comfiest things ever

its november 1st and im hella sad about remus lupin so here are a few fun things to think ab instead:

  • he 100% is the kind of guy who would make tea, completely forget about it for one solid hour, then down it all in one go despite it having grown cold and gross and undrinkable
  • has one (1) dimple that gives sirius heart palpitations
  • probably snorts when he laughs
  • this boy sits and sleeps in the WEIRDEST fucking positions ok trust me on this. james’ back hurts in sympathy just watching him all hunched over homework sometimes
  • has permanently cold hands & feet 
  • which he likes to stick under the other boys’ shirts out of nowhere just to hear them scream
  • is a damn good knitter ok his woolen socks r the warmest and comfiest things ur feet will ever experience
  • makes the best hot chocolate in the world
  • is not neurotypical by any means lmao
  • look me in the eye and tell me this kid doesn’t have a secret notebook filled w/ angsty poetry i dare u. i double dare u
  • is the actual most important person in the world ???? im love he
  • this is all for now…. thank u for ur time
Things in the Haus that have magical properties
  • Betsy the oven. She gave everything she had. She fed them for so long, such delicious things.
  • The NEW oven. It’s like a nuclear reactor of love and friendship and everything baked in it will radiate love and friendship. Well, it’s part Bitty’s talent, and part the fact that it was given as an obscene gesture of love.
  • The ugly green couch. Yeah it’s old and moldy but it feels like putting that super worn pair of pajama pants that are stained and full of holes but are the comfiest thing ever. Chowder takes the BEST naps on it. Bitty has no idea because he never sat on the thing.
  • Señor Bunny. He watches over Bitty’s sleep and dreams.
  • The BE BETTER poster. I didn’t say they were all GOOD magical properties. That poster multiplied Jack’s anxiety every time he read the message, like a spell.
  • The attic. That’s where the ghosts feel more comfortable. Well, that’s also where Ransom sleeps.
  • The Kitchen curtains. Will allow the sunlight to strategically hit handsome hockey players covered in flour so poor gay southern boys can get dramatic revelations.
  • The electrical wiring. Hasn’t caught fire yet.
  • The pucks above Bitty’s door. Those are the pucks of Johnson’s shutouts, they actively shut out most negative energies. Johnson, of course, knew what he was doing. Bitty doesn’t need more negative emotions than the narrative gives him.
  • The Beyoncé posters have the strongest spells of strength and fabulousness you can find, and Bitty’s room is plastered in them. (Johnson will tell you that, as the protagonist, Bitty needs all the protective spells he can get.)

i got some of those meundies lounge pants for christmas and theyre like the comfiest thing i have ever worn in my life but the only thing is theyre made out of the same material that the titular underwear is made out of so i kinda feel like im wearing long johns as pants. not saying thats a bad thing, but its certainly a thing regardless


fatshion february ~ day 4: today has been…odd.  neither really good or bad, but kind of meh.  I have no idea what this aesthetic is.  it kind of makes me think of a fat Princess Leia styled as a grungy witch?  yeah, no clue. ;) this shawl is the comfiest thing ever though.

tank ~ torrid (2)
skirt ~ thrifted
shawl ~ newlook
shoes ~ target
lips ~ revlon super lustrous lipstick in black cherry

some-dumb-username  asked:

1, 23, 34 :)

1. if you could change the color of your hair, what would it be?

Ooh either a lavender or an aqua/blue color! I’d have to bleach my hair to get that color though so I’m not sure if I’ll go through with it

23. Where is your favorite place in your house?

My bed, it’s the comfiest thing ever and great to read a book in on a rainy day

34. Are candles your thing?

Definitely! I love candles, but I never light them because I’m afraid of being forgetful whoops

please send me some numbers!