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What if Bitty accidently leaves Señor Bunny at Jacks just as he’s going on a roadie. Or maybe it’s the playoffs and Jack is having a hard time so Bitty sneaks cookies AND his bunny into Jack’s bag. Of course Jack is touched, recognizing how big of a deal it was for Bitty to part from his beloved rabbit and that Bitty trusted him enough to leave Señor Bunny in his care. 

Bitty knows he’s found him when he starts getting photos of Señor doing things with the team. And the whole teams gets into it. Señor Bunny in the shower with carefully placed bubbles, wrapped in a hand towel… artfully blocking any potentially risque angles. Señor Bunny looking out over the ice from the top of the goal next with a clipboard and a stopwatch as the team practices. Señor Bunny amongst a sea of protein tubs and shaker bottles trying to lift a small hand weight, a makeshift sweatband around his ears. And finally, Señor Bunny in the Stanley Cup, swimming in confetti…. You know, stupid cute shit that the team thinks is for a little kid but is actually for their rookie’s boyfriend. 

I’m just thinking about how Bitty is just swimming in Jack mementos and I wonder what Jack has of Bitty’s. 

And if that didn’t kill you:

When they finally start their family Jack secretly has the adventures of Señor Bunny printed, framed and hung, completely surprising Bitty when they bring their little one home for the first time. 

anonymous asked:

What do you think would happen if Hana had a mental break down about her home and the Omnics in front of Lúcio?? (IM SORRY I JUST REALLY NEED SOME OTP COMFORT RN,,)

Don’t apologize doll! We all need a little comfort now and then

  • It was be after an entire night of staying away and trying to find an oasis in her video games that she finds she can’t ditch the nagging feeling in the back of her skull. Like an itch, or a whisper. 
  • Lucio sees how tired she is, but she refuses to go to bed, pacing and getting more agitated by the second. 
  • Trying to figure what’s going on with his girl, Lucio tries to get her to sit down and breathe deeply, but that only causes her to shove his touch away and for her strong, stone walls to finally crumble.
  • “My home is getting destroyed and my people are scared and even though I fight and fight and tell others to keep fighting I can’t make this stop.”
  • Its dead quiet, as they share only their irises, trying to see their souls. Lucio is gentle as he comes to her, not touching her, but saying that he knows. 
  • She screams at him, telling him he doesn’t. He doesn’t know, but he lets her get her anger out, before she becomes cold and empty. Numb to the fact her home is being terrorized by a giant omnic and she’s still here, not able to stop it. 
  • Falling against him, he takes her gently as they kneel on the ground. Her face hiding against his shirt as his hands softly stroke her hair. Murmuring soft things and telling her it will be alright.
  • She believes him, for just a moment, before she closes her eyes and rests against his dark skin. 

People: You can’t be autistic, you don’t look autistic

Me: Hates talking, can’t hold a decent conversation, talks really loud when she does talk, has manic episodes of excitement when infodumping, wears comfy clothes like hoodies and sweatpants, chews on her noise cancelling headphones’ cord, makes cat noises, makes random sounds, takes iPad everywhere to play stimmy games on, bounces legs up and down and chews on lip when upset, doesn’t look anybody in the eye, has a stuffed bunny comfort item, best friend is a 9 year old pet cat, flaps hands when pleased. 🤔

Jack putting Señor Bunny in the window is one of my favourite details coming out of the new updates.

He could have tossed him on a chair, put him at the foot of the bed, shoved him off to the side where he could have ended up squashed against the wall, or he could have just carelessly sat on him. But he picked him up and sat him in the window, so that Señor Bunny is comfortable and can see the rain falling outside.

Because that bunny is important to Bitty, so he’s important to Jack too. Maybe Bitty’s “too old” to be so attached to a stuffed animal, but he is. And Jack doesn’t think it’s weird. Señor Bunny is important to Bitty, so Jack treats him with care and respect.

It’s cute, but it’s more than that. It’s not a little detail at all. It says a lot about the way these boys are with each other. And I really like what I’m seeing there.

So, I started a blog called @samueldingleton and it’s sole purpose is to comfort. It will include posts about Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, teddy bears, cute gifs, animals, uplifting quotes, and other things like that. I named it Sam because Sam has always been a very comforting name for me, but if the majority of you guys like a different name I’d be more than happy to change it.
It will only include positive things. It’s a safe place for all people, of all races, genders, religions, and sexualities. It’s just gonna be a happy, comforting blog. I’ll open submissions too.

Let Samuel Dingleton comfort you, frens. Follow him. He knows the way. He has cookies and teddy bears.

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Pat The Bunny - Run From What’s Comfortable

Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything - 12/18/2014

I woke up thinking: God is real, but against us. Pray for what you don’t want. Reverse theology. I’ll pray for freedom, because no matter how much I say I want it, I’m still getting led around by a cigarette or anger or fear. Take your pick, I don’t give a shit. And I wish it weren’t true, but to get free we have to start with what’s true I think. And if I have to tell you that what’s real is terrible, maybe you’re in the wrong place. If I have to tell you that what’s true is terrible, maybe you’re in the wrong place. Because I’ve done horrible things to wonderful people. I’ve let horrible people stay living. I’ve looked my family in the eye and told them: “Leave me to die, or I’ll make you sorry you didn’t.” I’ve stolen from people who didn’t deserve. I’ve not helped people who did. I’ve turned away when I knew I made a mistake instead of dealing with it. I’ve wasted good chances I’ve had in this life that other people won’t even get. I put off making things right with Andy, and now he’s dead. But if we can stay one inch this side of dying, the most terrible things we can imagine can happen, and our breath will carry us forward when we don’t have the strength to carry ourselves. And we’ll get another chance at not spreading misery, at least for today. If I have to tell you that we are beautiful, maybe you’re in the right place. If I ever forget that we are beautiful, I hope you’re here to remind me. If I have to tell you that we are beautiful, I hope you’ll stick around until you can see it.


So, I am breaking out of my comfort zone and wearing my shirt tucked in.

This is something I HAVE NEVER DONE. I grew up knowing tucked in when you are big just makes you look fatter.

Well, I still have the curves, but they are good curves and I need to embrace them (as a certain bestie told me to build my confidence up).

Also, I am just plain excited to being wearing my new polka dot skirt. :)

  • max leaving cute messages and doodles on kate’s slate every day
  • max eventually starting to call kate “katie“ as her dad does
  • max’s photo memorial wall consisting mainly of photos of happy kate and their selfies
  • jam sessions and tea parties and movie nights
  • max bunny-sitting 
  • comforting each other after having nightmares (which lbr both of them have)
  • max comforting kate after every meeting with her mother or aunt
  • kate kissing every freckle on max’s face
  • forehead kisses and nose kisses
  • walking to classes hand in hand
  • max being super smitten and having to remind herself that there are other people around
  • everyone in the girl dorms knowing kate and max are a thing even before they come out as a couple and not telling any of the guys because what happens in the dorms stays in the dorms
  • dana being the biggest shipper trash only being beaten by chloe
  • dana giving them the smug all-knowing looks and making them both blush really hard
  • brooke feeling really relieved that max is into kate and not warren and acting a lot more friendly 
  • warren being like wtf is happening am i missing something here
  • all the girls, including victoria going after the throat of anyone who is mean to kate (nathan gets punched in the face by multiple of them on one occasion)
  • max and kate hanging out outside when a doe approaches them and kate being totally fascinated while max’s like yeah it happens
  • max meeting kate’s dad who turns out to be really cool about them being together
  • him and max being alone for a while and him getting all serious and thanking max for saving kate’s life
  • kate being so freaking happy that her pop and max get on well
  • kate calling max her guardian angel
  • the two of them going to the same university later

The evaluation period every teaching term sends me into a reclusive, slightly depressed state that’s probably made worse by having to smile and pretend all is well in class despite feeling like I’m walking on eggshells around students.

So I drew a bunny to comfort myself and it turned out unexpectedly cuter than I thought it would.