It has come to our attention that, unfortunately, nightoftheasteroidrp has copied our role play.  Not only have they copied our plot, they’ve taken our theme, and literally everything else.  Fortunately for us, it wasn’t a very good attempt at doing so.  All of their links still lead back to our page.  Please do not send them hate (and it’s not like they’d respond if you did, we’ve sent them several messages with no reply), because that’s not what this community is about.  Yes, it really sucks that someone thinks that they can get away with ripping off over a year’s worth of work, but…We’ve made it this long, have over 200 characters, and an awesome group of role players.

In the words of my role model, Ron Swanson…”Live your life how you want, but don’t confuse drama with happiness.”

And that’s obviously what they’re doing, trying to cause drama for their own amusement, and we can’t stop them, but here, at NOTC, we’re truly happy BECAUSE Y’ALL ROCK.

Alright kiddies, gather ‘round. Admin Deanna’s here for an important announcement. 

So I’m sure all of you are aware that things have been kind of slow around here. It’s natural for when school to start up activity to dwindle – and truth be told, this happened last year. But to be honest, activity’s been slow since the end of the summer, and we lost a lot of important members. And even though all you special ones are still with us, I’m sure you can tell things haven’t been the same.

So I have made the decision to close down the group indefinitely. Trust me, it’s an incredibly hard decision. This group is my baby, and the other admins and I have put so much hard work into this group. But truth be told, I don’t have the time to put into getting this group back off the ground, and neither do the other admins and many of our members. I think it’s best to close it down now, on a positive note, instead of waiting until it’s already gone and fading away. There could always be a chance of it coming back once it’s closed, if I get more time once more and have a new and elaborate plot idea for Maddox. But as of right now, I just can’t give this group the work it deserves, and I think closing it off now is best.

With that being said, I am going to set the official closing date for October 22nd, giving the roleplayers a little less than two weeks to finish any plots you may have in the group. Starting today we’re closing down any chance for new applications, and on October 22nd we’ll probably change around the main page as well too. 

Thanks to everyone who has made this group so amazing; it really would not have gone anywhere without you guys, and you know who you are. Thanks to everyone who applied, joined, showed interest, or just sent us an anon. And thank you, really, for being so understanding about this. It was a really hard decision to make, but trust me guys, it’s for the best.

Lots of Love,
        Admin Deanna

Maddox’s 2013 Secret Santa Event!

It may be a little last minute, but we decided to host a Secret Santa event throughout the group. The idea’s basic, really - once we determine who’s interested in doing it, there will be a list on the main page saying which characters are another character’s “Secret Santa.” Then your character will have to find a gift for the person they’re assigned to, which will be given at the Maddox holiday event on December 29th (more info about that to come). The Secret Santas will be determined by a random generator. 

This is optional, but to get an idea of who wants to this, please like this post if you wish to do it (and will actually go through with it). If you like the post I’ll assume all your characters are going to want to do it, unless you tell me otherwise. On Friday I will post who has who for Secret Santa, so it’d be most preferable if you let me know ASAP if you wanted to do this or not.

(And if you can’t make the event on the 29th-30th, you can still do the event! So don’t let that make you not participate. Just let me know ahead of time and we can work something out.)

Question time:

As you read in our event information, the second event scheduled for next week will be a bus trip formed by the Maddox Library. However, we’re going to be taking requests on where they should go. It’d be someplace drivable (obviously), and probably in a decent price range for the residents. So if you got any ideas, let us know?

I thought I’d try this again! This one is going to be a bit more creative, pick one of the following prompts from below and write it. Make sure you make it clear which prompt you chose from the title of your written piece. It can be any length, as much or as little as you’d like. For the fun of it, I’ll be choosing a winner and posting their prompt on the main page, but the point of it i mostly to have fun and develop your character further!

  • Write about your character’s biggest regret.
  • Write about a reoccurring dream/nightmare your character has had.
  • Write about the best day of your character’s life.
  • Write about what your character was doing ten years ago.

You have until August 12th to write them. Please tag all of the prompts with cometprompt2 when you are finished with it.

The leaves are orange and falling, the wind is getting a chill, and it’s almost Halloween!  Come celebrate the spooky holiday at the opening of the Blue Bird Bar!  Alexei Morevna, the owner of the new bar is inviting one and all, old and young, citizens and visitors of Maddox to join him in celebrating the grand opening of the Blue Bird, but also Halloween with a costume party!  

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks will be served, you must be 21 or over to order any drink with alcohol in it.

When: Starting Friday night (the 25th) at 7 EST and ending on Sunday night (the 27th)

Where: On the dash, in gif chats, paras, whatever your heart desires! 

Note: Use this opportunity for your character to make new friends, meet new people, try something new! Also, let us know if you’d like to extend the event for an extra day, and we’ll do it.

It is nearing on 365 days since this roleplay first opened, and in that time much has transpired between the residents of the small town of Maddox, Pennsylvania. Conversations have been struck up, jibes have been thrown, guards have come down, and, ultimately, relationships have developed; some dysfunctional, some seemingly torn from the pages of a storybook, and others that have yet to come to fruition. For the one year anniversary of Night of the Comet we will be celebrating such pairings. 

With your input, a top 25 list of couplings has been compiled. From this list 10 will be selected, based on your votes, for a special feature on the main page.