comfort station

below thunder showers

sci-fi au
inspired by billie marten’s heavy weather.
fanart commissioned to the incredibly talented @kimnomster. check out her beautiful art right away!!

pairing: jungkook | reader, past yoongi | reader 
genre: angst with bits of fluff
word count: 29.885
warnings: none

Min Yoongi leads Earth with a stern hand and a pair of cold eyes. You lead a withered space station that’s been losing hope for years, mind tired and heart torn. Jeon Jungkook is no more than a broken soldier who’s slowly losing his humanity, but his longing for the rain keeps him tied to the ground.

Three paths converge again when the two worlds clash, and as precarious as they were, it does not stop you from falling in love for a second time.

You are just eight years old when you look at Earth’s sky for the first time.

Though you are considered an observant child, you are still too young to understand the underlying meaning of your actions. Your eyes only see an unexplored vastness, infinite and alluring, undiscerning of the coiling tendrils that precariously tie two worlds together — yours, and Min Yoongi’s.

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anonymous asked:

What inspired your latest piece with the (horrifying) deer under the light at the gas station? It’s so beautiful and strange and it feels like it’s pulling me into some other world. Btw I love all your art so much!!

Thank you so much! I was actually inspired by a real-life weird gas station that I always pass when I take trips home to see my family. It’s like…it’s a place with some very strange vibes, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and you’d never know it was there from the highway but I often end up there at night. 

But I also really really struggle with painting/lighting/environments and I loathe doing them because of that, so I wanted to force myself to paint and do a study of something outside of my comfort zone.

the thought of oswald and his freak fam driving home with frozen!ed is killing me rn. like what was that drive like? did they shove ed in the backseats and pile in the front, with victor driving and oswald grumpily being forced to sit on ivy or squished in between them? lmao


lullaby x lonely

baby, i’m so lonely, so lonely
i feel like i’m alone
when i see you so tired
i worry that i’m baggage to you
that i’m too much

have a good night, dear
even today you did a good job
when i’m alone and lonely i’m with you
(can you hear me?)

The type of person the signs want/need in a relationship

Aries Want: Someone spontaneous, innocent, and adventurous 

Aries Need: Someone that’s going to push them, listen to them, and keep them humble 

Taurus Want: Someone fun to procrastinate with, who will make them feel like the center of attention 

Taurus Needs: Someone to nurture them, motivate them, and look out for their best interests

Gemini Wants: Someone crazy and spontaneous who wont make them feel caged

Gemini Needs: Someone who will stimulate them intellectually, motivate them, and keep their energies leveled

Cancer Wants: Someone that they can take care of who is hopelessly devoted to them

Cancer Needs: Someone very introspective who is willing to provide the necessary amount of emotional support and guidance 

Leo Wants: Someone to worship the ground they walk on, make grand gestures, and add to their image

Leo Needs: Someone to keep them grounded and show them they there is more to life than their image, provide stability

Virgo Wants: Someone who will overlook all of their flaws who they can easily understand

Virgo Needs: Someone straightforward who can show the analytical Virgo how to relax and not over analyze every little thing, someone to let loose with

Libra Wants: Someone to follow their lead, compliment their appearance and actions

Libra Needs: Someone to keep them humble, pick up their messes, and cheer them up when they feel stressed

Scorpio Wants: To dominate their partner, someone who will help them achieve their goals who they can control 

Scorpio Needs: Someone who doesn’t take life as seriously as they do, provide optimism and humor to their daily lives, and make them less suspicious of people

Sagittarius Wants: Someone to constantly learn with and jump from project to project with, someone to study

Sagittarius Needs: Someone to direct their energy into one thing at a time, motivate them when distracted by unhealthy activities 

Capricorn Wants: Someone steady and slow who is comfortable in their own station in life, as Capricorn is comfortable in theirs

Capricorn Needs: Someone who will encourage the Capricorn to break from their normal routine, pursue more, shoot for the stars 

Aquarius Wants: Someone to provide constant excitement and adventure, someone who won’t be too clingy, as the Aquarius likes to detach from time to time

Aquarius Needs: Someone who will accept their emotional detachment and go with the flow, someone who will push the Aquarius to make their dreams a reality

Pisces Wants: Someone to care for them and indulge in their romantic fantasies, someone who will support them through absolutely anything 

Pisces Needs: Someone who will dedicate excess time and effort into them, support and encourage their interests, help them deal with emotional burdens


this is what i like to call “moments that made me headcanon daniel as bisexual and i’m convinced he and hector were more than ‘just friends’”

drifting off to sleep. heavy rain on gardens. leaning your head on someone’s shoulder. big blankets. contemplating your life. comfortable silences. gas stations at night. not sharing every detail of your life. staying up late working. dim lights.

This Friday: Artists Aram Han Sifuentes and Cauleen Smith host Protest Banner Lending Library, inspired by Smith’s banners on display in the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Visitors are invited to make their own fabric banners in a communal sewing space. The workshop is part of a series of Protest Banner Lending Library workshops that Sifuentes has organized at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in partnership with Gallery 400, Smart Museum, Comfort Station, Chicago Cultural Center, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The workshops have become a place where people come together in solidarity through making. 


Snake River Correctional Institution (SRCI) is a minimum and medium security prison for men, located in Ontario, Malheur County Oregon. With an inmate population over 3,000, SRCI is the largest correctional facility in the state, which also houses a 500 bed administrative segregation unit. It has been reported that the cell doors in ad-seg are painted pink. SRCI operates a prison industries plant with a metal shop that manufactures road signs, gatehouses and comfort stations for state parks, a print shop, a woodworking shop and a sign shop. It also operates a commercial call center, otherwise known as a telemarketing call center, which handles DMV inquiries and sets up appointments for travel agencies. Eligible inmates at SRCI may enroll in a parenting class which requires them to walk around with a teddy bear strapped to their bodies, to illustrate the 24/7 responsibilities involved with being a parent. Upon completion of the class, the inmates can mail the teddy bears to their children.

Creepypasta #1036: Ghost Train

Length: Short

I remember being told about the parliamentary trains a few months ago. These are services that are run, usually once or twice a day, as relics of an old Act of Parliament that required certain routes to operate to allow less well-off passengers to travel relatively cheaply. Since it costs money to close a route down permanently, several of them still operate around the UK’s rail network.

Fascinated, I thought I’d catch one purely out of interest. The nearest service to me is the Metropolitan line service from Watford to Rickmansworth, which departs at half past midnight on Mondays (well, technically Tuesday, but that’s how it works). I arrived at the station last Monday with minutes to spare, yet as expected, there was nobody else on the train. A member of staff warned me as I got on that it wasn’t going into London. He seemed particularly keen for me not to board, as even when I explained that I knew it was a parliamentary train, he still looked as though he were searching for a good reason for me not to get on. As the train departed, his eyes followed me, filled with - what? Concern? Dread? I couldn’t really tell.

As the train pulled in to Croxley station, and the doors opened, I heard what sounded like footsteps in the carriage behind me as though someone else were boarding, but I couldn’t see whomever it was when I craned my neck around to look. I assumed they must just have sat somewhere out of sight, and if they were anything like me, the last thing they would have wanted would have been to engage in conversation with a stranger, so I left them be.

Between Croxley and Rickmansworth is a junction in the tracks, where the train usually heads east and joins the main branch of the Metropolitan line before heading to Moor Park and on into London. The track that goes to Rickmansworth, off to the west, is one that I had often wondered about, as I used to catch the Met line from Harrow to Rickmansworth in the days after I left university and had my first job there. Finding out about the parliamentary train helped explain why there was this seemingly unused section of track.

Anyway, even as a full grown man I felt a thrill as the train headed right and into uncharted territory, for me at least. The high banks on either side of the cutting and the late hour meant that I could see nothing in the windows but my own reflection, and only knew where we were from the jerk as the train crossed the points and shifted direction. The lights flickered off and on as the electrical contacts on the bottom of the train skipped over the rails to rejoin the powered rails on the new branch, and for a brief moment I got the distinct impression of a train packed with passengers in the reflection of the windows. It wasn’t that I actually saw anyone, but I suddenly felt as though I were no longer alone, for just the briefest moment between the short seconds of darkness.

I looked around again, back to the carriage where I heard someone board at Croxley, but still couldn’t see anyone. Slightly perturbed, I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, and fixed my stare back on the window.

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(Gif cred: x)

  • James isn’t too big on PDA. 
  • You’d always be holding hands, though. 
  • Making him blush when you peck his cheek in public. 
  • Telling him that him blushing is the cutest thing in the world. 
  • “Whatever, love. I’m not cute.” “You’re the cutest, Leighton.” 
  • Being friends with the club members. 
  • Which makes James kind of uncomfortable.
  • ‘Cause he knows that all the boys find you attractive.  
  • Helping him rehearse for his job interviews. 
  • And then comforting him when he returns all bummed up that people only want to hire him because of who his dad is. 
  • “It’s like they think they’re hiring Jonty Leighton-Masters, not me.” “Don’t worry, love. You’ll show them how amazing you are.”
  • He doesn’t want you to attend club meetings with him, because he gets jealous when all the boys can’t focus in anything else but you. 
  • Telling him to don’t worry and going anyways. 
  • The smug grin on his face when you lean towards him and all the boys just look away from the both of you, envious. 
  • Great sex. 
  • Scratching his back. 
  • “Damn babe, look at that.” “Sorry, James.” “Don’t worry, it’s hot.” 
  • Making out to music. 
  • You blush whenever you hear your make-out songs in public. 
  • James just smirks and chuckle slightly. 
  • You’d totally steal his sweaters. 
  • He doesn’t really mind. 
  • You’re the one he calls when he gets arrested. 
  • He calms down as soon as he sees you walking into the station. 
  • Comforting him even though you’re fucking mad at him.
  • “I fucked up real bad, babe.” “It’s all going to be okay, James.” 
  • Scolding him as soon as he calms down, though. 
  • He loves to cook you dinner. 
  • Even though he’s not a great cook. 
  • Being the sweetheart he is, he’d give you little details, like flower bouquets and chocolates, from time to time. 
  • Going to museums together all the damn time. 
  • Loving each other unconditionally. 

Park Dae-im was drafted by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1934 and forced into prostitution in the service of the Japanese troops invading China. She was sent to a euphemistically-named comfort station in Mukden, now Shenyang, China, where she received a residence permit for foreigners, which she has kept with care as proof of her past.

Comfort on the way….

ATLANTIC OCEAN (October 1, 2017) - The United States Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) (center) simultaneously conducts an underway replenishment (UNREP) and refueling with the dry cargo and ammunition ship USNS William McLean (T-AKE 12) (left)….and a vertical replenishment (VERTREP) (using helicopters) with fast combat support ship USNS Supply (T-AOE 6) (far right).

Comfort is underway from her homeport in Norfolk, VA to support post-Hurricane Maria humanitarian relief operations in Puerto Rico

The huge ship is equipped with 1,000 hospital beds, 12 operating rooms, and one of America’s largest trauma units. The hospital part of the ship is manned by 1,000 Naval hospital staff – doctors, surgeons, nurses, corpsmen, pharmacists, administrative staff….and many others….usually tailored to the mission at hand.

By the time Comfort arrives on station October 3rd….she’ll be fully ready to provide a broad spectrum of aid and comfort to the devastated island….and her millions of people just trying to survive the long post-storm ordeal.

From another perspective: USNS Comfort is prepared – while enroute – for her emergency duties aiding the stricken people of Puerto Rico.

                                      ¡Buena suerte, Puerto Rico!

                                        (Good luck, Puerto Rico!)

                                            *          *          *          *

>>Personal note: During the mid-1980s….as USNS Comfort arose from the recycled hull of a former oil tanker in a San Diego, CA shipyard….I was mesmerized by this gigantic white ship towering over the dockyard.

I walked past her nearly every day as I performed my duties at the time inspecting AEGIS combat systems upgrades on some of our Navy warships in the same shipyard.

I was so impressed….I had a very fine model of USNS Comfort constructed for me….as an addition to my large collection of hand-crafted wooden ship models….each representing a ship that holds special meaning (and memories) for me.

  USNS Comfort model holds a special place in my home….and my heart.


>>CLICK the top photo for a much better look at the three ships….

>>Top two photos: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ernest R. Scott, USN