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I Never Want To See You Hurt • Barbara Kean

I feel like I cant breath. Everything is so overwhelming and I feel like I cant do anything right now. I just sit here sobbing on the floor of my room as an anxiety attack sets in. All I can concentrate on is my hearts rapid beating and everything going on in life right now.

A few minutes of hyperventilating on the floor and I feel a pair of arms wrap themselves around my waist. I hadn’t heard my girlfriend Barbara come into the room or the shocked gasp she released when she saw my sorry state but feeling her arms around me already set in a sense of safety that I needed.

She pulled me up and dragged me over to our bed we’re she held me ever tighter. I felt my tears slow down as she brushed her fingers through my hair whispering comforting things into my ears.

We sat like this for half an hour as I tried to control my outburst and she tried to calm me down. Finally I wiped my final tears away and she pulled back asking, “What happened? Who hurt you?” I knew that she had every intention to destroy whoever put me in this state but i had no answer.

“No one hurt me, this was all my fault. Today was awful and everything that could go wrong did. I just need you,” I whispered back pulling her back into a hug.

“Just know that I will always love you, I will always be here for you, and I never want to see you hurt,” She replied leaving a kiss on the top of my head and lying down to cuddle with me.

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baeksoo forehead kiss (>/////<)

i got a couple asks for C3 gabe and jack and i am here to deliver some soft fluffy kisses and cuddles!!

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in hindsight i realise i probably should have asked for your permission to draw you but. well. i hope you don’t mind?? your last two selfies made you look super cute and princess-like and i just had an itch to draw you.

but here!! @ask-bts-stuff for the adorable little princess marshmallow sarah

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I was warm.


mood: Eliot advising Hardison to be more assertive in his relationship with Parker, realising he’s the one asserted over the whole evening, ending up secretly proud of it.

Staying Up
Staying Up

Contains: Words of comfort and distant hair playing sounds

The Listener wakes up with a nightmare, and Yuri provides them with words of comfort and encouragement, and reminding them that he won’t let anything happen to them. 

A/N: I really hope that this helps some people - because I never dream, and because of it I can’t relate with the whole nightmare situation. From what I’ve been told, it’s pretty awful, and so my heart goes out to you warriors that can tackle this every night. Remember, you’re strong, nothing is wrong, and I love you. Thank you for listening! This is a commissioned audio post. If you are interested in purchasing a commission, check the link below!


"If it's winter and your girl has smooth legs, she really loves you."
  • No. Fuck that. If your girl "loves you", her legs will be hairy as fuck when you two are sitting at home alone watching movies all day. You know why? Because girls only shave their legs when they absolutely find it necessary. That shits painful as fuck. Smooth legs in the winter when y'all are chilling at home isn't a sign of love. Its a sign of insecurity. She doesn't want you to see her hairy ass thighs and judge her for it when y'all are chilling. If your girls got hairy legs, it means she's comfortable. She knows that she can trust you to run your hand up and down her legs even if you'll feel every hair and know that you won't care. If your girl shaves in the winter for any other reason than to wear a nice dress out or to feel nice for herself, you're fucking doing something wrong. Leg hair does not relate to love directly in any way, and any guy that expects their girl to shave her legs in the winter just for him deserves to have his legs shaved with a dollar store razor. ✌🏻️