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“He’ll come around once she’s safe, then he’ll be able to see clearly again.” Captain Flint

Can someone explain to me how Madi will be safe when Flint himself has stolen the cache that was supposed to be her ransom? Seriously, I need to understand becuase it makes no damn sense to me. 

It’s almost like a a close relative of a kidnapped person taking the money the kidnapper asked for, and running away with it. Then saying, “oh, so-so-and-so will be safe.” Like how?!!


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Come on now.  John Silver has only very recently learned to care about other human people, much less grand over-arching principles and ideals. Madi.  Flint.  Billy, for a while. A few other very select pirates who happen to crew on the Walrus with him or that he may know personally.  He’s barely just become a real boy and gotten a vague idea that the greater human condition even exists.  It’s been less than a year since he was an “I got mine, fuck all y’all” absolutist!  Making hard choices and sacrifices?  Actually choosing one irreplaceable thing over another? Giving up an entire chest of money to someone he hates, for any reason whatsoever, much less to save someone whose name does not rhyme with “Bon Bilver?” This is real progress for him! 


damn Bianca, back at it again with the power point presentations

*knocks on door* hi Black Sails fandom, I’m new, do you mind letting me in? I made you this thing that stopped being popular like two years ago as a peace offer please i need your help this show killed me

Before you shit on Silver and Madi being together romantically on Black Sails just consider that Long John Silver, one of the single most iconic pirate characters ever written, has always had a wife of African descent!!! and in the 183 years since it was written ONLY ONE other adaptation, not even THE ORIGINAL, has ever shown a Black woman respect before now! If her character is not completely erased or overwritten, it was suggested that there was no conceivable possibility that he actually loved her or that she could possibly be attractive or desirable simple because she was Black. So, nope, sorry, it isn’t progressive to ignore her just to ship him with a man. It’s incredible that Madi Scott even exists as a character, let alone that she is shown to be loved and integral to the storyline and Silver’s character in this show. If you erase that for a ship between two white men you’re literally not more “progressive” than Robert Louis Stevenson, who in the 17th century wasn’t even homophobic, but was certainly racist. Don’t erase Madi as Silver’s love interest, it’s disgusting.  


This was my response to that Sarner post, I reposted it, because tumblr is not allowing me to reblog the original post.

Omg can we just not???!! So many people in this fandom would gush and faint if Flint would leave everything behind to be with Thomas Hamilton. I’m pretty sure this Sarner lady would love that too. God forbid Silver does the same. You can’t compare Silver and Madi’s relationship with Silver and Flint’s friendship. Silver has always done and given so much more than Flint has in return. Flint has put Silver (and the rest of the Walrus crew) through shit Madi would NEVER EVER do to him, simply because it’s not in her nature. Till this day Silver is still doing what Flint wants. The only person who actually gives a shit about what Silver wants, who actually gives a shit about him being his own person is Madi. How are you gonna disrespect a Black woman like that? Are you fucking kidding me? She isn’t just some random chick getting in the way of your two faves. She is a fully realized character, with her own individual story, a woman who’s people freedom she’s fighting for because a bunch of white colonial motherfuckers wanted to get rich and stay rich!? Remember? The entire economy of that world thrived on colonialism and slavery??? Madi Scott is not only a woman who based on actual historical context is fighting to stick it to the man, but also from a moral and ethical perspective has every fucking right to do so. That’s what Silver sees. And than you have the pirate who is full of grandeur and ego who wants revenge on England because they took his love away from him and doesn’t care who has to sacrifice to get his war, friend or foe. As long as everything goes HIS specific way. Let’s be honest. We all know if Thomas could see Flint now, he wouldn’t exactly agree with this revenge plot and that’s an understatement. Silver and Madi have and always will have more in common then Silver and Flint ever will. And how are you gonna act so surprised when Silver has repeatedly warned Flint that when it comes to Madi, he’s at his most vulnerable therefore he will not choose his war over her. He knew. Also the fact that Silver doesn’t believe in Flint’s war anymore isn’t exactly news either, this has been building up the entire season. He believed in Flint, but now he’s losing faith in him. That’s called character development folks, people change, deal with it. Besides, it isn’t as if Flint ever bothers to let Silver in on his plans for his war anyway, he suddenly adds and changes things and asks him to just trust him. Yeah right. Then you have Madi and Silver who discuss everything together before they go ahead with a plan. That is trust, that is mutual respect. Madi taught him the true meaning of love and friendship; to be with someone who let’s you be free to be yourself and live your own life on your own accord. And that’s what Silver wants, his OWN life.

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oh!! I thought Newtspeck had been described as dark with a ginger belly, whoops - thank you for clearing that up!! what would the belly color of a charcoal bengal be considered if not ginger? o: describing colors is not something I do well

yea no problem!! charcoals can come in different colors (brown/black vs silver) so there can be a big difference in appearance

i’d probably describe a charcoal bengal as a “smokey black tabby with a pale underbelly and pale, striking eye markings ” o:

Local Cultus; Hades and His court in the Midwest

Silos jut from earth, once filled with grain, an ecosystem to themselves but now 40 years abandoned. Rust drips from every rivet and grasses overcome these turrets to His palace.

It’s flat, like peaceful water, every direction showing nothing but gold and sapphires.

Winters are short and brutal, a love affair stopped too soon and Her grief and joy mix into a scorching, burning sun and miles of bountiful wheat.

Rain comes rarely, and when it does it’s never gentle. It comes with wall clouds and cyclones and silver-black skies. They churn from winds hard enough to peel the roofs off houses and throw cars into ditches; the Rivers churning their way to the over world to swallow up Thanatos’s newest children.

Little is new here. Farmland stretches with pretty houses but barns a century into disrepair. Tractors don’t run anymore and they sit two stories tall and idle, their wheels large enough for a man to stand in and the engine lays bare and corroded with acid. Wood is bleached gray by the sun and worn smooth by the ever-blowing winds and splinter apart from red and orange nails. Rubies become rust, power is forgotten and the shells of industry lay out like corpses. Mine, melt, brand, raise, grow, reap, build, strive, repair, abandon. Everything eventually is swallowed by the earth to become His again

Chapter 2: Summer

 A/N: The long time coming chapter for Silver and Black Heart Attack. I hope it was worth the wait. Unfortunately the next chapter has not been started, but I did warn you all it was going to be slow coming. Thank you for being patient with me :)

Let’s fall in the summer time,
Star-crossed, dancing ‘till the sunrise. 
And it’s sweeter on the first try.
Let go, believe and we can both fly.
–Ships Have Sailed

It had been two weeks since the start of summer vacation. Two whole weeks since Marinette hopped off the back of his bike, handed over his red helmet, and returned his well wishes that he have good luck on his finals too.

Adrien no longer had the excuse of school to drive Marinette to and from her home, and it was driving him to distraction, which his other Lady seemed to pick up on.

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