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omfg I was only gone for 4 days and this shit happens…..I need to rant bc some of yall really aren’t getting it:

•  Yixing is NOT leaving exo, we still don’t know the whole story as of now…don’t make this into a bigger deal than it needs to be. Please, calm your titties and stop stressing him out even more.

• SM does NOT hate Lay. You really think they kept it civil and friendly for the past 3 years after all the other Chinese members left if they hated him and wanted to torture him like the others? No, bc they know he’s a moneymaker and I hate to break it to you, but that’s pretty much all SM cares about so they don’t exactly hate money.

• I’ve seen this on other blogs and I’m gonna say it again: he needs to keep good relations between China and South Korea bc of all the tension that’s been going on recently. You really have no idea how much impact he has in China and how much of an influencer he is.

• this man is constantly tired, sleep-deprived, and sometimes not well fed due to his exhausting schedules.

• and why do you think he does that, instead of signing with a Chinese entertainment company who’s offered him hundreds of millions of dollars? BECAUSE HE LOVES EXO AND HE’S MADE A PROMISE TO EXO-L’S I’m really tired of seeing this ot8 bs, if you’re not gonna stand by him on whatever decision he makes, then you’re not an Exo-L .

• legit one of the only things he does when appearing at interviews is to promote the group and talk about his Korean brothers, you can’t tell me he hates exo.

• SM is in no way holding a knife to his neck and telling him to stay…they know he’s wanted by not only Chinese entertainments, but everywhere worldwide, and they’re not gonna fuck up like they did with Kris and Luhan and Tao.

• again I’ve seen this on other blogs too so I’ll say it again: remember that Kai barely did any promotions during Monster era yet he was still in the music video…we don’t know what the full extent of the situation is and what he’s going to appear in and what he’s not going to appear in.

• I’m sure the other members are upset by this as well, so let’s keep their feelings into consideration after what they’ve all been through the past 5 years.

• no matter what he decides to do, I hope he knows we’ll stick by him and support him, and yall better not be planning any sort of boycott against exo just bc he’s not promoting with them on this one comeback…that’s not how you show support, and you’d just be hurting them and yixing.

• he truly is one of the hardest working men in this industry, no one can tell me any different. He knows this is going to affect exo, and that it’s going to affect us, but tbh we just need to trust him for now and see what he’s got planned for the future.

(I see this news is bringing out the ugly side of armys again, kindly unfollow me and block me if you’re gonna be one of those uglies <333)

i keep watching donghyuck’s part in “cherry bomb” and cry so hard cause fuck! my son slays! he grew up so much! he improved so much! im so fucking proud! i just wish we could also hear his improved vocals beside his improved dancing too. cause his vocals were already great and if he improved even more his vocals will be even more amazing and i will cry even more

The Daigo Parry In Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike At EVO 2004

Even without audio I can still hear the crowd going nuts.

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