I just want to take a moment to thank Yoon Jisung for being the most amazing person on earth. Literally half of his video was him comforting trainees who were eliminated even though he won. Just look at the way he comforts Samuel who is literally sobbing and clinging onto Jisung. I know a lot of people see him as just comedy relief but in all honesty he is a trainee who went through a lot. Especially as an older trainee (He’s 26/27). I’m also really upset with the result of P101 but if there is one person that I will support from Wanna One, it’s Jisung. Because even though he’s hilarious, he is talented and he’s easily the most caring individual in the show. If one thing went right yesterday it’s that Yoon Jisung finally got his chance to shine.

Also I feel like Jisung would make a great leader. I never expected Jonghyun not being the leader  but since he can’t be one, I want Jisung to lead Wanna One. He really has a fatherly aura around him when he isn’t being a meme. I truly think that he would do a great job. © ©


comforting samuel, after not winning pd101 s2 !!

↳ idol(s): kim samuel, trainee !!

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if you do have the time, draw samuel comforting a very sad corvo? :o thanks :^)

oh ive made myself sad

its definitely my though that after Corvo is betrayed by his allies, finally escapes the flooded district,and makes his way back to the Hound Pits just to realize Emily is not there is his lowest point. He ‘s had no time to rest, he’s fatigued, and at some point he’s probably seriously wondering if he’s fighting a losing battle. And Samuel is of course his voice of reason <3

Sleep, dear - Samuel Seabury X reader

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“ Luke 6:13,  Do to others as you would have them do to you.” 

Your husband, Samuel, read aloud to you as he laid next to you in your warm and comforting bed. He always read aloud to you from the bible on nights when you couldn’t fall asleep, tonight was one of them.

You stared into his beautiful eyes as they scanned the paper in front of him, his kissable lips moving in sync with them. His eyes turn to yours for a split second and he notices you watching him.

“Something wrong, Y/N?” He said, closing the book and setting it aside. You shake your head and he gives you a brilliant and warming smile. You return it when he wraps his strong arms around you and pulls you closer to him.

“Y/N, I don’t tell you how beautiful you are enough” He said, running his fingers through your hair. 

“You tell me every day, love” You laughed, leaning up and placing a light kiss to his perfect lips. 

“If it was possible, I would tell you every second of my life” He began pressing kisses all over your faces. You giggled as he mumbled words of love between every peck

“I love you,” He kissed you “ You’re so beautiful” He kissed you once again. 

“Sammy, if you keep this up I’m never going to get to sleep!” You said, nuzzling your face into his chest. You felt his hand rub down your back as you breathed in his calming scent of light chocolate and honey.

“Oh, I’ll get you to sleep alright~” He teased at you. He started gently massaging your back with one hand as the other began playing with your hair. You felt your eyes get heavy as his actions hypnotized you closer to sleep.

His scent intoxicated you as he held you close against his muscular chest. Though your mind tried fighting back, your body was growing closer to rest. 

“Samuel….” You mumbled sleepily and he chuckled. You listened closely to his calming heartbeat.

Lubdub His heart went as you felt your eyes close involuntarily on you, leaving your only sense to be the feeling of Sam lulling you into rest.

“I love you so much, Y/N” You heard his say as he kissed the top of your hair

“I love you too….” You yawned before surrendering to sleep, the sweet and comforting embrace Samuel brought never fading.

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Ate~~~ On produce 101 the winkdeep boys, why are they called that? I know jihoon is the wink part but I don't understand how jinyoung is the deep part 🤔 I'm so nervous for the final boys omg 😭😭 - F.P.A.

HI F.P.A. ANON!!!!! (sorry this is late huhu)

Baejin is called deep because his nickname is deep dark (probably due to the fact that early in the show, he always looked down when he sang and wasn’t super confident in himself!)

AND AAHH the finale is finally out, and unfortunately, our precious Samuel and national leader Jonghyun didn’t make it :/ the only thing that comforts me is that Samuel will probably have his own solo(?) debut from Brave and that Samuel is young so I believe he will garner much success!

Also with Nu’est members, I hope their contract changes (for Minhyun) so he is able to promote with the other members T_T I really think pledis will take this opportunity to promote nu’est (probably as a subunit?!) since Seventeen is nearly done with DWC promotions and will go on tour!!


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15 Samuel / Burr Seaburry ( I think that how you spell it )

15. Who is scared of the dark?

Samuel gets nervous in the dark while Burr comforts him. Samuel is a bundle of nerves in general but the dark especially puts him on edge because he’s doesn’t know what’s going on and Samuel very much likes to know what’s going on and likes there to be an order to things. Burr, on the other hand, is war worn and jaded by politics so the dark isn’t an issue. Burr always leaves a candle burning when they go to bed and although they don’t really talk about it (Sam isn’t exactly proud of his fear) Samuel is very greatful. 

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“Live your life without her..”

Request from anons: “part 2 of “tired of 2nd place” please!!” “Idk if your requests are closed or not, but when they are open, can you please do a part 2 to “tired of 2nd place”? Thank you!” “"Tired of second place" part 2? Or nah? Sorry, old joke… I’m lame oops heh Love your blog 😘”

Part 1

Nate’s POV

“I’m tired of second place…” Y/N said, hanging Sam the engagement ring back. We watched her walk out my house, leaving Sammy standing there, frozen to his feet. 

“Should we say something?” Johnson said as we were all in the kitchen, eating, still staring at Sammy stand in the same spot for 12 hours. “He didn’t even budge when people were pushing through the crowd! How….” Rupp said, taking in a bite. “I can’t believe she gave back the ring…” Hayes said, making us all sigh and nod. I just stood straight up and walked to a frozen Sam, “Yo man,” I put my hand on his shoulder. “It’ll be okay… I know it hurts, but you’ll bounce back man.” I tried convincing him. I saw as a tear started falling down his cheek, “Want to go sit down?” I tried asking. At last, movement as he nodded. “Alright, come on man.” I threw his arm around my shoulder. Swazz running to the other side of Sammy, doing the same and we basically carry him to the couch. All the guys walk to us at the couch, looking at Sam. His forearm still extended out, lying on his thigh, still holding onto the ring. 

“Sam, talk to us.” Johnson says. “Are you okay? Did she give you signs she was going to leave?” He continued. His eyebrows started scrunching together, his lips pursing together, his face turning red, as tears started coming down his face. “TISSUES! WE NEED TISSUES!” I yelled to one of the guys standing, as they ran and grabbed some. “Sam, you need to tell us what the hell is happening!” I said. “She… felt.. like..…” He breathed out. “Because, I keep coming to parties instead of our planned dinners, standing.. her.. up…” He said quietly. “Was last night a planned dinner night for you two?” Gilinsky asked, hand on his forehead. “Yeah…” He sighed out, as we all shook our heads in disappointment. 

“Bro, how…. Why…. I don’t understand…” Hayes said speechless, confused. “3 months ago, you said you were going to break up with her. So you kept your distance. Then out of no where, you propose to her. But still kept your distance. Plan dinner dates but go to our parties instead, standing her up, but still making the plans even when you know you won’t show up. Now that she’s sick of it, she give you back the ring, and now you’re upset???? I don’t understand…. Do you want to marry this freaking girl or not?! Please! Help US understand what you want!” Hayes yells in frustration. “Do you even love this girl or were you just settling?!” Johnson groans out. Sam sat there in silence, “Settling.” All the guys around Sam said it at the same time for him. If he loved her, he would’ve said it in an instant, but he didn’t. He just sat there. 

“He’s freaking how old and he was already ready to settle?!” Rupp whispers to us. We were all in the kitchen again, leaving Sam on the couch, so we could talk. “Y/N is a fucking great girl. I can see why he was going to settle with her but that’s fucked up for her. She said yes for love but he asked for settlement.” Nash commented. “What the hell did he actually want to do?! Marry her or not? Keep it up till the actually wedding, then stand her up at the alter?!” Hayes angrily whispered. “Let’s just take him back to his apartment and catch Y/N while she’s packing her stuff and talk it out before this kid explodes.” I said, walking to Sam, picking him up and dragging him to the car. We all got in the cars, and drove to his apartment. Once we got there, we had him unlock the door. He walked in first, us trailing behind him. He drops to his knees, as we all looked around in awe. 

“She already cleaned out her shit….” Swazz said. We all started walking around the now almost empty apartment. We turned to look at Sam as his face went blank. “Get up. Get up. Get up Sam!” Hayes angrily picked him up, standing him on his feet. “You were the one that asked for this. Alright?! If you wanted to marry this freaking girl, she would still be here! But she’s not! She’s gone! She left! You were the one that pushed her away. So you have NO right to be sad and act surprised about it. Okay?!” Hayes bluntly said. “Hayes,” Nash tried pulling him away from Sam, “No Nash!” He need stop hear this!” He pushes him off. “Listen Sam. I don’t know what the fuck you were thinking at any point, I really don’t know. I didn’t know any of your plans and what you were going to do but now you got to change it. Y/N is GONE! I really don’t think she’s going to come back! Stop fucking acting like you didn’t know she would leave you if you kept up with your bullshit! Stop crying and acting shocked! If you didn’t want this to happened, should’ve loved her! But you didn’t. So fucking snap out of it and get your shit together! LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT HER! YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION!” Hayes getting in his face. 

We watched Sam clench his fists as we all got prepared. “Oh, you want to punch me? For telling you the truth? You fucked up, and I tell you off and you KNOW I’m right! So fuck off and grow some!” Hayes scoffed, walking to the now empty, no furniture living room. “Maybe if you’ve been home the past couple days, you would’ve watch Y/N pack ALLLLLLLLLLLL her shit and MAYBE you wouldn’t be so ‘shocked.’ This is all on you Samuel. You did this to yourself.” He crossed his arms. Sam just stood there pissed as fuck. “You got something to say big boy?! SAY IT!” Hayes tried tempting Sam. 

Sam unclenches his fists, and sits on the ground, holding his knees close to his chest. “She left…” He whispered. “She’s actually gone..” He started crying. “She’s not coming back..” He breaks down. “I don’t know what I wanted…” He trails off into more tears. “Live your life without her man.” Hayes squats down in front of him, lying his hand on his shoulder for comfort.

Don't hurt her - Sammy Wilk Fanfic - Chapter 1

Being the best friend of Emily Wilkinson had its pros and cons. 

Cons being:
 - She’s like 5 years older than me
- She sometimes ditches you for her other friends which is totally understandable
- She is so perfect that I’m jealous 

Pros being:
- She is the most amazing best friend ever.
- She will defend or have your back for anything and everything.
- She is loyal and trustworthy
 And last but not least…
- She has hot siblings

One of those hot siblings happened to be my boyfriend. SAMMY WILKINSON. Sam and I have been together for nearly 3 years. Started dating back in 2013, when we were both 17 and in high school. Now, we’re both 20 and share a house in Los Angeles and we are perfectly happy. 

Chapter 1;

Your POV

Sammy had been acting, weird lately. He would come home around 10pm on most nights, get undressed, get into the shower, get ready for bed, sleep. No a single word to me. No ‘Hello’ or any facial expression. I tried asking him what was going on but he just brushed me off and said he was fine and that i was acting weird as well. Excuse me, I’m not the one not talking to the other. Agh. 

Emily said that he had done this type of thing when he was younger. She said that when he came home most nights, it was late, and he wouldn’t talk to anyone, he would just go up to his room and stay there until there was no one there in the morning, just to avoid his family. 

“Sammy?” I called from the living room. 
“What? I’m busy” He mumbled annoyed as he walked into the room. I took a deep breath and walked in front of him.
“What’s going on?” I asked softly, looking into his eyes which were focused on something else in the room.
“U-uh nothing’s going on, hey listen, I-I gotta go meet up with the boys,” He said pointing behind him,
“I’ll see you later” With that he gave me a chaste kiss and stalked out of the room.
I was gobsmacked. What the fuck just happened?

This morning I was meeting with Em for coffee and then going shopping after.

“What’s wrong Y/N?” She said forwardly.
“What? oh nothing” I said shaking my head softly before focusing on the coffee in front of me. 
“It’s my fuckwit of a brother isn’t it?” She said angrily. I shrugged but nodded at the same time. She just shook her head and let out a breathy laugh. 
“I’m going to murder him, I swear” She mumbled before taking a gulp of her coffee. 

For the whole time we were at the cafe and shopping, Emily only talked about how she was going to make him pay and planning on how she would kill him.

“Em, it’s fine, really, but thank you” I gave her a soft smile before walking into Victoria’s Secret.

“That fucking fuckwit dickhead motherfucker” Emily ranted as she looked at Instagram. 
“Watch your profanities child” I laughed.
“You shouldn’t be laughing..” She trailed off.
“Ahah why?” I smiled, taking her phone. 

Then, my body lost all happiness. All good things in life jut went away. I gave back Emily’s phone and fidgeted with my more-important nail. 

“I swear to god, that kid is going to die” Emily’s fist balled as she huffed.

“Come on, we’re leaving” Emily said before roughly grabbing my hand and pulling me to the car.
“I’m gonna fix this, don’t worry” She comforted. 

Emily’s POV

“SAMUEL FUCKING HOWARD WILKINSON” I shouted as I stomped angrily into his and Y/N’s house.

“Bahaha what Em” He laughed coming out from the kitchen. His smile soon faded as I showed him the post on my phone.
“You are so fucking dead you dick” Sam’s face drained colour and his mouth hung open. 
“You promised. YOU PROMISED ME THAT YOU WOULD KEEP HER SAFE AND YOU ENDED UP BREAKING HER HEART YOU FUCKING ASS” I screamed. Sammy gulped loudly as my face grew redder.

“When you two started dating, what did you tell me Samuel? What did I tell you?” He stayed silent as I kept ranting at him.
“You broke the promise Sam, you broke it, and there’s nothing you can do to make anything better” I shook my head in disappointment as I back out towards the door. 

I sprinted to my car and drove back to my apartment, which Y/N was staying at.