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The 7 Most Important Jon Stewart Clips That We’ll Tell Our Grandkids About

It is neither unique nor particularly innovative to state that Jon Stewart had an impact on political discourse in our country—and on policy. Stewart radically changed the scope of “The Daily Show” when he took over hosting duties in 1999, fostered and launched incredible comedic talent (Steve Carrell, Larry Wilmore, Samantha Bee, Stephen Colbert, Ed Helms, Jessica Williams, and more), and ushered in a new landscape of comedic media and political criticism. (He was even summoned to the White House to hear pitches from President Obama!) Scores of people care about what Jon Stewart said on “The Daily Show"—whether for comedy, media criticism, political catharsis, or all of the above.


Comedy Central hid secret Daily Show clips in Google searches for Trevor Noah    

All of the YouTube videos are unlisted, meaning that there’s no simple way to find just how many of the clips Comedy Central made. You’ll just have to punch in Google searches to see what you’ll find. Some of the better ones include “trevor noah wiki,” “trevor noah girlfriend,” and “trevor noah ASMR.”

Have fun! 


Drunk History Preview - Benedict Arnold Defects to the Britsh Side.

Winona as Peggy Shippen, Benedict’s (Chris Parnell) Wife .

This episode will be on Tuesday (August 19, 2014)

anonymous asked:

I know it was a while ago but you know those comedy central clips with tom as Loki and the children …was there a full thing or was it just the clips??

Hi anon.

You can see the full video here.

Remember to read the FAQ first before asking. These kinds of questions may be there ;).