comfort station

below thunder showers

sci-fi au
inspired by billie marten’s heavy weather.

pairing: jungkook | reader, past yoongi | reader 
genre: angst with bits of fluff
word count: 29.885
warnings: none

Min Yoongi leads Earth with a stern hand and a pair of cold eyes. You lead a withered space station that’s been losing hope for years, mind tired and heart torn. Jeon Jungkook is no more than a broken soldier who’s slowly losing his humanity, but his longing for the rain keeps him tied to the ground.

Three paths converge again when the two worlds clash, and as precarious as they were, it does not stop you from falling in love for a second time.

You are just eight years old when you look at Earth’s sky for the first time.

Though you are considered an observant child, you are still too young to understand the underlying meaning of your actions. Your eyes only see an unexplored vastness, infinite and alluring, undiscerning of the coiling tendrils that precariously tie two worlds together — yours, and Min Yoongi’s.

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lullaby x lonely

baby, i’m so lonely, so lonely
i feel like i’m alone
when i see you so tired
i worry that i’m baggage to you
that i’m too much

have a good night, dear
even today you did a good job
when i’m alone and lonely i’m with you
(can you hear me?)

This Friday: Artists Aram Han Sifuentes and Cauleen Smith host Protest Banner Lending Library, inspired by Smith’s banners on display in the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Visitors are invited to make their own fabric banners in a communal sewing space. The workshop is part of a series of Protest Banner Lending Library workshops that Sifuentes has organized at Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in partnership with Gallery 400, Smart Museum, Comfort Station, Chicago Cultural Center, and School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The workshops have become a place where people come together in solidarity through making. 

The type of person the signs want/need in a relationship

Aries Want: Someone spontaneous, innocent, and adventurous 

Aries Need: Someone that’s going to push them, listen to them, and keep them humble 

Taurus Want: Someone fun to procrastinate with, who will make them feel like the center of attention 

Taurus Needs: Someone to nurture them, motivate them, and look out for their best interests

Gemini Wants: Someone crazy and spontaneous who wont make them feel caged

Gemini Needs: Someone who will stimulate them intellectually, motivate them, and keep their energies leveled

Cancer Wants: Someone that they can take care of who is hopelessly devoted to them

Cancer Needs: Someone very introspective who is willing to provide the necessary amount of emotional support and guidance 

Leo Wants: Someone to worship the ground they walk on, make grand gestures, and add to their image

Leo Needs: Someone to keep them grounded and show them they there is more to life than their image, provide stability

Virgo Wants: Someone who will overlook all of their flaws who they can easily understand

Virgo Needs: Someone straightforward who can show the analytical Virgo how to relax and not over analyze every little thing, someone to let loose with

Libra Wants: Someone to follow their lead, compliment their appearance and actions

Libra Needs: Someone to keep them humble, pick up their messes, and cheer them up when they feel stressed

Scorpio Wants: To dominate their partner, someone who will help them achieve their goals who they can control 

Scorpio Needs: Someone who doesn’t take life as seriously as they do, provide optimism and humor to their daily lives, and make them less suspicious of people

Sagittarius Wants: Someone to constantly learn with and jump from project to project with, someone to study

Sagittarius Needs: Someone to direct their energy into one thing at a time, motivate them when distracted by unhealthy activities 

Capricorn Wants: Someone steady and slow who is comfortable in their own station in life, as Capricorn is comfortable in theirs

Capricorn Needs: Someone who will encourage the Capricorn to break from their normal routine, pursue more, shoot for the stars 

Aquarius Wants: Someone to provide constant excitement and adventure, someone who won’t be too clingy, as the Aquarius likes to detach from time to time

Aquarius Needs: Someone who will accept their emotional detachment and go with the flow, someone who will push the Aquarius to make their dreams a reality

Pisces Wants: Someone to care for them and indulge in their romantic fantasies, someone who will support them through absolutely anything 

Pisces Needs: Someone who will dedicate excess time and effort into them, support and encourage their interests, help them deal with emotional burdens

drifting off to sleep. heavy rain on gardens. leaning your head on someone’s shoulder. big blankets. contemplating your life. comfortable silences. gas stations at night. not sharing every detail of your life. staying up late working. dim lights.


this is what i like to call “moments that made me headcanon daniel as bisexual and i’m convinced he and hector were more than ‘just friends’”

I’m pretty sure a lazy, comfortably warm gas station with barely-audible, twangy country music playing in the distance no matter where you stand is a key part of the Texas Gothic aesthetic.

Park Dae-im was drafted by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1934 and forced into prostitution in the service of the Japanese troops invading China. She was sent to a euphemistically-named comfort station in Mukden, now Shenyang, China, where she received a residence permit for foreigners, which she has kept with care as proof of her past.

There is a universe where all of the things that we lost are located.

In there, the teddy bear that you had to leave behind as a child because your family had to move to another place is still sitting comfortably in an attic. The strawberry eraser, your favorite one, the one that you were too devastated when you misplaced, is still lying under the table of your first grade classroom. The handkerchief that your crush has lended you when he saw you cry in the backyard garden because of the bullies that got to your nerves was never stolen, it was still there at your locker where you intended to keep it. Your copy of your favorite band’s album, your worn out headphones, your limited edition superhero shirt, your handmade friendship bracelet. All of them are there, waiting to be found.

In there, our innocence are hanging on every tree like fairy lights. They shine so that darkness doesn’t have to exist. The sound of our laughter is playing endlessly on every radio station. The heat of our passion is what keeps the fire places burning. Respect is painted all over the walls and understanding blooms on every empty pot. Forgiveness is a vast ocean where everyone can quench their thirst. Acceptance is given away like flyers of a famous product. Patience sits comfortable on subway stations and it doesn’t falter even when the trains take too long to arrive. Equality is a monument that everybody recognizes and understands. Peace can be inhaled.

In there, all the unsaid and forgotten words are buried in a graveyard. The last sentences of people who were never imprinted in history, the stifled profession of genuine emotions, the undocumented diary entries, the unspoken wedding vows, the unsent text messages, the unheard voice mails, the hellos and goodbyes that were never whispered and the revelations that were never unraveled have their own tombs so that they don’t have to be omitted from our memories. There is a mausoleum for unwritten poems and unfinished stories. The coffins of the unread books are open, waiting for someone to give them a chance to be relived again. The dialects that are no longer used are engraved on stone tablets to show the strong foundation they have established in the civilization of mankind. Everything is remembered and recognized.

In there, all the objects that hold the most significant moments are displayed in a museum. The photographs that were burned, soaked, undeveloped and untaken are put in frames that are hanging on walls for everyone to marvel on. The gifts of lovers that didn’t quite make it to happily ever after are enclosed in glass cases for its sincerity to be preserved. There is a section where wedding rings of divorced couples, wilted bouquets of unhappy brides and torn down garters of disloyal grooms can be found. There is a gallery of first date cinema tickets of unrequited lovers, lyrics of theme songs of disbanded group of friends and coffee cups on break-up meet ups. These little things are the witnesses of the instances that we tried so hard not to remember. They bear the heaviest sentiments that broke our hearts into pieces. They are stuck in the beginning or the ending of stories that we never bothered to share again.

In there, our life’s purpose are hanging around our necks as if they are our family’s heirlooms that have been there a long time ago. We are dressed with our will and our hope so that we don’t have to sulk on our bed every morning. We wear our faith as shoes so that we don’t have anything else to do but to keep on going. The pieces of our hearts assemble themselves on our chest and we don’t have to spend nights crying and moping just to make them whole. Time is not just something that we wear around our wrists for we can turn it back or speed it up any way that we wish. Love is not something that we believe as unattainable or undeserved for we can willingly give it or receive it without thinking of it as anything but beautiful.

In there, the ones who got away came back. The ones who waited have something worth waiting for. The ones who stayed have the audacity to walk away. The ones who let go didn’t have to let go because they were given more strength to hold on.

In there, we can find the parents that we didn’t meet, the people that we could have loved and the lovers that we were too busy to notice.

In there, we can find the value of the things and people that we took for granted.

In there, we can find ourselves.


Summary: Sans keeps forgetting how clearly insane Error truly is, but that’s part of why he loves him, really… To a point of defending him from another version of himself. Sequel to “Cat & Mouse!” The finale of the series.

Errorswap, OoC, Blueberry’s PoV.


Warning(s): Yaoi ( boyXboy ) for those yaoi haters. Sancest… Major hints of Character Death. I guess that’s it.

Pairing(s): Errorberry ( Error Sans/Underswap Sans )

Note(s): Ink Sans makes an appearance! He might be TOTALLY OoC, I’m sorry, Comyet, if he is! ;3;

Please be as harsh as you could.

I’m sorry if I got any spelling wrong. The only spelling corrections I have are google. So, if I made any mistakes, tell me.

Criticism is welcome.

Enjoy! xD x3

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003. Youtuber Preference: Unwinding

JACK: Your final exam was officially over and all you could think about the entire tube journey back home was having a long hot soak in the tub. As soon as the front door was locked behind you and mail on the kitchen counter, you stripped down and went to the bathroom to run the water. You didn’t even bother to pick up your top, jeans, socks, or mismatched undergarments, you just left them in the hallway to be tended to later. Treating yourself extra nicely, you poured a little lily of the valley oil into the tub to mix with the hot water and lit small white tea candles over the sink and shelves. All that was missing was some Boyz II Men and it would have looked like you were in a 90s ballad music video. With a quick flick of the switch, you turned the lights off and combed your hair up onto the top of your head like an oversized cotton ball.

Stepping in, the water welcomed you with small ripples and even with just your feet and ankles met, you felt relaxed. You inhaled deeply before releasing all the stress the whole week out and then laid down in the tub, neck and shoulders against the back while you closed your eyes.

One of your arms was held out over the edge of the tub as you drifted into such a state of calm that you could have easily been confused for comatose. You didn’t know how long you had actually been soaking when the water began to splash around you like a windy day at the beach. Startled, your eyes popped open quickly and you spotted Jack, illuminated by the candlelight, jumping in by your feet in all his clothes, a nice pair of dress pants and an actual button up shirt since he had something he considered important that day to do.

“Sure, I don’t mind if you join…” Sarcastically, you told him with a small laugh, looking at him as if he was crazy. You knew that he was.

“I saw your clothes in the hall and I just rushed in.” He shrugged, chuckling at himself.

“At least, take your pants off.” You didn’t mean anything by it, but if he was going to join you in the tub, he should be dressed properly for it which was to be not dressed at all. Of course, Jack had to lift up a brow and look at you like you suggested something so saucy and novel to him.

“Cheeky, cheeky girl…” Smacking his lips together, he shook his head back and forth. He put his hands under the water and started to unbuckle his trousers.  

FINN: It had been a long day of travelling to London from Florida and, even though, it had been something of a vacation for you the trip back was exhausting. Even if you had slept an hour or so during the flight, it hadn’t been actual deep sleep. Some part of you wanted to unpack right away, there was a blouse in your luggage that you were going to wear later when you and Finn met up for sushi with a few friends, but as soon as you were in the door of your flat, your ass was on the couch.

With Finn underneath you, you slept right between his legs, the back of your head resting on your chest as if the thin material of his t-shirt was a comfortable pillow. His chest was rising and falling at a passive pace, his mouth open and allowing a vibrating noise to exit as he slept as well. His arms were lazily over your body, one snaked around your waist just barely underneath your racerback while the other matched up against yours.

It started off at a distance, the sound of animated music, and then suddenly your pillow was moving around on you and pushing you away. Reluctantly, your eyes flickered open and you sat up as Finn was trying to, his phone ringing loudly.

“Shit. We need to get ready.” Groggily, he said rubbing his temple. He had just missed a call from your friends. “We have, like, ten minutes and then we have to go…”

You thought about the time for a moment and looked straight ahead down the small hardwood hall. Your clothes were so far away, so was the bathroom where your makeup was, and you were far too comfortable where you were.

“That’s five more minutes to nap.” Content, you leaned down and rested on his denim dressed lap, folding your arms underneath you and closing your eyes again.

JOE: “Don’t move.” Lathargically, you rested your neck on his bare shoulder and let the warm water from the shower head cascade over your chest and downward. If he even stepped a smidgen in either direction, you would give out on the ground. Your energy was shot from moving boxes up and down all day as you two finally took the plunge and moved in together.

Smirking to himself, Joe spoke quietly against your wet hair, “Comfortable?”

“Very.” You moaned the words since actual talking felt as exhausting as running uphill at the moment. “You’re an excellent human pillow.” Hopefully, he took it as a compliment because you couldn’t have been more grateful for his body holding up yours at the moment.

“So, should I assume we are not going to be unpacking your things today?” Lightly, he chuckled.

You only nodded.

“I already know which one of your shirts I’m wearing to bed.” You would go through and put away all your own clothes, tomorrow, when you had it in you.

MAZZ: It seemed to you like Mazz always had energy. He was always dancing around, practically bouncing off the walls, or running in spot. It could be an annoying trait, but it was also incredibly enviable. As you laid down in an “S” shape under your bed covers, ready to call it a night completely, you could hear Mazz in the living room, jumping up and down, “No, come on, I want to go out!” He still had hours left in him. He would have been happy just to sprint to McDonalds and hang out there for a bit, anything, but sleep.

“Oy, girlie, come on. Get up.” His voice boomed as he stood in the doorway and stared at your backside. “Up, up, up!” Like a child, he moved to the edge of the bed and started pulling on the covers. “[Y/N]!” He shouted your name out in a moan as he climbed on top of the mattress and started to jump as if he was on a trampoline.

“Seriously, Mazz, I will kill you and sleep with your dead body on the bed. I don’t care.” After flattening out on your backside, you stared up at him and said firmly. If he really thought there was a chance you were going to get up, it was gone now. He stopped and stood above you for a moment before collapsing on top of your body, his head on your breasts happily.

“I am not tired though.” He whined against them.

“Then go out. Play Wii or call Andy or something…”

“I want to play with you though…” He complained, sliding his hands underneath your back in order to hug you close to him.

“Twenty minutes, okay? Then, I’ll get up…” After a little bit of thought, you compromised, earning a nod of agreement from your boyfriend. Closing your eyes, you ran your hands down his back and started to drift off into slumber. You knew that both of you would be fast asleep in twenty minutes.

CASPER: “How do people do this?” After putting his young cousins to bed, you asked your boyfriend. He was plunked down on the couch comfortably, flipping through stations as you sluggishly walked over to join him.

It had been a full day of hanging out babysitting and while you loved his cousins and you liked children, it really was one of the hardest work outs you had put yourself threw. You practically threw yourself down on the chesterfield next to Casper, your shoulder pressed into the back as you stared up at him, staring at the screen.

“You mean parents?” He asked, finally settling on a re-run of The Graham Norton show. Johnny Depp was one of the guests and he was fond of him.

“Yeah, every day all day. This was hard work and I know hard work.” It was too much effort to laugh, so you tried to lift up the corners of your lips.

“Well, you didn’t get much sleep last night either.” Coyly, he looked back and you before leaning into the cushions himself.

“That would have been your fault.” You pointed out, snuggling up against his body.

“It’s not my fault that you have no self-control, that you can’t keep your hands off of me…” While reaching over your legs, Casper teased you, and pulled one of the throws from the couch over your body like a drape. He grazed his knuckles up and down your arms gently, watching the show, but focusing on you as you two rested. 

The US military, which was to be the major force in constructing military prostitution in the post-World War II world, partook of the ‘comfort women’ system too. In the immediate postwar period the Japanese government was concerned that the US occupation troops would rape Japanese women if they were not supplied with prostituted women as a substitute. They thought this particularly because they were well aware of their own troops’ propensity to rape. Thus they constructed as deliberate state policy a comfort women system for the US military. A memo from the Home Ministry’s security division instructed police chiefs to ‘aggressively lead and quickly establish sexual comforting institutions’ (Lie, 1997, p. 257). The thousands of women required were to be recruited from women already in prostitution, ‘geisha, licensed and unlicensed prostitutes, waitresses, barmaids, habitual prostitutes and the like’ according to the official instruction to police chiefs (Tanaka, 2002, p. 134). The US and allied forces had already made plans, apparently, to set up military brothels as they advanced (ibid., p. 87). Not all the women were already in prostitution, as some high-school students working in munitions factories were recruited by the mafia groups closely linked with fascist political organizations, who acted as procurers. These students, who had lost their families in the war, were almost certainly deceived. They were gang-raped by groups of GIs as their induction. Some of the brothels were set up specifically to entertain high-ranking US officers and top delegates of the US government’s missions. There were always 20 ‘top geisha’ on hand to send to the dinner parties of high-ranking officers.

Some of the brothels set up at this time for the US military were so large that they can be seen as presaging the industrialization of prostitution. One had 300–400 women and was set up in the dormitories of an ex-munitions plant (Tanaka, 2002, p. 153). The total number of prostituted women being used by occupation troops in Tokyo alone at the end of 1945 was an estimated 10,000, with 70,000 overall (Lie, 1997). The state worked with private club and brothel owners to set up the Recreation and Amusement Association (RAA), which has been called ‘the world’s biggest white-slave traffic combine’, with capital of 50 million yen, of which 35 million yen was provided by the Finance Ministry. The state recruited by advertising for ‘special women employees’ for ‘comforting stationed troops’ and some women signed up because there was massive hunger and unemployment (ibid.).
—  Sheila Jeffreys, The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade