comes and goes in waves greg laswell


A Playlist For The Foxes! (spotify) // (youtube)

bonus track - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . we are the hearts - exgf . monsters - ruelle . bottom of the river - delta rae . cough syrup - young the giant . all those friendly people - funeral suits . who’s with us - current swell . comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell . the ship in port - radical face . whisper - the dear hunter . the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy . renegades - x ambassadors . the funeral - band of horses . youth - daughter . use somebody - scala & kolacny brothers . home ii - dotan . young volcanoes - fall out boy . this is gospel - panic! at the disco . the greatest - sia . byegone - volcano choir . sleep in the heat - pup . long live - taylor swift (ft. paula fernandes on spotify)

❤  oh my talking bird / though your feathers are tattered and furled / i’ll love you all your days / till the breath leaves your delicate frame ❤   

a mix
for the knight and the princess
for the boy and the bird
who changed their fates                                                                                                         who fell in love

dancing in the dark - ben howard ft. yael naim// pirouette - made in heights // fairytale  - alexander rybak // high hopes -  the vespers // then she appeared - the xtc // by your side - alice jemima // the writer  - ellie goulding // io (this time around) - helen stellar // every little thing she does is magic  - sleeping at last  // comes and goes in waves (2013 remix) - greg laswell // talking bird - death cab for cutie // wherever you will go - charlene soraia // we might be dead by tomorrow - soko // can’t help falling in love with you - fleet foxes // fever dream - iron and wine //

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A fanmix for when you need some peace and quiet.
↳ part ii ( part i)


all through the night [sleeping at last] + 7 years [grace grundy cover] + Sick in the Head [the lumineers] +a place only you can go [NEEDTOBREATHE] + lover’s waltz [ ben caplan] + comes and goes in waves [ greg laswell] + you [keaton henson] + move together [ james bay] + dancing on my own [ calum scott] + incomplete [james bay] + sorrow [gabriella- strings quartet version] + walk on by [noosa] + when we were young [ masen lee cover] + take care [keaton henson] + fire [augustana] + helplessness blues   [the vineyard sound] + sleep on the floor [the lumineers] + raging [kygo ft.kodaline]


<an animorphs fanmix.>

01. glory and gore - lorde <you could try and take us / but we’re the gladiators / everyone a rager / but secretly they’re saviours>

02. invaders must die - the prodigy <we are the prodigy / invaders must die>

03. kids in the dark - all time low <here we are / at the end of the road - a road that’s quietly caving in / come too far to pretend that we don’t - we don’t miss where we started>

04. beat the devil’s tattoo - black rebel motorcycle club <everyone is king / when there’s no one left to pawn>

05. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy <and I still feel that rush in my veins / it twists my head just a bitter thing / all those people in those old photographs I’ve seen are dead>

06. the draw - bastille <don’t listen to your friends / see the despair behind their eyes / don’t listen to your friends / they only care once and a while>

07. comes and goes (in waves) - greg laswell <this one’s for the lonely, the ones that seek and find / only to be let down time after time / this one’s for the torn down, the experts at the fall / come on friends get up now you’re not alone at all>

08. being small - sleepy turtles <oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, where did the time go? / so far from the start / we’ll show the new little ones how to grow>

09. wasting my young years - london grammar <don’t you know that it’s only fear / i wouldn’t worry, you have all your life / i’ve heard it takes some time to get it right>

10. lose your soul - dead man’s bones <i get up in the morning / put my dreams away / i get up, I get up, I get up again>

11. bad blood - bastille <if we’re only ever looking back / we will drive ourselves insane / as the friendship goes resentment grows / we will walk our different ways>

12. maybe sprout wings - the mountain goats <i thought of old friends, the one’s who’d gone missing / said all their names three times>

13. monster hospital (mstrkrft remix) - metric <i fought the war but the war won’t stop for the love of god / i fought the war but the war won>

14. hero - family of the year <let me go / i don’t wanna be your hero / i don’t wanna be a big man / just wanna fight with everyone else>

15. all is well (it’s only blood) - radical face <they cut me up, but I did them worse / and I’ll be fine, I just need to rest>

anonymous asked:

what books, poems, songs would you recommend to help heal or recover?


“The Trapeze Swinger” by Iron and Wine (listen to this in a quiet room with a lot of natural sunlight)

“Comes and Goes (In Waves)” by Greg Laswell (this is a cry in the shower song. massage your lovely head and let it wash over you)

“Saint Valentine" by Gregory Alan Isakov (nap music. close your eyes and take deep breaths)

“All My Rage” by Laura Marling (for driving alone in the car. wait til the chorus and let it all come out)

“Hold On” by Alabama Shakes (yell this one at the top of your lungs)


“Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver

“The Thing Is” by Ellen Bass

“Good Bones” by Maggie Smith


Água Viva by Clarice Lispector

here we are, both half-starved

an idea of where we go from here.  (warning for canon-typical violence and self-hatred)

  1. walking with the beast: primal scream 
  2. werewolf heart: dead man’s bones 
  3. dia dos namarados!: broken record 
  4. bite: troye sivan 
  5. i haven’t even started with you: mieka pauley 
  6. kites: dessa 
  7. ordinary world: red 
  8. come and goes (in waves): greg laswell 
  9. the river, the woods: astronautalis 
  10. chasing twisters: delta rae 

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Song recommendations?

“Bet My Life” Imagine Dragons
“Up the Wolves” The Mountain Goats
“Comes and Goes in Waves” Greg Laswell
“First Defeat” Noah Gunderson
“Like Lions Do” Right Away, Great Captain!”
“Blood” The Middle East
“Bronte” Gotye
“Clairvoyant” The Story So Far
“Curs in the Weeds” Horse Feathers