+ Junjin’s VLIVE Broadcast:

Shinhwa won, but since they will start their Asia Tour it was their last performance on Music Shows, but they can still be first, so keep streaming on Melon or at last the MV, so we can have the practice video & maybe our 3rd Win!! ^_^

Shinhwa Company’s Updates:

Today On Air📺🎤

🍊Thank you very very much, our oranges 🍊💕

[FB/Twitter][From the Admin]Thanks to everyone, Shinhwa’s “TOUCH” has won for 2 weeks in a row! Although it’s a cold day but it feels like a hot day! Unfortunately today is the last days of “TOUCH” music promotions, it s a good present thanks to the win made by everyone! Thank you! (Translation by malpabo)

[FB/Twitter] Hello, This is SHINHWA COMPANY. Thanks to your love and support, SHINHWA’s 13th music program stages had ended greatly. We would like to thank everyone who gave love and support to SHINHWA’S 13th album including the fans who came to field to support and who gave love to this album. Starting February 4, SHINHWA will be having ‘2017 SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING’ tour. In addition, about all you are curious of, the SHINHWA’s 19th anniversary Seoul Concert; we will update the date as soon as it is fixed. Also, stay tuned for SHINHWA’s self-produced reality program, which will be broadcasted through Naver Vlive Plus channel on February. SHINHWA and SHINHWA COMPANY will promise to work hard to spend a great year of SHINHWA’s 19th anniversary. Again, thank you very much sincerely.


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can yall believe taeil was actually supposed to be seated next to taeyong at the coex mall fansigning event but taeyong made him switch seats with johnny

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A lot of ARMYs I know are also worried that the comeback talk will also be on ch+ :(

no no i don’t think so,, at least it shouldn’t be 😤 they didn’t have the last 2 comebacks on vlive+ so I don’t think they’ll do it now