comedy gold

Meeting a celebrity
  • Me:*hands them a piece of paper*
  • Them:Who should I make it out to?
  • Me:oh, haha, no, that's not for you to autograph. That's the URL to my amazon wishlist, alright, bye.

You know, they’re right. No one would want to see a Wonder Woman movie. A Super Hero coming from a land of Mythological figures would just go over everyone’s heads-

And a hero smoothly adjusting to modern times would just get boring-

And all women in successful super hero movies are sooo weak and boring-

I mean, really, who could pull this stuff off?

If your school work stresses you out clap your hands

If responsibilities stress you out clap your hands

If you can’t handle stress and your life’s become a mess and you dont know what to do with your life and all you know is youre scared that one day youll be stuck in a meaningless dead end job because you couldnt cope with the pressure put on you by your school clap your hands


Link realizes he still doesn’t know how to talk during his own wedding.