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im not saying nina taught sonny to read, but that is what she tells people

Super Soft Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gooey. Buttery. Heaven.



¾ Cup Unsalted Butter (1 ½ Sticks), softened

¾ Cup Golden Brown Sugar, packed

¼ Cup Granulated Sugar

1 Large Egg

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup

1 tsp Vanilla Extract

2 Cups All Purpose Flour

1 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Corn Starch

¼ tsp Salt

2 Cups Chocolate Chunks or Discs


1. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment, beat the butter, sugars, egg, syrup, and vanilla on medium speed until light in color and fluffy, about 3-4 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary.

2. Turning speed to low, mix in the flour, baking soda, corn starch, and salt. Beta until just combined. Use a wooden spoon to fold in the chocolate chunks until evenly distributed.

3. Line a baking sheet with a silicon mat and scoop out heaping spoonfuls of dough (about ¼ cup each) forming them into a ball with your hands. Place on cookie sheet about 2 inches apart. Cover with saran or foil and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

4. Preheat oven to 350°. Remove cookie sheets from fridge and bake on center rack for 12-15 minutes until just golden brown around the edges. They might look a bit light in color in the center, but they will firm up as they cool.

*Store in airtight container for up to 5 days.

  • Nick: is [separating working and life] easier in LA?
  • Harry: uhmmm I don't think so, I think it depends. I have a lot of friends who have moved there for work and stuff, but I like both. I love living in London. I'm here most of the time.
  • Nick: It's probably easier to get like a nice kale salad in LA, cause I know you experienced that drama last night.
  • Harry: yeah I had some friends over from LA...
  • Nick: oh god, get a load of this guys, he had a nightmare!
  • Harry: I had some friends in from LA and they were like lets order in for dinner and I was like cool and they were like lets just get some salads or something and I was like they don't really do that here. I don't really know anywhere you can order in a salad.

Thank You Taylor (round 2)

Thank you Taylor. Thank you for inviting me to the LA Lover Secret Session. Thank you for picking me. Thank you for telling me which post you saw of mine. Thank you for loving my nails. Thank you for hugging me multiple times and looking me in the eye. Thank you for listening to my blubbering explanation of why I love Tied Together with a Smile. Thank you for your open mouth smile in our picture. Thank you for your words of love. I am kicking myself because i think I forgot to say I love you. But I LOVE YOU! I can’t express that enough. I also wish I would have told you more about my mental health struggles and how your music helps. I am so thankful for you. I’m so thankful for the magic night. I was enchanted to meet you. @taylorswift


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Can I request the la squadra (separately) about to sleep but their crush comes knocking at their room door asking if they can sleep with them because they're scared to sleep alone? I accidentally watched a horror clips so I'm still pretty shooked and haven't slept yet.

Hello there, sweetheart! I’m sorry you hadn’t slept and I’m sorry for my so late answer! Hope you enjoy these hcs!

La Squadra react to their crush knocking to their room door asking if they can sleep with them because they’re scared to sleep alone

(Under the cut for lenght!)

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Capaz que mi mente haya creado la imagen de que soy alguna clase de horrible monstruo que, siendo olvidable y prescindible, no sabe ni quiere saber sobre querer y ser querido. Que si sale de la vida de alguien, su huida no dejará marcas, ni huellas, ni polvo.
Lo que pasa es que tengo bastante asumido que las cosas son temporales. Los compañeros, las amistades, las relaciones. Todas tienen fin, justamente porque nada es eterno.
Por eso mismo quiero intentar disfrutar lo que tengo.
Aprovechar el tiempo. 
Obligarme a salir de la comfort-zone.
Dejar de esperar el momento indicado ~que escrito sea de paso, no existe~.
De obligarme a atravesar mis malditos miedos, que me gritan que no merezco ser feliz.
A poder hacerme creer, aunque de a ratos sea, que sí soy suficiente.
Que puedo contar conmigo misma.
Que puedo confiar en mis alas cuando las ramas estén por quebrarse. Que a pesar de todo,
tal vez sí deje huella al marcharme.
—  Vigésima vuelta al sol ~ Juego de palabras

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Is it possible to get a comfort sex scenario with risotto and afab reader? ;0;Thank you!!!! <3

Eyo!~ Here we go, my dear!

Comfort love with Risotto

(Under the cut for NSFW!)

It had been a hard day. A long, tiring day.

You had just returned home from a mission. Nothing new, since you were an assassin and death was your job, but today it had been… different.

Among the targets, you had to also kill a friend from your past life. A dear one, even. Risotto didn’t know it, of course, or he wouldn’t ever have sent you.

You still were seeing his eyes, the light when he had recognized you, the horror when he saw what you had done to his coworkers, the hope that maybe you would have spared his life, in honor of your old friendship. The utter disbelief and terror when he had realized that you were going to kill him anyway.

Because you were an assassin of the infamous Squadra di Esecuzione. Death was your work, when you thought about killing someone, you were already moving to do it. Prosciutto had always been clear about it, when he was training you, when you joined.

You were an assassin; then why was it hurting so much? What was so special this time?

Maybe the thought of having a normal life was hunting you. A sort of “what if” awaken by your friend’s murder. But…

If you never have entered Passione and then the hitmen team, you wouldn’t have ever met Risotto.

He was your rock, your supporter, as much as you were so for him. And now you really needed him.

You entered home, silent. Lifting your gaze, you saw a faint gleam spreading from the kitchen. He was still up, of course… when you were away, he couldn’t sleep, so he kept himself busy with paperworks, to fight the slight anxiety that always clenched his guts.

He had heard you, of course, and after a little his figure appeared near you. Without a word, you leaned onto his chest, burying your face in it. You felt him sigh and his arms gently wrapped your shoulders, rubbing them in a reassuring way, leaving you a bit of time to just breath.

Listening to his calm heartbeat, you finally felt again well anchored to your world. He always managed to calm you down so easily… but, even if now you felt better, it wasn’t enough. You stretched your arms around his neck and he, catching the message, lifted you like you didn’t weigh more than a feather. You nuzzled your face in the crock of his neck, tightly hugging him, while he carried you to the bedroom.

He sat on the bed, keeping you close to him, and simply stayed here, with you on his lap, gently rubbing your shoulders and caressing your hair, keeping you safe in his arms.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?” he murmured. You opened one eye, feeling the reverb of his strong and low voice under your cheek, still smashed between his shoulder and neck.

“I had to kill a friend from my previous life.” you murmured, finally. He froze for few seconds, before slowly starting again to caress your hair.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have to send you-” you blocked his words with a kiss, bringing him down by his hat’s bells.

“It’s ok, tesoro. You didn’t know and neither I did. It’s our job.” you replied, staring into his intense red eyes and caressing his cheek. It was true and, even if they had known it, you would have gone anyway. You were a professionist.

“I… I just don’t want to think anymore about it. It’s gone, he is gone.” you continued, biting your lip. He sighed, putting his thumb between your teeth and lip, knowing how much you always bit ‘till draw blood.

“Still, you seem really troubled.” he replied, trying to let you vent, even if without pushing you. He knew that with such a weight on your chest you couldn’t have go on for long; in a life like yours, a clear mind was fundamental to survive. You couldn’t have it dazed by some weird thoughts.

“It’s… it’s just that for a moment I thought about how would have been to have a normal life. You know, finish school, a normal job…” you murmured, while his eyes saddened a little. You were too precious for a life in the shadows…

“But in that case I wouldn’t have had you.” you continued, startling him. It was unexpected, as the next kiss you gave him, deep, intense, sinking your fingers in the short white hair on his nape.

“And then my life would have been so grey and empty. A life without you would have been so sad.” you stared in his eyes, sure about your words. Risotto’s eyes grew softer, after your utterly sincere declaration, and he bent his head down to kiss you again, slowly, a deep and languid kiss that made your toes curl and the knot in your guts grow more and more heated.

The thought of a life without him was kinda terrifying, right now. He was the one who helped you not to go insane in a life so dark and merciless. After what happened that day, well… you needed to feel him. To feel that it was all real and that he was so. That it wasn’t all a too vivid dream.

And so you sat better on his lap, unclasping the dark leather braces on his chest, letting them fall over along his long coat, giving him a kiss after another, almost always breathless. He let you do as you wanted, caressing your hips, your back, sliding his warm hands under your shirt to better enjoy the smooth texture of your skin.

He growled, when you started to lightly bite him on his jaw, just to go down to his neck, covering it with attentions and soft care. His hands settled on your hips, toying with the hem of your trousers, making you whine a bit, sinking your teeth in his skin and tearing a delicious hiss from him.

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” he murmured, while caressing anyway your stomach, making you shiver. You nodded, taking off his hat and kissing him again, caressing his cheeks. So stern and lethal but so caring with the people he loved… a really hidden side that you madly loved.

“I’m sure.” you whispered, helping him to take off your lower clothes and popping open his trousers. You smiled on his lips, when you freed his erection, gripping on his shoulders. You stroked yourself on him, gritting your teeth in anticipation and, finally, slowly sank on him, guided and helped by his hands on your hips. His mouth gently muffled your moan, his fingers sank in the soft flesh of your hips, while you were adjusting on him. You always needed a moment to get used to the intrusion, but he was patient. He was always patient.

Slowly, you started to move, using his shoulders as support, sinking your fingers in his white locks, while his hands gently, but firmly, guided your movements. Even when he was being topped, he was the one in charge: he was the one leading the kiss, he was the one giving the rhythm to your movements.

You felt him everywhere, every sense was dominated by him: his scent of leather and iron filled your nostrils; the soft, smooth texture of his hair enveloped your hands; his mouth, which always tasted a bit of blood, had overcome yours; your eyes were trapped in his ruby red irises, that almost seemed to shine in the penumbra; and his soft grunts echoed in your ears. He was all in you as much as you were all in him; this was how it always was between you. You always gave everything to the other, ‘till the last drop. Maybe it was a sort of defence sistem: if death would have caught one of you during a mission, you would have left the world as an empty vessel, since you had had poured all of you in the other. You would have lived on in the other.

But, right now, you didn’t want to think about such things; you just wanted to focus on his mouth on your neck, how he so deliciously stretched you rhythmically, how his hands were digging so much in your flesh to surely leave bruises, but oh, you didn’t care even a bit.

Soon, your movements started to become erratic. You trembled, while bouncing on his lap, his hands matching your faster rhythm as his own breath became more husky. He was near too, you knew, you knew so well his signs, from how his teeth sank deeper in your skin, to muffle his moans, to his hands that almost lifted all your weight to let you royally ride your pleasure.

And you did so, arching your back and roughly tugging his hair, making him grunt, while his hands merciless continued to guide you up and down, prolonging your bliss and, finally, allowing him to meet his own release. He sank his face in the crock of your neck, heavily breathing, rhythmically squeezing the back of your thighs as he released in you, and then, finally, he slowly released you, leaving angry red marks where his hands have sunk too much.

Not that you complained, not when you were laying and nestling on his chest, deeply breathing while you slowly came down from the bliss. His arms encircled you and you nuzzled more comfortably in his embrace, basking in his warmth and in the deep sense of safety you always felt in his arms. Nothing bad could happen until you were safe and sound in his hug.

“Thank you, tesoro.” you murmured, gently kissing his collarbone. He allowed himself to smile a little, affectionately kissing your forehead and hugging you even tighter.

“Don’t even say.” he replied, quiet, making you smile again. You closed your eyes relaxing more in his embrace, deeply breathing, feeling the weight on your chest lessening minute after minute.

When you fell asleep, you did with his scent in your nostrils and his soft lips on your forehead. A faint smile graced your lips, as you drifted into sleep, with the awareness and the assurance that you were really here, that your Risotto was real, safe and alive with you. You fell asleep safe and sound in the arms of the man you loved, in the life you chose and that you would have never changed for anything else.

I’m seeing people drawing Chuuya in the dress and heels from that new jp mayoi Fancy Suit Dazai card but like come the fuck on it is clearrrrly Dazai’s. That necklace has the clasp from his tie as a pendant. Obviously he’s just finished getting dressed up for his date after deciding he’d rather do masculine today.

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Hi~ may I have the la squandra with a chubby s/o with BIG thick theighs and butt *to the point of cellulite.* *I* have this and makes me self-conscious at times.

Hi there, darling! Sure thing :3 and please remember that your body is beautiful and NO ONE can say otherwise!! And who’s so rude to tell you something is just an asshole whose opinion doesn’t even deserve to be considered

La Squadra di Esecuzione with a chubby s/o with big thighs

(Under the cut for length and just hinted n/sfw here and there!)

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