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Seungcheol, Minghao and Seungkwan all need more appreciation tbh!

If you want love for Seungcheol, Minghao, and Seungkwan, you’ve come to the perfect place. My love for those three boys is ridiculous, and over the next few days I have a flood of posts where all three are heavily featured and arE CUTE AND FLUFFY

also can we talk for a second about how hard seungkwans been working on his english? like he’s had nonstop comebacks and practices and shows and travelling and somehow he’s still finding time to learn more english so he can communicate with more fans? what an angel? we don’t deserve him?

i don’t think i’ve ever been so proud of baekhyun. screw award shows and comeback stages. he worked so hard to achieve the goal of abs. when he wasn’t even comfortable showing us in the first place. that’s what makes me mad. we had put the idea into their heads, that we NEED to see everyone’s abs even if they don’t have any. all baek wanted to do was keep his innocent image.


SBS Big Bang Comeback Show - ALIVE (120309) [ENG SUB]

Translated/Subbed by SARA @ bigbangupdates | fuckyeahbigbangstuff


Wonwoo is back
Theyre eating meat
Everyone praised jihoon for his composing skills
Meanie and verkwan are so real
Wonwoo is back
They dieted for the comeback to show their good side (im-)
Jihoon really likes cola
Joshua hong kong is a double dipper pass it on
Mingyu dropped a mushroom and minghao yelled “again??!”
DINO 누구 에기????!!!
WONWoo is back


In the CNBLUE Comeback Show waiting room

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Here is a picture of CNBLUE members practicing for their comeback show~ Please look forward to SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show, ‘Can’t Stop’ which will be aired on March 2!

Aquí les tenemos una foto de los miembros de CNBLUE practicando para su comeback show~
Por favor esperen con ansias SBS CNBLUE All-live comeback show (completamente en vivo) ‘Can’t Stop’, que será transmitido el 2 de Marzo!

Esp Trans: CNBLUE.CL /
Source: CNBLUE Official Facebook
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some Trans on BBcomebackshow

TOP: There is no “Like Bigbang”. we are not perfect. we’re adding our colors now


TOP: I don’t think there is anything. We aren’t finished yet. We are working harder to become more perfect.


Q: Who failed with a change in style? Seungri: Sorry, I think TOP. White hair from GD&TOP was nice but mint color… It’s hard to get used to.

cre: @kristinekwak