comestic surgery


Picking up where I left off….. Yes being thin & having the insecurities of a fat chick…. Losing weight unknowingly places you into a different realm of insecurities!  In the nude weighing in at 299lbs my skin was natures form of clothing and now weighing 160lbs though my fat went away, I still wear the same clothing that nature provided for me, its just ill fitted and hanging. In case you haven’t figured out what I am poetically referring too.. I am talking about loose or excess skin. In clothes I am a sexy & hot, however without my clothes I am cold and sexless. I could be over thinking the process but when men approach me that tend to refer to my I assume that if we progress to the phase of being “intimate” they aren’t expecting mushy hanging skin. Thanks to my “push up” bra my breast or nice, however with out the bra and in the bent over position they look like cow utters……MOOOOOOOOO… just like a cow?  If I stretch and raise my arms, I can actually see my abdominal muscles… I don’t have a six pack but I am pretty sure I have a 4-pack hidden beneath my loose skin. Legs for miles.. I do have nice legs, and they are muscular and defined, however loose skin resides there as well, my inner thighs which includes my sagging rump. So people we are physically thin chicks…so what now?