Oh my god, this is hilarious. 


Jazz the music up- Micheal McIntyres Comedy Roadshow

This is so hilarious! :’)

I love Michael McIntyre so much.
  • His hair is amazing.
  • His jokes are just daily things that everyone can relate to.
  • He makes the simplest things absolutely hilarious.
  • He’s so camp.
  • Whenever he does an impression which involves movement, he does this little sort of cool-down walk at the end. 
  • He doesn’t use as many awkwardly sexual jokes as other comedians. 
  • He has a good sense of fashion. 
  • He worked so hard to get where he is (read his autobiography).
  • He looks like a westernised Gok Wan.
  • He skips a lot.
  • He pulls the funniest of faces.

Michael McIntyre is just perfection. 


Michael McIntyre and Pixie Lott singing Fairytale of New York, Comedy Roadshow Christmas special.