New promo for next week episodes, Star vs Echo Creek (Star goes on the run after accidentally crushing a police car) and Wand to Wand (Star and Ludo struggle to get their new wands to work properly)

Star vs Echo Creek

I guess that this promo comfirms that the scene with Star in the woods from older promos are from this episode.

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Who dont believe Harry said that, listen here at 3:12


Sara Harvey is in the grave, Bethany just died + melissa connection THEORY

Bear with me! they all somewhat make sense and its almost 5am

There were 3 blondes running around “that night” : Ali, Bethany, Sara

Cece claimed Bethany stole her clothes which coincidentally was the same yellow top Alison was wearing… But also, Jason saw Cece and Melissa talking that night and she was apparently wearing a yellow top. (his memory makes sense cos Melissa and Cece were in Cape May together and have a connection so i think it’s credible) even more bc Cece comfirmed this to Emily, which she later denied to Alison saying it was Bethany. Well it would make sense if they’re the same person right?

Sara Harvey on the other hand has no connection to the mystery or whatsoever. As far as i know, she’s just a teenage girl who happens to be around that time when everything was happening (although could have been possibly lured by Bethany/Alison for the sake of a body). Anyways, so relevancy speaking it’s smarter to keep Bethany alive and Sara dead – since Bethany is associated with not only Charles, but also Marion Cavanaugh while Sara is of no use.

But why did they find her in a yellow top? Well, obviously Cece/Bethany could have easily put her clothes on her as well plant her DNA on the corpse – which was why she was identified as Bethany. Also, as i recall maybe that was the reason there were flashbacks of Cece not wearing the infamous top that night; because they only showed flashbacks of her after she put everything on Sara already.

I don’t believe Bethany and Charles ever had a fallout, i think they’re still quite close. Or at least, were. Before Bethany REALLY died this time. The only people Cece was close enough w/ to avenge her were: Mary, Rollins, Alison, Charles, (and maybe Wren since they had a connection)

Also going to the Mary storyline: Cece could be Bethany because there would be a reason why Jessica wanted Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie bc Cece was Mary’s daughter! She got mad of the affair (remember the tapes) at Jessica because she steals everything from her twin sister aka her mother and plotted revenge (and prolly other reasons added).

Quoting Mona: Alison was jealous of Bethany and lured her to Rosewood that night. (Or something along those lines). Like her mom was jealous of Mary? I do believe they really did have contact (Ali and Beth) which is why they had the same top too. (No coincidences in Rosewood right!)

Also can we note Marlene said Cece lied about her age? First of all nobody knew the existence of Charles before so even if she stated her “real” age, it wouldn’t matter. Secondly, why would Marlene make Charles in the later season 25 (or younger) years old when we were clearly told in Cece was 30. Unless it’s a plothole and now she just said Cece lied.
I’m guessing Cece lied about her age not because of the Charles plotline, but rather because Bethany was the only to have that age, everyone was either younger or older –

Cece being blonde, having the same age as Bethany, shady character, Radley patient, present that night – makes it all too obvious! Thats why she had to lie.

What about the Bethany tapes though? Remember how -A is ALWAYS one step ahead? If -A was bethany, she wouldn’t just leave her files there and anything that will point to her identity. Remember, almost everything the Liars find out, its because -A wanted them to. Always a trap. She could have easily planted those tapes (this is far fetched but remember how the tapes sounded like Melissa? cece seemingly being friends w/ her could have easily made her record them.) Also note: they found out about Charles, bc -A put the letter blocks + home videos. Why would he do that if he was concealing his identity right? Because she was preparing the fake reveal!

Also, Melissa buried “Bethany” alive right? Going by this theory, it was Sara and Melissa not looking at the face of the person she was burying, it was because she was part of the plan. She did it for Bethany/Cece. That’s why they were talking that night. And that’s why she could have been very much the Black Widow.

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holy shit.” andrew grinned widely. “my dad said that he just got me an interview with the dean at princeton.. i’ve wanted to go there since i was in the womb. holy fuck!” andrew was beyond excited as he showed the person his phone that showed the text his father has sent him comfirming their appointment. “do you fuckin’ see this!?”

heyyyy.what if instead of hating someone bc of their ship(s),why not try to focus on the show/book/movie you both love?
for example,i don’t hate those people who like spinach pizza;but i’m glad they like pizza bc i do too.see what i mean?
i’m just tired of shipping wars and the hate in nice,kids.