No Other Name (Live)
Hillsong Worship
No Other Name (Live)

One name
holds weight above them all
His fame outlasts the earth He formed
His praise resounds beyond the stars
and echoes in our hearts
the greatest One of all
His face shines brighter than the sun
His grace, as boundless as His love
He reigns with healing in His wings
the King above all kings
the greatest One of all
Lift up our eyes, see the King has come
light of the world reaching out for us
There is no other name
There is no other name
Jesus Christ our God
Seated on high the UNDEFEATED ONE
mountains bow down as we lift Him up
there is no other name
there is no other name
Jesus Christ our God
Find hope when all the world seems lost
Behold the triumph of the Cross
His power has trampled death and grief
Our life found in His name
the greatest name of all
The earth will shake 
and tremble before Him
chains will break as heaven and earth sing
Holy is the name
Holy is the name
of Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Then, Tonight

The funny thing is,
she was just a girl–
and alone, so alone
in this world. But there
were ghosts in that hall,
ghosts pinching and smacking,
ghosts pressing her up against walls
she didn’t need
to be pressed up against
ghosts she didn’t need
to survive the bright and smiling face
of rage. Where ghosts
were absence of oxygen
when she only needed to breathe.

If only there were air enough
in lungs to breathe sorry
to silence. What whispers
create when dark spills doubt
into circumstance. Come
light tomorrow, she will

wonder what she has become,
if yesterday she
was just a girl. Funny
thing, that–what tomorrow brings,
when we are ever reaching
back tonight. Where he leaned
against the cracked kitchen counter
and smiled, and a new day began
despite the hour.

© 2015 Jennifer R.R. Mueller