt Y/N now, no more second chances.

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“Is that from him?”


“That mark on your face, did your manager leave that?”


“–He did, didn’t he? He hit you, didn’t he? Y/N, this is going too far!”

Baekhyun would have reached his limit, like Yixing, Baekhyun had already given your manager so many chances, that Baekhyun’s limit was reached. The only thoughts in his mind would be how soon he could get your manager away from you and your group. He’d really not want to deal with it, but when you were involved, he had to become involved too.

He’d probably do the same approach as Luhan and go to your company with you with the “evidence” to get your manager fired.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. It’s because of me you got this. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, I promise.”

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“I heard what he did.”

I feel like Jongdae would be a lot like Kris. He’d need a time to think everything over, because the original thoughts in his head were to physically hurt your manager, just like he did to you. Jongdae would need to consider all of his options on what to do, but one main objective was clear: never let Y/N’s manager get close of Y/N or any of her group mates. 

I feel like Jongdae would be the most persistent one though. He wouldn’t leave or he wouldn’t rest until your manager was fired and/or gone forever from you and your group. He’d pull any strings that he would need to, he’d do anything to protect you. 

“He’ll never hurt you again, Y/N. I’ll make sure of it.”

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“I’ve told you guys this before! One small mistake messes up the whole routine! Work harder, please.”

“Manger, we’ve all been working since early this morning. Each of us are exhausted.”

“Do you think I care?”

“–And one mistake isn’t going to cost us. No one will even notice.”


“Y/N!” Chanyeol came rushing in. He was here to pick you up as a surprise so that you can eat lunch together. Chanyeol would be furious. He’d charge straight at your manager, tackle him to the ground.

“How could you do that to her? She was just saying the truth!”

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“What’s that on your face…”


Kyungsoo would be like Minseok and be stressed out with you. He’d want a full explanation of everything, because he’d be like Joonmyun and he’d plot what he would do to get rid of your manager. I also feel like Kyungsoo would be the calmest in this situation. He wouldn’t become too quick to anger, and he’d make sure you were okay more than anything.

“Why’d he hit you?”

“I-I spoke up finally, like you said I should…and then he hit me.”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, I’ll make sure he’ll never be back.”

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“Did your manager do that?”


“Well, someone’s going to die today.”

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sorry i had to i’ll be serious.

I feel like Tao would be just furious about this. He would not think about this too deeply, and he’d just think that your manager either needed to leave and be fired from the company, or he would have to do something about it himself.

Because if Tao would have to get involved for someone hurting his girl, it really would not be pretty. 

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“Did your manager hit you?”


“How much does it hurt?”

“A lot…”

I feel like Kai would think about you first in a situation like this. The thought of your manager would fly directly out of his mind, the only thing he’d be concerned about in the very moment would be your well-being, so that you wouldn’t be hurt in anyway. He’d take care of you first, patching you up as needed, getting everything you need first, then he’ll worry about the messed up man of your manager. 

“You need to get better first, you’re all I care about right now.”

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I feel like Sehun would honestly not know what to do. He’s known that your manager could be kinda harsh sometimes with your tight rehearsal scheduling, but he’d never think your manager would go as far as to hurt you. He’d know that your manager had to get away from you and your group as soon as possible, but he wouldn’t know how to do it. 

“Sehun, don’t stress about it too much–”

“–Y/N, what do we do? I know we need to get rid of him, but how?”

“We’ll figure something out…”

I also feel like Sehun would feel guilty about this, because he’d feel like he should’ve addressed the situation better.

“Sorry, Y/N, but I promise I’ll take care of it.”

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requests are open!

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Sirius Black Imagine: “Opposites attract”

Can I request a Surius X Hufflepuff!Reader(boy or girl whichever:3) just where the reader is super cute and sweet and a total opposite of Sirius but it works, and they’re super cute and fluffy together, piggyback rides thru the castle, pranks together, pranks on each other, cuddle sessions, etc.??? thank you! I love you so much

Requested by anon

Notes: adorable hufflepuff reader


You and your boyfriend were having a little misunderstanding in an empty corridor. The only company was the paintings, which were gossiping, as usual.

“Sirius, I won’t do it!” you complained.

“Yeah, yeah. You are miss/mister goody two shoes!” he told you. Sighing, he added in a sad and dramatic tone: “I guess it was a bad idea anyway…”

You felt a little guilty and replied: “I’m sorry, Sirius. I’m not comfortab-“

Before you could finish the sentence, he managed to put you on his back, holding your legs.

“Bloody hell!” you cried out, surprised, while you put your hands on his shoulders so that you didn’t fall back.

“Ah-ah, y/n. You can’t curse! I’m the one who curses constantly out of us, not you!” he mocked.

“Sirius Black! Get me down this instant!” you ordered, even though you were trying hard not to giggle.

“No way!” he yelled. Unexpectedly, he started to run across the empty corridor and laugh like crazy. You couldn’t help but laugh alongside him. You had to admit that piggyback rides weren’t as bad as you thought.

The last hufflepuff left the Common Room. Today there was an important Quidditch match. You never liked the sport, so when you finally were alone in the room, you sighed contently.

“At last… Now you and I will be together for an hour” you whispered to your favorite book. It wasn’t something you usually did, to talk out loud or to talk to… well, objects. But since you were on your own, you didn’t reprimand yourself.

As you opened the book, you felt two hands grabbing your shoulders. You jumped, let out a scared yelp and threw the book away. Next, you heard a familiar laugh.

“Merlin, Sirius! Don’t scare me like that!” you shouted.

He kept laughing and kissed your forehead. But you were angry at him, so you pushed him away. You took your book and ignored him. The silent treatment would teach him a lesson.

Sirius frowned.



“Y/n? Come on! Are you really going to ignore me? I’m missing the Quidditch match because of you!”

The only sound on the room was that of turning pages.

He pouted, trying to think of a way to get your attention. Smirking, he started to kiss your neck.

“S-stop!” you managed to let out.

“Oh! Hello y/n! I see you’re talking to me once again! Nice” he teased.

“You’re impossible! How did you even manage to get into the Hufflepuff Common Room?! Wait! I don’t really want to know! Don’t tell me!”

He grinned and told you, anyway: “Potter’s invisibility cloak”

You raised an eyebrow: “He lent you the cloak?”

He made a face which told you that the term lent wasn’t the correct one.

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you’ve stolen it!” you whispered with wide eyes.

He showed you his palms as if on self-defense and admitted: “You say steal I say borrow without letting him know…”

“Sirius! That’s bad! How could you do that?” you exclaimed.

“Is wanting to spend some quality time with my girlfriend/boyfriend such a bad thing? I knew you wouldn’t go to the game, so I thought I’d surprise you…”

Your expression softened.

“You stole your friend’s cloak to spend time with me?”

He nodded.

“T-that’s sweet… I mean! That’s bad, even though your intentions are good!” you babbled. “Promise me you’ll confess it!”

“What? I can’t do that! Prongs will kill me!”

“Exactly! But it’s the right thing to do…”

He shook his head and told you: “Ok, ok. You win. But I want something in exchange… a cuddle session”

You smiled brightly and nodded. Right now, you didn’t care about the book, only how good it felt to be in your boyfriend’s arms.

“What is this exactly, y/n?” Sirius asked you with a doubtful voice.

“It’s a caramel apple. Muggles love it. I always asked for it as a child. Go on. Taste it! It’s amazing! Trust me” you grinned innocently.

He hesitated, but bit the apple. His eyes widened and he spat out the food. You couldn’t stop laughing.

“Sweet mother of Merlin! Y/n! I didn’t know you were that nasty!”

“Your face!” you cried out, still laughing out loud.

“Y/n! This wasn’t an apple! It is obviously an onion!”

“Your powers of deduction are amazing, Sirius. I’m impressed” you teased.

“It’s not funny!”

“It actually is! Happy April’s fool day!” you sing-sang. “I love you babe!” you added. “But I’m not giving you a kiss. I hate onions…”

“I’m not doing it, Sirius!” you warned him.

“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun” he insisted.

“No” you repeated.

“You are no fun…”

“Maybe you are too much fun…” you retorted.

“You owe me for the onion thing!”

“Ugh! Ok, ok, I’ll do it!

“Yes!” he cried out in victory.

So Sirius had convinced you to pull out a prank on Professor McGonagall. You passed a note in the middle of the class, not so subtly to Sirius. When the Professor saw it, she moved her wand and accioed the paper.

“Mr. Black and Miss/Mr. y/l/n think it is funny to write notes during class. Let’s see if you still find it interesting when the rest of your classmates know what they are about…”

All the class gasped and held their breaths. They were expecting fluffy love notes, but instead, Minerva’s voice whispered: “Professor McGonagall is the best”

She was too shocked to say anything… When the class finished Sirius gave you a peck and said: “I told you her expression would be priceless”

“I would have never done it if I hadn’t owed you!” you reminded him.

“I know. Sometimes I wonder how two completely different people like us got together…” he murmured.

You smiled and told him: “Opposites attract, Sirius”

“And that’s what your parents used to do at school!”

“Sirius Black! Don’t tell our son the shameful way we used to misbehave! He’s only two years old, for Merlin’s sake!”

“He’s going to be the best prankster of Hogwart’s history… Just you wait”


“I love you, babe”

You sighed and smiled at him: “I love you too”

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Anyone who makes you perform a sexual act on them that you are NOT comfortabe with, is not someone you should be trying to please.

never do anything you are not comfortable with,
its not your job to make them happy at the cost of your comfort.

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