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Jealous/Protective Natsu gives me life

Plus, if you can see a reference in this to an old post, well done to you! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

V3 where everything’s the same, but one day Hoshi needs somethin’ outta a high cabinet and Amami just goes “okay” and puts him on his shoulders. theres this secret bro code that’s established between them and when the coast is clear amami just hoists Hoshi up on his shoulders. “he likes to feel tall”. Thats the only thing that ever happens between them

Ted: “I… wow.” 

Carl: “Like it?”

Ted: “I know these are fast-moving frames of them bouncing, but… isn’t that a little hastily drawn?”

Carl: “Eh, who’s ever gonna pause on it, anyway?”

Ted: “…well, if they do, they’ll see some reeeaaally special Shaggy posture, that’s for sure.”


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This one had us cracking up a lot, probably my favorite video so far.

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4, jikook? 😁

4: “Did you just hiss at me?” - “Are you judging me?”

a/n: a cool dialogue challenge

“with all due respect,” jimin says through his teeth, fumbling with his hair through his reflection, “couldn’t you have gone with something more - reasonable?”

jungkook hums innocently, looking up from his phone to give jimin a cursory glance. he’s decked out in puppy ears and a thick, red collar with a tag, a real, actual tag (jimin doesn’t even want to know what it reads, honestly). the fluffiness of his hair and the softness of his (nonetheless sulky) eyes add well to the effect of puppy jimin, of retriever jimin.

it’s makes something purr inside of jungkook’s chest, makes him have to lean back in his seat to admire the sight. jimin leans forward from the mirror to swat at jungkook’s head once he notices the movement.

“it seems perfectly reasonable to me,” jungkook argues.

jimin would highly beg to differ. a seething sound leaves his throat, and he barely notices that it causes jungkook to give him a surprised look. he doesn’t even realize, doesn’t comprehend the noise he has just made until jungkook is blinking like a camera shutter, and asking him in an incredulous voice: “did you just hiss at me?”

“what?” jimin’s neck starts to heat up, whatever remaining remnant of his soul covering itself in shame and horror. he just hissed, really, like some animal? he covers his mouth.

“i thought hissing was for kitties.” jungkook snickers.

jimin whirls on him with a glare, and the snicker falls away like a mask. “are you judging me for it now?”

jungkook grins and nods, blatant.

jimin’s neck heats up further.

the laugh is back again, but not a quarter as a teasing as before and a whole lot more apologetic - well, as apologetic as it can be with the still light-hearted and amused tone it holds. jungkook stands up from their apartment’s couch to wrap his arms around jimin’s waist, nosing into his burning neck.

“come on,” he murmurs, his voice muffled, “ i think you look cute.”

another chuckle is buried into jimin’s shoulder, and its owner must be aware of how a warning growl rises dangerously in jimin’s throat, but all the owner does is widen his smile.

and that smile is a smile that fades only when jimin reveals the costume he has chosen for jungkook this year: a kitty cat.

(jungkook has to admit that it makes a really good halloween couple aesthetic.)
City Slicker

Author: Polomonkey

Rating: Mature

Setting: ModernAU

Word Count: 5k

Summary: Arthur’s a city boy, even if he is dating a country bumpkin who grew up on a farm. So why on earth has he agreed to go and help Merlin with lambing season?

Comment: I thought this story was wonderful. I loved the teasing between the pair of them, and the fact that their relationship is defined as ‘somehow functional shit-storm of eye fucking and mutual disrespect’. I liked how nervous Arthur was to meet Hunith and how welcome she made him feel. I just felt really cozy reading this story!