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I wish that women in comedy were portrayed differently. Women are being shown as “amazing feminist” for telling fart jokes, constant sexual innuendos, and making themselves seem “easy”.

Is this why men constantly say that women aren’t funny?

Where are all of the actual female comedians at? The ones that aren’t hyper sexualized by Hollywood.

I feel as if women like Niki Glaser, Rebel Wilson, and Amy Schumer are the exact kind of women that make the new era feminist movement seem like a joke. They make women look like a joke.

Amy Schumer has a special where she only discusses how gross her vagina is and how she’ll sleep with anything because she’s overweight and will get whatever she can. Real women struggle with weight issues and are in abusive relationships because of low self esteem. Schumer praises those bad traits in people and makes them seem like they are okay. She does whatever she can for the slightest bit of attention. Like her counterpart, Niki Glaser runs an entire show on Comedy Central focused around how “she’s a cool girl that talks dirty”. The whole aesthetic is so forced. It’s obvious that women can be sexual, it’s human nature. It’s also obvious that sex sells. The world has Kim Kardashian. Use your platform to better represent women, instead of portraying them as sexual objects.

We need more female comedians like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Mindy Kahling. Ones that want to make a difference in the world. Be the change.
Trans-Themed Web Series "Her Story" Nabs An Emmy Nomination
The six-episode web series is the only independently produced project nominated for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series, a new category this year.
By Meredith Talusan, Sarah Karlan

Her Story, a fictional web series directed by Sydney Freeland that depicts the romantic lives of trans and queer women, scored a 2016 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Short Form Comedy or Drama Series on Thursday.

“We had hope, certainly, because we’ve seen incredible momentum and support to date,” series star Laura Zak told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview on Thursday. “Still, we all thought [a nomination] was pretty unlikely. If you see the other projects that were nominated, you can see the source of our caution.”

The other projects nominated include shows from AMC, Lifetime, Adult Swim, and — making Her Story the only independently produced series to receive a nomination in this category.

“I’m surprised, yes, but also I’m a little bit not surprised — because, spiritually speaking, we’ve been calling this through fruition,” Angelica Ross, a series regular and prominent figure in the trans community, added in Thursday’s phone interview.

“It’s just nice to have a women-centered and powered project where we all so solid as friends and collaborators,” Zak added.

Congratulations on the nomination and an even bigger congratulations to all crew and cast for creating this masterpiece. 


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Chris D’Elia: White Male, Black Comic

Chris D’Elia is a different type of comedian. One of the most jovial who is not afraid to laugh at his own jokes, smile and accentuate how ridiculous everyone including himself is? Truly an optimistic-sounding diamond in the rough.

Granted, I personally don’t know much about D’Elia myself, besides that he’s a regular at both The Comedy Store and on NBC’s Undateable. But that’s what I signed up for. Writing and throwing myself into the unknown.

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Boy, am I glad I did. This guy is relevant, hilarious, imaginative and just so damn enjoyable. You can tell D’Elia loves his job.

Tech Specs

This Comedy Central Special was directed by Bill D’Elia, Chris’s father and director of episodes of The West Wing, How to Get Away With Murder and many more credits on his list. This was filmed back in November 23rd, 2013 within a stage of New Orleans, Louisiana. He did about fifty - sixty minutes of comedic magic.

Headliner: Chris D’Elia


The type of content D’Elia covers varies. From homophobic hypocrites to the eccentricity of black men laughing, D’Elia really puts on the heat, making the audience only love him more with the relevance he portrays. 


D’Elia’s opening bit about drunk girls was excellent in the sense that he was very physical in portraying how they act when stumbling over their own words. I also loved how he bobbled his head like an Englishman when they churn the knowledge after reading the books they so constantly read.


D’Elia was able to make a couple of great jokes out of laughing hecklers in the crowd that hit him early on before the punchline with the black men, having to commute to Las Vegas and whatnot when laughing.

Even the black cops, as D’Elia put it, let speeders off easy with a smile on their faces after having heard the joke.

Closing Notes

Chris D’Elia’s topics about how different people he’s met in life and not just assumed how they are like the media does are absolutely respectable. Plus the way he shrugs off haters on Twitter with that nice grin on his face is just the coolest. What I figure is that we need someone 

Special thanks to my friend and comedy colleague Lucindo Teixeira. He’s an absolute diehard for D’Elia—coming off to me as no surprise, considering Luke is one of everybody’s favourite people—therefore, he suggested the comic.

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His Twitter handle is @chrisdelia and does not pass up amazing chances for a laugh on Instagram, where he tells crazy funny stories as captions to the photos he snaps of everyday life. (Same handle.)

Also this video of D’Elia on First We Feast’s Hot Ones was enjoyable as one rarely hears the comedian in off-stage banter.

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