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What kind of shadowy manipulator actually goes on the cover of Time Magazine admitting he’s a shadowy manipulator?

Trevor Noah on Steve Bannon.

Seriously, though. Thomas Cromwell would roll over in his grave at this man’s sheer and utter amateurishness.


Tonight on Wander over Yonder

Who says the show always has to be about the four mains, there’s a whole galaxy of characters out there to explore and like theme song says “Oh Wander over Yonder and check out this and that” and tonight we’re doing just that, checking out this and that, with two cartoons about some of our most lovable losers.  First up…

Animation is a collaborative art form and one of the secrets to doing great work is to be open to creative suggestions from anyone on the team. As I’ve said before you never know where inspiration is going to come from. Case in point, early on in the production of Season 2 we received a song totally out of nowhere from our composer Andy Bean. It wasn’t an assignment, it wasn’t part of an episode, he just did it ‘cause he had an idea and wanted to share it. It was  this long melancholy ballad about The Black Cube of Darkness and it was so amazingly brilliant that there was no doubt that this song could form the foundation for a really special episode. Frank immediately claimed his stake to write THE BLACK CUBE and taking a cue from the forlorn tone of the song we abandoned our typical cartoony approach and leaned heavy into the idea of letting this episode be the moody art film/episode of LOUIE it wanted to be.

Written by: Frank Angones

Storyboard by: Ben Balistreri

Directed by: Dave Thomas

Songs by: Andy Bean

In the most extreme tone shift I think we’ve ever had in Wander we instantly slam gears from one of the most serious to one of the silliest episodes this Season. It’s no secret that Wander’s personality was heavily influenced by the great public television host Huell Howser. Growing up in Southern California my  Mother and I always caught his show and I remember finding his simple slice of life stories both weirdly funny and heartwarmingly sweet. So taking our cue from Huell and low budget public access shows we set out to make THE EYE ON THE SKULLSHIP an inside look at the lives of The Watchdogs. To play our lovable host, Andy The Watchdog, we had but one choice and one choice only in mind and that was the insanely talented and hilarious ANDY DALY whose Comedy Central show REVIEW is in my opinion, one of the most incredible shows on TV today!  Actually, H. Michael Croner who plays Obvious Teen in THE BLACK CUBE is also a REVIEW cast member. Check it out if you have a chance (and as long as you’re old enough!)

Written by: Todd Casey

Storyboard by: Vaughn Tada

Directed by: Eddie Trigueros

So thanks to the incredible talents of two Andys, tonight we get to take a detour from the path we’re normally on to explore the road less traveled and man oh man is there good stuff to be found there.

Hope you have as much fun watching these as much as we had making them.

Also this episode marks the end of new Wander’s for the rest of the year. We’ll be back in the New Year, starting in January!