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"The egress order had been determined years earlier. A month before launch, we all got tattoos of our Mars numbers. Johanssen almost refused to get her 15€ because she was afraid it would hurt. Here's a woman who had survived the centrifuge, the vomit comet, hard-landing drills and 10k runs. A woman who fixed a simulated MDV computer failure while being spun around upside-down. But she was afraid of a tattoo needle."- Watney! I can totally see this as a Fic with Beck ultimately persuading her!

Title: TBN 
Fandom: The Martian
Pairing: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers from the book. Needles mention, needle fear involved.
N/A: I’m very sorry for the super late reply, you probably don’t even remember asking this or maybe you are not even following me either lol. But still, I wanted to write this anyway.

As Vogel laughed while Martinez took the picture of his new tattoo, Beth fell the knot on the bottom of her belly drop into a wave of cold feeling around her entire body. She heard the artist ask for the next one, and the laughs of Watney and their pilot when Lewis announced it was her, she had said with a cheerful tone: go Johanssen! and she knew this was the worst idea ever. And not because she thought the tattoo tradition is bad or that tattoos are bad, is just— The… the thing. The inty thing, what is its name? THE THING! Yeah, it was a little overwelming to surrender to it, she was trained astronaut now but she hadn’t had the need to fight one of those pointy, shining things in forever. She always hated going to the doctor.

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The Mars Numbers. [johanbeck]

The Martian: Chris Beck/Beth Johanssen (but also Ares III crew in general)

Because we all needed to know a little more about this:

The egress order had been determined years earlier. A month before launch, we all got tattoos of our Mars numbers. Johanssen almost refused to get her 15 because she was afraid it would hurt. Here’s a woman who had survived the centrifuge, the vomit comet, hard-landing drills and 10k runs. A woman who fixed a simulated MDV computer failure while being spun around upside-down. But she was afraid of a tattoo needle.


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     KC-135 N930NA was operated by NASA from 1973 to 1995 as a reduced gravity aircraft, but this airplane is more universally known as the “Vomit Comet”. Throughout her career, she flew more than 58,000 parabolas, in which the pilot would pull up to a 45° angle, then push over the top to a 45° dive. During this maneuver, the aircraft is precisely held at a constant zero gravity condition for up to 25 seconds at a time. This profile could be modified to produce a one-sixth gravity condition, simulating what it feels like to walk on the moon.

     Many different programs took advantage of this unique ability including astronaut training, student experiments and shuttle hardware tests (I.E. the space toilet). Many scenes of the Apollo 13 film were shot inside this aircraft, giving the movie an impressively realistic look. Representing the history of the airfield from which it flew, the aircraft now rests on display at Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base in Houston, Texas.

going through my class notes when studying for finals is a wild ride because you’ll find things like “POTATO HERO!” with absolutely zero context and anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to why i thought it was important enough to write down. did my professor say it? was it an idea i had for later? do i believe in sentient starch? WHO FUCKING KNOWS

Off Topic #15 - Never Skip Ass Day
  • Gavin: We could just go to the Vomit Comet and like test it out.
  • Michael: I don't think they'd let us bang each other in the Vomit Comet.
  • Gavin: You could simulate it.
  • Jeremy: Why are we banging each other?!
  • Jack: I wanna see Gavin and Michael in the Vomit Comet just trying to hump each other in the air.
  • Michael: Alright, that I'd do.
  • Gavin: I'd be swimming toward Michael and he'd be like [mimes punching] Get away! Get away!

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I have been so terribly good this year. Tell me a new interesting fact about Vadrans! :D

Only three Vadrans have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame since the inception of the NFL. They are Skoldur Hausingar (wide receiver, 1972), Aingrin Serpent-Hands (cornerback, 1984) and Hiskun “Vomit Comet” Hiskunskar (kicker, 1997).

vex and percy being canonly head over heels in love with each other is my favorite for a lot of reasons but ESPECIALLY because of the ridiculous amount of embarrassing things they’ve seen each other do over the years and how they both apparently went “wow thats embarrassing i think im in love with that nerd”

see: the buttflap of percy’s soul being down, vex straight up vomiting onto percy because he got airsick on a trip on the broom (setting off the vomit comet which, imo, is the most Iconic perc’ahlia scene), etc

This One’s Not Pretend

An Adrien/Marinette slow dance. Special <3 to @ananbeth for making this suck less. Also on AO3.


So close to reaching
That famous happy end.
Almost believing
This one’s not pretend.
And now you’re beside me,
And look how far we’ve come.
- “So Close,” Jon Mclaughlin

“Alya, I’m going to do it.”


“It’s happening.”

“Stop it.”

“I can’t. I’m going to puke. Blow chunks. Ride the vomit comet.”


Hnnnng, I’m going to be sick.”

“Marinette, shhhh.” Alya rubbed her back, soothing her in vain, for what was about to happen couldn’t be fixed with a back rub. What could fix it? Nothing. Nothing at all because Marinette was expected to dance.

And not only dance, but dance the waltz. Could there be anything worse? Her - Marinette - the clumsy, ungraceful, oaf of a human being was supposed to be in gym class but noooooo. Thanks to a change in the curriculum, instead of failing at volleyball, she was going to fail at box stepping.

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You Are Watching: GHOST KING (part 13)

(Beta read by @honestoafault ! )

Lou of course had agreed to not talk about the episode until after it had been released on TV, but she wasn’t prepared for how hard it would be. Especially since Cecil, Will and surprisingly Nico had been hounding her with questions. Okay Nico wasn’t as bad as Will and Cecil but still. But as they sat at their favorite table for their weekly “study” sessions on Tuesday at ‘I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream: Ice Cream Parlor.’ It was a weird, Hole-in-the-wall kind of place but the group of friends loved it. It was an old horror film themed ice cream shop, that Nico absolutely adored, he was also the one to show it to them. At first they did go to the place to study but then they studied less and less and just ate more ice cream and watch old horror films. But at the moment, even Lou couldn’t enjoy her Rocky Horror (which just a spruced up version of Rocky Road) ice cream, which was her favorite. But the boys kept asking, and asking about the investigation.

“Was he cool? I bet he was cool!” Will gushed as he shoved a spoonful of The Blob into his mouth. Nico laughed at the boy and handed him a napkin which Will gratefully took.

“Maybe give her a break? She did say she wasn’t allowed to discuss it.” He reasoned as he stole a bite of Will’s ice cream smugly. Those two seemed to be finally opening their eyes and realising their feelings but they still hadn’t put the moves on the other or made any move to confess or anything. It was almost more frustrating than the constant questions thrown at her. Okay it was wayyyyyy more frustrating.

“Like I said. He was pretty cool. But short.” Lou responded with a knowing smirk.

“I don’t think shortness undermines his coolness, Lou.” Cecil mumbled through his mouthful of Dracula. (And that was not a euphemism for anything)

“Yeah! Take Death Boy over here for example! He’s fun size.” Will exclaimed as he slung an arm around Nico’s slender shoulder and pulled him close. The dark haired boy rolled his eyes and took a bite of his, The Undead ice cream, but the blush he tried to hide was unmistakable. So was his wincing. He was wincing like a lot. He also hadn’t taken off his jacket, which, okay, was kinda normal since the inside of the shop was pretty chilly, but still it wasn’t to the point of wearing a fleece lined jacket. True, the aviator jacket was his favorite but it was not cold enough to wear it, at least Lou thought so, and even though Lou had heard Will rant about how odd it was that Nico was naturally cold, like apparently it was very odd from a medical standpoint, but there was not much they could do for it.

“Hey, Nico. Why are you wearing your jacket in here? It’s not that cold.” Cecil voiced Lou Ellen’s thoughts without knowing so.

The Italian looked up at them through his lashes as he was ducking out of Will’s side embrace. “I’m cold? Is there something wrong with that?” He asked a tad too defensive if you asked Lou.

Cecil held up his hands and laughed, “Chill dude. I was just saying.”

“You sure you’re okay? You’ve been wincing a lot?” Will asked as he looked at the boy of his affections.


Will noticed Nico wincing, of course he did, he noticed everything. Okay not everything, but most things. Most things concerning the dark haired brown-eyed boy.

Like how he bit his lip when he was deciding whether to tell the truth or not.

“Nico.” Will chided.

Nico sighed. “I may or may not have gotten hurt on Sunday….” He finally admitted as he poked at his melting ice cream.

Will felt his heart race a bit, mainly because of how cute Nico could be, and also because he got hurt. “What’s wrong? What happened?” He asked worriedly.

Nico pouted a bit and slipped off his jacket to reveal his right bicep wrapped in bandages. “I was taking a walk with Bianca when our neighbor’s dogs got out, and you guys know how much animals love me, well long story short, I got chased, tried to jump a fence…well I did jump over a fence, but tripped once I landed and I fell on some glass, thankfully it only got my arm.” He explained as he sipped at his soda and looked anywhere else that wasn’t the people sitting at the table.

____________________ Nico’s dad and Bianca had helped him come up with the lie about how he got hurt, it wasn’t like he could just say a crazy poltergeist threw sharp ass surgery scissors at him, and hey, look at that it had pretty good aim! Yeah, so they came up with a lie for him so he wouldn’t be blindsided if his friends noticed and questioned him. Which he was pretty grateful for at the moment. But he hated the worry in Will’s eyes when he finally looked at his friends. “How many stitches?” The gorgeous blond asked as he gently stroked the bandages, causing Nico to shiver slightly. “Uh, I think like eight or ten, it’s not that bad.” Nico mumbled. “ You’re not straining it?” Will questioned, going into what Lou, Nico, and Cecil called his ‘Doctor Mode.’ The Italian rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Yes, Dr. Solace. I’m not straining it. I’m actually capable of taking care of myself thank you.” “Uh-huh.” “You sound like you don’t believe me Solace.” “Maybe that’s because I don’t, di Angelo.” And now Will was closer than before, which wasn’t much but it still was enough to make Nico blush, but definitely not back down. It had been awhile since their last banter, so better make this one last, right? Nico scooted closer, they were now face to face, merely inches away from one another, just glaring. “Just what are you implying Sir Butt Munch?” A thin light brow raised itself in amusement. “Oh nothing, Mr. Vomit Comet-” “You swore you wouldn’t speak about that!” Nico squeaked indignantly. Will smirked smugly. “ I didn’t give out any details did I? Anyways back to the point, you don’t take care of yourself. Okay that’s a lie sometimes you do, but I highly doubt you’re treating that wound right.” “But I am!” Nico defended with a pout. “Suuurrrrreeeeeee.” Will drew out with a laugh. What finally broke their standoff was Lou Ellen clearing her throat. They both turned and looked at her expectantly. “As fun as watching you two flirt is,” both made surprised but defensive noises, “ I actually have a surprise for you Sir William.” Now that got Will’s attention, as he completely seemed to forget Lou’s ‘flirt’ comment, Nico however did not forget. And then Nico saw her take out a frame. Annnnnd inside the frame was the picture of himself he signed. Will let out the most delighted squeal, albeit high pitched. He made grabby hands and goodness gracious was that adorable, Nico thought as he watched Will with an amused but fond smile tugging on his lips. Cecil laughed at his friend as he recorded the whole ordeal. Will was saying words at an extremely fast pace, it was more like baby babble jibberish than actual words at this point and he practically jumped over the table to give Lou a hug and kiss her cheek. And Nico found himself more than a little jealous. Lou Ellen, who had initially loved the affection and praises, now looked more annoyed than anything and promptly pushed Will off her. “Yeah, yeah. I’m great.” She announced as he dusted herself off for show and laughed. “Where is my signed picture Lou?” Cecil joked. “Oh we all know Will is much more of a fanboy than you Cecil,” Nico voiced as he watched Will stroke the frame as though it was his most prized possession. Nico felt oddly honoured, and a bit jealous of himself, which was ridiculous but true. ______________________ Did Cecil’s eyes deceive him or did Nico di Angelo look jealous over a picture? Oh goodness he did! He was totally jelly! Which was sickeningly cute. Hands down, Cecil 100 percent honored the bro code, and yeah his and Will’s taste in people were vastly different but even he had to admit that Nico was hot, he wasn’t his type but he certainly was Will’s, and yet Cecil still found the Italian attractive and well it was known that Cecil was not a shy guy, and he would admit to thinking Nico was attractive if anyone asked him, well at least not to Will, bro code man. Bro code. Despite popular belief, Will Solace could show an emotion other than joy, and one emotion, Cecil witnessed more so than the others was the blond’s tendency to get jealous at alarmingly fast paces. Once, Kayla Knowles, Will’s half sister commented that Nico had a nice ass, and the glare he gave her! If looks could kill, Cecil was certain that Kayla and every possible reincarnation of her had all died simultaneously. But anyways, looking at the two now Cecil was beginning to think that maybe his and Lou’s plan to get the two together was not a lost cause after all! Believe him they had been trying for like, forever. It was so obvious that they liked each other yet the two were so fucking oblivious about it. Honestly it was getting annoying, and he knew it was irritating Lou as well as the rest of their friends. Especially Jason. He had to be the biggest Solangelo shipper in existence. That was the ship name they gave Nico and Will. And the whole group of friends and shippers actually had meetings to come up with plans to get the two together. Yes some people thought that it was creepy and slightly obsessive to do so but they were all absolutely done with the sexual and romantic tension that came with the two being remotely near each other. It was suffocating. But they all really wanted them to be together, because as cheesy as it sounded, those two seemed made for each other, and they balanced one another out perfectly. If only they could see it.
Merry Birthday Doug Eiffel

Heads up: Some light spoilers through the end of Season 2 below.

So it’s my favorite comms officer’s birthday today way up there, 7.5 light years away from earth….

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grantaire dog is pregnat

Grantaire had no idea that Comet was pregnant, or that Comet, with all her health problems and hatred of other dogs, could even become pregnant, until she whelped directly on top of Enjolras’s red cardigan. 

Comet’s spawn looked like the hair in Grantaire’s shower drain had crawled out, covered itself in blood and placenta, and then squalled against the cruel forces which had propelled their unwilling birth into the world. 

“I feel like this is a metaphor,” Enjolras said, startled out of his post-coital sleep by the wailing of puppies, “for how popular movements are inevitably co-opted and cannibalized by market forces.”