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I’d like to take a moment to talk about Bill Skarsgård’s performance as Pennywise, and particularly the drain scene, as it’s the only one I can repeatedly watch a portion of in good quality to analyze his physicality in the role.

Because so much of his performance is made by his movements, even in the aforementioned scene where he’s just a talking head:

Cover up the eye on your right, and Pennywise is looking up out of the storm drain at Georgie.  Cover the eye on your left, and where’s it looking?  Right at you.

Pennywise’s eyes move independently like this throughout the movie, and it’s not a CGI effect. Skarsgård has a lazy eye and while he can focus it, he’s also able to relax the muscle and put it back out of alignment.  And while having strabismus obviously isn’t a choice on Skarsgård’s part, he uses it brilliantly in this movie when he could have just not utilized it at all.  You’d think having a wandering eye would make him seem less threatening (usually when you see lazy eyes on film, they’re on comedic actors such as Marty Feldman or Steve Buscemi).  But he positions himself with the camera so perfectly, making his character seem like a threat who can see through the protection of the fourth wall.  Even if you don’t consciously notice that it’s looking at you, it’s these little details Skarsgård adds that make Pennywise seem just wrong.

(His contorted bottom lip is another of these traits.  That’s not a prosthetic like his cheeks are, it’s just something he does). 

Because that’s the thing about Pennywise: It’s not an evil clown.  It’s not human.  It is alien and unfathomable and everything Skarsgård does with his performance reminds you of that.  Tim Curry’s Pennywise (whom I love and this is not a knock on his take) was an evil clown who was also an otherworldly abomination. Skarsgård’s Pennywise is an extraterrestrial horror who is wearing a clown’s skin, and it doesn’t quite fit.

Just look at the sewer scene: You’re seeing an animal that just came out of hibernation and is so hungry for a meal that it can barely keep itself from revealing the ruse to its prey.  It wants Georgie to trust it, like it, and approach it, and its voice is gentle (for it), and it’s funny and inviting.  But it’s also drooling all over as if it doesn’t understand or doesn’t care how a human mouth works, and it doesn’t know or care how people focus their eyes either.  It’s struggling to hold itself together and it’s very close to breaking: it growls at Georgie in the middle of the scene, and surely it’s learned in the last few centuries that humans don’t growl mid-conversation?

You could argue that it’s not failing to act human, it just needs Georgie to be scared to eat him.  Fair enough, but Pennywise doesn’t reveal its true self until it’s already holding onto its meal in the book.  And in the movie, it’s clearly anxious when it thinks it might have scared its prey away:

(The nerves don’t come out as well in the photo, but if you watch the shortened clip here, around 43 seconds in, it swallows hard and is obviously worried Georgie might leave:

It’s unnerving.  It makes you shudder even when it makes you laugh.  And Skarsgård puts that much uneasiness into a scene showing just his head, shoulders, and occasionally his hand.  In the scenes utilizing his whole body, it gets even more eerie.

It’s a fantastic performance.  And even more so because some of these things were not entirely under  Skarsgård’s control: He couldn’t choose to have strabismus and the drooling was caused by his prosthetic teeth.  But rather than trying to hide anything, he embraced it, and managed to make things as human as saliva and wandering eyes seem utterly monstrous.

I really hope the sequel gives Pennywise more dialogue and still scenes, because it’s a thousand times more disturbing there than it is when it’s darting at the camera.

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Would you please mind explaining why you the fandom thinks Mon El has changed Kara? Like why CBS and CW Kara are different and the fandom is upset with what they've done to Kara? Or direct me to a post explaining it. A friend is asking and I can't explain in detail because I gave up on the show after 2x01. It would be very much appreciated. Thank-you!! :)

Firstly, the overall screen time as of 2x22 is really sad to look at.

Kara, as she should, has 485 minutes of screen time. Alex is second, but BARELY. This more than proves that MonHell has essentially stolen the second season with his storyline. As this is an ensemble show, it’s not surprising that in some episodes, one character might have more screen time than another. However, considering this is an ensemble show, there are three characters (two of which are minorities and to clarify, I mean that Maggie is a lesbian, not that she’s a Latina) who had little to no screen time. The other 3, 2 black men and a Jewish character, have had underdeveloped storylines and got railroaded by a new character. Not just by a little bit, but by a lot. We also lost a lot of Sanvers time because of Kara/mel, and the discrepancy in their scenes is wildly homophobic. I know a lot of people are anti Sanvers because, uh, the Fl*riana problem and I for sure get it, but let’s not act like the difference between a lesbian ship and a het ship doesn’t exist because it does and it’s gross

Not only is all of that an issue, but on CBS, they spent an entire season building up a romance between Kara and James that was cute and boasted respect on both sides. It was a well written build up that died a horrible death the minute MonHell woke up. Kara spent the entire season making googly eyes at James, but it never took away any of her storyline. It made her cute and relatable and while it was an important storyline, it never took precedence over Kara’s journey as a superhero and as an employee at CatCo. James was replaced by a white character (who fits the ‘generic white boy’ standards) who used to own slaves. A black man was replaced as a love interest by a white man who used to own slaves. 

A post studying how Kara has acted with James and with MonHell

Another big issue is that MonHell confessed his feelings after relentlessly pursuing Kara, and when she said no, he manipulated her into feeling sorry for him and into thinking “maybe I’ll give him a chance”. Women, girls, we are not obligated to give a man a chance because he looks sad we rejected them. [x] [x] [x]

This highlights another problemKara’s storyline is that she wants to help people and make the world better. They have paired her with someone who considers that a FLAW. He also has no interest in being a ‘hero’ — he just wants to screw Kara so he uses his powers to impress her. In the finale, she tells him to go be a hero. He saves one guy, and peaces out. We see James save two very important characters on the show and take down several bad guys by himself, and with no powers, but he is not seen as a ‘hero’.

They also seem to use Chris W**d’s “comedic timing” (he’s a better comedic actor than serious actor imo) as a way to mask his poor treatment of Kara. Much of the time if he’s criticizing her or yelling at her, he ‘makes it better’ by having a funny one liner that is actually just him criticizing her or making fun of the fact that she’s upset. They were going for the ‘dorky adorable character’ who ‘isn’t like other attractive guys’ (a la Teen Wolf and other YA shows) to make light of how he treats Kara. It also makes him lack ANY kind of character development. 

a good gif set highlighting the difference between James and MonHell
a good reply to an ask about being anti-monhell

There also isn’t a doubt in my mind that Alex would not have let J’onn and MonHell take Kara to The Flash team without her. There was a significant lack of Danvers sisters scenes in season 2 and when they were on screen, it only served to prop up either of their romantic relationships. I also don’t believe Alex would push Kara to get involved with someone who, when he woke up, tried to murder her. And if I recall correctly, she talks about how she took a chance with Maggie and so Kara should take a chance with MonHell. As an lgbt woman who found out she was lgbt later on in life, these two things are NOT comparable.

Kara: “I deserve better than being lied to” — she sends him away and in less than 24 god damn hours, she decides that isn’t true. And she doesn’t consciously decide it! It comes to her in a WEIRD ASS MUSICAL MONTAGE. And then with Mr. Mxyzptlk! The guy pursues her relentlessly, thinking “this is love” and “this is how you find love”, by forcing others into it. That is literally what Monhell did. Ironically but not surprisingly, Monhell isn’t a fan of this and gets into a fit of jealousy and bitches to Kara like he doesn’t trust her when she had given HIM absolutely NO reason not to trust her.

I’d also like to point out that episodes that focused more on Kara, Alex, Maggie, Lena, or M’gann did better than Monhell focused episodes. 

The show lost a lot of ratings after transitioning to The CW because the writing drastically changed. In some ways, it got better, however, it seems to me that Monhell is the reason the ratings plummeted. Their audience is largely female, and feminist. None of us want to see a female led superhero show that tries to make us love a character who is boring and mean and abusive, and is someone who has taken any agency Kara had in the beginning.

“You look beautiful with the weight of all these worlds on your shoulders” write-up

“Weight of the world” comparison The Flash vs Supergirl

“Sometimes you’re not a good judge of what you can handle” write-up

when I started hating him and to expand on this, the “how being with him is good enough” line. Season 1 was about Kara’s journey as a superhero, and it was about how IMPORTANT her career was to who she is when she isn’t a superhero. Her saying that just enforces that relationships always trump career, and that you need to be in a relationship to be happy or be complete. It’s, for me, one of the most unfeminist things they could have written for Kara. 

Death of the Author (aka the defence that he isn’t a real person and why that defence is not an actual defence)

Also, most shippers use the “he was abused as a child” and let me just say — yes. He was. Rhea was fucking awful, she’s an emotionally, verbally, psychologically abusive, gas lighting monster. However, being abused doesn’t mean you in turn get to abuse others. He might be a product of abuse, for sure, but there are millions of people out there who are abused who do not continue the cycle. Yes, it is a hard cycle to break. Lena had an abusive mother. M’gann grew up in awful, abusive circumstances as well. They did not become their parents or the people they were surrounded with, though. 

I’ve also seen an awful lot of posts that quite literally excuse slavery 

Why we don’t like Monhell vs what the Kara/mel’s think about why we don’t like him

Lena vs Monhell when Kara is in danger

“You are my kryptonite” is the LEAST romantic thing anybody could ever say.  Kryptonite kills/weakens Kara. Telling someone they’re your kryptonite IS NOT A GOOD THING. Being dead in a relationship is NOT A GOOD THING. Being someone’s weakness? It’s not a romantic sentiment contrary to popular belief.

a masterpost about journos/critics/reviewers who have noticed the issue with Monhell and this is probably included but if it’s not…another good article

I also see a lot of Kara/mel shippers who talk about how it doesn’t matter if it’s abusive on screen because it’s fictional which is a really bad message to be sending. We internalize EVERYTHING we see on television and in movies. Fiction often romanticizes abuse and masquerades it as “passion”. 

someone tells their story of watching this with their daughter 

signs of an abusive partner gif set

With regards to how it changed from CBS to The CW, the CW is known for both their blatant and subtle homophobia, misogyny, and racism. Most of their series have white male leads. 

And thus ends the tour…. I hope this has helped! :)

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Hey, Sea. Would you mind if I asked to hear what you seem to take from Louis' body language/facial expressions during his "denial" of Larry for DW (S*N). I find it a bit transparent, but since you go more in depth, I'd like to know what you think about it.

I finally watched this bit of theater. So, here it goes:

1. This wasn’t the first take, I don’t think. Louis is talking fast, the words tumble out, the ideas come one after the other. It’s been scripted; that’s why it’s on video rather than live. The gestures seem rehearsed and acted. “Obviously” with the eye roll, holding up an iPhone when he says “iPhone”– who does that in real life? It’s a sit-com, “acting,” gesture… it’s what you see television actors do (even comedic movie actors don’t do this because it’s transparent and clichéd). Louis appears annoyed– not annoyed at the question, just annoyed that he has had to do this segment multiple times, maybe.

2. The lack of eye contact throughout. The way he says “people I love, such as Eleanor.” It’s weird. Isn’t she the only one who should feel disrespected, at the moment? To lump her into a group seems– very formal, very stand-off-ish. For example, if my husband said, “A birthday was given to me by people I love, my wife, for example,” when I was the only one who threw him the party? It’s just odd.

3. Why not just straightaway say, “I know people enjoy ships, but it’s not real and never has been real. I’m so sorry. We’re just good friends.”? Done. Put to rest. Instead this talk of conspiracies– which is very reminiscent of 1DHQ. And the “genuinely.” Reminds me of “some people genuinely think…” Seems like we know who wrote the script.

Anyway those are the few things I noticed. Dan is a vomit basin and smells like bad sushi.

Epic Movie (Re)Watch #176 - Logan

Spoilers Below

Have I seen it before: Yes

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #477

Format: Blu-ray

0) This is Hugh Jackman’s final turn as the character he made iconic seventeen years ago. While there might still be a chance the character could come back (likely if it were for a Deadpool crossover or if he got to fight The Avengers) this is likely it. And embracing that allows this film to go to places no X-Men film before it could (as does its R-rating).

1) The opening scene with the carjackers establishes a lot for this film. First of all, we get a good look at just how fucking disheveled and miserable Logan is. It even shows in his imagery; the gray hairs, the tired face, all of it. It also establishes the film’s more grounded tone. This isn’t X-jets and time travel, this is war and violence. R rated and bloody violence, which is also established in the opening scene.

2) Marco Beltrami returns to compose this film after The Wolverine, and his score is quite strong. It is subtle, nuanced, moving, and embraces its Western still in a surprising and emotional way. I absolutely loved.

3) Logan IS a Western more than it is a superhero film. In a superhero film characters KNOW what they are. Superman is aware he gives people hope, Batman knows he is order in a world of chaos just as the audience does. Logan however? He’s not a symbol. He’s not a warrior. He doesn’t play into tropes. Life is a sad, abysmal, bloody mess where nothing makes sense and it’s all just HARD. A lot of the best Westerns are like this (notably Shane), so Logan is really setting itself apart from the superhero crowd by embracing this.

4) Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce.

Originally posted by prettieparker86

Holbrook makes the villainous Pierce wonderfully skeezy. He’s got this wonderful energy and charisma which makes the audience just love to hate him. Holbrook is an absolute delight in the part and helps elevate the film be being totally despicable.

5) Stephen Merchant as Caliban.

Originally posted by neondragonfly

I mentioned in my X-Men: Apocalypse recap that both that film and this one features an adaptation of the character Caliban from the comics. This was the result of just poor communication between the filmmaking teams meaning both characters ended up in both films. But they play notably different roles, with Caliban being more of a plot device in Apocalypse but an actual character with decisions and consequences in this film. I have a head canon that Apocalypse Caliban is Logan Caliban’s father. I don’t know if anything supports this but I like it.

Merchant is wonderful in the decidedly NON comedic part (considering the actor has considerable comedic talent which he has shown off in the past). He is quiet, understated, you see that there is a pain there always lurking underneath (or not so underneath) the surface. Wonderful at drumming up empathy and occasionally giving exposition without forcing it down our throat, Merchant is the hidden gem of this film and absolutely glorious.

6) The decline of Xavier’s health in this film allows Patrick Stewart to play the character notably different than before.

Originally posted by hughxjackman

For one thing, it is really interesting to hear Xavier dropping, “fucks,” left and right. But more than that the hope which has so defined the character for seventeen years is now largely gone. Not totally though, it’s still there. But it’s mixed in with pain and heartache, anger and confusion, bitter disappointment and self doubts. It is an absolutely heartbreaking and conflict filled role which allows Stewart to really shine in what is also HIS final turn as the beloved Professor X.

7) This line is very telling not only of Charles’ state in the film but also Logan’s conflict.

Xavier: “I always know who you are its just sometimes I don’t recognize you.”

8) When I first saw the film I thought this was just a nice wink to the first X-Men film.

Logan [after Charles says someone is waiting for him at the statue of liberty]: “Statue of liberty was a long time ago, Charles.”

Only with this viewing did I realize the motel where Logan meets Laura and Gabriella is the Liberty Motel with a statue of liberty logo.

9) This is part of the whole “the characters don’t know what they’re supposed to represent” trope in Westerns, but Xavier is kind of a dick in this film.

Xavier: “What a disappointment you are.”

Like, I get that you’ve had a hard life too Charles. But Logan is around 150 years old (I think). He’s been through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, lost his memories, got them back at some point, and of course went through the events of every single X-Men film that happened before (including losing everyone in Days of Future Past then getting them back then losing them again before this film).

10) I thought it was a smart decision to only HINT at what happened with the X-Men instead of actually showing it.

Xavier: “Logan, what did you do? What did you do!?”

I’ll talk more about this in a little bit though.

11) Gabriella going to Logan for help feels like a Western trope. Like in The Magnificent Seven, the former outlaw/gunslinger trying to lead a quiet life is pulled back into it by someone who NEEDS them. In this case Logan is the gunslinger.

12) Dafne Keen as Laura.

Originally posted by sonjackcarl

Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. This girl. This fucking girl. This fucking girl is so fucking incredible. It is wildly difficult for me to wrap my head around how fucking amazing Dafne Keen is as Laura. I mean, her first sign of unique character and strength is when she fucking knocks out Pierce by throwing a damn pipe at his head! A mostly silent part for the first half (two-thirds?) of the film, Keen is able to embrace the physicality of her role BEAUTIFULLY. The way she moves, the look in her fucking eyes. She’s SO intense and that’s amazing. Everything about her. The fact that an eleven year old girl could be so damn intimidating speaks massively to her performance in this film. Hugh Jackman has been playing this part for longer than she’s been ALIVE and she can hold her own with him in every one of his her fucking scenes! This girl is a tiny badass! You know you don’t want to mess with Laura because she will fuck you up! I mean holy shit, she walks up to a group of bad guys with a fucking decapitated head. SHE GETS A HARPOON SHOT THROUGH HER CHEST AND IT BARELY PHASES HER! That entire first fight scene with her, Logan, and Pierce’s crew at their makeshift home shows off her skills as an actress phenomenally! She is a raging force of nature you do NOT want to piss off! Dafne Keen is the breakout star in Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine! That tells a lot!

13) Bad guys deluding themselves into thinking their good guys is very honest to reality, but honestly how can you hunt down and murder children like a fucking sack of shit and think you’re still the good guy?

Pierce [to Caliban]: “I’m gonna need you to do one more thing for the good guys.”

14) Fuck Transigen. This film really did a good job of making films who you are hoping get brutally massacred by Logan and Laura. THEY BIRTHED CHILDREN FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF STUDYING THEM AND SELLING THEM AS SOLDIERS!

Dr. Rice [Transigen head scientist]: “Do not think of them as children. Think of them as things with patents and copyrights.”

I cannot begin to express how absolutely fucking horrific and despicable that concept is. THIS IS A COMPANY WHO TRYS TO KILL CHILDREN BECAUSE, “They could not be controlled.” BECAUSE THYE DIDN’T SERVE A PURPOSE! BECAUSE THEY WERE ACTUALLY HUMAN CHILDREN TRANSIGEN TRIED TO FUCKING MURDER THEM!

I look forward to their deaths.

15) I dig this.

Xavier: “She’s your daughter Logan.”

In the comics X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine, pushing that forward into a father/daughter relationship I think is strong. You can feel their relationship in her performance. Even when Laura is giving Logan a death stare you can feel that they’re connected. I mean, he’s the only one who gets ANYWHERE by telling her what to do.

16) Shane is prominently featured in a scene during the first half of the film.

Xavier talking about an early memory of seeing Shane in the theaters (when he was a kid) was reportedly an improvised moment. According to IMDb, this is an actual memory Patrick Stewart has from his youth which he brought up for the film. Shane was a large influence on the film, and one of the most iconic moments from the film ties very significantly into the movie.

Shane: “A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can’t break the mold. I tried it and it didn’t work for me. Joey, there’s no living with…with a killing. There’s no going back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand sticks. There’s no going back. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her…tell her everything’s all right. And there aren’t any more guns in the valley.”

17) Logan losing it at the X-Men comics he finds is very telling of how he views the past. The very first page he opens to is Wolverine saving Rogue, who is notably absent from this film and who Logan had the strongest relationship with in X-Men and X2. This is how he WISHES life was. A big adventure, where he got to save his friends and the world on a more regular basis. Instead he’s left with pain and heartache.

17.1) The X-Men comics had to be special made for this film, as Marvel wouldn’t allow the studio to use actual X-Men comics.

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

18) Xavier’s Oklahoma City seizure.

Originally posted by moviesandotherdrugs

When I first saw this film in theaters, this was the moment I went, “Holy shit, this film is amazing.” The fact that they turn this scene where everyone is frozen into a pseudo-action scene is amazing. Logan taking the time to go around and kill the bad guys is not only intelligent and organic but amazing to the eye. According to IMDb:

Professor Xavier’s Psionic blast was done by shooting shaky footage and then re-stabilizing the frame in post. Resulting a footage containing strange motion blur with smearing effect, that is both organic and very unusual. The team shot the sequences slightly wider than was needed so that shots could be blown up to hide the edges of the stabilizing effect.

All of this makes the scene CRAZY strong and memorable, with Laura even participating by killing the one guy Logan missed.

19) What exactly happened to the X-Men.

News Reporter [reporting on the Oklahoma City incident; referring to a similar instance back in Westchester a year ago]: “…and took the lives of several mutants, including seven of the X-Men.”

In the comics, because of a psychic attack on Wolverine, he killed what he thought were super villains attacking X-Mansion which turned out to be his fellow teammates. In pre production there was the idea to film this as a prologue to the movie, while in the later dinner scene there was a deleted moment where Xavier went into detail about what happened at X-Mansion. I prefer this because it allows us as the audience to have hope that our favorite X-Men survived. (I may have even gotten the quote wrong; the reporter could have said, “seven mutants, including several of the X-Men.”)

20) Logan and the family dinner.

Originally posted by anothermoviepage

This was a concept first introduced in X-Men Origins: Wolverine; Logan finding a bit of peace and normalcy before his life goes crazy again. It is a nice moment of warmth in a story of heartache. What makes it all the worse? Logan, Xavier, and Laura. They WANT this. They are eager to have it.

Xavier [to Logan, about the family]: “You should take a moment and feel it.”

This is the goal. Xavier wants the Sunseeker boat with Logan, Laura wants her friends and family, but only one of the three gets this. Excuse me, I’m sad now.


Will Munson [after Logan takes care of some redneck thugs]: “You’ve had training.”

Logan: “Some.”

Originally posted by imabeast78

22) Well. This is heartbreaking.

Charles: “This was without a doubt the most perfect night I’ve had in a long time. But I don’t deserve it, do I?…I think I finally understand you. Logan?”

Except he’s pouring his heart out to NOT Logan, but a Wolverine clone who murders him!

23) Fucking Logan clones.

(GIF originally posted by @notias1)

The dual Hugh Jackman-s in this scene are amazing, especially the seamless transition between X-24 walking down the stairs and Logan looking after him. The fight is strong as well, but nothing compared with what’s to come.

24) I love that these are Caliban’s final words, in reference to what Pierce told him earlier. It’s surprisingly badass.

Caliban [before setting off some grenades]: “Beware the light.”

25) Can I be totally honest with you guys? Hugh Jackman deserves a fucking Oscar nomination for this film. Like, 100%. Maybe there’ll be enough better performances towards the end of the year, but it at least deserves to be TALKED about. Just look at the scene where he’s standing over Xavier’s grave. He barely says a fucking word but still there is so much incredible raw emotion in his performance. There is heartache, there is anger, and it is all just SO amazing. But of course it’s the Oscars. He won’t even be a part of the conversation because it’s a comic book movie that came out in March.

26) Having a mute character speak COULD take away from what makes them interesting, but because of Dafne Keen’s performance Laura she is even MORE compelling.

Logan: “I don’t know how you got me here [to the hospital] but thank you.”

Laura: “De nada.”

The passion, honesty, ferocity, and focus which made her physical performance so compelling in the first half of the film all carries through beautifully into her voice and it just works so seamlessly. I fucking love it.

27) I’m not crying, promise.

Laura: “You’re dying. You want to die. Charles told me.”

Logan: “What else did he tell you?”

Laura: “To not let you.”

This was the exchange that made me think Logan was going to survive the film. Boy, was I wrong.

28) Okay, um…

Logan [when Laura shows him his adamantium bullet]: “Actually, I uh…was thinking of shooting myself with it.”

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine Logan got shot point blank in the skull with an adamanitum bullet and survived, he just lost his memories. You could say he wouldn’t survive in this film because of his healing being weaker, BUT that’s how they kill the Wolverine clone X-24 by shooting him in the head with it. BUT IT DIDN’T WORK IN X-Men Origins!

Originally posted by arthandlin

29) Laura is vicious!

Logan [when Laura is being distant from him]: “I even gave back the money!”

Laura [coldly]: “Such a nice man.”

(GIF originally posted by @rocktheholygrail)

30) I’m not crying. I promise. Not yet.

Logan: “Bad shit happens to people I care about. Understand me?”

Laura: “Then I’ll be fine.”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

31) Wolverine fighting in the woods to save the kids from being murdered by Pierce and Rice is probably the worthiest cause Logan has ever fought for, and the way he is choreographed as fighting alongside Laura shows their relationship is as strong as ever. They work with/off of each other, making each other stronger and helping the other survive. Because they’re family.

32) The fact that Wolverine’s final battle is against himself (or, a clone of himself) is probably deeply poetic but I’m too fascinated by what’s going on screen to analyze it. Again, he and Laura are fighting side by side here. Hell, it’s Laura he’s fighting for! And it’s Logan Laura is fighting to save. She’s the one who shoots X-24 in the head to kill him in an attempt to save Logan. But…oh boy…I don’t know if I can write this…

33) Pierce’s death is horrible and gratuitous and SO fucking cathartic considering he spent the entire film DESPERATELY TRYING TO MURDER CHILDREN! (Warning, below video features graphic content from an R-rated film. Viewer discretion is advised.

34) Logan’s death.

For one thing (holy shit I’m tearing up as a write this, what the fuck?), the prophecy Yukio made in The Wolverine comes to pass.

(Screenshot taken from a GIF set originally posted by @highsmith)

Except it’s not literally his heart, like in The Wolverine. It’s Laura. Laura is his heart. And, um…wow this is fucking hard. Okay look: I didn’t cry when I saw this in theaters. Everyone else did, but I kinda saw it coming. But a lot has happened between now and then so it hits closer to home. Anyone who has lost a parent or a loved one will be moved as Logan’s daughter watches him while he dies.

Logan: “Don’t be what they made you. Laura…”

Originally posted by darkblo0d08

Logan: “Ah, so this is what it feels like.”

This is the only time Laura refers to Logan as her father and also the only time Logan doesn’t deny it. Showing that they’ve accepted their relationship, but then he dies. Holding his daughter’s hand in his own. Because she’s his heart. Okay now I’m tearing up.

You know what makes the scene even harder? The little fucking funeral all the kids have for their savior. For the Wolverine. For Logan. And the fact Laura uses the same quote from Shane harkens back not only to a brief moment of just being a kid with Xavier and her dad in the other room, but also just what kind of impact those words have in a new light.

Laura [quoting Shane]: “A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can’t break the mold. There’s no living with a killing. There’s no going back. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand that sticks. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her everything’s all right. And there are no more guns in the valley.”

And then, in what is probably the most fitting final image of this 17 year old character, Laura turns the cross into an X.

Logan is a masterpiece. Working in a different style and going against established superhero and X-Men tropes makes this a worthy finale to Hugh Jackman’s tenure as the character. He is as strong as ever, Patrick Stewart is as strong as ever, and newcomer Dafne Keen fucking hits it out of the park. It’s heartbreaking and brutal and amazing because of these things. It’s fantastic and I think everyone should see it. Just…wow.

Spring Awakening Theater Headcanons

These are super quick and lame, I just needed to get them out of my head. There might be a part two?

  • Wendla and Ernst are positively sluts for musical theater. They duet all the classics and cry over sad shows together, and are constantly quoting shows that no one else has seen.
  • Melchior student directs the plays his junior and senior years, and it’s a few of the best plays the school has ever done. He’s never been a fantastic actor, and sometimes he struggles to share his vision with his cast and crew, but everything really comes together during tech week. Plus everyone respects him and his decisions.
  • Georg works as backstage manager and the main set designer. He’s actually ripped from all the physical stuff he does, and everyone finds him really attractive as he’s drilling and cutting lumber while shirtless in the summer months.
  • Moritz dabbled in acting for a while, but was only ever in ensemble. So he decided to learn how to run the sound for the shows, and he’s done it ever since. He only messed up once during Little Shop when instead of playing a doorbell noise, he played one of Audrey II’s laugh tracks and scared the shit out of everyone on stage.
  • Martha runs lights, so she and Moritz spend a lot of time in the booth together. Melchior thinks he knows how to do lighting, but he really has no idea. So Martha gives him her general vision for how everything will flow, and they work together to fine tune everything. During the state musical competition, she won the award for Overall Lighting Design.
  • Anna and Thea hold down the ensemble. Their freshman year they were both obsessed with Smash, where most of the best characters were in chorus, so they honestly don’t mind being in the background. That means Anna takes funny pictures and backstage “all-access” videos and Thea can eat during any down time and spread gossip like a drunk hairdresser.
  • Otto floats between acting and crew. He’d rather die before singing, so he’ll run tech for the musical, but act in the other plays, mainly in ensemble or as the butler with stellar comedic timing. He’s mostly there for the free food and because all his friends are in theater.
  • Hanschen prefers more serious plays, but he’s actually a very comedic actor without even trying. He doesn’t understand why people laugh at what he says. He’s very intense, and is that one person who’ll patrol the backstage area glaring at people who are whispering too loudly for his taste.
  • Ilse isn’t really into theater, so she helps sell tickets on performance nights and sometimes she’ll design the playbill cover. She also brings Wendla flowers every single opening night without fail, and then they go get frozen yogurt.
  • Ernst is a wonderful actor. He looks like he’s twelve, but most of the leading roles fall to him anyway, with Wendla as the leading lady. Their skill is renowned across the state, and they’ve already been spotted by performing arts colleges.
  • During one of their plays, Hanschen and Ernst got to stage a swordfight. As they were showing the choreography to Melchior, Ernst got distracted by the corded muscles in Hanschen’s arms, and Hanschen’s metal fencing rapier caught him across the face; bruising his eye and half of his cheek. Hanschen had never felt so bad in his entire life (even though it wasn’t his fault), and doted over Ernst for the next few weeks, and Ernst definitely milked the attention for all he was worth. Whether it was getting a smoothie from the kitchen or having sex on his couch, Hanschen did everything Ernst asked of him, as long as he sounded hurt and batted his eyelashes.
  • Moritz stays behind and helps Melchi close up the theater and sweep the stage. Sometimes, if they’re still on a rehearsal high, they’ll sit in the back row and talk over the show, or make out for an hour, depending on how tired they are.
  • Georg and Otto make Starbucks runs for those early morning Saturday rehearsals, so they know everyone’s favorite drinks by heart.
  • Ernst always has mocha frappuccino, no whip, and Thea just gets hot chocolate, since she hates coffee. Melchior gets earl gray tea since he’s highly allergic to chocolate (and fun, according to Georg). 

littlest-ghost  asked:

"Comedy is a science" omg I live for your tags. You just get it. 😍😊😊

i went on a verbal dissertation w @toomuchducky on the science of comedy that covered the tiers of comedy, why improv makes you a better actor, comedic timing, and how knowing improv literally expands your brain and it lasted a full hour and a half. you’d think she’d be bored but being the #CoupleGoals that we are we genuinely enjoy listening to eachother show off what we’re intellectually proficient in we’re so cute


Title: Addicted to Fresno
Year: 2015
Language: US (English)

Plot: Younger sister Martha is more stable and mature than her fragile, sex-addicted sister Shannon, who turns up in desperate need of saving. As usual she brings with her drama, damage and a dead body! Will she be able to balance all this with picking up her sexy Krav Maga instructor?

Basic Review:

  • A lesbian’s wet dream cast featuring Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black, But I’m A Cheerleader) in romantic lesbian roles. As well as these perfect women, this film featured endless cameos from well known comedic actors like Molly Shannon and Fred Armisen.
  • It was a great progressive comedy that made several comments on homophobia and sexism, even though it wasn’t entirely the basis of the plot.
  • The protagonist is a confident and grounded lesbian woman who plays a strong role for the characters around her
  • The film has all of the cult-comedy quirks we have seen in recent years, making its quick humor and lovable characters easy to watch.
  • For all fans of Aubrey Plaza, cult-comedy and lesbian films, this was made for you!

RIP Jerry Lewis.

The most popular comedic actor of the 1950s and 1960s. One half of the most popular comedic duo of all time. The bridge between Chaplin and modern comedy. A true auteur who directed, co-wrote and starred in his best films. A major influence on Jean-Luc Godard. The man who put Woody Allen on the path to directing. The creator of the video assist. His Labor Day telethons raised more than 2.6 billion dollars for children with muscular dystrophy. One of the most talented and important entertainers of the 20th Century.

And above all, Jerry was very, VERY funny!!

A true genius.

Day Thirty-Nine

-A boy spent a solid three minutes monologuing about how he made his mom buy him several packages of Pokemon cards as Rosie had chewed up his favorite card. Despite paying full attention, I could not gather enough context to tell whether Rosie is a sister or a dog.

-The quote: “And you know what? I’ve lost my sense of smell AND taste!” The source: a young woman in her thirties. The context: None.

-A boy stared at the racks of candy, utterly awestruck, and announced to everyone that, “There’s a world of candy here!” I am deeply appreciative of his desire to share this joy with everyone he could reach.

-The store offers a $0.05 discount when guests supply their own bags. One guest seems to have discovered the loophole that we do not specify reusable bags, as she brought in three Walmart bags that smelled strongly of burnt biscuits to carry her six pounds of assorted cheeses.

-A woman asked me if she could put money on a gift card. She asked me if she could give the gift card to her daughter. She asked if the daughter could spend the gift card. She asked if the gift card could be used on ironing boards and clothes. I am pleased to have been able to fully educate this woman on the definition of a gift card today.

-As I began to ring up a woman’s purchase, her son ran around the register, pushed me aside, and began to bag items without scanning them. I looked to the boy’s mother, who seemed as if she could not care less. I am left to wonder how many stores he has become a part-time employee at in this fashion, and whether he has discovered the solution to unemployment. 

-Every couple of weeks, an old man comes into the store. He purchases one Hot Wheels car. He has tattoos of talons circling his eyes. His life is an enigma that I never want to crack.

-I met an elderly woman who looked impossibly similar to esteemed 20th century comedic actor Don Knotts. I opted not to risk informing her of the resemblance, because although she may not know it, that would be high praise from me.

-Small children getting excited about stickers makes me smile. Small children then giving their stickers to their parents to share the happiness rejuvenates my soul.

-The amount of times I have been recognized continues to grow. The grace with which I handle these encounters continues to diminish. 

-There is glitter on my register. There is glitter on my conveyor belt. There is glitter on my computer screen. There is glitter on myself. There is glitter on my soul. I have not a single complaint.

-An old man swung a toy sword at whom I can only assume and hope were his grandchildren. He discussed, with seemingly full sincerity, how they all needed shock collars on them so they would shut up. He then announced that he was going to return home, drink a bottle of wine, and watch The Godfather for the five-hundredth time. I feel that I can learn a lot from this man.

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Oh my god I loved theatre in highschool!! Have you won/were-nominated-for a cappy back then? I acted in 7 plays back in highschool and once won the cappy for comedic actor in a musical for my role as King Sextimus, a mute king who could only teach his 40 year old virgin son about the birds and the bees through mime. :). I'm really proud of that award, though it kind of sucks now that my only trophy has my deadname engraved on it.

I heavily relate to this, my love. But it’s one of those things where although that’s a piece of our past with an old identity, it’s still something we’re allowed to be proud of.

Your coming out or shift in identity doesn’t devalue your skill and your hard work.

Phenomenal job 💋💋💋

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