comet queen

On this day, 6 February in 1952 King George VI of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Commonwealth died in his sleep at the age of 56. His daughter Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip were on tour in Kenya when they heard news of his death and Elizabeth returned to Britain aboard a BOAC de Havilland Comet as Queen Elizabeth II.

Story: Luna is Star and Marco’s daughter, older sister of Comet and the future queen of Mewni. At the age of 14, and as is tradition, she receives the real wand, but she feels insecure because she isn’t sure she can control it, and she is right, all her spells are unstable because of being half human. After thinking it over and over and believing to be more of a danger than a benefit to the kingdom and her family, in the middle of the night he sneaks into his parents’ room and steals the dimensional scissors with the intention of escaping, she carries the wand with her because she has the duty to protect her. She arrives on the Earth and moves into the house of her paternal grandparents, begging them not to tell her parents where she is, which they accept. Luna begins to attend the institute of Echo Creek pretending to be an ordinary human, until she is discovered by Jacob, a human half demon who decides to play a joke taking her wand, she backs up in a bad way giving him a karate kick, since that they begin to have a relationship of hateful-friendship. Over time old and new enemies will begin to appear to try to steal her wand.

Personality: Luna is a responsible person and somewhat insecure and tries to be as rational as possible on most occasions; however in moments of tension she doesn’t think twice before acting and she can become very stubborn.

Historia: Luna es hija de Star y Marco, hermana mayor de Comet y la futura reina de Mewni. Al cumplir los 14 años y como es tradición se le es entregada la varita real, sin embargo la recibe insegura pues no está segura de poder dominarla, y tiene razón, todos sus hechizos son inestables a causa de ser mitad humana. Tras pensarlo repetidas veces y creyendo ser más un peligro que un beneficio para el reino y su familia, a mitad de la noche se escabulle dentro de la habitación de sus padres y roba las tijeras dimensionales con la intensión de escapar, a pesar de todo se lleva la varita consigo al tener el deber de protegerla. Llega a la tierra y se instala en casa de sus abuelos paternos rogándoles que no le diga a sus padres dónde se encuentra lo cual ellos aceptan. Luna comienza a asistir al instituto de Echo Creek haciéndose pasar por una humana común y corriente, hasta que es descubierta por Jacob, un humano mitad demonio quien decide jugarle una broma quitándole la varita, ella respónde de mala forma dándole una patada de karate, desde entonces comienzan a llevar una relación de amistad odio. Con el tiempo viejos y nuevos enemigos comenzarán a aparecer para intentar robarle la varita.

Personalidad: Es una persona que responsable y un tanto insegura e intenta ser lo más racional posible en la mayoría de las ocasiones; sin embargo en momentos de tensión no piensa dos veces antes de actuar y puede llegar a ser muy terca.

Marceline is still a woman of color

So I have gotten 6 anons telling me how Marceline is in fact not poc or that its impossible to know if she is, and for everyone’s enjoyment I am not going to answer those individually but instead here is the breakdown:

This is Marcelines Dad

We all known him. He is not the best dad to have around and we might get into that some other time bc right now that isn’t important. 

What is important is that this is Marcelines mom

Who Marceline clearly has fond memories of, and is indeed not white.

And now I can hear someone saying ‘’but it really isn’t that important whether or not Marceline is poc!!!’’

But it is.

Adventure time is a series that doesn’t have a lot of humans, and even when it comes to human/human looking creatures they have been presumed to be white; Marceline included. But the fact that she isn’t, is really important.

‘’But she can’t be poc bc she is pale!!’’

Assuming that people of color only come in one or two shades is the very reason why Marceline is important.

Adventure time has a very simplistic style approach, which as far as head-canons and fanart leaves a lot up to us as a fandom. And I mean, wouldn’t it be great? Imagine her as for example a Filipino woman, imagine her as indian, or as latina. imagine her with naturally tight curly hair, small nose, big nose, thick lips, thin lips and the list goes on and on and on.

As long as you remember that Marceline is indeed not white.

I just realized something: 

How ironic is it that when Ba Sing Se finally burned–not quite fell, but actually burned–the city’s inhabitants themselves were at fault, along with what’s basically the anti-Team Avatar (complete with airbender)/

Zhao boasted that 100 AG would be the year that Ba Sing Se would burn. A few years prior, Iroh–then a part of an army besieging the city–joked that he’d burn the city to the ground. Then, as  Sozin’s Comet arrived to grant firebenders its power, both Ozai and Azula said that they would burn the Earth Kingdom in its entirely–including the so-called “Impenetrable City.” 

But even though Ozai singed the western coast with his fire, the great city of Ba Sing Se never faced his wrath. Instead, it endured. 

Fast forward 70 years. Not only does Long Feng’s warning ( “T hese hooligans are part of an anarchist cell…If you listen to them, you’re playing right into your own destruction.”) come true, but the city finally burns at the hands of the Red Lotus and the citizens of Ba Sing Se.