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Really though... There has to come a time where everyone admits they were wrong about Freddie and just accepts that Louis is 100% NOT the amazing person we thought he was and just moves on... What is it gonna take?

Funny you should ask! 

Let’s see here. 


Well, until his DeLorean comes in, I’m afraid he cannot undo everything that he’s done in the past to make me firmly believe that not only is the baby not his but that Larry is real as well. Like these:

Or this:

And literally anything else, take your pick. Go google Larry Stylinson, I don’t know. I have been a somewhat public figure in the UK for six years and I don’t just go on record with a magazine saying why I believe Larry is real for shits and giggles. There is absolutely nothing that has happened since the 14th of July 2015 that makes any sense and I firmly stand by that. 

Nothing can undo everything that I’ve pointed out in this article:

Is Louis Tomlinson A Victim of A Character Assassination Campaign?

So until I get an explanation for all of that there is no fucking way that I will every say that Louis is not the person who co-wrote “Home” with Liam, or who hosted a charity ball for terminally ill children, or who grew out his hair with Harry until Harry was comfortable to let his curls fly in the wind like the majestic mane of a unicorn.

Why don’t you go find something that brings you as much joy in life as Louis brings me and stop bothering people that try to support him? Literally, what are you doing with your life? Are you that obsessed with the angry feeling you get when you see people trying to point out that this guy has been run through the fucking mill for five years that you just can’t walk away? Apathy is far less exhausting than hate. You are a hateful person and you are directing it at people you don’t even know and who do not care even a little bit about what you think. Your misspent energy could be used for literally anything else. Stop bothering people with your hate and go outside and get some melatonin. It might cheer you the fuck up. Jesus. 

Oh yeah, and…

Louis and Harry are RBB and SBB.

(I don’t know who made that…but if you’re out there @harrehleh you’re the best.)

but like honestly if you come out of rp1 wanting a delorean the bttf fandom is gonna materialize in your house and slap you

not because they own it (they do) but because it’s a terrible terrible inferior automobile

My moment of being Marty McFly with Doc and the DeLorean. Christopher Lloyd was warm, welcoming, and kind. He did not hesitate to pull me in close for the photo. I’m still in disbelief that I met the Doc himself. Making this even more special is the fact that this was the first time machine I ever met 2 years ago. Talk about coming full circle!

Favorite Obi-Wan (Stiles x Reader)

Character: Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Hispanic!Reader, Fluff

Title: Favorite Obi-Wan

Requested by anon:

Hi! I was wondering if i could request for a Stiles imagine with a hispanic Reader (short, big hips, thick thighs, cute accent) where he gets mad at her for something stupid like not liking Star Wars or something, and she starts acting all cuddly and calling him cute spanish pet names like “mi amor” or “corazón” so that he’s not mad at her anymore and Stiles can’t handle it so he gets super flustered and it’s adorable? Thank you so much! <3


A/N: Why does the image of Stiles humming the Imperial March absently while not studying when he should and nibbling nervously on a pencil like a nerd amuses me so much? :3 Anyway, I hope you like this Stiles imagine! xx 

With a loud sigh that echoed in the library, I put my forehead against the table and lied it there tiredly for a moment.

We had been supposed to be doing a collective study session, but Scott and Kira very timely had both to do stuff. Which meant that they were totally sneaking out to be together. And probably to make out too.

“If I could go back in time and kill whoever invented high school I would” Stiles said beside me, his words barely understandable as he kept biting nervously on his pencil.

I was irritated. Very, very irritated. So I just rolled my eyes, knowing my friend enough to foresee a nerdy reference coming.

“I wish I had a Delorean…” He mumbled, probably daydreaming about it too.

“You’re not Marty McFly, Stiles” I replied annoyed, not bothering to look at him.

I heard him chuckling happily, though.

Stiles always told me he loved my accent. He just found it cute.

“I could be” He simply said absently.

With my head still against the table, I shifted so my temple rested against its surface and that way I could see what Stiles was doing.

His eyes were fixed on the notes before him, but it looked to me like he was far away from the library, daydreaming or thinking about anything that distracted him from the boring task of studying.

I grinned a bit as I observed him nibbling on the pencil like a child. He was so lovable.

Stiles began humming the Imperial March, which made me huff in amusement.

“Are you actually humming Darth Vader’s theme, tontorrón?” He actually adored whenever I used Spanish pet names too, so it became a habit for me with time.

“I am” He spit the pencil out and turned to me. “By the way, now that we’re on the subject: you never told me which one is your favorite Star Wars movie”

I bit my lip a little, knowing what I was about to say was going to upset him. A lot.

“Actually… I have never seen them…” The guilt probably showed in my face as  I averted my eyes from him.

“You never-“ Stiles stopped himself, obviously imploding. “You have never…”

“Sorry…” I knew that Star Wars was the biggest thing for him, and I knew it annoyed him.

“Sorry?! You didn’t see freaking Star Wars, Y/N!”

“Scott didn’t either and you don’t get so mad at him” I defended myself, placing a hand in my hip sassily.

“Because Scott is not like us” His voice sounded serious, which made the situation all the more hilarious to me. “You’re you. I believed in you! You betrayed me!”

I couldn’t help to giggle at how silly he was being, and that only seemed to make him more upset.

“Come on, ricura” I pinched his cheek obnoxiously to make him break.

“Don’t you dare” Stiles glanced at me gravely, knowing what I was going to do.

I hugged his arm and placed my head on it, being cuddly and affectionate like a puppy.

“No” He said sternly, like a parent that told off their child.

“Stiles, corazón… You know you love me”

“I don’t, and I won’t until you see those damn movies” The boy was pouty like a kid, but that only made him more adorable in my eyes.

“Venga, cielo…” I squeezed his arm until he finally looked at me.

But he quickly glanced away again, being so silly about it, as if he couldn’t even glare at me.

“I feel betrayed, Y/N” Pursing his lips together sulkily, Stiles shook his head.

I craned my neck to leave a soft kiss on his cheek.

“My favorite Obi-wan you still are” I innocently batted my eyelashes as I gave him the puppy eyes.

That I hadn’t seen them didn’t mean I was completely uncultured about them.

He stared at me admiringly. Not only had I made a pun about Star Wars, but I had also said it in Yoda’s voice.

“It’s not fair” He said in spite of himself, pouting. “You can’t hit me with that awesome pun while doing a Yoda impression with your adorable accent and expect me to stay mad at you”

I overdid a smile that caused him to chuckle. I appreciated his cute smile.

“Fine, I forgive you” Still somewhat reticent, he stared at me and lifted one finger up. “But you have to do a Star Wars marathon with me one day”

“There’s like six movies!” I complained, sticking my bottom lip out.

“Eight” Stiles smirked. “The Force Awakens came out not long ago”

I rolled my eyes with a dramatic sigh and picked up my notes as I absently read them, deciding to go back to studying.

“At least it’d be better than this…”

“It’ll be the best” As a little payback, he obnoxiously pinched my cheeks too.

But instead of being annoyed, I found it funny and smiled at him.

Tontorrón: silly goose

Ricura: cutie pie

Corazón: dear

Cielo: sweetheart

Ready Player One truly takes place in a nightmarish dystopian future, if your only source of entertainment is pop culture references. 

Like imagine this; in the future many people stop enjoying anykind of entertainment. Few have actually seen Back to the Future, but everyone like watches Youtube reviews of it or read its TV Tropes page. Now Imagine a group of friends come by a DeLorean. One of them points out that its like in Back to the Future, another quotes the movie like: “This is heavy man” or “JIGAWATTS!”, then they all feel euphoric because of fake memories and continue on. Later on they excommunicate one of their friends because he doesn’t know who Iron Giant is.