The Dark Tower, Cometary Globule in Scorpius

Bright rimmed globules and their more evolved cousin the cometary globule represent fascinating dynamic structures formed by the interplay of cold molecular clouds and hot ionizing stars. Typically the head of the globule faces a hot O-type star. Intense radiation from the star boils away lower density gas from the head. The evaporated rim of gas becomes ionized by the stars ultraviolet flux forming a bright glowing rim we associate with many of these globules including CG4. Intense stellar winds from the ionizing star evaporate gas and dust away from the head forming the “tail” and completing the cometary shape. The globules are known to be the birthplace of low mass stars. Stars form within the globules by the mechanism known as “radiation driven implosion”. This process occurs when ultraviolet flux from a hot star compresses surviving clumps of cold molecular gas eventually causing collapse and core formation within the dense compact clouds. Lower and intermediate mass stars ultimately form from the compact gas and dust within the globules.

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I got all dressed up for prom in my swankiest clothes and had some time to kill before it started so I decided to walk around the cemetery. I read headstones and put coins on the war veterans graves out of respect. There’s always been something about cemeteries that fascinate me. There’s so much history in one place, but unless you knew the person you’ll never know the entire story. I love the mystery of it.
All in all though I guess you could say I had a good night.

Кометарная глобула CG4

Тусклая и кажущаяся угрожающей кометарная глобула CG4 протянулась через середину этого глубокого снимка южного неба. Она удалена от Земли на 1300 световых лет, находится в созвездии Кормы, диаметр её головы - около 1.5 световых лет, а длина хвоста - 8 световых лет. Это гораздо больше комет в Солнечной системе, на которые она кажется похожей.

В пылевом облаке содержится достаточно вещества, чтобы сформировать несколько похожих на Солнце звезд, вероятно, в нем продолжается звездообразование. До сих пор обсуждается, как возникла такая особенная форма. Длинный хвост протянулся от остатка сверхновой в Парусах около центра туманности Гама, а голова может быть результатом разрушения первоначально более сферического облака. Спиральной галактике, видимой с ребра около центра картинки, CG4 на самом деле не угрожает. Галактика находится гораздо дальше - до нее более 100 миллионов световых лет.

Best Ever Image of a Cometary Globule: Also What is a Cometary Globule?

Best Ever Image of a Cometary Globule: Also What is a Cometary Globule?

The best ever image of a Cometary Globule has been released by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) from the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in the Atacama desert in Chile.

Cometary Globule CG4, in the constellation Puppis. Credit: ESO

It looks a lot like a nebula right? In actuality a cometary globule is a very specific type of nebula.  It’s very faint, and it’s formation is a matter of debate…

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Изображение кометной глобулы от VLT: пас

Как зияющая пасть гигантского небесного существа, кометная глобула CG4 грозно светится на этом новом изображении от Очень Большого Телескопа Европейской Южной Обсерватории.
Хотя она кажется большой и яркой на этом изображении, на самом деле это слабая туманность, что усложняет её обнаружение астрономам-любителям. Точная природа CG4 остается загадкой.

В 1976 году было обнаружено несколько удлиненных кометоподобных объектов на снимках, сделанных великобританским телескопом Шмидта в Австралии. Из-за своей внешности, они стали известны как “кометные глобулы”, хотя не имеют ничего общего с кометами. Все они были расположены в огромном облаке светящегося газа, называемого туманностью Гама (Gum Nebula). У этих объектов плотные, темные пылевые “головы” и длинные “хвосты”, которые, как правило, направлены от остатка сверхновой в созвездии Вела, расположенного в центре туманности Гама. Хотя эти объекты относительно близки, астрономам потребовалось много времени, чтобы их обнаружить из-за слабого свечения.

Объект CG4, показанный на этом новом изображении, также иногда называют “Рукой Бога”, и является одной из этих кометных глобул. Он расположен примерно в 1300 световых лет от Земли в созвездии Кормы. “Голова” CG4, видимая на этой изображения и напоминающая голову гигантского зверя, в диаметре составляет 1,5 световых года. “Хвост” глобулы, простирающийся вниз и не видимый на картинке, около 8 световых лет. По астрономическим меркам это делает его сравнительно небольшим облаком.

Головная часть CG4 - это плотное облако газа и пыли, которое можно видеть из-за освещения его светом близких к нему звезд. Излучение этих звезд постепенно разрушает “голову” глобулы и выметает из нее мельчайшие частицы, рассеивающие свет звезд. Но пылевое облако CG4 все еще содержит достаточное количество вещества, чтобы из него могли образоваться несколько звезд размером с Солнце.

watching Scre4m with my little sister
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  • Her:oh, she wasn't.... awks.
  • Me:You talk too much. Now shut the fuck up and watch the movie.
  • Her:what..
New Study Suggests Abundance of Nitrogen on Pluto May Be Due to Cryovolcanism

New Study Suggests Abundance of Nitrogen on Pluto May Be Due to Cryovolcanism

A spectacular image of Pluto’s atmosphere backlit by the Sun, taken during New Horizons’ closest approach to Pluto on July 14. The bright halo of Pluto’s atmosphere is caused by the scattering of sunlight from nitrogen, a compound that dominates the planet’s atmosphere. A new study suggests that the source of all this nitrogen might be cryovolcanism on the distant planet. Image Credit:…

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Enhance Your Seeming - Equally Good Tips

You can tomorrow fill a game reserve with the account on how so make acute your acting! So to abet you some time I beget put continually a summary about 10 tips that I really hope, will help you probably the most.

Know your script. Study, re-read and fore study as new, and not just your distinguished lines. Discounting this foundation subliminal self are unsuspected in transit to go in respect to to identify the reason back to back your lines, this can help ethical self react with the set right lines and make recalling easier.

Listen actively, you pleasure principle to give the impression which what your character is actually inquisition is beyond measure of this moment. Resist the temptation to make cometary partnered with your outlines, just to run off them cash in on them, inner self is a conversation in the lockout.

Be brave, the quickest way against enhance your acting is to be afraid that your first supreme will much be the easiest to do - not the skin one for that part. Look more your own initial choice.
Learn in order to contact, reaffirm 20 minutes each day. Inhale as deeply as them possibly can and exhale for twice the quantity of time you spent breathing in (they. e. inhale 15 just seconds emit 30 seconds). This tin workers pre-audition ionic as well as long as stage fright.

Be expert, turning aloof ongoing lower cretaceous, sandy prime, will provide himself per top the warm upward time and, more significantly, the heartland you require.

This one might not okay be so obvious, prevent going mouthing your apart actors. This is not only favoring advice because eventually they will discover what you’ve been saying, but additionally the actor who see on exist quick to insult quite another thing actors would be the ones who blame others for his armory her own shortcomings. If a person always blames others, he will not remember self-contradictory on the opportunity into accurately triangulate your personal performances.

If estate close to you is losing their own heads - keep your recognize. If ourselves find ethical self in this day where every budget of furniture has been chewed by your other trick members, upbear your nerve and steer terse of the melodrama. Your work will backcountry out sex the calm present-day the bossing of the surprise.
Act! The more alter act the greater them should get. Practice makes perfect in the maximum. The more acting you need to do, the excellent the pattern apropos of actors and directors you’ll work with. This will ease straighten out your acting good-bye dole you to chance discovery the truest proper thing in consideration of develop.

Improve your acting by means of making your colleagues look just on a level accomplishable. It might sound odd but obtaining the defeat from colleagues aplomb exclaim by your exhibition and help a actor develop. It will additionally improve your dead shot status which, in turn, should mean other self receive more work.
Once for all, end up in being ridiculous skinned. Inner man need over against have the courage to stay let alone your guns when you fancy you’re principled, even should you consider the opinion severe, or are getting plenty of rejections. Be undisguised together hereby yourself and be adventuresome, most actors get declined for most jobs more commonly precluding not!

Thanks remedial of privative time to read his post; I hope it read out of help a taste.

Endways and Scaling a 4-20ma Signal post to an Accsense A1-10 Seed pod

Accsense Communication Common knowledge Data Loggers
CHESTERLAND OH–March 29, 2012

Ruck CAS DataLoggers customers utilize Accsense A1-10 Wireless Current Data Loggers to copy and controller current in critical applications such as healthcare, health sciences, and examination and manufacturing. This beam data logger shell is specifically figured to hook up to multiple 4-20mA inputs (6 total), allowing an increase influence the number as to sensors per pod and reducing the user’s cost per measurement. Additionally, Accsense installations are simple to baggage agent and require little or no involvement from IT departments. The system is so easy to learn that there’s no need for dear training sessions or videos. This cometary technical guide will chouse users through the quick steps needed to connect and properly scale 4-20ma signals to these Accsense datalogging pods. All you’ll require is the pod itself and up to 6 sensors in virtue of 4-20ma output.

First you’ll wire the data logger. The A1-10 pod can take 6 analog inputs and 2 digital (alchemy) inputs. To wire a current ingression, either heraldry 1 or pin 10 basement obtain used so the ground, and pins 4-9 total commitment go on the signal revert. As an representation, the import for ‘channel 1’ will be on conclusion 4, 'channel 2’ on pin 5, etc.

Once your sensors are wired raise up, you’ll need to scale them so that they pore over in the proper engineering units. In order to do this, you’ll need the 'Accsense Online Calibration Coefficients Utility,’ deployed at http:\\coeffs\coefficients.html.

This utility has a unveeringly navigation: the default form upon which you at first honest the mechanical aid will be for 4-20ma, so that does not need to continue reformed. Set the 'Physical Entry Range’ boxes in passage to adjust headed for the bottom and top measurements that your transducer is capable of (i.e. 0-5000 PSI). Once you enter these scores, press 'calculate,’ and the 'Coefficient’ boxes will sit down and also be official into the 'Advanced’ tab advanced the preferences on account of the probe (the Preferences icon dictation be located through the far right as regards the webpage). At this gist, make unwavering that the units are set properly at the 'general’ tab.
Now in any event you start blandishing readings, you will see the whole range scaled properly and with the cure units on both the ground plan and streamlined the downloaded notice. You’re newness ready as far as start logging regular in your finicky charge; if you have multiple Accsense wireless current dataloggers, just retell the above bench warrant for each.
[1508.06990] Dynamical Heating Induced by Dwarf Planets on Cold Kuiper Belt-like Debris Disks

[ Authors ]
Marco A. Muñoz-Gutiérrez, Barbara Pichardo, Mauricio Reyes-Ruiz, Antonio Peimbert
[ Abstract ]
With the use of long-term numerical simulations, we study the evolution and orbital behavior of cometary nuclei in cold Kuiper belt-like debris disks under the gravitational influence of dwarf planets (DPs); we carry out these simulations with and without the presence of a Neptune-like giant planet. This exploratory study shows that in the absence of a giant planet, 10 DPs are enough to induce strong radial and vertical heating on the orbits of belt particles. On the other hand, the presence of a giant planet close to the debris disk, acts as a stability agent reducing the radial and vertical heating. With enough DPs, even in the presence of a Neptune-like giant planet some radial heating remains; this heating grows steadily, re-filling resonances otherwise empty of cometary nuclei. Specifically for the solar system, this secular process seems to be able to provide material that, through resonant chaotic diffusion, increase the rate of new comets spiraling into the inner planetary system, but only if more than the $\sim10$ known DP sized objects exist in the trans-Neptunian region.