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Im not the greatest painter but i think it is a relatively quick way of putting across a journey through my site at this stage. 

I think hand drawn and painting is making a comeback in the studio and tbh its great to see! Something about overly photoshopped rendering makes an unfinished project look very final. unfortunately im not overly gifted in the hand drawn stuff dept. but at least i can give it a go! 

That's Mine: Boys Republic Minsu Smut

Sorry this took so long; I really hope you enjoy it (°∀°)b 

The set was busy, with the staff rustling around putting the stage lights in place; and the stylists fitting the clothes on the members and fixing their makeup. 

You panned the area for your boyfriend. When you spotted him he was being fitted for the concept outfit. A man in a suit always made your knees weak but your boyfriend Minsu in a suit almost made you fanit. He turned around as the stylist slipped his jacket on; shaking it by the front so that it fit in all the right places. You stood there, lunch bag in your hands, staring at the way he fixed his collar and the cuffs on his suit. 

You almost lost your footing when you watched his tongue poke out of his mouth. Showing how focused he was, looking in the mirror. When you stumbled over your feet almost losing the lunch boxes to the floor; that’s when he noticed your presence. And so did the rest of the staff.

“Oh shit” you mumbled. Catching yourself and the boxes of food.

“Y/N?” He giggled as he saw your stumble and noticed your blushing cheeks.

“I wanted to surprise you” you stated and showed him the food you brought. He kissed your cheek and sat you down.

He inspected all the food and smiled at your thought and effort. “This looks really good, but I’ll eat it after this scene okay” you nodded your head accepting and watched as Minsu and his members finished getting ready.

It seemed you showed up right when they were going to shoot the dance scene. 

If it wasn’t the suits, it was the dancing; because you couldn’t help but feel flustered. Just by looking at him smile made your heart race, but the way he was dancing really made you go crazy. But if it wasn’t the dancing it was the song, the lyrics was as if it was depicting this situation right here. My breath sure did stop; I did feel it deep in my heart; and it did feel different.

You needed him. As soon as possible; but that wasn’t going to happen. You waited patiently and his as much as you could your lust for Minsu. 

When it was over you watched him eat the food you made, smiling at you from stuffed cheeks. He finished eating, throwing his utensils down and running a hand through his hair. Damn that hair; you wanted your hands through that hair. 

“You okay?” He asked, breaking you from you lustful daydream.

“Mhm” you answered. And he chuckled, making your cheeks heat up. You felt his eyes on you; it seemed like he already knew. As if he saw through your facade and knew exactly what you were thinking. 

He smirked and sat back in his chair. 

“Food was good, I really enjoyed it, but…” He was talking but you really werent listening. You were to busy thinking about how sexy he looked in his suit. And the way his parted hair looked so soft. Your core began to burn at the thought of you taking off his clothes. 

“I got to go” you kissed his cheek quickly and raced out of the set. You tried to be as shuttle as possible, hoping not to raise and flags with Minsu. But you needed to get far away from him as soon as possible. You need to calm you lusting body down.

The walk to your apartment was short, and it wasn’t enough to cool yourself down. You entered your apartment throwing your shoes and handbag to the floor. Walking straight into the shower. 

“God, he looked so good” you said to yourself as you tried to wash the dirty thoughts from your mind. 

When you finished your shower, which did little to nothing to clear your mind. It had been a while since you and Minsu had been intimate, because of his groups preparations for a comeback. The constant studio visits and dance practices; you barely got to even talk to each other. And it will only get worse when he started promoting. 

You laid on the bed with a huff; your damp hair falling in your face. You whined; you still couldn’t stop thinking of him. Your thighs began to rub together unconsciously; the little friction was causing you to get worked up. The was a pulsing in your core from the lack of contact. Your hands began to snake their way down your stomach. Your breathing became heavy as the images of Minsu ran through your mind. His name fell from your lips as you began to work at your folds, your fingers ghosting over your clit. You became wetter and wetter at the thought of Minsu here. If he had seen you now he would have been angry. He would have told you, “That’s mine”…

But that was no longer a thought. Because you had actually heard those words at this moment. You thought you could have been imagining, but the slam of the bedroom door said otherwise. When a hand gripped your wrist pulling you from your fantasy; your eyes flew open and you knew it wasnt just your mind. 

Your eyes landed on the person who interrupted you.

“Don’t touch what isn’t yours” It was Minsu, throwing your hand away from your center. You gasped as you tried your best to cover yourself, as your towel had unravled and you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. 

“Minsu I-I…” You were cut off by him throwing you back down to the bed. Looking up at him, he was still in his concept clothes; he must have followed you back home worried. He threw his jacket off and undid his tie.

You were startled by his actions. His hands worked there way down your thighs, pulling them apart. He stared intently at your soaking core; you knew better than to say or do anything. So you kept quiet, your breath building up once again in anticipation. 

His hands maneuvered to your bottom as he tugged you toward the edge of the bed. 

He placed a kiss on you folds; his tongue darted out towards you clit. And you hissed as he swiped his tongue up your folds. When his lips wrapped around you clot, sucking as fast as he could; your head pushed back into the sheets. Your hand moved to his hair, it was soft  to the touch. ‘Finally’, you thought. Your moans filled the room and he looked up at you to see you a withering mess. Your stomach contracted, your chest heaving up and down, Ndand your face flushed. It was a beautiful sight to him. 

His lips and tongue stayed in your clit, while his fingers moved inside you; curling up to hit that spot. You legs were becoming weak, it was hard for you to keep them open any longer. Your hips were unconsciously pulling away, as the feeling of pleasure was too much. But he was in control, so he wrapped an arm around your hips, pulling you closer forcing you to stay. His fingers moved inside you at an unexplainable place. When he felt your was contracting he moved his tongue in place of his fingers. Feeling his warm muscle inside you, Caused your orgasm to take over. Your body burning as he licked up all your juices. 

He moved on top of you, forcing you into a kiss. You accepted glady, tasting yourself on him.

“You shouldn’t touch whats mine” he spoke on your lips, “and you should tell me when you need something” he smirked as he pulled away from your lips. He crawled off of you. Brushing off his clothes and grabbing his jacket from the floor. 

“Where are you going?” You asked, still catching your breath.

“Gotta go back to work. I did just leave to see if you were okay, to find you…” His eye hazed slightly and he smirked, thinking about how he found you. You blushed, and walked up to fix his tie. 

You looked at him worried, noticing the bulge in his pants. “Don’t worry you can make it up to me later” he smacked your ass while turning to leave the bedroom. 

“Bring the suit” you spoke to his back, he stopped and looked down at his attire. He chuckled and huffed realization coming over him. He walked out the apartment and you sat in your bed still trying to figure out what had just happened. And thinking about what you would do to him when he came back home.


“Exodus Repackage”
“Love Me Right”
“Promise Chinese/Korean Studio Ver.”
“Comeback Stage 3rd June”

singing got better

title: singing got better

genre: angst / drama (there’s a little smut but not really)

characters: mark, you, mijoo

plot: he cheats on you and after you guys break up, he sees you crying singing a song about your break up so he tries to get you back but you say no.

extras: i had a lot of fun writing this. given, i made this plot and no one requested it but still lol. you’re an idol in this scenario by the way. it’s pretty long… don’t judge me, he’s my bias >.<  feel free to request here.

Song: Singing Got Better by Ailee

You let out a frustrated sigh as you tried to work on Mark’s laptop. Your computer was currently getting repaired and you had songs to compose so you were trying to use Mark’s. You just couldn’t think of how to connect the lyrics with a beat. You tried and tried to compose something decent but nothing would come out right. Suddenly, you heard the beep of a message notification. Since Mark had a Mac, his iMessage was available from a laptop. You didn’t pay much attention to it but the little banner that appeared at the side of the screen showed a preview of the message.

Mijoo : Hey, I just got done with my schedule. Round 2? I know your girlfriend…

The preview cut off saying to read more. Your heart beat sped up and your palms became sweaty. It’s probably nothing, right? He wouldn’t do this to you, he loves you… Right? You hesitantly clicked on the banner which brought up his messages. You shouldn’t be doing this. These are his private messages. You should trust him. You quickly exited the tab and went back to composing. Maybe round two of a game or something? But the girlfriend part… No, you shouldn’t be thinking about this. Just get back to making your comeback song. Don’t worry about Mark’s messages.

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SM Be Robbing - EXO to release “EXODUS” in 20 Versions

We all know SM loves money and they know we love the EXO boys. 

So what better idea than to release the boys’ comeback studio album “EXODUS” in 20 versions

One for each member, actually TWO because we got to do it Korean & Chinese Version! And if you think you will just settle on getting a version of your bias, SM is even purposely putting in gifts specific to each version!

SM go swim in your pool of money while I cry my international fangirl EXO-L heart away at my empty wallet.

BTS Reveals Their Chuseok Holiday Plans

On September 13, BTS relayed their Chuseok greetings to fans through their agency Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS said, “We are BTS and we have an upcoming comeback. Chuseok is back everyone! I think it’s best to spend holidays with your family. We hope everyone has delicious food, tells fun stories, and makes many happy memories. Please have a happy Chuseok.”

They continued, “This Chuseok we will be working and practicing hard to make a comeback with our second studio album!”

Previously, BTS has been teasing their comeback with their album “WINGS” with short films for each member. They have yet to confirm their official comeback date, but reports state that it will take place in October. Future plans for BTS includes a large-scale fan meeting on November 12 and 13 at Gocheok Sky Dome.


(ARTICLE)160504-SHINee’s Jonghyun Confirmed For Solo Studio Album Comeback in May

SHINee’s Jonghyun confirms today, through SM Entertainment, that he is working on a studio album to be released this month.

Early in the day, reports stated that Jonghyun was working on a comeback for the fourth week of May. He was done recording the album and was preparing the showcase. The SHINee member would be continuing to show his skills as a singer-songwriter in this new album.

Jonghyun previously revealed on his radio show  – MBC FM4U’s “Jonghyun’s Blue Night” –  on May 3 that he was working on a studio album.

The upcoming studio album will be Jonghyun’s first as a solo artist. He debuted as a solo artist with the EP “Base” in January 2015.


She’s made a triumphant comeback with her ninth studio album, Glory. But despite Britney Spears forging a long-lasting musical career and enjoying almost two decades in the spotlight, she admits she still has doubts about her pop stardom.

The 34-year-old star made the surprising confession in a new interview with NME magazine that she sometimes wonders whether she should retrain as a teacher. Asked the secret to her longevity and success, Britney told the publication: ‘I try not to analyse it too much. I love what I do and I think that helps because it speaks for itself when I perform.

‘Seeing other artists continue to do this kind of thing inspires me too. Because sometimes I’m like, “What am I doing? Like, I could be a teacher. But then I see other people doing it too and I’m like, “Well, you know, it’s probably all they’ve known for so long, so it just kind of makes sense”.’

The Toxic hitmaker has amassed countless awards ever since she burst onto the music scene in 1998, and was crowned the bestselling female artist of the 2000s. But Britney candidly revealed that her latest record is the first one where she really took creative control - and learnt to say no. ‘Honestly, this is the first project where I’ve really been hands-on’, she told NME. 'I was really specific about who I worked with and I’ve been learning to say no. 'I’m a people-pleaser, so that’s hard for me – even if I don’t like something, I’ll do it just to make a person happy. I made sure this album was everything I wanted it to be. I was really selfish with it.’

Throughout everything, including her highly publicised 2007 meltdown, the pop princess’ fans have stood by her. Quizzed what she thinks of their nicknames including Godney and The Holy Spearit, the singer enthused: “That’s just how the fans are – and I don’t want to let them down. At the end of the day, we’re all human and we all make mistakes. It’s really flattering, but I don’t know if I can set my bar that high. I’m sure a lot of them have almost felt like they’ve grown up with me.’

For the full interview pick up your free copy of NME magazine tomorrow.

Source: Daily Mail

BEAST Confirms July Comeback With Third Studio Album

BEAST Confirms July Comeback With Third Studio Album

Now five-member boy group BEAST announces its long-awaited return!

The group released a simple teaser image today, rainbow pastel in color, with five birds, representing the five members, flying around the word “Beast.” It’s different from what fans may be used to from BEAST, with the group usually going for darker concepts for their albums.

BEAST will be returning on July 4, midnight, with their…

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BTS Continues To Slay On Charts And More

BTS’s growing popularity is continuing to be reflected on music charts.

The group’s latest achievements are ranking within the top 10 on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart. For the week of October 1, their songs “Save ME” and “FIRE” are third and ninth place respectively. Furthermore, they are the only K-pop artist in the top 50 currently.

Billboard’s Twitter Top Tracks chart ranks the most shared and/or mentioned tracks of the week.

“Save ME” has maintained a spot on the chart for 14 weeks while “FIRE” has stayed on the chart for 16 weeks. These tracks were previously released in May.

On top of these achievements, BTS became the most followed artist on Naver’s V App with over 3 million followers. They officially moved into first place around 11 p.m. KST on September 21 according to reports.

It looks like the group’s popularity will further increase as they are planning to make a comeback with their second studio album “WINGS.”