who you trust more?

So, the gang is off to visit the KISS-themed amusement park.

Why the extensive outfits and makeup for just an amusement park visit? Couldn’t tell ya.

Daphne is finishing her star, even though it’s already completely filled in. 

I guess the animators didn’t want to bother clicking on the “erase” tool.

Buuuut then, Freddy gets this evil look in his eyes…

…and hits a pothole…

…deliberately just to make her mess up her makeup.

Holy cow, what happened since the ‘60s, Freddy? When did you get mean? 

Or, like, is there some tragic backstory I missed? In some episode during the intervening years, did makeup kill your family or something?

I’m still doing my best to follow along with the story, despite watching this whole thing in Polish.

From what I can gather, Freddy wants to play an old CD of his on the drive…

…which a Warner Bros. intern obviously had a lot of fun writing the copy for.

Man, I wish my glitch hop and viking metal albums were in “Exciting Stereo.”

Needless to say, the rest of the gang doesn’t approve of his musical choices.

Eventually, they arrive at the amusement park… which apparently has multiple scale replicas of Aztec pyramids.


Because Scooby-Doo, that’s why.

Though that second one might actually be Blade Runner architecture, come to think of it….

The gang talks to some unhappy-looking security people…

…who deny them entrance, probably because all the other park guests had left. Screaming. 

Pretty reasonable, if you ask me.

They walk back to the Mystery Machine, and 5 minutes into the movie ditch their crazy-intricate KISS makeup and the outfits they must have worked on for hours.

They discuss something, probably a plan of some kind…

…and Shaggy is obviously worried about the plan, in classic Scooby-Doo fashion. 

See, this all makes sense! I think I’ve got the hang of understanding it. Who needs dialogue in your own language, anyway, everything’s just–


Um… no, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… Shaggy actually started making armpit noises completely out of the blue.

All things considered, I wasn’t really expecting that.

…and… Daphne and Fred seem totally fine with it? Almost encouraging of it?

And then they all go sneak into the amusement park?

…alright, fine, maybe I don’t know what’s going on.