comfort in the stars

Summer Nights, Unexpected Frights

In which Astrid’s father confronts Hiccup.

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It was a clear, warm night with a bright moon and several thousands of stars twinkling down at the two riders. They sprawled out on the grass atop a flat sea stack, counting constellations and enjoying each other’s company. Toothless and Stormfly were behind them, dozing off since it was the dead of night and there wasn’t much room to play.

Astrid and Hiccup held hands as the breeze tickled their cheeks when they watched the sky. They made short conversation every now and then, but it was mostly a comfortable silence spent pointing at shooting stars or trying to identify the shapes of dragons that flew in front of the moon. They were comfortable and at ease, the first they had felt in a long time.

It was nice that they got to spend time relaxing together, but it got to be stressful, in a way, because they could only spend time together when the sun was long down. It was a week or so after the explosion on the Edge, and they decided to take a rest on Berk before returning to their outpost. Everyone was always swarming around Hiccup, congratulating him on his victory or coming to him with something or other. If he wasn’t talking to villagers, he was with his father in the Great Hall or with Gobber in the forge. All he wanted to do was spend time with Astrid.

“We should probably get going,” Astrid murmured, breaking the silence as she delicately brushed his knuckles with her thumb. “We’re going back in the morning, remember?”

Hiccup only sighed. He wanted to get back to work, of course, but he had come to treasure these moments he had spent with her under the moonlight. It was a pattern of crawling up her house on Toothless and rapping softly on her bedroom window (only because her parents would kill her if they found her sneaking out at night) and stealthily flying away from the island to where no one would disturb them.

Hiccup knew the work on the Edge had to be done. By this time, the ash from the explosion would probably be clear enough to start clean-up and rebuilding, if there was anything left at all. Though he and Astrid would find themselves alone much easier, it wouldn’t be as fun or exhilarating or special as this week had been. But there was work to be done, so he pushed himself off the ground with a grunt and helped his partner up as well.

It took only a couple of minutes to ride back to the main isle. The couple landed, as quietly as they could, next to Astrid’s house. When Stormfly was back in her stable, where she was before they left, they bid their goodbye’s in front of her house.

“Congrats, another successful date,” she whispered teasingly. The torches around the village illuminated her face so Hiccup could see the pink tint of a blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Wha- you doubted me?” he replied with a goofy grin. Honestly, they were both surprised how well the week had turned out. Hiccup was a huge romantic, but he wasn’t very smooth. The two of them were equally aware of this. He pressed his lips together as he stared at her, pulling her closer. “Hey, it’s a learning experience.”

She bit her lip with a giggle as his eyes dropped to her lips. He leaned in gently and kissed her, which she welcomed as she grabbed a fistful of his tunic and pulled him closer. He sighed happily into her mouth as she deepened it, their heads tilting and his arms wrapping around her waist.

A sudden light and a door slamming open broke them apart. A large, burly figure equipped with an axe stood at the doorway, light streaming in from behind him.

“What in Thor’s name is– Astrid?”

“Dad!” yelped Astrid as she jumped away from Hiccup.

Arvid Hofferson stepped out into the darkness, bushy eyebrows raised high and his eyes wide with confusion. “What’s goin’ on here? I hear racket on the roof, enough to get me outta bed, and I come to see my daughter snoggin’ some random boy in the middle o’ the night! By, Odin, I should… great Thor, that’s Hiccup!”

Hiccup grimaced as Astrid’s father barked his name. He cringed further when Toothless slinked off of the Hofferson’s roof right in front of her father.

“Got anything to explain to me, boy? Why you’re out with my daughter, why your dragon is up on my roof, scarin’ the livin’ daylights out of me wife?”

“I– uh… I’m really sorry… sir…” Hiccup spluttered. “We… I, didn’t mean to– to disturb you in any way!”

“That’s an apology, not an explanation!”

“Ah… well… Astrid and I wanted to… we, uh… kinda… ” Hiccup cleared his throat, anxiety bubbling up in his stomach and making him feel sick.

“Out with it!”

“We’re… sorta… no, well- we are…” Hiccup pursed his lips and straightened his posture, holding his chin up higher. “We’re– ah…. courting.”

Arvid’s eyebrows shot up again. “Courting?” he echoed. “You two… courting?”

Hiccup nodded as he held his breath.

“I don’t recall you askin’ for my blessing,” he rumbled in a low voice, stroking his beard and eyeing the two.

“I-I’m really sorry about that!” Hiccup stammered quickly. “It- ah, well, we… started…  courting when we were away at the Edge, and I had full intentions of asking for your… your blessing, but things got caught up when we were here and I never had the chance to ask.” He hung his head. “I’m sorry Mr. Hofferson.”

“With this irresponsibility, what makes you think you’re good enough for my daughter?”

Hiccup couldn’t catch a break. “Well, sir, I- uh… I’m not good enough. For her, I mean. I do try my best, though, for her. When I’m with her, I want to make myself the best I can possibly be… um… well, because she really deserves the world… and so much more.” Hiccup’s face was beet red, visible in the light coming from the house.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Dad,” she murmured. “I should have known better.”

“By Thor, Astrid, you couldn’t have chosen better!” he slapped Hiccup’s back, which made the thin boy stumble forward as Arvid came out to embrace the two. He crushed them with a monster hug. “The chief’s son? Ha! I knew you’d be the pride of our clan!”

After a long squeezing, the large man pulled away and pointed a finger at Hiccup. “When you’re with her, you’d better take care of her, hear me, boy?”

“Ah– yes! Yes. Yes, sir.”

A hearty chuckle later, and Arvid was pulling Astrid through the door of their home. “Oh, wait till Stoick hears this!”

Astrid craned her neck to look back at Hiccup, her eyes wide and mouthing an apology. When the door slammed shut behind them, Hiccup could swear the only other time his knees felt that weak was when he had first met Toothless and the dragon had screamed in his face.

He paused for a second, replaying what had just happened in his mind, and sprinted back to his house as fast as his foot could take him.

In which I try to write and be funny but ultimately fail

Every Argument About “Buffy” On The Internet, From 1998 Until Now
Joss Whedon: Inventer Of Feminism Or Literal Hitler?
  • Joss Whedon invented feminism. Before Joss Whedon, every female character on television was crushed to death under the weight of her male co-stars’ heavier paychecks in the second-season finale.
  • Every female character Joss Whedon ever wrote was forcibly impregnated by a demon and brutally murdered, because Joss Whedon hates lesbians.
  • But Warren And The Trio Were –

Joss Whedon Doesn’t Understand What Bisexuality Is

  • Willow Identifies As Gay And You Are Robbing Her Of Self-Determination Because She Doesn’t Have A “Gold Star”
  • I’d Feel More Comfortable With Willow’s Lesbianism If It Weren’t Sometimes Equated With Drug Addiction, Literal Vampirism, And Megalomania
  • But She Was Clearly In Love With Oz
  • Who Are You To Say What Love Is
  • Dark Willow Was Pretty Hot, Though
  • Yeah, Dark Willow Was Super Hot
  • I’d Watch Dark Willow And Doppelgangland-Era Willow Hook Up If It Weren’t A Patriarchal Fantasy

Spuffy Is Problematic

  • Bangel Is A Child’s Delusion Of What Love Is
  • Spuffy Is Literally Assault
  • Okay But He Felt Really Bad About It And Didn’t Have A Soul

Waif-Fu And Thermodynamics: You Can’t Violate The Law Of Conservation Of Momentum

Season Six Felt Like Watching My Friends Get Murdered In Slow Motion Right In Front Of Me

  • It Was Worth It For Once More, With Feeling, Though
  • No, It Wasn’t
  • Doublemeat Palace Cancels Out Once More, With Feeling
  • Doublemeat Palace Cancels Out My Childhood

Xander Is The Only Character Who Retains Their Humanity On The Entire Show

  • Xander Is A Greater Monster Than Angelus And Invented “Nice Guy” Syndrome

Buffy Started To Falter After Angel Premiered

  • No, Buffy Started To Falter After Firefly Premiered
  • No, Buffy Has Never Faltered And Is Still On The Air
  • Buffy Started To Falter When Angel/Faith/Buffy Came Back
  • Buffy Was Better When It Was A Movie With Kristy Swanson

What If Evil?

  • Dark Willow Straight-Up Flayed a Dude!
  • Extremism In the Pursuit of Love Is No Vice
  • If a Dude Had Flayed Willow, Would We Be Cheering?

Everyone Was Too Hard On Dawn For Being A Regular Human Being

  • Don’t You Dare Try To Retroactively Justify Dawn

Oz vs. Tara

  • Oz Was Boring; Tara Was Too Good For This Sinful Earth
  • Tara Was Boring; Oz Was The Greatest Love Interest In Television History; Remember That Animal Crackers Monologue
  • What About Kenned–

Jenny Calendar And Race-Bending

Is It Important That Buffy Is Decidedly Not Book Smart?

  • Not Everyone Is Book Smart, That Is Elitist
  • Buffy is the Lady Channing Tatum of being Body Smart and That Is Sufficient
  • It Is a Tremendous Problem and Girls Should Not Watch This Show Or They Will Not Take College Seriously

I Shouldn’t Have To Watch Angel In Order To Appreciate Cordelia’s Growth As A Character

Shaming: Everyone Is Shamed

  • “Beer Bad” Is Slut-Shaming
  • “Beer Bad” Is Substance-Shaming and Preachy
  • “Beer Bad” Is Just a Terrible Episode
  • Angel Losing His Soul After He Has Sex With Buffy is Slut-Shaming


  • Was It Irish Sometimes, Or Was That Just Me?
  • Her Accent is Perfect, and Not To Be Questioned

Activating All Potential Slayers Was An Act Of Patriarchal Violence

  • Slaying Is Empowering
  • No, Slayers Were Literally Created When A Woman Of Color Was Forcibly Invaded By A Demonic Essence
  • Oh, Right
  • But Then They Get To Beat Up Everybody
  • Dark Willow Straight-Up Flayed a Dude

If I’m doing my job, then I don’t need to tell you who this is.

And if not, then I’ll tell you: it’s Human! Toffee. My plan is to redo this shot ( “It’s the first spell your mother taught you” ) but with him as a human. Because why not.


Rosaline Capulet » 1.01 In Fair Verona, Where We Lay Our Scene
You think that’s what I want? What I lost when I was just a girl too young and stupid to see the bars of the cage she’d been raised in? I don’t want what I lost. I don’t want comfort. I don’t even know what comfort is anymore.

Sulu’s not supposed to be here, seeing this.

He came into the Sickbay to steal a hypospray of painkillers not to witness Dr. McCoy cradling the Captain’s hands, lips brushing over his bruised knuckles, face a twisted mask of relief and desperation.  

He knows better than to try to get away with absconding supplies. Nurse Chapel’s wrath is not something he’s willing to risk–but everyone is tired and McCoy ordered Chapel and the rest of the skeleton medbay crew to bed. They had divided their time between two surgeries–Jim’s and Ensign Ridley who passed away even after they managed to revive her on the transporter pad.

He’s elbow deep in the drawer for disinfectant when he hears a sharp intake of raspy breath, a tremulous sigh that makes him start so quickly he almost slams the drawer on his fingers.

Peeking around the corner to see if he’s been found out, he sees McCoy shift closer to the bed, elbows dipping into the mattress. 

“I miss my kid. I miss my dad.” McCoy’s fingers turn Jim’s palm back and forth in his hands, thumb smoothing over the parts of the Captain’s hand that isn’t nicked and scrapped and scarred. “Please don’t make me miss you, too.”

Sulu lets out his own shaky breath. Jim pushed him out of the way of an incoming phaser blast, taking it square in the chest. Uhura said that Jim made a promise to Demora and Ben to bring him home no matter what. Sulu wish he didn’t know what no matter what looked like. 

He sneaks out with what he needs, itching to talk to his daughter and husband. He never wants them to miss him either, not more than they have to already–and he knows he has Jim to thank for making that possible. He just wishes it wasn’t at the cost of McCoy–someone who constantly fought for every being on this ship, who brought Jim back from the brink hundreds of times before, never sure which time it would be too little, too late. 

He lingered in the doorway to Medbay, deciding it was time to make his own promise to the Captain and Doctor he owed so damn much to. He would try his damndest to make sure McCoy never truly knew what missing Jim was like. 

♡ soft asks ♡

honey: what’s your favorite memory you made this year? 
sunshine: 3 things you do to relax
rain: put your music on shuffle and give a 5 song playlist
lace: what’s your favorite piece of clothing?
flowers: what’s your favorite outdoor activity?
roses: what’s your favorite perfume or cologne?
sunsets: give 3 movie recommendations
blankets: what’s your night routine?
thunder: what’s your favorite instrument?
ink: favorite thing you’ve written?
heartbeat: who’s your best friend?
sunrise: kisses or hugs?
fairy lights: who was the last person you talked to?
sugar: what’s your favorite snack?
wind: what’s your favorite season?
trees: favorite thing about your hometown?
smiles: who do you go to for comfort?
skyline: the sun, the moon, or the stars?
lavender: what color do you find most calming? 

rosefyrefyre  asked:

Tony has to stay awake for a very long time for some reason, and when he finally is allowed to rest, he physically can't, so the rest of the Avengers (but especially Steve) take care of him until he can.

With two hours to deadline, Tony finally managed to unsnag the last line of code and send it through. A new smart AI bot, one designed for searching and detonating IEDs so soldiers wouldn’t have to, whirred to life and aimed its tiny periscope cam at him inquisitively, awaiting input. The right mix of AI–not so sophisticated that army programmers could turn it into an offensive weapon, but not so improbably slow that it failed to do its job. Three iterations ago it’d tried to bring the dummy bomb to Tony, and that was clearly a no go, so he’d started the code from the bottom up and programmed until the edges of his vision went blurry. It needed testing. Testing.

“Find,” Tony grunted and the bot happily rolled off to the mock test range. “Not perfect,” Tony murmured, slumping down against the table to watch. “Just functional. Just need you to do your job. Can tweak later.” It’s little treads bumbled across sand and rocks, grinding a little in a way that, just for a moment, sent Tony back five years in time. His fingers clenched compulsively at the table before he forced himself to let go.

In the sandbox, the little bot scanned back and forth with infrared and ground-penetrating sonar and blessedly, beautifully, it located the payload. The shovel arm activated and started digging. Tony nearly wept.

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in the horrible wake of carrie fisher’s death i’ve still smiled every time i see “drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra” quoted anywhere and i can’t believe carrie fisher was so sharp and so funny that she preemptively came up with a line to comfort us about her own death

what a fucking rock star