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I’m not going to jail. None of us are going to jail… Okay, one of you is probably going to jail.

Shining Lights of 2016

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder MysteryInvite Only, CasualDinner Party/Gala for Friends Potluck


Some time ago, our brother Branwell became involved with a married woman. Somehow that two-bit hussy Jane Austen found out about it.


These last few days we took a retreat up in Big Bear, CA, and invited some of our Poe Party friends for a little rest, relaxation, bizarre board games, and creative inspiration. We hope to make this sort of thing a yearly Shipwrecked holiday tradition.

So, the gang goes back to the fortune teller they met at the beginning of the episode.

They step inside, and see she’s in the front of her caravan.

Scooby uncovers the secret missing tapestry…

…via some of the best-drawn faces ever. 

Scoob pulls it out, having discovered the thief! We see the back of the caravan, where the gang is all waiting.

The fortune teller snatches it back… 

….and then… silently runs out the back? Wait, just, like, past everyone there?

Lemme get this straight. She ran from the front of the van… shimmied around the benches on the side…. passed by all five members of the gang… and nobody tried to stop her at all?

Remind me again how these kids managed to ever solve even one mystery? 

Carl the Animator: “Wait, why can’t we see Fred driving the Mystery Machine?”

Ted the Animator: “…oh, bugger, I forgot to add him! Now it looks like it’s driving itself….”

Carl the Animator: “Actually, though, that’s kind of a cool, futuristic idea. Maybe the viewers will like it!”

Ted the Animator: “What, driverless cars? Don’t be ridiculous, there’s no way that will ever be a thing.”


Poe Party- Clue 1985 Style

Quickly made a thing last night, happy Halloween lovelies!