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When You’re Not Expecting Company…🔔

Our True Love - Chapter 8

A/N: Doopdidoo! Eight chapter of my series. I hope you guys enjoy this one as well! Let me know what you think. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to message me or ask me! Thank you and enjoy! (Sorry in advance for any grammatical errors in my stories!)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None
Word count: 2,341
Summary: Reader and Bucky doesn’t get along well after his marriage to Rosaline. Will her friendship with Bucky last or will they crumble and fade?

★ ★ ★

It has been two weeks since I last spoke to Bucky or Richard.

I was still angry at them for using me as a source of their fight when the problem really is among both of them. I ignored their calls and texts and even avoiding them if they try to approach me out in person, despite what Bucky said to me before he left. They still need to work things out by themselves.

I lay back on my couch, flipping through the channels of the TV. Wanda is snacking on the animal biscuits I bought earlier. She looks over at me.

“Talk to me.” She says simply. When I didn’t respond, she uses her power to take the remote away from my hand.

“Hey!” I look at her. She looks at me while chewing on a biscuit. I let out a sigh.

“It’s just work. I’m tired of managing files when really I should be helping you guys out with your missions. Not sit in an office and fix some grammar errors.” I say while staring at the screen. A romantic comedy movie is playing.

“Missions are dangerous, Y/N. You know that. You don’t have experience with combat strategy or weapons, do you?” She continues before sipping on a can of soda.

“Yeah, but at least I can help you put together files or information about the mission. Help you guys lead through a building or place like Maria does. It’s more fun.” I pout.

“I suppose. Now tell me what’s really bothering you.” She adds. I look at her.

“What do you mean?”

“Come on. I know it’s not the files that really bothers you.” I let out a sigh. She is right, but do I really need to talk about it?

“Yes you do.” She answers my thought. I stare at her.


“I know, I know, your privacy. Yada yada yada. Now talk to me.” She continues without even taking her eyes off the TV screen. I sigh out in defeat.

“It’s just Bucky and Richard. They drove me nuts the other night.”

“Mm. Bucky did tell Steve about it. I heard them.” She says as she glances over. I rest my head on the back of the couch. Right, and Steve texted me right after asking me if I wanted to talk about it. I declined politely.

“I just need a break.” I stare blankly at the TV screen, thinking about the things Richard and Bucky said that night.

“You are surrounded by a negative energy that is from within your own mind. You’re overthinking things too much.” She says switching the channel into another movie. I run my fingers through my hair.

“Maybe. It’s nothing big anyways. I can handle it on my own.” I say as I take some of the biscuits myself. I can feel Wanda’s eyes on me.

“That’s the problem.” I look at her while raising an eyebrow.

“What do you mean?”

“You say you can handle it on your own when you really can’t.” A flash of nostalgia brushes through me. She pops another biscuit into her mouth.

“You, Steve and Bucky are all like that. Want to help others, but put yourselves last. Which is why the three of you are always so messed up. But Steve’s mind has gotten a lot clearer after he married Sharon. But you and Bucky?” She shakes her head. I sit up on my couch looking at her intensely.

“What do you mean?” I really haven’t thought about myself at all. All I knew is I wanted to make Bucky happy. She picks up a biscuit and throws it at my face.

“Ow! Wanda!” I yelp rubbing the crumbs off my face.

“Both of you like to keep things to yourselves. Locking things away in your mind without pouring it out on someone. When was the last time you came to someone to talk about your problems and seek comfort?” She asks me. I blink.

“I… don’t need to, really.” I say. But the truth is, I have always done that with Bucky. Minus the talking part. Though, I stopped after I moved out of the Stark tower because of work. She shakes her head again.

“You’re wrong. You do. You don’t like talking to others about your problems because you think it makes you look weak. You cry to yourself every time and refuse to let anyone help you sort your problems out.” She says nonchalantly.

Even if she is right, I haven’t really noticed that that’s what I’ve been doing to myself. I know I tend to put my feelings last, but to hear it from another person’s mouth feels like they literally just slapped me right in the face.

“What can I do? I need to help Bucky sort out his mind first, really.” I say as I cross my arms over my chest.

“You can’t help others if your own mind is troubled.” She says switching the channels again.

“Besides, both of your minds are clear when you are together.” She says. I look at her.

“What?” She lets out an angry sigh before pulling my whole body to face her.

“Listen. You and Bucky need each other, all right? Bucky is comfortable with you and you are with him. You know stories of his past and he trusts you. And you like to seek comfort from him because he knows just the right things to say to help clear your mind out. You’d think Bucky’s mind is a mess when really yours is just the same!” She lets her grip loose on me before sitting back down properly. I blink at her, a little mesmerized at what she just said.

I rest myself on the couch again, staring blankly at the screen. There are about twenty different emotions I am feeling about that, but I couldn’t settle on a single one.

“Stop it with your thinking fumes. You’re distracting me from the movie.” She says at me. I look over at her. My scoff turns into laughter, followed by her own laughter. I take a deep breath before crossing my legs on the couch.

Maybe this is what I really needed. Talking to someone else about my thoughts and feelings to clear out my own mind. Apparently, Wanda knew how troubled I am for a while and she doesn’t say anything about it. She knows that I wouldn’t listen to her. But she told me about it at the right time. I suppose my mind is such a mess to the point even she can’t stand it. I look over at Wanda as she laughs at the movie. I give her a genuine smile.

“Y/N. Really, you’re killing me with your thinking fumes.” She says again looking at me. I smile before taking a deep breath. As I exhale it out, I feel my mind getting clearer. Wanda looks over at me and smiles.

“Takes someone to point out your own wrongs to clear that head of yours, huh?” She says slipping the biscuit into her mouth. I nod.

“Not everyone see the errors in their own actions.” I say. I pop another animal biscuit into my mouth.

“Thank you, Wanda.” She smiles and throws another biscuit at my face. I laugh and brush the crumbs away simply.

It feels good to feel this light again.

“Things are okay between us now. I promise.” Richard says while holding his hands up. I finally have given him the chance to speak. He pulls out his phone to show pictures of him getting handcuffed to Bucky and the things they did together. I cover my hand over my mouth.

“We decided to actually do it. Well, I decided to. Bucky was against it. We ended up bonding quite well after that. He could have simply ripped off that cuff, but I reminded him that we are doing it for you.” Richard says as he laughs. In the pictures, Bucky’s face lightens up little by little. I smile satisfyingly.

“Good. I forgive you then.” I say while tapping his shoulder. He sighs out in relief. I sip onto my drink while looking around.

“You seem very cheery. Did something happen while we were out from your life temporarily?” He asks swirling his drink in his hand. I shake my head.

“No. Nothing really. I just had time to clear my own head.” I say finishing up the last drop of the drink. He raises an eyebrow.

“So, we were troubling you?” He asks. I smile.

“Yes, you both were, very much.” I say while looking at him with the corner of my eyes. He rubs the back of his head.

“Aha. I’m sorry about that.” I smile and shake my head.

“Don’t worry about it. So how are things with Harry?” I ask nonchalantly. The way his face turns red was too adorable.

“Wh… what do you mean? I… I mean, he’s my photographer, so he’s… he’s been doing well.” He stutters a little. I grin at him.

“Yup. A photographer and your crush~ tell me if I’m wrong.” I wink at him. I can feel the steam coming from his red face. Too adorable. I can’t keep torturing him like that.

“H…How did you know??” He asks. I smile.

“Honey, I knew you were a homosexual ever since I met you. But because you are hot, I still feel shy and jittery around you nonetheless. When you introduced me to Harry and the way you talk and look at him tells me a lot.” I say waving the empty glass in front of him.

I swear, Richard can be mistaken for a tomato at this point. He lets out a quiet sigh before running his hands through his hair.

“Oooohhh, Y/N. I wish you could have told me earlier.” He says embarrassed. I pat his back gently.

“Where’s the fun in that? I still like to flirt around with you.” I say jokingly. Richard gives me a look like a crocodile would when he’s watching you. I merely poke my tongue out at him as a response.

“You are still such a gentleman, though. Doing all the things that even straight guys don’t normally do to girls.” I say remembering all the sweet things he did for me.

“Also, you should tell him.” I say while nudging his arm. He blushes before smiling sadly.

“I don’t know if he’s gay too. I mean… most of the guys I had a crush on are straight. I’m afraid of rejection so I always just kept it in.” He stares down at the table as his fingers draw out small circles on it.

“It does hurt to be rejected, but… if you don’t tell them, it’ll eat you alive. It’s better to be straightforward than to keep it in.” I say. He looks up at me.

“And live with the shame and regret if he did reject me? He’s my photographer. Every time I work with him, it’ll be a painful reminder of the rejection. How can I live with that for the rest of my life?” I sit quietly before grabbing on his shoulder.

“You come to terms with the rejection sooner or later. Things like that always takes time. But when you realize that your partnership as co-workers would mean the success for both of you, then it’ll be easier for you to deal with it. You can help each other to become the best at what you do.” Richard looks up at me.

“Pain can fade away because you can finally see the reason behind the pain. A lesson that makes you realize a particular mistake within your life.” I say while petting his shoulder. He raises an eyebrow.

“And that means?”

“Just take the leap of faith. If you never try, then you’ll never know if you’re going to succeed. If you fail, try again. It will break down your confidence at first, but in the end, you’ll be able to find the strength in your pain.” I grin. He chuckles before tousling my hair.

“You are something else, Cherry.” I fix my hair back, looking at him.

“What do you mean?” I ask. He sips on his drink.

“You probably should also follow your own advice too from time to time.” I blink.

“Well, then again, you haven’t been giving up at all. No matter how many times you hurt yourself, you never give up when others have.” He continues.

“Again, what do you mean?” I ask, still confused. He chuckles. The caramel candy voice comes up.

“You have a brain, Cherry Princess. Figure it out yourself.”

I open up the door to my apartment, tossing the keys into the basket. I take off my jacket and hang it on the stand coat rack behind my door. When I look at my living room, my heart jumps out of my chest and I nearly screamed.

“Bucky! Geez louise! You need to stop breaking into my apartment when I’m not home!” I shout at him angrily. Bucky is sitting on the couch while looking at me, not saying a word. He had an expression on his face. A kind where you’d have on when you find out your loved one is going to be fine after a terrible accident. I cross my arms on my chest.

“Are you listening to me?” I ask him, still furious. He simply got up and approach me. The next thing I know is his arms wrapping around me tightly with my face buried in his chest. I let out a surprised gasp.

“Bucky?” I ask him while looking up.

“I missed you…” He says simply. He pulls me up a little to bury his face into my neck. His breath tickling my skin. I move my arms to wrap around him. My anger before completely melted away into Bucky’s embrace. I close my eyes and breathe him in. I catch a bit of lavender scent on his shirt.

“I missed you too…”

★ ★ ★

A/N: Yay for Wanda in this chapter. <3 And one of you guys had suspected Richard’s sexuality (at least asked me about it), well here’s the confirmation. Hehe. Thanks for reading guys! I hope you liked it. Please let me know what you think and I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy the series! If you want to be tagged on the next few chapters, please let me know!  Much love. <3

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anonymous asked:

do you think we will have to witness the death/sacrifice of a fairy tail member in this arc ?

Ah, anon. You might regret asking that question, because this is going to be a long-winded, typically-Jhayni post.

I’m going to start off talking about promises. (Bear with me, this will be relevant in a moment).

Every writer makes promises to his readers. And every reader, whether or not they can articulate it, understands this.

Let me give you an example.

You’re in a bookstore and you’re scanning the shelves in the romance section. A book catches your eye. Even before you pick it up, you know that the writer is promising that you’re going to fall in love with two people falling in love. So you get the book with the expectation that Brooding Brad and Perky Penny, after a rocky first meeting, an awesome first date, complications caused by a jealous ex-gf and an evil boss, are going to declare undying love and live happily ever after.

Except when you get to the last chapter, Brooding Brad decides to up and go photograph lions in Africa and Perky Penny elopes with the mailman.

At which point, you’ll hurl the book against the wall, because the author just broke about a dozen promises to you—and wasted your time.

You’d feel cheated if you opened a shounen manga and got people having tea parties and talking about their stamp collections instead of battles and adventures. And you’d feel the same if, at the end of the mystery, the police say, “We don’t know” and shove the murder case into the cold case file.

But writers make even more promises beyond genre expectations.

A mystery whose first chapter dumps you into the deranged mind of a serial killer makes very different promises from a mystery whose first chapter has a Miss Marple-type entering the drawing room at a house party to find the host stretched out dead in front of the fireplace.

The tone and style of the opening sets readers’ expectations.

What does all of this have to do with Fairy Tail?

I’m glad you asked!

Think back to the early chapters of Fairy Tail. What we were promised in those early arcs was this: young wizards go on missions, with comedy, some danger, a little fanservice, and NO DEATH.

Except for Simon, who’s the exception that proves the rule.

Mashima went to great lengths to keep characters alive. Natsu prevented both Gray at Galuna and Erza at ToH from sacrificing themselves. Characters who should’ve died—Jellal, Makarov, and Lisanna—lived.

Heck, even villains were either hauled off to jail or redeemed or both. And even after attempting to BBQ all of Magnolia, all Laxus got was a scolding and exile.

And even that exile was too harsh a punishment, according to some people (*cough*Natsu*cough*).

All this worked for the early arcs, because Mashima wanted to do something more light-hearted and fun, and he was playing with the concept of Fairy Tail. (You can tell that from some of his afterwords in the early volumes).

But then Tenrou came around, and Mashima decided to get serious about the main plot. Fairy Tail went from “Young wizards have fun adventures” to “Young wizards save the world”.

But when you change the goal of the story like that, you also change its tone, the readers’ expectations, and the promises you make.

From Tenrou onwards, Mashima has been slowly and subtly shifting the tone of Fairy Tail. At Tenrou he gave us two villain deaths—Zeref kills both Zancrow and Hades. And he gave us the time-skip, which was emotionally rough on everyone. Lucy had to come to terms with the fact her father died before she could be properly reconciled with him.

And then you get to Eclipse and Mashima kills off two main characters. Now, one is a future counterpart, and the other death he reverses almost immediately, but they die.

Here comes the Tartarus arc. For the first time we see collateral damage and a big body count. Jackal takes out almost the entire Magic Council, including a minor, named character we’ve seen several times. Over a hundred people die when Tempesta turns himself into a cloud of poisonous particles. And who knows how many people died when Jackal bombed half the town?

This is followed by pages of Erza stripped naked and brutally tortured. And yes, there has been a lot more nudity lately than there was prior to Tenrou.

Even the animation style of Fairy Tail has changed. And think about the movie: in order to kill the phoenix, a character had to die.

And all of these changes are Mashima signalling the shift from a “Have Fun Adventures” story to a “Save the World” story.

But the problem he runs into is that people entered Fairy Tail through the “Fun Adventures” part. Pretty much everything he did up to Tenrou proved to us that we could safely fall in love with any one of his large cast of characters. We could be confident that our beloved character would survive to the end.

But a “Save the World” story has to show that yes, the world really is in grave danger, the villains are both evil and competent, and the heroes must be tested and pushed to their limits in order to win.

Otherwise, you just can’t take it seriously.

And this often means a character death. If not this arc, then the next one.

I think Mashima has to balance the promises he made pre-Tenrou, and the promises he’s making now. The fact that he’s developed Gruvia so much before the Silver-Gray showdown makes me nervous for Juvia’s sake.

But, imo, if a FT guild member has to die, the best candidate would be someone from the older generation: either Makarov or Gildarts. That way he can have a meaningful character death, while keeping the younger generation safe. It’s the best solution I can think of, considering the two sets of promises.