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Letter to the KPOP Antis


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So here goes my rant and heck you can expect it to be long. 

So as many of you know, EXO is having a comeback (YAS). They started a new twitter page and an instagram page called weareone.exo. This, unfortunately, sparked many ARMYs (real or not) to start hating. Many of the comments dissing them for the fact that they got on social media so late. 

I’m not aiming this to the ARMY fandom or the EXO-L fandom, but in fact I am aiming this to all the people who have ever hated on other KPOP groups. 

If you call certain idols or idol groups ‘talent-less’ or ‘worthless’, you’re simply wrong. Do you tHINK their companies would debut them? ALL the idols you love and hate have gone through a TRAINING period, in which PROFESSIONALS look at their skills and help them to become better. EVERY. SINGLE. IDOL that has debuted is so talented and do nOT deserve the hate that antis give them.

There are so many interactions that literally prove that between the groups that you love, there is no hate. I’m taking the major example of BTS and EXO. These 2 amazing groups respect each other and are friends!

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Why can’t ARMYs and EXO-Ls be like them as well? 

As you know, many idol groups are constantly on social media and are very active, so they most probably SEE the negative comments. Imagine how that feels? Imagine someone calling YOU worthless and talent-less when you put SO much effort and time in your music and entertainment. Imagine people literally voting for you to get kicked out of your group.

Trust me, it feels like shit.

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So now tell me, how does it feel making another human being feel so insignificant, so useless that it makes them wonder why they even bother, and why they even exist.

They are just like you. They give their 150% to make their fans happy and to put out good music. 

If you feel jealous that a certain group is getting more attention than the group you love, trust me that, that group DESERVES it. 

As a multifandom kpop fan, I can easily tell you that EACH and EVERY member of EACH group is so precious, so hardworking, so diligent and so dedicated to their role of being an idol.

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To come to a conclusion; from one human being to another, I heavily suggest that all these fan wars and all this hate stops. I hope we can learn to love and appreciate all the hard working idols out there. Please don’t break these precious people that we love. 

Thank you ~ illegalsmiles

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