comfort hair

dan is more comfortable with his natural hair, and i think that’s really important. with every small little change (more comfortable talking about guys, more comfortable with wearing brighter clothing), i feel that he’s become happier and happier. his smiles are getting bigger, and his worries are getting smaller. all in all, I love dan and I’m happy that he feels comfortable with himself.

Falling asleep on Milton would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Awwww Milton :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him noticing your eyes getting heavy and your body moving to rest, only to have the courage and gently pull you to him

-Him just wanting you to be close but ending up having your head either on his shoulder or his chest or his lap instead and getting extremely flustered

-Him trying to move you back just to sit shoulder to shoulder but giving up when he hears your light snore and sees you so peaceful

-Him feeling you shift and feeling bad to have made you probably wake up, making him stroke your hair to comfort you back to sleep

-Him looking at you in wonder, as to what would make you this tired all while tucking your hair away to get a good look at you

-His hand sometimes trailing down to rub your shoulder and back, only to go lower without knowing and instantly get embarrassed about it when he notices people gaze at him oddly

-Him getting angry when Merle or anyone else can’t stop talking so loudly and telling them to tone it down

-Him strangely liking it when you would seem to have a nightmare and move around just so he could hold you tightly to him and reassure you

-Him finding you oddly adorable and just smiling to see you drool before wiping it off

-Him feeling slightly disappointed when you would wake up as he can’t hold you as earlier and expressing it by the way he talks and pout, only for you to tease him about it while ruffling his hair

"If it's winter and your girl has smooth legs, she really loves you."
  • No. Fuck that. If your girl "loves you", her legs will be hairy as fuck when you two are sitting at home alone watching movies all day. You know why? Because girls only shave their legs when they absolutely find it necessary. That shits painful as fuck. Smooth legs in the winter when y'all are chilling at home isn't a sign of love. Its a sign of insecurity. She doesn't want you to see her hairy ass thighs and judge her for it when y'all are chilling. If your girls got hairy legs, it means she's comfortable. She knows that she can trust you to run your hand up and down her legs even if you'll feel every hair and know that you won't care. If your girl shaves in the winter for any other reason than to wear a nice dress out or to feel nice for herself, you're fucking doing something wrong. Leg hair does not relate to love directly in any way, and any guy that expects their girl to shave her legs in the winter just for him deserves to have his legs shaved with a dollar store razor. ✌🏻️

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True to Quinn’s word, the girls arrived half an hour later and Ryleigh didn’t even have time to finish her grilled cheese before she was being shoved into six different dresses (all of which were far tighter and more revealing that she was usually comfortable with), having her hair pulled at every angle possible, and being subjects to two makeup changes before they decided it was good enough. All they would tell her about the club was that it was a gothic themed place and the darker the clothing and makeup, the better they’d fit in.