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Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.


Come out lightning tries to strike us
We might be frightened but we won’t run
We be so happy if we were fearless
And in the darkness we will become
( song | insp )


He’s so deeply insecure, through all the show. But from the moment the leg is gone, he sees himself as less.
Luke Arnold, Fathoms Deep Podcast


insp by @spacegaysian

                                                  The waters turn from blue to red
                                                      As towards the sky I offer it 
              This is a gift, it comes with a price // Rabbit Heart - Florence+The Machine

let james flint kiss a dude in 2017. or maybe one dude in particular. i could be biased

(idk what’s going on here. i just wanted to draw the headscarf. and the blood)

I always believed that Black Sails is about Flint’s tragedy. But the more I think about it and the more I recapitulate the whole series, I come to realization that it’s actually about Silver’s tragedy.

Masterpost of things the last two Magisterium Books have to clear up before the series is over
  • Aaron’s past
  • Constantine and Jericho’s past
  • Sarah’s past
  • Master Rufus’ past
  • Basically a few chapters of backstory for the entire previous generation would be nice mmkay
  • Legitimate proof that Call has Constantine’s soul and that this entire thing wasn’t just a huge misunderstanding
  • More info on Connie’s wolf??
  • Celia’s mother trucking last name
  • More info on Sarah Novak’s fun little “Kill the Child” ice sculpture pls. I’m not 100% convinced she meant something completely different
  • More info on Jasper’s family?? Did he used to have siblings before the war?? I need to know about my son???
  • Whether or not Celia was actually supposed to be an important character or if the authors just used her for the sole purpose of being a love interest (cough) i’m salty (cough)
  • What 👏 happened 👏 to 👏 Kimiya 👏 Rajavi 👏
  • Uhhh…who was the Madden twins’ father? Was that mentioned? Why do I feel like there’s going to be a plot twist about that?
  • D R E W
  • (!!!!!) The Humans Who Were Born As Chaos Ridden (!!!!!)
  • And The European Mages???? What happened to them? They were brought up in TCG like they were going to be a thing in TBK but then weren’t???
  • I said this already, but AARON STEWART’S PAST?? We know nothing about this child. The way the pacing of the story is going, we should’ve been privvy to his family situation during TBK, but then he DIED.
  • {Can we get some proper mourning for Aaron’s death btw I feel like we’re glossing over the fact that Call and Tamara’s best friend is mc’freaking dead and have just dived headfirst into teen romance territory with no warning}
  • What the hell Constantine and Jericho actually look like bc at this point I’m not sure who’s blond and who’s brunet. 
  • Let Kai and Rafe Have More Than Two Lines 2k17

Feel free to add with your grievances. These are just some of the ones I could think of at the moment. I’m sure there’s a lot more…

Before you shit on Silver and Madi being together romantically on Black Sails just consider that Long John Silver, one of the single most iconic pirate characters ever written, has always had a wife of African descent!!! and in the 183 years since it was written ONLY ONE other adaptation, not even THE ORIGINAL, has ever shown a Black woman respect before now! If her character is not completely erased or overwritten, it was suggested that there was no conceivable possibility that he actually loved her or that she could possibly be attractive or desirable simple because she was Black. So, nope, sorry, it isn’t progressive to ignore her just to ship him with a man. It’s incredible that Madi Scott even exists as a character, let alone that she is shown to be loved and integral to the storyline and Silver’s character in this show. If you erase that for a ship between two white men you’re literally not more “progressive” than Robert Louis Stevenson, who in the 17th century wasn’t even homophobic, but was certainly racist. Don’t erase Madi as Silver’s love interest, it’s disgusting.  


damn Bianca, back at it again with the power point presentations

*knocks on door* hi Black Sails fandom, I’m new, do you mind letting me in? I made you this thing that stopped being popular like two years ago as a peace offer please i need your help this show killed me