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시간 표현 - Time expressions

시간 - Time/Hour
~에 - Time particle
시- o'clock
분 - Minute
지금 - Now
전 - Before
후 - After
반 - Half
오전 - a.m.
오후 - p.m.
아침 - Morning/breakfast
점심 - Afternoon/lunch
저녁 - Evening/dinner
어제 - Yesterday 
오늘 - Today
내일 - Tomorrow
주 - Week
주말 - Weekend
지난주 - Last week
이번주 - This week
다음 주 - Next week 
작년/지난 해 - Last year
올해 - This year
내년/다음 해 - Next year 
쯤 - About/around
부터 - From
까지 - To

지금 몇 시에요? - What’s the time?

지금 오후 다섯시 십분 전이에요. - It’s 10 to 5 p.m. (literal translation: It’s 10 minutes before 5 p.m.)

언제 일어나요? - When do you get up?

오전 일곱시 반 쯤에 일어나요. - I get up at around 7.30 a.m.

몇 시에 아침을 먹어요? - What time do you eat breakfast?

8시에 아침을 먹어요. - I eat breakfast at 8.

오후 여섯시부터 일곱시 반까지 공부할 거예요. - I’m going to study from 6 to 7.30 p.m.

내일 몇 시에 만날까요? - What time shall we meet tomorrow?

미안해요. 내일 약속이 있어요. - Sorry. I have appointments tomorrow.

토요일 시간이 있어요. 만날까요? - I have time on Saturday. Shall we meet?

괜찮아요. 11시에 만나자! - Ok, lets meet at 11 O’clock!

*Note pure Korean (하나, 둘, 셋…) is used for hours and sino Korean (일, 이, 삼…) is used for minutes*


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red velvet |  빨간 맛 red flavor 」

what i like most is the taste of summer
it tastes like slowly melting strawberry when i bite into it

Nu’est confirmed to have a comeback later this year!

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As you guys might have heard, Pledis has issued an official statement confirming the fact that Nu’est would be back as 4 members in the later half of the year and that would be after Minki, Jonghyun and Dongho have gotten their proper rest! :) 

In all honesty, despite the hoo-ha of Jonghyun not making it into the final lineup of Wanna One and of how Mnet had probably rigged the votes, I am now happy and relieved that Nu’est would be back and out of the dungeon very very soon!! Hence, I have officially accepted the fact that Jonghyun was probably needed more in Nu’est than Wanna One. I mean, if Jonghyun and Minhyun made it together, there would be a likely chance that Nu’est would not be having a comeback at all. And besides, I’m pretty sure Wanna One has pretty good leaders, such as Jisung and Minhyun so whatever the case, they will be in good hands. ^^ 

Nevertheless, let us keep supporting Wanna One AND Nu’est! They have worked hard and even though everyone deserved better, there is nothing we can do to change things. Hence, let us all unite as one and support ALL our boys in their activities, including JBJ, Hotshot and Kim Samuel as they prepare themselves for their comebacks and debuts! :) Hwaiting everyone and may all of you walk the path of flowers that you guys rightfully deserve. ^^

SM teased Ten’s station song so damn early that now nothing in my life seems exciting. Like, literally nothing that happens gets me as excited as when I found Ten was getting a solo. My cousin had her baby? Cool, where’s Ten’s solo? I passed that exam I didn’t study for? Nice, is it almost time for Ten’s solo? Another one of my favorite groups just had a comeback? Yay, now how many more days till Ten’s solo?

  • Youngjae: There are small things that makes me happy in B.A.P
  • ~
  • Yongguk: So let's practice the new song for the next comeback.
  • Youngjae: YAY!
  • ~
  • Yongguk: We're going to have chicken for dinner today.
  • Youngjae: YAY!
  • ~
  • Yongguk: We're going to watch a movie this evening.
  • Youngjae: YAY!
  • ~
  • Yongguk: Ohhh! There's a protest going on.
  • Youngjae: YAY!
  • Zelo: What exactly are we protesting?
  • Youngjae: Who cares?
i’d rather waltz than just walk through the forest - part II

genre: fluff
status: getting together

word count: about 2.5k

warnings: swearing, kissing idk

summary: person A owns a flower shop and person B comes storming in one day, slams 20 bucks on the counter and says “how do I passive-aggressively say ‘fuck you’ in flower?” - part two where we see dan’s space hovel (part I)

dear God, i was terribly lost when the galaxies crossed and the sun went dark. but dear God, you’re the only North Star i would follow this far - galaxies, owl city

Dark night blanketed the two men walking along the Manchester streets, the amber street lights leaving small, soft pods of illumination along the way. It was nearing 1am, and they’d just got the bus back to Dan’s apartment after much deliberation - the film had been decent, but not as scary as they’d expected, and they had been trying not to talk the whole way through. Despite living in a huge city, they couldn’t decide on somewhere to go and get something to eat, so finally Dan offered his apartment, which - even though it was kind of on the outskirts - was only one bus ride away.

They were laughing as they went, Phil occasionally attempting to spook Dan, but he refused to let himself be scared; the darkness of this street was too familiar for him, and he would be damned if his first scream as a result of this boy was in a way that wasn’t sexual.

As they approached the door, he hesitated - not because of the implications, but because his apartment was a bit weird in the grand scheme of things.

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Apollo pulls the sun across the day sky
In his chariot that drips golden.
But, it is Helios that makes it shine, beating
A pulse across the Earth, burning our skin
Until it turns to candle wax and drips off
Our bodies to reveal white bleached bones.

And just as the flip of the coin reveals Artemis,
So it does show Selene, in all her glory,
Bathing the world in silver, and bringing
The wolves to howl at her brilliance. At her splendor.
The world forgets that the wolves loved Selene first.

—  titanomachy- part 1 of ?|| JnW