“Don’t fucking call this article Murphy’s Law!” joked Cillian Murphy in a 2004 interview in Complex magazine, referring to the fact that more stories on him than he cared to mention had said title.

Twelve years later, he’s a lot more relaxed about it. Cillian on the cover of 7 Days Magazine. Interview + 7 must watch Cillian films below the cut.

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Date: May 2 - 8, 2016

Prompts | Rules | Q&A

Day 1: Smile
Day 2: Kingdom Come
Day 3: Left Behind
Day 4: Apocalypse
Day 5: Sapphire / Ruby
Day 6: Pretend
Day 7: Bonds

To celebrate the week, each day is given a prompt where participants can upload/submit their artworks, AMVs, cosplay, fanfics, graphics, gifs, or any creative medium on Tumblr.

Everybody is free to play around with the themes, so long as they somehow relate to the topic. NSFW content and other character appearances are welcomed!

Note: Make sure to tag all your posts with “mikaweek” within the first 5 tags so that we won’t miss it!


I have never laughed so fucking hard….


So, I’ve been seeing some appreciation week edits going around on here and thought, how about a week of edits to share our love for this couple and the show? Each day will stand for a certain aspect. It’s a whole week of making an edit every single day. Who’s in?!

Day 1: favourite season
Day 2: favourite parallel(s)
Day 3: favourite quote(s)
Day 4: favourite happy moment(s)
Day 5: favourite heartbreaking moment(s)
Day 6: growth: how far they’ve come
Day 7: alternate universe (AU)

Sometimes it’s hard to choose between a few scenes, so if you want to, you can add more scenes, hence the plurals. You can make absolutely anything you want! Day 7 is a tricky one, but let your imagination go and see what you can come up with.

You can not post an edit of one day on a different day! So if you miss a day, do not worry, just go ahead and make something for the next day. Captions why you chose what you chose would be fun to read! Tag it with #cbaw and with the main #castleedit and #caskett tag (within the first 5 tags) so that it’s easy to track down (and everyone can find it!) Reblog this post to spread the word around and let everyone know this week is coming!

  • CBAW will be from Aug 4th to Aug 10th
  • Any questions can be asked here

Enjoy this week and have fun editing! :)