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teamvcta replied to your photo: I guess I never posted this? But I made this…

Vi: “I’d help you boys decide but i left my magnifying glass at the dorms.”

Fun fact: both Coyote and Leander think Viola is fucking savage and hilarious


“A lifetime together on ice… The Olympic Champions. Two-time World Champions. Six-time Canadian Champions. Tessa Virtue. Scott Moir. Ice Dancers Extraordinaire.”

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir announce their return to competition on February 20th 2016, exactly two years to the day from the Olympic Free Dance in Pyeonchang in 2018.

So…Yugyeom’s idol is following him…yes Chris fucking Brown is following our maknae!!! Do I smell a collaboration?!?! C'mon guys let’s help out Yugie just like we did Youngjae. It would be an amazing dream come true for him. To see them dance together would slay my soul.

If a collaboration or him just allowing Yugyeom to dance in his video happens I am gonna hope and pray that Chris Browns bad habits and terrible ways don’t rub off on Yugyeom, I am not saying he’s a bad guy but he is…he has done and does some things that are frowned upon.

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Some of y'all need to chill the fuck out. I just want to see Yugyeom dance with Chris Brown not bro it up. Plus JYP wouldn’t let Chris Brown come within 2000 feet without him being right there to monitor because I am almost 200% sure JYP knows what’s going on with artist in America too. He isn’t completely oblivious. I never once said I liked Chris Brown. Yes his actions are shitty as fuck and he’s a terrible low life for what he did but I am not the one spamming the guy with videos and pictures of Yugyeom. If it’s Yugie’s dream to dance with Chris Brown then I say why not. I didn’t say let them go out to dinner and talk about life. Don’t come at me saying “Oh he’s an abuser” bitch I know….we all know. Also to the people coming in giving their opinion who aren’t even fans of GOT7 or Yugyeom need to find a seat and hush up.

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A summary of (SIN and Friends) BTS Home Party

- Nearly kissed in the BS&T Parody 

- Decided to name their unit “SIN” instead of “YoonJin, SyubJin, etc.”

- They both wrote “Butterfly” in Korean.

- “We’re Telephatic” - Min Yoongi (about him and Jin).

- Yoongi touching THE Seokjin thigh

- Yoongi actually drew a body when it was Jin’s turn to model.

- Jin ranked Yoongi’s drawing as the 1st.

- Jin made his debut as Jin-Z as he rapped Yoongi’s “Intro:  Nevermind” with Yoongi in the background doing a simple rendition of its video. 

- Vocal Yoongi made a comeback with Jin’s “Awake”

- Team SIN won best Unit/Roommates and the iconic hug happened

- Jin’s face tucked between where Yoongi’s neck and shoulders meet when they were hugging

- Yoongi posted his picture with the same Kumamon statue in Jin’s picture posted on (6/8/17) 



- the one who gets everything ready

- like money check new gifs check new video check even though there’s still one month left

- part of the comeback team who tweets, post, etc. about the comeback


- the one who thank jyp first before anything else

- cause it only took 6 months for them to comeback


- once they’ve heard about the comeback 

- *gif*


- the one who’s ready to save thousand pictures and watch thousand videos until late night

- they do not sleep

- GOT7 before anything else probably spazz before doing homeworks and stuff


- they are the ones who starts dancing and shouting because “COMEBACK”

- probably jumping and shouting and clapping at the same time because “COMEBACK”

- throws a party because “COMEBACK”


- the bitch-im-ready one 

- because they’ve already moved on on HARD CARRY

- possibly the rich kids


- the am-i-ready-for-another-comeback-?

- but also even-though-im-not-ready-i-need-to-be-ready

- the one who can’t moved on on HARD CARRY

- probably the fan who have 1 month to save up for another purchase of album and tickets and everything in between 


- the -i-need-an-oxygen-right-now

- probably crying right now

- and still will cry tomorrow morning 


- the one who’ve managed to save up

- they are the frugal ones

- because they need money for the next comeback


Disclaimer: I don’t wanna offend anyone, this is just for fun. Actually all of the above is basically me. Kekeke… *dissing myself*

And I know I’ve used these gifs too many times so please bear with me. I’m gonna have new gifs because of COMEBACK. Anyway, I’m actually excited for the new songs and choreography and music video and shows and new things GOT7 will showcase in the future. Let’s support and love them all the way and in every way Ahgases!


                                             EXO ACADEMY​​ COMEBACK EVENT ; TEAM LUCKY ONE

                What if you live your life as a puppet, because you are different than others
                     and you find out the people you put trust in made you to who you are 
                               but when freedom returns, things will never be the same