comet shaped birthmark

Daddy!Cullen pt. 3
  • Imagine Cullen frantic because she pulled away from him in the crowded market. They’re in Orlais which is the mother of all things shiny, fluffy, musical, and sweet. Maker made to tempt a five year old girl.
  • He’s calling for her, shouting her name, seized by panic because as the seconds tick to minutes his thoughts grow darker and he’s thinking she hasn’t wandered away but someone has snatched her. So he tries to list every sin, one by one, beginning to end, and the more he thinks about it as his eyes dart for a tuft of poofy, curly, kinked up hair just like her mother’s but wilder just like his, the more he’s convinced someone has taken my child.
  • He hears crying and he knows it’s her. Zeroes in on it like her mother’s arrows to its target. She is the phylactery of his love and he knows with every bone in his body that cry is her cry.
  • An elven lady, brown skinned like the richest chocolate on the hottest day, held his daughter, cooing to her in broken Dalish to calm her screams. He is relieved, blessedly relieved. He thanks the woman over and over again but when he reaches for her, she pulls away. Blocking the child’s body with her own. She looks at him askance, and starts to walk away.
  • Baby girl is still crying unable to see him through her curtain of tears, apoplectic. Daddy is gone which in her mind means he’ll be gone forever. She cries harder when the woman wrenches her violently away from his arms.
  • Imagine Cullen stunned, stuck somewhere between world consuming rage and the deepest of hurts. This woman will not give him his child. This woman does not believe that is his child. He’s speechless for a moment before he screams, “GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!” Baby girl stops crying, opens her eyes, and reaches for daddy, screaming louder, thankful in a 5 year old’s way that she has been found.
  • Imagine Cullen scooping up his daughter as a crowd begins to form, curious to see the brown girl with the not brown father. The Elven woman gives him a look that passes from father to daughter looking for any resemblance unable to see the gold in the child’s eyes or the subtle softness to her black curls. She can’t see the nose either, or the comet shaped birthmark that father passed to child either. But she sees the child sink into her father, searching for more of his protective embrace and that’s enough.
  • Imagine Cullen tearful in his relief, ready to pray and ready to scream. “Emm'asha” he says, remembering the elven phrases mother taught to daughter and husband. “My girl, you can’t pull away from daddy like that.”
  • Imagine Cullen holding her tight, heart still racing, still thinking hands will come for them at any second and rip them apart because they don’t believe they belong together. Imagine his daughter stating simply “I wanted a teddy.”
  • So he gets for her the biggest teddy bear the money in his pocket can buy. Both to please her, and to purchase her silence. Not because he’s afraid of what his wife will do to him when she finds out, but because she told him this might happen, and he never believed it. He never understood. Now he does.

Stay woke Daddy!Cullen

"I've Had Lifetimes" || Q & James (tuxedocladkiller)

 He never remembered.

And yet Q remembered everything. Every time. It had scared him as a child, these dreams and memories that he didn’t feel were his but yet they were so familiar. As he had grown older though he had begun to understand them more and he had taken to writing down any new memories that sprung up. He had a notebook full of them, carefully categorised into each lifetime for easy reference and because he didn’t want to forget even a moment.

There had been so many lives. So many eras, so much that he knew through these lifetimes that he did not dare share. Sometimes they met. Sometimes it was only brief, a passing perhaps once in the street, others they knew each other well. Their relationship varied each time. And on a few occasions they never met at all. He had told him once, in one of their previous lives.

“You’ve had years. I’ve had lifetimes.”

Some things remained constant, or almost constant. One of those was the comet shaped birthmark on Q’s lower back. He didn’t know if it held any importance and sometimes he questioned it but he had never found anything. Another near constant was that he always died last. Nearly. In the last life- it had been a short one but the one most crystal clear in his memory- he had reversed that trend. He had been the first to die, and by his own hand. But he had made reference to their many lives in his last letter to James, then known as Sixsmith:

 "I don’t believe it was a fluke that I saw you first. I believe there is another world waiting for us, Sixsmith. A better world, and I’ll be waiting for you there. I believe we do not stay dead long. Find me beneath the Corsican stars, where we first kissed. Yours eternally, R.F.”

The other constant was that James never remembered.

Not at first anyway. After a while, he would remember snippets and with some coaching, he remembered more and more. 

He wondered how much James remembered this time.