Hi Steve!!! This was really the best day of his life. Dreams do come true!! #ComeOnDown #ThePriceIsRight @misskayriss @killswitchengage #AdamD #PriceIsRight @PriceIsRight

We’re 4 days away from unofficial beginning of summer for many of you in Memorial Day Weekend, and that would mean for those of you in school waking up a bit later than usual and staying in too. And for us when we were young, that meant watching The Price is Right with this TV legend best known to others for that famous fight with Happy Chandler.
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Well…”Come on down!” and “A brand new car!” are the two things you want to hear when you go on the Price is Right. And I heard both of those! Definitely one of the craziest moments of my life. Drew Carey is the man and I love my life! #PriceIsRight #ComeOnDown!


Hahahaha he won a car!!! #ComeOnDown #AdamD @misskayriss #ThePriceIsRight @killswitchengage