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Happy Birthday Robert De Niro - August 17


Happy 74th birthday to the greatest director of all time, Martin Scorsese! Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese grew up in the same neighborhood but never talked as kids. Brian De Palma was the one who officially introduced them to each other in the early 70′s and they clicked automatically. In 1978, Martin Scorsese was at an all-time low  due to a near overdose resulting from an addiction to cocaine. Robert De Niro visited him at the hospital and told him that he had to clean himself up and make this movie about a boxer. At first, Scorsese refused (he didn’t like sports movies anyway), but due to De Niro’s persistence, he eventually gave in. Many claim that De Niro saved Scorsese’s life by getting him back into work. Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese have collaborated on a total of 8 films together: Mean Streets (1973), Taxi Driver (1976), New York, New York (1977), Raging Bull (1980), The King Of Comedy (1983), Goodfellas (1990), Cape Fear (1991), and Casino (1995). 

What You Do On His Day Off

S. Coups:
• he wouldn’t be so happy at first, leaving his precious gang in the hands of Mingyu
• after an hour or so of sleepy cuddling he would get over it
• he really wouldn’t want to go anywhere except to eat
• so if you wanted to do something fun you would have to beg a lot
• he would always be checking in with the members even if they told him to shut up and enjoy his time off
• the only time he would actually wanna go somewhere is at like 1am
• you wanted to sleep but he insisted that a late night/early morning meal would be the best thing ever
• and maybe it would be if he didn’t make you do it every single night.

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• another one who wants to stay in
• lots of cuddling
• sometimes you’d wanna get up so you ask if he wants to call Seungcheol or something to check if they need help
• he would deny and say that they don’t need him today so you two can stay right there and sleep the day away
• “hey if you make me some food I’ll love you forever”
• he’s needy and you can’t stop it
• the deviousness doesn’t stop just because he loves you so don’t expect special treatment
• all in all he just wants to have a nice calm day with you because he cant have calm when he’s working.

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• he would plan out the most extra day you’ve ever known
• like amusement parks, haunted houses, swimming pools, a festival, cooking lessons, weird dance classes, cuddling,
• “what do you mean we can’t do it all in one day i stole plenty of money just so we could do this”
• you mention the rest of the gang and what if they have an emergency? you two could be hours away at some merengue dance classes and then they’d all die
• “i’ll tell them not to do dangerous deals while we’re out doing the salsa”
• there’s no fighting this, you can’t stop the Joshua train from chugging all over the city
• it’s his day off and he’ll use it to the fullest
• just let him do it because the next day he’s just going to be suffering again.

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• honestly he would be all over the place with what he wants to do
• he wants to stay in and cuddle or something
• but he also really wants to just walk around with you even if showing in face in many public places is dangerous
• you would mention a few places you could go together but he would let out a small laugh
• “yeah, no, we had a deal there and if i showed up alone they’d probably find someone to kill me”
• that leads to him telling you more stories about his mafia excursions
• there is no end to it, you end up wasting 70% of the day talking about the mafia
• the last 30% you go to some far away town to do some window shopping and eating.

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• he would definitely be more focused on bossing around the other members from home
• they told him to shut up and go away so a pout becomes stuck on his face
• you try to cheer him up but it’s like he was born with a pout
• “i mean i guess we could go see a movie, get a nice dinner, and go watch the sunset, if you insist”
• except you didn’t mention any of those things
• turns out he can be a sappy little dork too
• once you get home he is stuck on you like glue
• “how about we end off this day with a bang?” no.

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• he would be most content with sitting at home
• reading while you sit next to him
• or cuddling while watching a movie
• Mingyu probably calls him a few times throughout the day but he only answers once
• “hey [y/n] there’s this new documentary on ancient and modern torture can we watch it?”
• the way he asked is so innocent how could you say no
• he gets super excited and you can’t help but laugh even though it’s super dark humor
• or he gets upset that they use things wrong and insists on showing you how things are actually done.

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• he had actually been planning this for weeks, even months
• it really isn’t extravagant, he was just happy to get away from the smell of blood and drugs for a day
• except when the day finally came you woke up to find him planning future deals
• “ah, i don’t know what to do… give me an hour or two and then we can leave”
• it takes about three hours filled with calls from Seungcheol and Soonyoung
• he spoils you because he feels bad for taking time away from your day
• he wont let you say no to being spoiled either
• don’t fight him on it, you’ll always lose against him.

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• he wants to walk around with you, to just go anywhere
• like a normal couple who doesn’t have to run anytime they run into a member of a rival gang
• he mostly enjoys sightseeing or shopping
• he even has a big smile on his face when he gets to hold any bags you have because wow this is normal
• “oh Jun is calling me? he’ll have to wait i need to try on these sunglasses”
• he would also want to take a lot of cute selfies
• at the very end of the day he would be most happy just to check on the rest of the members because he cares so much.

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• he would also enjoy just walking around
• there would be no mention of the mafia with him, surprisingly
• except for “not my mafia anymore, not my problem!” anytime someone called
• a day filled with shopping but not much of buying anything
• for food, he’d take you to a new foreign restaurant every time you went out
• also he gives you his jacket or gets you a cute matching one
• even if you look like you’re both in a motorcycle gang
• but like i mean, that’s better than what he’s actually in so.

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• you’re either going to a comedy club or a casino
• he just wants to be somewhere where he can smile a lot and have you by his side
•even if he goes to a casino everyday for work
• he’ll be excited to take you out for dinner
• if you went to the comedy club you’ll be eating some club food but you two put it together in weird/fun combinations
• if you went to the casino, he would spend his winnings on a big, fancy dinner
• overall it’s just a really nice and smiley day with no interruptions.

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• he would firstly stress out about what you’re going to do that day
• “what do you think? is it really worth doing this? do you think there’s any gang activity there?”
• you assure him that where ever he wants to go will be a good place
• but he just sighs dramatically and says that doesn’t help him make a decision
• you end up just leaving the house to see what’s around that would be fun
• “i’m getting a call from Seokmin what do i do?” he asks you because he doesn’t want to interrupt your day together again
• he answers the call while you get a big ice cream cone to share
• everything is alright, and you two just end up walking around and eating ice cream.

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• the first thing he does is ask Seungkwan and Soonyoung to make sure there would be no interruptions
• once he gets that sorted out he goes back to you and (maybe you make it for him ;)) eats some breakfast with you
• everything’s chill but then he’s suddenly like “hey like go climb a mountain”
• at first you’re like no but he somehow convinces you
• a lot of his decisions on off days are spontaneous because he didn’t really plan things
• so you climb this mountain or whatever and then his favorite thing to do is watch the sunset
•always accompanied by a nice little picnic, courtesy of Mingyu and Seungkwan
• when he realizes you’ll have to climb down in the dark he awkwardly gives you a hug to break the news that you cant wait until morning.

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• you thought he had nothing planned except sitting around and cuddling
• but bam he wakes up and pulls out a whole list of things he can’t do while working, like Joshua
• “ok so at 11 we’ll go to the circus and get some circus food and at 1 we can go laser tagging and then at 3 we’re gonna-”
• there’s no end but he’s so excited, you can’t crush his dreams
• Mingyu calls as you arrive at your first destination
• he proceeds to turn his phone off because he doesn’t want his fun to be interrupted
• but he does get in trouble for it the next day cause they needed some important information from him
• when he tells you he laughs it off because spending time with you was more important than the information would ever be.

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Gamble That, Bride!

Okay, a little set-up here for anyone who has no idea what’s going on. This soon-to-be bride here found out her husband was the son of a mob boss and ran away from the ceremony, slowly on her way to hopefully start anew on the west coast. However those three hired goons - a brutalist, an acid addict with a hammer, and a referred weasel - have been frequently tracking her down. Each of my illustrations involving the Bride has been a one-off scenario in her escape - one of my university projects years and years back was a rough animatic even of her first meeting the goons. Hopefully with this illustration done I can get to more of her soon, or put another five year gap on the next real thing I’ll do with her.

I’m not at #SDCC but my projects are, part 1 of 4. I’m beyond thrilled to announce I’m writing a 48-page Ghost in the Shell story for Kodansha. Getting to play in Masamune Shirow’s toy box is an overwhelming honour. And friends, I play with ALL THE TOYS. Batou being Peak Batou, hamming it up as James Bond in a casino. MATEBA. Comedy Fuchikomas. Aramaki being a shit but also being awesome. Major doing deep dives. Philosophy. Identity. And a Bass Reeves-style cyborg sheriff. (And yes, this is original GiTS, not related to the US movie).


Favorite actor series | Robert De Niro:  “In some ways, playing the part of a younger Vito Corleone was a passing of the torch to De Niro from the similarly styled acting legend Marlon Brando, who won an Oscar portraying Vito in the original Godfather. De Niro learned a Sicilian dialect of Italian and spoke it fluently throughout the film, a testament to his method approach. While just as menacing as Johnny Boy and LaMotta, De Niro played it quiet, showing a restraint that contrasted Mean Streets but belayed his power as a cinematic performer. He not only accepted the torch from Brando but carried it forward, earning an Oscar (Vito Corleone is still the only character to give two separate performers an Academy Award) and coming into his own as the definitive actor of his generation.”  

anonymous asked:

I love your mamrie pink build so much and your techie house looks like its going to be fantastic as well. I was just wondering what commercial lots you have planned for Maristella??

Hi Anon, thank you so much! You can see a list of my plans for community lots below. I just copy-pasted it from my original Maristella post (click to see the full list and the map).

Springside (Skyward Palms) - Hippie/Bohemian/artsy community lots

1.  Arid Ridge – 40x30 – General Store/Community Garden/Flea Market (RETAIL)
2.  Rio Verde – 40x30 – Kitschy Truckstop Diner (RESTAURANT)
3.  Sultry Springside – 30x20 – Comedy/Music Café (rustic/casual) (CAFÉ)
4.  Granada Place – 30x20 – Art Gallery/Painter Studio/Photography Studio (MUSEUM)

Belmont Street (Downtown) - Vegas/Palm Springs/hipster-y community lots

5.  The Futures Past Museum – 30x20 – Resort Hotel – tourists will live here and so can your Sims if they’re on vacation (RESIDENTIAL or BAR)
6.  The Solar Flare Lounge – 30x20   – Tiki Bar –  Comedy/Casino/Games – (LOUNGE)
7.  Burners & Builders Gym – 40x30 – Wellness Center/Spa (SPA)
8.  Rattlesnake Juice Bar – 30x20 – Edgy organic restaurant (RESTAURANT)

Sunset Canyon (Bedrock Strait) - Rustic/Craftsman/Hippie

18.  Nookstone – 20x15 - New Age/Potion Shop/Books/Tattoo Parlor (RETAIL)

Maristella Park (Desert Bloom Park)

21.  Maristella Park – 50x50 – Park/Festival Area