Lucretia, Merle, and the saddest spa day

(Warning: Massive spoilers ahead)

You know, all these cute little bonding moments Merle and Lucretia are getting in “The Stolen Century” (him standing up for her in the bar, them working together to preserve the history of the robots, her thanking him for helping her maintain hope and him telling her she would make a great leader) makes the spa day they had together back in episode 40 kinda tragic retroactively.

Imagine you had a best friend, someone who was always there for you, someone who believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself. Now, imagine you destroyed that friend’s memories of you, the bond you shared is gone forever. The friend goes off to live their life and you stay behind, alone.

But then, years later, that friend comes back. They aren’t mad, they can’t be, they don’t remember the awful thing you did to them. They like you, they want to befriend you all over again.

However, you know that won’t happen. The two of you can’t be close the way you used to be because you can never again be honest with them and being near them just reminds you of all the morally questionable things you’ve done and everything you’ve lost.

No wonder The Director was drinking so heavily while she was in that mud bath.

Las novelas ligeras de Oregairu ya tienen cinco millones de copias impresas

La serie de Wataru Watari y Ponkan8 ya ha inspirado dos temporadas de Anime para televisión. 

La quinta edición de la revista Monthly Big Gangan de Square Enix anunció el martes que la serie de novelas ligeras de Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. (Oregairu) de Wataru Watari y Ponkan8 ya tiene cinco millones de copias impresas. 

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