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Today, 7 years ago, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of our modern age met for the first time. Two weeks after series 4 aired sounds like a good time to come up with my own tribute to the show.

You don’t really have to read all of this but I barely notice how Sherlock has changed me until I start to think about it seriously. It might be just a mainstream tv show, but it’s so smart, so alive and so mind-waking. I fell in love with the first episode more than five years ago and I can’t stop loving it. After all this time? Always

It shaped my opinion on intelligence, friendship, love, trust and many other things. Some people I know can still trace Sherlock’s influence on me if they know me for a long time. 

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who took part in creating the show and all the fans who shaped the fandom as we know it today. I will carry these emotions deep in my heart till the very end.


Daria x

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All Unaired Episodes (Updated)

- Kick the Bucket List: Lincoln and Clyde’s plans to spend the spring holiday are turned upside-down when they have only one day to complete all the activities on their activities list. (Airing 4/10)

- Party Down: Lori manages to successfully throw a party, but all of her invited guests are unable to come due to their plans. (Airing 4/11)

- Fed Up: Bored with monotonous meals, the kids sabotage dinner to get pizza, but they are caught, and therefore, forced to prepare the food for the family. (Airing 4/12)

- Shell Shock: Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have to deal with an egg at school, but Lincoln does not trust the chaotic Ronnie Anne to take care of the fragile egg. (Airing 4/13)

- Pulp Friction: Lincoln and Clyde submit an Ace Savvy comic to a meet-the-creator contest, but are foiled by a surprising nemesis. (Airing 4/14)

Episodes with No Synopsis:
- Arrgh You For Real
- Change of Heart
- Garage Banned
- No Laughing Matter
- Yes-Man
- Back Out There
- Fool’s Paradise
- Friend or Faux
- Future Tense
- Health Kicked
- Job Insecurity
- L is for Love
- Legends
- Lynn-er Takes All
- Mall of Duty
- No Spoilers
- Out of the Picture
- Pets Peeved
- Potty Mouth
- Relative Chaos (30 minute special)
- Room with a Feud
- Spell It Out

Lucky Part 47

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 2,891

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Holy…..We’re getting so close to the end…..Can’t believe it. Enjoy guys!

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