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171808 Tweet : Shindong

Siwon-ah! Good job! Cool! #KatokCapture #Mosaic #Congrats #Cool #Masi #SuperJuniorComeback
Translation of the picture : 
“Shindong : Siwonah!!!!! Congrats!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Shindong : You worked really really hard!!!!!
Siwon : Hyung!!!!!!
Siwon : I love you!!!
Siwon : Thanks!!!!
Shindong : How do you feel?? ㅋㅋ
Shindong : Let’s start again!!!!!!!!! I feel!! Really really happy!!!!! ㅋㅋ
Siwon : Hyung I still cant believe it ㅋㅋㅋ
Siwon : Until when am i gonna feel this flutter
Siwon : ㅋㅋㅋㅋ “

Siwon-ah! Bon travail! Cool! #CaptireDeKatok #Mosaïque #Félicitations #Cool #Masi #RetourSurScèneDeSuperJunior
Traduction de la photo :
“Shindong : Siwonah!!!!! Félicitations!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Shindong : Tu as travaillé vraiment vraiment dur!!!!!
Siwon : Hyung!!!!!!
Siwon : Je t’aime!!!
Siwon : Merci!!!!
Shindong : Comment te sens-tu?? ㅋㅋ
Shindong : Commençons de nouveau!!!!!!!!! Je me sens!! Vraiment vraiment heureux!!!!! ㅋㅋ
Siwon : Hyung je n’arrive toujours pas à y croire ㅋㅋ
Siwon : Jusqu’à quand vais sentir cet émoi
Siwon ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

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Im so tired of this happening every time an idol fucks up.

 1: your not black so your opinion on his hair doesn’t matter.

2: if black kpop fans are upset let them be. It doesn’t concern you so keep it pushing.

3: the company may be at fault in some cases.

4: stop treating korea like it’s a fucking no mans land. They got computers. Koreans aren’t shut off from the world around them.

5: you know damn well that they aren’t trying to recreate greek/ Scottish matted hair.

6 : if you are a black kpop fan and is not offend and is mad that others are refer back to number 2.

7:  to go with number 4, stop treating idols like they ain’t grow men/ women.

8: shut the fuck up and log out if you don’t want to see “angry black people” calling out your faves on their stupid things.

9: saying that “well_____wasn’t called out why are they?!?!” Without looking up the others that have been called out ( which is all Of them)  shows you don’t care you just want your idol to not be held accountable.

10: calling someone out and telling them to leave the group is 2 totally different things. Don’t send hate.

11: just stay the fuck in your lane.

12: saying it’s just hair bullshit will get you blocked *im not agreeing with people who don’t think it was a mistake he looked not his best.

* I will still stan nini ( just like I’m doing Jackson , which in my way is staying the fuck away from him) after this but sadly this had to be said for all of you headass (non black/coon) people in the kpop world.

Boygroups as Types of Students

HEY GUYS. Later on in the evening I’m gonna start on some questions…but in the meantime I thought I would make  post on how I think  the boygroups of KPOP would be in school. (’School’ is the kpop industry and if I mention ‘the rest of the school….i’m talking about fans not ther groups :) ) 

Wanna One

-          Just started school

-          Still trying to get to grips with what happened to them at their previous school

-          Although they’re new, they’re popularity with the rest of the school is rising rapidly

-          Still cute and innocent though

-          Doesn’t know what school life is really gonna bring them

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-          That one really fucking loud group of friends

-          Always out causing trouble

-          You hear them before you see them

-          But still lowkey really innocent

-          Always trynna make friends

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-          The group that have friends always dropping out

-          SEXY AF but lowkey cute

-          They don’t attend school for a year but then BAM, grade A’s all around

-          Has weirdos following them everywhere and anywhere

-          People leave them notes in the toilet

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Super Junior

-          Been in school a loooong time but still wants to hang out with the kids

-          Even though they’ve graduated, the still hang out with the youngers, cos they’re the ‘cool kids’

-          Has more friends than your whole family put together

-          Really understanding of school  and helps out the new kids

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(^^Couldn’t fidnd a decent gif of them so if you hve on eplease send it to me via inbox and ill put it in:) )


-          The really fucking crazy group

-          Always making friends in the toilets

-          They’re either reaAAALLLY fucking sexy or REALLLLY fucking cute…theres no inbetween

-          Hustlers

-          From a poor family but now they feed the school

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-          BEWARE!

-          Always makes you question ‘how the fuck-?’

-          Beware of the youngest one…he’s not as innocent as you think

-          Makes you question their sanity

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EXP Edition

-          New kids who immediately gets bullied

-          No one likes them

-          Even the school don’t like them

-          Expelled for the pure fact that they’re irrelevant

-          Makes you think ‘Why the fuck did they even try’

(They’re so cancelled I couldn’t even find a gif of theirs)

Hope you enjoyed and if there are more boygruops you wanna see then comment and maybe I’ll make another one:)

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You know what? I told myself I’m going to stay out of this scandal because I know myself too well and I don’t want to bother about what fans say about Super Junior (I’ll include them all because SJ is a group and not only Sungmin and Kangin). 

I am so dissapointed by everyone right now. I’m dissapointed because of Sungmin deciding to leave just because a few korean ELF are talking non-sense stuff (or fans, because they are not ELF to me anymore and I don’t care what you’re going to think of me saying that). I’m dissapointed because of Label SJ for “respecting” Sungmin’s decision and listening to a few fans who are standing against him. I’m dissapointed because of the actual ELF who promised to respect their decision but said they’ll leave instead just because Sungmin “decided” to not be a part of their comeback. I’m dissapointed because I couldn’t keep myself calm and shut the fuck up (I have an urge to swear right now and that doesn’t really happens to me often). 

So, congrats to everyone who “won” this. Enjoy your time because Sungmin will be left out and enjoy Super Junior member sadness for couldn’t help him more than this. Congrats for giving yourself joy but giving the others sadness.

Besides all of this, I am going to stay Super Junior’s side until the very end. I am going to support this comeback no matter what will happen because I am an ELF.


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Kpop struggles
  • <p> <b>Kpop fans:</b> WHAT DO WE WANT?!?!?<p/><b>Kpop fans:</b> A comeback!!!<p/><b>Kpop fans:</b> WHEN DO WE WANT IT?!?!?!<p/><b>Kpop fans:</b> whenever you are ready, please dont over work yourselves. Get some sleep, stay hydrated, make sure you eat enough, why dont you all take a break, we dont even need a comeback. Sleep well and value your health.<p/></p>

LOL…Poor Heechul 😂 I miss Super Junior :(