comfort dressing


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

You are agender, whether you have long or short hair.

You are agender if you’re more comfortable in a dress than a pair of pants and a loose fitting T-shirt. You are agender if you prefer the latter.

You are agender, whether or not you have breasts. You are still agender if you choose not to bind, or if you do.

You are agender, regardless of the pronouns you use.

If you are agender, no matter what you do that is traditionally masculine or feminine, it doesn’t matter. If you identify as agender, you are agender. No one can take that away from you.

I ordered a silver Dulcimer pendant from Stimtastic and it’s gonna help complete my formal Easter Vigil look.

I did a #REDInstead theme last year because Easter was early (before April), but this year it’s towards the middle / end of April, so I don’t plan to wear red lipstick or red nail polish this time. I like to vary it a little each year. I will, however, wear something red somewhere on my body to keep up the “wear red during all of April” protest against Autism Speaks’ “light it up blue” bullcrap.

For anyone who doesn’t know how formally I dress for the Easter Vigil, here’s some selfies.

A different year where I took pics without the shawl. I still wore it to church, but sometimes I like taking selfies without it to switch things up a bit.

My butterfly earrings and barrette are a direct nod to my Tumblr.

This year, I plan to wear a pair of smaller butterfly earrings because I’ll have a big, showy necklace that I’ll be attaching the silver Dulcimer to. I may tuck it down into my dress or let it show depending on how low it hangs and whether or not it will be sticking out at a weird angle. I wanted the silver one because it will match my look. Stim toys can be accessories like any other jewelry or purse! I have a Tangle that’s perfect for my ‘Cyndi-rella’ night too. :D

And once I’m all done up, I can pretend I’m on the Red Carpet and if an imaginary somebody asks “so who are you chewing?” I can say “Stimtastic!” :P (And I would say that, haha!)

transweek2017 - day 3: non-binary

tracer is undeniably non binary sry. i always saw her as gender non-conforming and that she’s comfortable dressing however she likes but still identifiable as a butch lesbian  👍

Reasons for a Tokyo Ghoul:RE Anime.

Even if they are bound to butcher it…

  •   Half my babies are dead or absorbed by the main personality. I need to see them alive and well again.
  •   Haise needs all the love…
  •   Tsukiyama’s growth as a character need to be seen by anime viewers! 
  •   Same goes for Takizawa and his downfall, he needs love and understanding plus people not calling him a wimp…
  •    Akira Holy Mother of the CCG
  •    I just… want more people to scream about everything with fervor.
  •    I want to see Saiko calling Haise mamman on a screen and him responding to it. and him being comfortable dressing as a woman. It just… makes me so happy seeing a main character of an anime/manga like that…
  • Horace: why, hello there Enoch... let me slip into something a little more... comfortable...
  • Horace: *comes back dressed in a vintage 1903 Edwardian suit, hand-tailored by the most skilled woman in all of Europe, complete with a solid gold monocle, stained mahogany walking cane with a solid gold wolf's head handle, and a fine velvet top hat*

it figures that my first svtfoe drawing would be Marco in a dress  ( ̄▿ ̄;)