Meeting a celebrity
  • Me:*hands them a piece of paper*
  • Them:Who should I make it out to?
  • Me:oh, haha, no, that's not for you to autograph. That's the URL to my amazon wishlist, alright, bye.

“how my small talk at family reunions usually goes”


Link realizes he still doesn’t know how to talk during his own wedding.

  • What she says:i'm fine
  • What she means:if the term is 'sugar daddy' then why is it changed to 'salty mommy' in the circulating "you've heard of (x) now get ready for -(x)" meme? Shouldn't it be 'salt mommy,' because sugar is a noun so it's meme counterpart should also be a noun i.e. salt. 'salty' is an adjective, and while it is grammatically correct to be placed there, it is not inversely correct, therefore it is not memelly correct. is this what the quality of memes have come to? are the millennials choosing grammar over humor? is this lack of comical consideration insight on the impending extinction of memes?