comes with a delorean

//hey guys! Sorry replies have been slow recently, I’ve just started a new job which is fucking up my sleep pattern entirely. And I’ve been trying to work out a new verse which would essentially allow Marty to interact with a lot more muses outside of his own timeline without me having to somehow come up with a bullshit reason as to why he’s using the delorean (because lets be real, after nearly getting stuck in two different time lines, seeing the graves of his father and his best friend and nearly fading out of existence, I don’t think he’d go gallivanting off into time just for the funsies and certainly not without some serious planning). It’s super important I do this verse (to me anyway) cos there are so many wonderful muses I want to interact with but it always nags me that there’d be no reason for Marty to be outside his timeline! Call it nitpicking or being a perfectionist, but I do want to give my all to our threads and I don’t enjoy cutting corners, even on things like that. So replies are going to be slow. Thanks for reading this chunk of rambling if you did make it through!\