Scientists removed the right half of a man’s brain and then, they asked him to count to ten. The man counted, “two, four, six, eight, ten.”

Then they put the right half back and removed the left half, and again asked the man to count to ten. The man counted, “one, three, five, seven, nine.”

The scientists then removed both halves of the man’s brain, and asked him again to count to ten.

The man said, “look, we’re gonna count to ten. We’re gonna count. Because I know numbers, I have the best numbers. All the politicians in Washington can’t count to one-believe me, I’ve counted to one many, many times. They said we couldn’t count to ten. Well, I’m beating all of those people in the polls. We’re gonna count to ten. Everybody, count to ten. Okay? And let me tell you - let me tell you something. I will be the best counting President God has ever created. We are gonna count to so many tens, I tell you. Look at that!”

Oh noes, the Disc Demon is chasin’ Shag 'n’ Scooby!

They run around the desk… 

…we get a lovely blur, including Scoob’s brown and Shag’s green shirt… 

…they exit… their colors stay in the blur

…and… um… Scooby’s nose just sorta does whatever it wants, too.

Colors, man. They’re so rebellious sometimes.