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- nice i guess

- will probably reblog your post if you ask nicely

- could be on the verge of death and she would still keep posting

- will tell you when summer love updates


- cant translate anything

- bad taste

- on mobile 95% of the time

- says she will do a thing, doesn’t do the thing

- never shuts up about hiyoko

- discourse

- will kinkshame you


Hilfe, wir sind offline (2016, Komödie, auf Deutsch, 1 hr 27 mins)

About German teenagers, family life & internet addiction. ;D Set in Berlin. “Heike ist genervt, dass ihre Familie den ganzen Tag am Smartphone hängt. Also verhängt sie einen Monat Internetverbot. Wird das ihr Familienleben verbessern oder eher zur Katastrophe führen?”

Chapter Fourteen: Silly Daddy

A/N: Kind of a short, filler chapter, but I like it a lot. Chapter fifteen, I have decided, will be posted sometime this week, and then we will be going back to having a new chapter every Saturday. I apologize for the wait and the inconsistency, but life has been kind of…sucky lately? I don’t really know how else to describe it. 

Anywho…thank you to all of those who have been supporting me, despite many of the promises I have been unable to keep. Thank you to the Anons who still message me about this. They make my day, and sometimes I go back and read them just for a little pick me up. That also goes for the comments made by @hotcrazycatlady, @petlaufeyson, @ixamxleigh, @theflashrunner, @she-wasnt, @queenslvy, @justiceandwar98, and @lexhader. If I missed you, I am so sorry, but I am grateful for you and all of those who read this. Also, when I do post the last chapter…I will be thanking everyone who ever commented, and I will make sure I do by going over all the wonderful comments ever made about this series. I really do love you, Lovelies. 

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Pairing: Logan Howlett (Wolverine) x Reader

Synopsis: After surviving an accident, Logan wakes with no recollection of his time with the X-Men. He has forgotten most of the people he came to love, and the woman who came to love him back.

Based on this imagine: { x }  

Rated: PG-13

Warnings: Language, War, & Mild Sexual Themes

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