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You hate the 50th too? Oh good. What did you hate about it???

whenever I bring it up, I mostly refer to the terrible “plot twist” / “retroactive retcon” at the end-

but if I had to be comprehensive……… *cracks knuckles*:

  • !!! Billie Piper is back…..WOW! AWESOME!
  •  except, haha. JK she is not here to play Rose Tyler. Because fuck you, fans. Instead Billie will just stand around…… speaking in posh-english…… and wearing a very ragged, un-Rose like sulking face the whole time.
  • And since Rose isn’t actually back, you don’t actually get any nice “Oh, Rose is back” things… there’s no Eleven x Rose angst, no flirty Clara x Rose interaction, no Ten x Rose cuteness. NOTHING.  Billie is literally just a Sexy Lamp Prop for the crappy plot to hang on.
  • Then of course there’s the disservice done to………..
  • Paul Mcgann, after being the serving Doctor for longer than anyone, but having no TV appearances, finally had the chance to come back  Him coming back would have done Justice to all those years when he was The Face Of The Wilderness Years, and would have truly connected Classic and New Who for reals………… (and his charm combined with DT’s would have brought the world to its knees)
  • …instead they cast a new person who had 0 connection to the FIFTY YEARS LONG world of Who (just because he has more screen “prestige”/”pedigree” i guess!!), and the actual guy who deserved the spotlight is given a 5 minute webisode.
  • Let that sink in, instead of giving Eight the screentime he deserved, because Moffat couldn’t deal with giving due to a character somebody else created, he had to create an entirely new Doctor-
  • A new doctor that doesn’t make any sense! The “War Doctor” is characterized as a “gritty war hero” yet the only thing he does is graffiti some walls. Ooh, so scary. Also he was destined to die in this (1) episode which just makes his the more pointless.
  • This is because the Time War itself is mis-characterized! The Cool Thing about the Time War is that it was this unimaginable, horrific conflict between two factions whose war technology was literally out of any  comprehensible human scale. The reach of its destruction was so great it literally shattered the structure of time and left things like the monsters from Fathers Day to stabilize it.
  • None of this Coolness is reflected in the special. The images a “Time War” conjures up should have been like in this Nick Briggs quote illustrated by Tealin:

  • However if you just watched the 50th you would walk away thinking the Time War was a tiny skirmish on the surface of 1 planet (Gallifrey), where The Daleks raided the OH SO Poor, Defenseless, bb!Gallifreyans  with their bad deadly lazerz.
  • Then, because the Gallifreyans were mis-represented, that leads us to  the biggest offender: the retcon of the time war/genocide of the Time Lords. Honestly I could go on for 2 hours on why this plot point sucked but I have already written a lot so Ill keep it short: it sucks.
  •  Of all the aggravating things in the 50th it is what aggravates me the most. It retroactively manages to ruin my favorite era of Doctor Who (the RTD era) since it basically said “haha jk, the doctor never actually had to make a sacrifice, AND he was WRONG to think she could make it in the first place
  • (never mind that Nine and Ten DID live their lives with that choice. never mind that we as an audience accepted it because it was presented as a complex, juicy moral dilemma, that was the crux of all the thematic themes of those stories. )
  • but it is all FIXED and now everything you knew and loved was a LIE! long live the Big Friendly Reset Buttom!!! fuck moral dilemmas” 
  • LMAO AND AFTER DOING ALL THIS SHIT Gallifrey could come back in the main series- they did nothing worthy with it. This “I must find Gallifrey” plot went nowhere, and it took it years before it could have any kind of pay off in Heave/Hell Bent (where Gallifrey was pretty much just a white noise for all the Clara/Twelve drama).
  • Sorry, I guess I didn’t really keep it short did I uhhh…..The whole other Zygon subplot is just a stupid set up for the (even more horrible) Zygon episodes later in the main series!!
  • But back to Gallifrey,
  • The episode makes the final point that The Doctor had to go through all those adventures so he could “return” to Gallifrey. And the way it is framed is just….ugh. Gross. At the time the final scene pissed me off so much because it goes against one of the core values of The Doctor as a character.  
  • Let me elaborate: The Doctor as an archetype is that of a rebel, a non-comformist. He is the bohemian, counter-culture to the academical-obsessed Time Lords. This is one of the traits that has The Doctor so appealing to people. This is the reason he ran away from Gallifrey
  • but the way the episode frames it, it comes across as this big moment of “maturity”.
  • It frames his decision to run away from Gallifrey as something not unlike “teenage rebel-dry” and his decision to come back as a sign of “adulthood” (tangent: I was hyper-aware of these themes because they were also the problems with the then-recent Amy Pond arc). And this is the philosophical cross-way where Moffat and I clearly disagree, because IMO, if there is a “mature” reason for The Doctor to come back to his homeland, it would be to improve it. Because he was right in running away from there,  because Time Lord society was stagnant, and “ degenerate, and rotten to the core”.
  • A N Y W A Y
  • The root of it all is that I HATED the concept behind it.
  • The idea we couldn’t “just” have a fun, silly get-together, with as many guest-stars from the past as possible, with old companions drinking tea and hanging around in the TARDIS
  •  (- The Five Doctors . I wanted The Five Doctors)
  • No, we needed to be Serious and Big because according to Steven Fucking Moffat: “It cant be about looking to the past, it is about looking forward”.
  • Yes,  celebrating the past In an anniversary!!!! episode!!! was unthinkable.
  • just ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • the worst.
  • Oh yeah, and Tom Baker does get a little cameo but honestly it is so pointless and cringe-y that I always forget about it tbqh.

I haven’t seen it again since it aired years ago (#BLESSED) but Im sure there were other, minor grievances about it in the other 80% of the episode. Subscribers get more at my 50th tag.

For God So Loved The Gays (a poem)

I am a queer Christian
     I am a proud, bisexual, transgender follower of Jesus
People will tell me that’s an oxymoron
     but I believe in a God of love

Where in the Bible does it say –

“For God so loved the world, except the gays?”
     "Love your neighbour as yourself,
so long as that neighbour identifies
     as the gender assigned to them at birth?“
"Whoever loves others has fulfilled the law,
     unless that love is anything other than platonic
for someone of the same gender?”
     "The Lord works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed,
unless that oppression is based on sexuality or gender?“
     "God has shown me that I should not call anyone impure or unclean,
as long as they’re cisgender heterosexuals?”


My God so loved the world that he sent his only son
     for straight people, gay people, bi and pan and ace people;
for cis people, trans people, gender non comformists;
     for those who reject every binary;
for those the world would leave behind;
     for us, Jesus came
for us, Jesus died
     and for us, Jesus rose again
and nothing anyone ever says
     can take away from this:

I’m here, I’m queer, and Jesus still loves me
     exactly as I am

Hans-Joachim Marseille: “Der Stern von Afrika”

Hans-Joachim Marseille was a young german fighter pilot. He is considered to be the most amazing and lethal ace of World War II. “Jochen” - as friends called him - was a non-comformist and unparalleled innovator in his field. He created and developed his own personal training program and combat tactics, achieving amazing results.

Marseille joined the Luftwaffe in 1938 and graduated from one of the fighter pilot schools at 20 years old, just in time to partake in the Battle of Britain, which he did with little personal success.

The young pilot lived what could be called a bohemian lifestyle, partying and going to bars more than he should, which took a toll on his flying duties. For this reason, and somewhat as a punishment, he was transferred to a unit that moved to North Africa, in 1941. It was there where he perfected his skills, pushed himself with his own training and increased his discipline. 

North Africa is where Marseille would accomplish the most, achieving amazing victories which were heard of in all of Germany. German propaganda would then refer to him as “Der Stern von Afrika” (“The Star of Africa”), turning him into a legend. His status was specially popular among women, and as his rising tally approached 100, he received sacks of fan mail from women all over the country. On 17 June 1942, he finally reached his 100th aerial victory and was later awarded the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords (which he is wearing on his neck in the above picture).

On September 30, 1942, while on a mission, Hans-Joachim Marseille died after suffering engine problems and having to exit his fighter which had been filled with smoke. When trying to bail out, his chest impacted with the vertical stabilizer of his aircraft, either killing him instantly or rendering him unconscious and unable to open his parachute. In the end of his life he reached a confirmed total of 158 aerial victories.

He was described by Adolf Galland, the most senior german ace, with the following words: He was the unrivaled virtuoso among the fighter pilots of World War II. His achievements were previously considered impossible.

Although he was a Luftwaffe pilot and fought on Germany’s side, Marseille was known to be non-conformist and defiant. He was anti-nazi, completely opposing the National Socialist movement. He also had an immense love for american Jazz and Blues music, which was prohibited in the Third Reich.

The young pilot’s defiant atitude and lack of respect for the elite of the Third Reich showed itself when he was invited to play the piano at a party attended by big names, such as Adolf Hitler, Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler. Marseille played pieces, including Beethoven’s Für Elise, for over an hour and then controversially ended with american Jazz, considered degenerate in nazi ideology. As it happened, Hitler stood up, raised his hand, said “I think we’ve heard enough!” and left the room.

During his time in Africa, Marseille also made a point of keeping a black South African POW named Mathias as a personal servant, knowing full well the fate that would befall him if he fell into the hands of the nazis. The two became the best of friends.

I bet there are different types of killjoys. Not meaning different jobs, morals, and all that jazz, we already know about that.

I mean killjoys having different styles. Classic punk killjoys, metalhead killjoys, hippie killjoys, bohemian killjoys, pastel killjoys, gothic killjoys, and any other “non-comformist” style you can think of, including mixtures between different styles, since killjoys are all about expression and experimentation.

Ya know, more kind so styles than just that punk-ish pop-punk standard style you always see, the one based off the original killjoys.

On the one hand I love that tumblr has made feminism more widespread and accessible.

On the other hand I hate how it’s been transformed into this ultra-comformist, liberal, pop-culture-ish blob of lipstick and glitter and capitalism.