• Interviewing employer:what do you think your biggest weakness is?
  • Me:I fall a little bit in love with anyone who makes me laugh.
  • Them:oh. Uh. Guess that makes comedy festivals a real dreamy affair, hey?
  • Me:*laughs, before leaning on table and staring*
  • Me:not as dreamy as those eyes...
Festivals and How To Approach Them Like Less of a Dummy

Disclaimer ***Yes I know it’s a long comedy blog. I wrote it cause I have severe insomnia and I feel that I am not wrong. If you think I am wrong, I don’t care. Do not try to start some debate about this shit. Just my 2 cents and you can take it or leave it. I don’t claim to be an expert or hot shit in any way. I just see a lot of hemming and hawing about festivals from what I believe to be a false sense of reality. If you think I’m an idiot, just ignore it and keep being your awesome self.***

I dunno if a lotta comics feel they are being bullshitted by festivals because they have to pay to submit, or maybe because a lot of fests kinda vaguely hint that the industry is there to find you, the savior of comedy…i understand having a bad taste in yer mouth if those are the expectations. As a person who has done the majority of festivals out there at one time or another, maybe I can help to explain why they can be a great experience if you understand what they actually do for you. To do that, I feel it’s necessary to explain what they don’t do for you.

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What Comedy Festivals Are Looking For in Comedians

Jenn Tisdale at Brightest Young Things did some wonderful legwork in finding out what comedy festivals are looking for in potential performers.

She asked the folks behind Bridgetown (Portland, OR), Women In Comedy Festival (Boston, MA), Charm City (Baltimore, MD), Comedy Exposition (Chicago, IL), Bentzen Ball (Washington D.C.), Hell Yes Fest (New Orleans, LA & Austin, TX), and Riot LA (Los Angeles, CA) and compiled this nice article of their answers and explanations at the link.

Three Summer Camp Movies from the Sundance Film Festival

From ridiculous teen comedies to heart-breaking coming of age dramas, summer camp is the perfect setting for many independent films. Practically their own genre, summer camp films tell nostalgic stories of unlikely friendships, rebellious adventures, and (of course) raging hormones.

Wet Hot American Summer (above)
Directed by David Wain
2001 Sundance Film Festival

Directed by Todd Graff
2003 Sundance Film Festival

The Nostradamus Kid
Directed by Bob Ellis
1994 Sundance Film Festival

Film stills courtesy of Wet Hot American Summer, Camp, and The Nostradamus Kid.
Comedy King JUDD APATOW, SINBAD to Join BILL MAHER and Me at the Star-Studded 2015 Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival!

Get thee to Michigan the weekend of February 13-15 for the Traverse City Winter Comedy Arts Festival, a fantastic comedy festival Seeking Sublet Writer/Director Katie Tibaldi is proud to have been a part of since its inception. Hilarious comedians like Judd Apatow, Sinbad, Bill Maher, Nikki GlaserNatasha LeggeroTed AlexandroTodd Barry + other very funny folks will all be performing this year, plus there will be all kinds of FREE winter fun! Hope to see you there: 


Hey folks, Paul here! Later today I’ll post this week’s MOTION MONDAY (with good ol’ pencil and paper!) but first I wanted to re-share the short film Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor.

I originally posted this in May… on the first day this blog was active. Memories!

We’ve got a lot more followers now (big credit to Meg and her amazing TUTOR TUESDAYS!), so for those who haven’t seen the film, I hope you enjoy. If you do, please pass it around, and thanks for watching!

Where to get your Widdicombe fix this week!! (11/7/16)

As usual, this post will be updated if anything new about Josh comes up.

Notable mention(s)
• Josh will be headlining Latitude Festival’s comedy tent this weekend.
• He will also be recording FT’s 1966 World Cup special on Thursday (no word on when this will be aired just yet).

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Wednesday 13th July
Pointless Celebrities (BBC1, 5:10pm) **2015 REPEAT**

Thursday 14th July
Mock the Week (BBC2, 10pm)

Friday 15th July
• The Last Leg (C4, 10pm) **SERIES 8 FINALE**

Saturday 16th July
Fearne Cotton & Martin Kemp (BBC R2, 10am)
Fighting Talk (BBC R5, 11am)


#backstage with #worldfamous #illusionist from Lyon @gusillusionniste #brentrayfraser #cardtricks (at Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Place du Festival, Montreal)

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100 days of comedy homework: 23 things in 34 days
  1. started my internship at the Laugh Factory in Chicago (4x a week for the last 3 weeks– does that count as 12 days of comedy homework? I’m gonna say yes)
  2. met up for a meal with a friend who is a producer’s assistant in LA, who assured me doing comedy in Chicago was fine for now
  3. got connected through a mutual friend to a person who is a writers’ PA on a show I adore and exchanged Facebook messages about the biz, who informed me I must move back to LA one day
  4. met up for coffee with another friend who is an assistant to a TV producer in LA, who also wasn’t sure I was doing anything worthwhile in Chicago
  5. applied for a playwright-in-residence position
  6. followed all the writers of “Full Frontal” on Twitter
  7. CONSIDERED following all the writers for “Maya & Marty”
  8. got rejected from a comedy festival! always good
  9. listened to a podcast about rejection
  10. submitted to a play fest for “unproduceable” plays
  11. watched one VERY talented friend get an agent
  12. got tickets to see another very talented friend on his comedy tour through chicago tomorrow wheeeeee
Judd Apatow to Get Just For Laughs Festival Tribute

Judd Apatow will be honored with the 2016 Generation Award at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal.

Festival organizers on Monday in a statement cited Apatow as “one of the most important comedic minds of his generation.” Apatow has directed, among other comedies, This is 40, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People.

His producing credits include Superbad, Bridesmaids, and Anchorman, and he executive produced HBO’s Girls, co-created Love on Netflix and is currently producing the HBO series Crashing, starring Pete Holmes.

Apatow was last at the Montreal comedy festival in 2008 to perform his Apatow For Destruction Show, while receiving the Comedy Person of the Year trophy that year at the ComedyPRO conference. 

He will receive his latest Just For Laughs comedic tribute on July 29 at the Hyatt Regency Montreal. The Just For Laughs festival is set to run through Aug. 1, 2016 in Montreal.

Read More: Judd Apatow, Jerry Seinfeld Reminisce About Stand-Up and Garry Shandling on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

#MTLComicCon Day 1

Montreal hosts so many different events throughout the summers, from the Jazz festival, to the beer festival, to the comedy festival we’ll be covering later this week. The most important for us at The Game Of Nerds happens to be the Comic Con & I just happened to attend all 3 days of the con. Below, I’ve compiled everything I saw & learned on day 1 (days 2 & 3 coming soon)

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