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Beauty and the Beast (Remake) Review

This is going to be a spoiler free review, so I won’t be able to go into too much detail, but let me give you a short preview of what I feel about the movie: It was utterly and undeniably magical!

I just left the cinema and instantly made my way home and to my laptop to write all this down so I would not forget a single thing I wanted to share with you guys, because let me tell you there is so much to say about this movie and all of it is good. Over the past couple of weeks I have seen so much negativity surround this movie, so many people threatening to boycott yet another movie they haven’t seen on the sheer basis that a character was supposedly gay and once more mistreated for it.

I write this to share with everyone willing to read just what an amazing experience it was watching this movie. I want to preface the following review by saying that both my best friend and I are not overly emotional people. Neither of us cry at the drop of a pin, especially not in the cinema. Yet in the matter of ten minutes both me and my friend had our first tears in our eyes. I say first, because the movie takes you on quite the emotional ride and it is magnificent. Now, I’m no professional, but I’d consider my opinion rather objective and trustworthy. Of course, I’d suggest you go see the movie yourself nevertheless.

Let me begin with the basics such as scenery, music and cast. The scenery was quite literally breathtaking. The second Emma Watson stepped out of her little home in that little village of France you are there with Belle. I had the pleasure to watch the movie in 3D IMAX and it was absolutely worth it. I’d recommend for anyone to pay those extra bucks, because I feel it really added to the tone of the movie.

While the CGI was certainly visible at times and slightly over the top for my taste here and there the overall feel of the movie is not damaged by it at all. Wherever the movie takes you, it seems real despite of it. The camera work is to thank for it as well, as it really helps to set a specific tone. All in all the movie does great in making you feel a certain emotion at the appropriate time by using all the means they are given to do so; including the sets and the way the camera is handled.

The music and especially the musical numbers were quite mesmerizing. Amongst the familiar classics like Beauty and the Beast itself the movie offered some new pieces as well. Especially one towards the end – sung by Dan Stevens as the Beast – caught my attention and heart in particular. They use the songs not only to entertain, but also to convey emotions and a deep insight into the characters themselves. Some performances I liked better than others – I was disappointed by the audible autotune used on Emma Watson herself – but overall the numbers were all equally entertaining.

As for the cast I have to admit I had my doubts. I was especially worried about Josh Gad as Le Fou as I’ve gotten to know him as a pretty poor comedic actor. I say poor as most jokes are at the expense of him and his weight rather than made by him. After watching the movie I can say that I could not be more pleased with the casting, even Josh Gad. I was honestly surprised as to how well he handled the role and happy to see him take on a more serious side. Of course he was still funny, but this time the humour wasn’t at his expense, but rather due to his wit and clever sarcasm.

Now I want to tackle the characters, specifically taking the accusations into account, and talk about how the movie performs in comparison to the old classic we all know and love. While a lot of the original story has remained untouched and recognizable, there still have been quite a few tweaks and they were for the better. They made the story more understandable, the characters more memorable and real. I am happy to note that the characters are granted a new depth they were lacking in the original. Thanks to that the story is much better fitting for our time, age and new audience.

Gaston I was especially pleased with, for multiple reasons. Towards the beginning of the movie I found him to be rather charming which was a clever move to make. It only made him seem worse when finally his facade dropped later on the movie. It makes you truly detest his character and therefor the movie managed to create a good villain in him. Despite being the bad guy, however, his relationship towards Le Fou is in no way hateful. In fact, their friendship is one I considered to be one of the most interesting in the entire movie!

As for Le Fou, I dare say he was one of my favourite characters. Contrary to his original counterpart he is in no way a fool. In fact, he is the one keeping Gaston in check, knowing his best friends behaviour, trying to keep him in line while simultaneously taking his jabs and making fun of him as well. Compared to the original, their relationship is much more equal and lighthearted. Gaston is still the dreamy guy everyone is into, but he doesn’t treat Le Fou as a peace of shit for it. In fact, despite his obviously homoerotic undertones, even towards Gaston, the latter never once ridicules him for it. Not only that, but Le Fou undergoes great character growth over the course of the movie and it was a pleasure to watch.

As for the Beauty and the Beast themselves, there is not too much to say. The characters themselves weren’t changed too much and yet there was still a fresh air about them. It’s hard to explain without giving too much away. However, I can say that both of them are obviously flawed and both of them undergo a growth as well. Not only the Beast but Belle too. Instead of brushing their flaws off once the plots wants them to be in love they are openly addressed and worked on. Both parties realize their mistakes and even admit to them. It certainly was a nice, little change and I happily watched their relationship develop step by step.

As for a direct comparison of the original to the new one I can say without doubt and guilt that the new movie is better. A lot of the flaws of the original – whether due to ignorance or because of the time it was created it – were taken care off in this movie. The Stockholm Syndrome people accuse the original of is handled better and I say this with a particular conversation in mind that directly addresses the issue of freedom there is for Belle. The movie also works much better in establishing the character, their relationships and especially their pasts. You get to know more about Belle and the Beast that give you a better insight into them and explain, to a certain extend, why their relationship develops the way it does.

So, in conclusion, the movie does great in sweeping you away into a beautiful, magical world. It has a great tone, the music is catchy, the scenery is breathtaking and it hits home in just the right places. While the original was beautiful and unique to experience and is an irreplaceable part of many childhoods, it was extremely flawed. While it isn’t to say that this version is not flawed – it undeniably is – the new Beauty and the Beast managed to give you nostalgia without making the same mistakes as its predecessor. It adds a new depth and strength to our already beloved characters that make me happy in the sense of knowing that another generation will grow up with a better version of our childhood heroes.

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"Comedy is a science" omg I live for your tags. You just get it. 😍😊😊

i went on a verbal dissertation w @toomuchducky on the science of comedy that covered the tiers of comedy, why improv makes you a better actor, comedic timing, and how knowing improv literally expands your brain and it lasted a full hour and a half. you’d think she’d be bored but being the #CoupleGoals that we are we genuinely enjoy listening to eachother show off what we’re intellectually proficient in we’re so cute

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Spring Awakening Theater Headcanons

These are super quick and lame, I just needed to get them out of my head. There might be a part two?

  • Wendla and Ernst are positively sluts for musical theater. They duet all the classics and cry over sad shows together, and are constantly quoting shows that no one else has seen.
  • Melchior student directs the plays his junior and senior years, and it’s a few of the best plays the school has ever done. He’s never been a fantastic actor, and sometimes he struggles to share his vision with his cast and crew, but everything really comes together during tech week. Plus everyone respects him and his decisions.
  • Georg works as backstage manager and the main set designer. He’s actually ripped from all the physical stuff he does, and everyone finds him really attractive as he’s drilling and cutting lumber while shirtless in the summer months.
  • Moritz dabbled in acting for a while, but was only ever in ensemble. So he decided to learn how to run the sound for the shows, and he’s done it ever since. He only messed up once during Little Shop when instead of playing a doorbell noise, he played one of Audrey II’s laugh tracks and scared the shit out of everyone on stage.
  • Martha runs lights, so she and Moritz spend a lot of time in the booth together. Melchior thinks he knows how to do lighting, but he really has no idea. So Martha gives him her general vision for how everything will flow, and they work together to fine tune everything. During the state musical competition, she won the award for Overall Lighting Design.
  • Anna and Thea hold down the ensemble. Their freshman year they were both obsessed with Smash, where most of the best characters were in chorus, so they honestly don’t mind being in the background. That means Anna takes funny pictures and backstage “all-access” videos and Thea can eat during any down time and spread gossip like a drunk hairdresser.
  • Otto floats between acting and crew. He’d rather die before singing, so he’ll run tech for the musical, but act in the other plays, mainly in ensemble or as the butler with stellar comedic timing. He’s mostly there for the free food and because all his friends are in theater.
  • Hanschen prefers more serious plays, but he’s actually a very comedic actor without even trying. He doesn’t understand why people laugh at what he says. He’s very intense, and is that one person who’ll patrol the backstage area glaring at people who are whispering too loudly for his taste.
  • Ilse isn’t really into theater, so she helps sell tickets on performance nights and sometimes she’ll design the playbill cover. She also brings Wendla flowers every single opening night without fail, and then they go get frozen yogurt.
  • Ernst is a wonderful actor. He looks like he’s twelve, but most of the leading roles fall to him anyway, with Wendla as the leading lady. Their skill is renowned across the state, and they’ve already been spotted by performing arts colleges.
  • During one of their plays, Hanschen and Ernst got to stage a swordfight. As they were showing the choreography to Melchior, Ernst got distracted by the corded muscles in Hanschen’s arms, and Hanschen’s metal fencing rapier caught him across the face; bruising his eye and half of his cheek. Hanschen had never felt so bad in his entire life (even though it wasn’t his fault), and doted over Ernst for the next few weeks, and Ernst definitely milked the attention for all he was worth. Whether it was getting a smoothie from the kitchen or having sex on his couch, Hanschen did everything Ernst asked of him, as long as he sounded hurt and batted his eyelashes.
  • Moritz stays behind and helps Melchi close up the theater and sweep the stage. Sometimes, if they’re still on a rehearsal high, they’ll sit in the back row and talk over the show, or make out for an hour, depending on how tired they are.
  • Georg and Otto make Starbucks runs for those early morning Saturday rehearsals, so they know everyone’s favorite drinks by heart.
  • Ernst always has mocha frappuccino, no whip, and Thea just gets hot chocolate, since she hates coffee. Melchior gets earl gray tea since he’s highly allergic to chocolate (and fun, according to Georg). 

Enigma’s Fancasts: Mulan

Liu Yifei as Fa MulanRemy Hii as Li ShangTony Leung Ka-fai as Fa ZhouMing-Na Wen as Fa Li (original voice of Mulan). Lisa Lu as Grandmother FaTsai Chin as the Matchmaker. Jackie Chan as Mushu (voice of Shang in Cantonese & Mandarin versions).

Jiang Wen as General Li. Benedict Wong as Yao. Chris Pang as Ling. Xu Zheng as Chien-Po. James Hong as Chi-Fu (original voice of Chi-Fu). Eddy Ko as the Emperor. Chow Yun-fat as Shan Yu.

Not Pictured: George Takei (original voice of Fa Ancestor), Joan ChenBD Wong (original voice of Shang), Siqin GaowaAndy Lau, Gua Ah-leh, Tom WuCheng Pei Pei & Randall Duk Kim as the Fa Ancestors.


Title: Addicted to Fresno
Year: 2015
Language: US (English)

Plot: Younger sister Martha is more stable and mature than her fragile, sex-addicted sister Shannon, who turns up in desperate need of saving. As usual she brings with her drama, damage and a dead body! Will she be able to balance all this with picking up her sexy Krav Maga instructor?

Basic Review:

  • A lesbian’s wet dream cast featuring Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) and Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the New Black, But I’m A Cheerleader) in romantic lesbian roles. As well as these perfect women, this film featured endless cameos from well known comedic actors like Molly Shannon and Fred Armisen.
  • It was a great progressive comedy that made several comments on homophobia and sexism, even though it wasn’t entirely the basis of the plot.
  • The protagonist is a confident and grounded lesbian woman who plays a strong role for the characters around her
  • The film has all of the cult-comedy quirks we have seen in recent years, making its quick humor and lovable characters easy to watch.
  • For all fans of Aubrey Plaza, cult-comedy and lesbian films, this was made for you!
Day Thirty-Nine

-A boy spent a solid three minutes monologuing about how he made his mom buy him several packages of Pokemon cards as Rosie had chewed up his favorite card. Despite paying full attention, I could not gather enough context to tell whether Rosie is a sister or a dog.

-The quote: “And you know what? I’ve lost my sense of smell AND taste!” The source: a young woman in her thirties. The context: None.

-A boy stared at the racks of candy, utterly awestruck, and announced to everyone that, “There’s a world of candy here!” I am deeply appreciative of his desire to share this joy with everyone he could reach.

-The store offers a $0.05 discount when guests supply their own bags. One guest seems to have discovered the loophole that we do not specify reusable bags, as she brought in three Walmart bags that smelled strongly of burnt biscuits to carry her six pounds of assorted cheeses.

-A woman asked me if she could put money on a gift card. She asked me if she could give the gift card to her daughter. She asked if the daughter could spend the gift card. She asked if the gift card could be used on ironing boards and clothes. I am pleased to have been able to fully educate this woman on the definition of a gift card today.

-As I began to ring up a woman’s purchase, her son ran around the register, pushed me aside, and began to bag items without scanning them. I looked to the boy’s mother, who seemed as if she could not care less. I am left to wonder how many stores he has become a part-time employee at in this fashion, and whether he has discovered the solution to unemployment. 

-Every couple of weeks, an old man comes into the store. He purchases one Hot Wheels car. He has tattoos of talons circling his eyes. His life is an enigma that I never want to crack.

-I met an elderly woman who looked impossibly similar to esteemed 20th century comedic actor Don Knotts. I opted not to risk informing her of the resemblance, because although she may not know it, that would be high praise from me.

-Small children getting excited about stickers makes me smile. Small children then giving their stickers to their parents to share the happiness rejuvenates my soul.

-The amount of times I have been recognized continues to grow. The grace with which I handle these encounters continues to diminish. 

-There is glitter on my register. There is glitter on my conveyor belt. There is glitter on my computer screen. There is glitter on myself. There is glitter on my soul. I have not a single complaint.

-An old man swung a toy sword at whom I can only assume and hope were his grandchildren. He discussed, with seemingly full sincerity, how they all needed shock collars on them so they would shut up. He then announced that he was going to return home, drink a bottle of wine, and watch The Godfather for the five-hundredth time. I feel that I can learn a lot from this man.

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I really like Rupert, but the frustrating part is he keeps on playing the same character, a druggie or wanna be gangster (Charlie Countryman, Moonwalkers, Snatch). No room for growth as an actor.

I know what you mean!

But Rupert chose for these roles on purpose, because he likes to play sort of comedic characters.

And honestly I would really like to see him play a FBI agent or something really serious. I’m sure he would be brilliant at it.

For example he played Adolf Hitler’s friend which is a historical character. Also his character in the movie Into the White. Yes, there were some funny moments but at some point he played quite a serious character.

In Moonwalkers he was actually sort of serious about money and filming the fake moon landing. He played there like a leader. If you know what I mean.

But I’m not really complaining. I mean, he’s a brilliant actor. And he’s such a great comedic actor. And takes his acting career pretty serious.

But let’s hope one day he will get to play a FBI agent for example. I’d kill for him to see in an uniform.


“Oh yeah. I thought it was a mistake from the beginning. It was just unlike anything else in the Star Wars universe. And I initially said that I didn’t want to do it, but George said it would help keep Star Wars in the consciousness and I wanted to be a team player so I did it. And I also said that I didn’t think Luke should sing, so they cut that number. And now, I think we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. They should put on the extra of the DVD’s - it shows how incredibly fallible we are! At that same time, it did introduce Boba Fett in an animated sequence, so it’s significant in that respect. Plus Art Carney was in it, who is one of my favorite comedic actors of all time.”
–Mark Hamill, discussing the Star Wars Holiday Special during his 2014 Reddit AMA

i know not everyone likes vilde but omg…you have to admit that ulrikke is one of the most talented comedic actors of her generation…her delivery of everything on the show has me laughing for days


I think Seven Days in Hell is my new favorite thing in the fucking world. If you haven’t seen it, its a tennis mocumentary starring Andy Samberg (Probs my fav comedic actor) and Kit Harington (One of my fav dramatic actors and Jon snow, come on) and it is GOLD. I’m not a laugh out loud while watching tv kinda peron and I was wheezing. 

since Criminal Minds has never done any of the fun cliché TV tropes and s12 is hopefully the last season, gimme ALL of them. back to back. I want a musical episode with the entire FBI scream-singing seasons of love. I want a bottle episode on the jet. I want an AU flashback episode of them imagining what their lives would be like if they never joined the BAU. I want a documentary style episode that catches those Serious Federal Agents in the act of being toddlers. I want aliens, like full on x-files plot. I want an NCIS or Code Black crossover, hell I know it’s a different network but SVU would be a bomb crossover too. I even want a goddamn body-switching episode. don’t let me down CM.